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Tile Veterans of the 106th INFANTRY DIVISION

Vol 62· No. 3 APR-MAV·JUN 2006

Meeting Room

106thInfantry Division Association 60th Annual Reunion

Restaurant Guest Room

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriot Hotel • August 30 September 3, 2006

A quarterly p11blicali1J11 of the 1061/1 J11Ja 11try Division Associatio11, l 11c. A n o11profilOrga11iwtion
SI Paul, t.1N • Agent: Jolt11 P. Klin e, Editor

P a id Mcn1bcrship l ay 20, 2006 1.509

    Mcmbcr hip Fc..-es include CUB1nagu.tint sub criptkm Life Vct.JA soclnu:s ..• 75 Au>.iliury S15 Annual VcL'IIAi. ocintes... S 10 Auxilia, rv S2
Annual Dues payable June 30 each •vea r
Payable to " / 0611, /11fl1nt ry• Di1•isioi1 As.
in care of1re asurer. - See addrc b<:101\.

Elected Offices
    President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l urr uy ' tcin Pn&1-Presidcn1 (Ex-Offi<:io)...•.\Vulte r Bridges I st Vice - Pres . . . .• . l ur l in \Vcnte 2nd Vice- Pres •

Business l\.l a tt e rs , Deaths, Add ress chnngcs
l' ln;1 'nm = Clrnlrmnn / S.. nd Nnme=11:ic k u p

Atl.lutu111: Monon Rayl O,ITwd Do :«
7Q.I Brillf\vood Drive. Bc lhallo. IL 620 I0-1168 Tel/Fnx 618-377-3674 rnybugle boy@char1er.nc1

1i-ensurer: Richard L. Rigaui/Lyle Beeth
113 Woodshin: Drive. PiushurghP. A 15215- 1713
Tel/F(IJ( :412-781-8131 rigoui@co1ncn t.nc1
Chaplain: Or. Duncan Truc1nan/ Re\' Ewell Black Jr.
29 0 1·erh1II Lune, Wnn v1cl... NY I 099()
Tel/Fax 845-986· 6376 dttruernan@>yuht10.con1
l\lcn1oriul Chninn an: Dr. John G. Robb/Fnmk Tnmtm:111
238 Devore Dr.. l\1e:idville. PA 16355
Tel: 81-1,.333-636-1 jrobb238( ha1mail.co1n
C "8 Editor
John P. Kl111c - CU B Ednor/H11I Taylor
11 Hnrold Drive, Bumi., illc. J>,IN 55337-2786 Tel/Fax 952-890-3155 Jpk@nu11.con1
    l h tQriun . . .. .Joh n Sch11fTner/\ \'illion1l\lc\ Vhortcr Ath:mury morinl Rcpresen1ath c. •...... l'hllip Cox RcM1lu1ion Chnirman . . • . .lock Roberts/ lurion R!l\ '
Order of the Golden L1tln .J ohn S" ctl/Joscph l:ISSC)' l\1.:111 •. . . Joseph l\lnssey. Richard R¼(nui
Board of Directors
\Voller C. Bri d cs. 424/D..•....•..(2006)
225 Laird A,c, H11c ylO\\.n,AL 35023-14Ill
Tel: 205-491- ()9 brid2066@1ht!1l outh.ne1 J osep h A. t\,lllSS{:y. 422/C ...........!2006)
-l!t20Spunk) I h1llo11- Rd, Remlnp. AL JS113-SS46 ' l\!I· 20.s.6111-1701 J<'td48 bclhou1h net
    \<\'a lt e r 1\1. S n y d e r, 589/A . . . . . . . . (2006) 2901 l>unm, rc RIIAJ>I P4. Du1111d k. NID11'.!.22- 123 lei,: 11()..?115-2707
Robert F. ' o\\ cll, 424/E •••..•.•.•• (2(l06)
.IS1SN. loorpatl. Rtl Apt 42011M111.\11nd\ 913M
!I0:; 21-5-ISO '4>\\ 110 ni,.."
Uni Tn)lor, 42.,/C ' .• . . . . . . . . . (2006)
2172 Rod ,rill Dr, GrJntl Ju11,11o n. CO 8l50:J·25J.i
Tel 970-245-7807 balI::1I fivl>R\OUD,0 1
Ooould f: J-le rn d o n (424/ L l .•..••..(2007) 8313 N \ \' 102, Ol.lnh,1111;1 Ci1y. OK 731(1-1026
4(lS-721-III(>4 Em•, il oklUJ11J111p,

B er n a r d .Vt nr rsoh n (42.l/CN) ......(2008>
J.i nmc Burn Drhc, Purch.1« . NY 331 !1
F1hc:lbllm@no l.ro111 \ Vcb>,te: """" m11'1)'
Tel· 91-1-428-lt?()(,)
S11ul A. cwmnn (422/CJ . . (2008)
I3275 S,1ffl(HI Cir.Palm B.:,ICh a rdcn,1-1.134111
Tel: 561-627-6662
    1 ur roy Sirin (423/1) (E. ec Co1111n ) •• 2008) 7614(.1111n11g Cn...,,lni; Lane, Ddr.iy Oc;ich l·LJ '.\446 Tel: 51\l-1 99-7736Greg0803 udelpb.t:i.«,m
Or. Dunca.o Trueman (424/A'f ) ......(:!00 )
29 O vcrhill Lan . \Va11,ick. NY 1(11)90
    Tel/Fa. 845-98f.>-6..T76 d ttrucman!?ynhoo.eo1n Ne\\ ton \ Ve iS:> ( 4 23/ HQ 3Bn ) . . . . (2008) 4()0 IOl'S(e A, cnuc. Gihbs1own. NJ 080?7- l066
Tel· 856-123-3511 nt\\lnllhQi'w11rltlncnt11,n,:1

Ceo Call (-lutn )• . . . ........... (20()9)
105 M1. t.cb 1111n Rtl. Olen Gordne,r J 08826-:\018
lei; 90l\.82-:!9(1I
\Valier C. Gre\c 423/1-I Q I Sn. . . • •• (20()()) 13929 E \fannn Or "6(),1 Aunl<:i. C-080014
Td : J OJ.7,51 58()6 wcgr,,,
    cyn1our Llchtenreld " 2UI . . . . ... <2009) 19450 NE 21SI Ct. North!11iami Beuch Fl. 33179 Tel. l 05-1JJ?-1467 ,ylich1enfcl1J
l\1 a r t i n L . \ Ventc 42J/I . . . . • . . . . . . (2009)
I ) Vllll Vi,to Cov11u1. C,\ 9172.J
Td : 6!/1-332-5079 ch1c1d1nnatiraol .co m

Re, . E11ell C. ll luck Jr. (422/A}...... (2010)
2000 12- \\1Co nn · 1\ p l '.!12Au,tcll. GA .'.l0 106
n:1: 770-819-7212 EC86 ,n n.co111
    E d" urd C hris1iansoo !331s1l\l ED/C . C20l0J 3CJJ l.f:111",'r I followLI.Ill
I C<1t1tt-. rl1u11Dri1e Alhcn. O ll -l5701-J70 S
    N<>minating. Co1nn1ill -c Chnim111n . . . . . Don ll c r nd1 11 Comminee . 110·1 ro ylor. A. Cr:1,s<111 ll is hop llni-R.::union .....Ha rr) F. l\lar lin. J r/ Geo rge Ct,11 ADA Linison Rcpo:scnmthc.........Joseph :\lalo,ni) l\1 mh.:l'\h1p Ch11ir1n:111 .. . . . . . . . . .....John Klint
lei:740-592-nosdo\ -,cc@\'1ill..t,1t,.11iou.t'C..111
Dr. Ralph Nelson (422/ C, l........ 120101
I0-137 Prc,twkk :-JE, Albuquerque Nl\187111
Pre sident's View •••
l read an artic le recenlly, about the " Final
Reunion of the P-47 Th1111 c:iati o 11," held this past year!
It caused so much mixed emotions. concc n1ing our fello\.v Bro thers who crved in WWU.- Pride of
Service:,lo of Buddies: Priso n Camps; Prut
Achievement ; Sad-lonely.and deeply concen1ed about the future of Oltr I06111A ociatio n.
The year betwee n reunion ee ms so very lo ng-J n1iss the guy .I se rved with in the Ba ffle
    of the Bulge. I n1iss tho e ,nany beautiful Guys and Gals thal \Ve have ,net at our reunions. We must keep the I06111 Lion alive and vibrant. for
as long a,s ve can! We sLill ha ve aln1ost l.500 -
    n1en1bers out there. who need ro be contacted and invited to joi,n vith u in Newark this year and Kansa. City next year!
I ask everyo ne to reach out to a I06 Brother
, vho rn ight live nearby. Say..Hello- - howyou doing? - why not join u at o ur nex t convention!"
Murray Stein
106th Infantry Division Association President 2005·2006
    423rd Combat Infantry Regiment"I" Company 7614Charing Cross Lane, OerayBeach, Fl.33446 561-499-7736 Greg0803 @ad elp m
    An un kno wn autho r wrote. " 00 11"t 111ait for t In No ve1nber of 2000, I received a copy of a letter e nt by Dr. Ric hard Peterson
4 23/1 i,n vhich he wrote- "Co111ba t veterans hold a secre, about Life so deeJJ 1virhi11
t h, e
n , T har 110 1 e11e11 they co111prehentl the po,
, er of its ,nystery- Thi s great secret
ca1111o t be understoocl by those that 11•ere110 1 there-They clo not k110 ,11
So. they cannot co1,111r ehe11d the strength it gives to those H•h o do."
Dick Pete r on wa a remarkable hun1an bein g- we aJ I miss hi1n!
1 /i e sec ret exists­
T hi. past rnonlh anolhe r version of the ·' B     Watching it, you can· t help rernembering tho. e bitter cold day . The men we lo t. How youn,g, ve \.vere • how fortunate. for those of us who s urvived! We will ne ver forget!
    AL o ur " O ld BoardM eet ing" , Lo be he ld o n Wed. Aug ust 30, 2006, I am establis h­ ing a con,rn ittee lo re vie \.v'·T he Future of t/1e 106th Assot:ia tion..
This con11n itte,e viii report back at our 2007 convention in Kansa City, Mis ouri. A
con1plete rcpo,11 viii be rn adc at our Bus iness Mee ting Lunch eon, on Friday,Sept. I. 2006.
    I have been \\1orking o n a regula r and alm os t daily basi. \Vith our Cub Edito r John Kline. Adjutant Marion Ray: Treasurer Dic k Ri gatti. and our V.P. Martin ·'Chic''
We nte. I have aJ o kept in touch ,vith a number of our Board n1e1nbers; Dr. Dunca n
T rue n1a, n Jack Ro berts. John Schaffne r. Don He rndon. Seyn1our Lichtenfeld, and
other , so that we ca n maintain a dialogue of the conce rns o f Lhe I06lh.
The 2006 Re union n,ateria, l viii be direct- mailed soon. I a n, asking each and
    everyone of you to make a real effon to attend. Ren1e1nber- the Newark N.J. Airport Marriott Hote l- Aug. 30. to Sept. 3. 2006. I' rn loo king forward to seeing you!!
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The CUB of the Golden Lion

President's View ...
UPDATE on the 60th Annual Reunion Invitations:
    The forms Lhat need to be co n1plcted in order to attend the 6fl1' Annual Re1111i o 11 of the 106'" I11Ja11try Divisio11Association being held at the Ne11·c1rk Liberty /11/er11a­ tio11a/ Ai1port Marriot !-lore/ A u gu st 30 - Septen1ber 3rd \Vere 1nailcd to every
current Assoc ia tio n member via First Class P,re orted mail on 17 May 2006. You
should have received them by time you read thi CUB. l urge you to auend th is
i1n portant Anni ver ary of the I06th In fantry Divi. ion Assoc ia tion veterans. A ociates and friend .

    While tJ1is i somewhat a repeal of the letter that i included in that packet, it i to reempha ize how much ,ve ,vould like to see you there.
T he Marriot Airport Hotel i located on the property of the Ne1\lark /11ter11a1io11al
    Airport, Newark. New Jer ey. The hotel rnail address appears on the botton1 of the '' Hot el Resen 1ationµage:' The enclo!.ed hotel reservation form that you received should be n1ailed directly lo the Marriot, Ne111c1rk Hotel-Atte11rio11: Reser11atio11s
" Note the Reservation cutoff da te: J uly 27, 200.6.'
    Complete the '·10611 /11/01111) ' Actil'ity Registration For111·· and n1ail it ro"Ar1necl Forces Reu11i o11s, Inc:' with your choices of 1\1/ EALS ancl TOURS.
    Be sure to complete the inforn1ation on the botton1 half of the page and ,na ke a copy for your elf. Thi. is vital information for your well being. Also 1101e the Reserva­ tio11 Cancellation clause on the bo1ro111 of the JJage.

    Save Lhe '' .DAILYACTIVITY SC H EDULE" that i in the packet for your use . Make your travel reservations NOW!!! - That is your responsibility.

Again, We urge you to attend this 60n1 gathering of I 06 th In fantry Divisio n veter­
ans. Mee t with your buddies; enjoy their personal friends hip lhal ,vas born of blood.
tears and comradeship. Once again talk over the "old 1i111e,.s. when \VC were young,
when the guy next lo you turned out to be a life aver, or you did a favor for hirn.
Once again this group of proud v.1arriors ,vill again con1111unicate their perso nal
s to1ies and express their feeling about an infantry divi ion that helped change the world.
    For those of you on compute r you can view an e xcelle nt dis pl ay of the hotel and it's arn e nitics at this location: hup://tnarriott.c9m/property/propenypagc/EWRAP

Ar111ed Forces Reunions. Inc. ha n1anagedour Infantr y Div ision group for years.
The ervice they have given us has been "11·itho11t doub(' the fines t

On behalf of the 106 th /11fa11try Di,•ision Associotio11.
We are looking for,vard to seeing you in Ne,vark. Nc,v Jersey.

Murray Stein
Presiden1 I 06 1111J1fantry Division Associarion Fisc al Year 2005-2006

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Chaplain's Message ...

    ··...1.he king rejoices in your s1.rcng1.h.... in the victorie you give:·Through the viclo­ ries you gave. his glory i· great... you have bestowed upon hi1n s ple ndor and 1najesty...
your hand ,viii lay hold on aJI of your e ncn1ies: · -Psaln121 (sci)

..77,c ki11g rejoices in your strength:'
We \.Veren· 1 very . 1.rong in the eyes of our enemy that December in 1944.
Just kids and green ac; green could be.
Spread over a front ,vhich nonnally would have been covered by four or live division .
Outnun, bered ten lo one. Without
arnmunition for son1e of our weapons.
We were later labe led the
" Sitting Duck Di,·isio11...

Chaplain Dr. DuncanTrueman, 424/AT 29 Overhlll Lane, Warwick NY 10990
TEL/FAX: 845-986-6376

That doe n't sound like fighting s rrength to me. Nor did it sound like fighting
trength ro our foe . And althoug h by no,v Hitle, r va. begin ning lo que Lio n his own
    a sessment of the A1nerican Soldie r as no ma tch for hi. armies. he wa!> s ti ll convinced that an all out attack would prove that our numbers in the Ardenne . and the A1ne1ican fighting s pirit in general ,vas no matc h for that of the Third Reich.
He ,v,t'i righ t about our nu1n bers but so ,vrong about our spirit and detenninaLion.
,It vas General Eisenho, ver who correclly artic ulated the reason for our victory
over va. tly greater and more experienced nun1bers.
He sa id that what mailer is .. ..
·'Not the ize of the dog in the fight, lt·s 1.he size of the fight in the dog.''
Many of u. believed that it was God ,vho gave us the strength Lo fight and ho ld on
when time,. ¥ere grin,, and go on 10 victory. Many of us . till believe it, believe that
    God saw us thro ug h those dangerous day . But many of our Gennan opponent were praying lo lhc same God and trusting hin1 for safety and vic tory. Ho w can this be?
    T he sin1ple ansv,cr is that God's way are not al,vays man·s way . He alone decides which cause is good. which ca use is righteous. And 10 that ca use. even when they
eem to be the underdog, s he gives a strength and power to overcon1e.
Sound oversin1plilied ?
Of co ur e il is. But it's . till t111e . T,n

var as well a in peace lot of bad things can
happen before the tirn e of "overcoming: ·
    But in the end the righteous ca use always prevails. And it does o because of the spirit g iven...the ·'size of the tight'· in those who defend the ca use of goodness.
• • • • •

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Front & Center ...
Editor, John Kline, 423/M
New Co_11t_ri_bu_to_rs_to_t_lze_Li_fe
_Plu s C,/11b
11 Harold Drive
Burnsville, MN 55337-2786
Tele: 952-890-3155 Fax: 952-426-1131
Web site:\user\jpk
Emai:l jpk@m
Association Mem bershi p
(Cut -off date on this I/st May 21, 2006)
Note - This is a continuing process.
    If you con1ribuled and your na1ne does nol appear you ,viii be listed in the next CUB Life Plus Li l given by Richard Rigatti.
Association Treasurer.
These aJI are sizea ble "Tax Deductible
Life Members (Vetc;)
Annual Member (Vets)
To ta l Vet-;
L i fe Associate Members
Annual Associate Men1bers
Total Associates
Comp Me1n bers
donations•·rnade to bencfil the 106th
Infantry Division Assoc ialion.The an,ounls are not s ho,vn - in LIFE PLUS CLUB tradition.
/11 the last CU8 Life Plus Club (p / I ) - I had the 1,·o rds, " n1emory of brother· with Ko ov A.C 590/C."
That shou ld have been an extension of
the na1ne one lin e a bo ve -
Cha11sler, Jolin F. Assoc, in rne,noryof
Austin, Clifford Anderson, Toby Chatfield, Arthur Clark, H.H. Diehl, Wm
Drelbach Jr., Carl Fowler, William Fruetel, Harold Horen, Geroge Kerr, Allen
    Kups, Stanley Langham, Jean Marcum, George McDevitt, Ann Mill er, Joseph Mills, Robert Nester, George Paynter, Robert
Reider Jr., George
Roo s, Arthur Setter, Leon Seltzer, Richard Spell man, John
Stevenson, Robert Tenbrink, Sam
his brother. Apologi es - JK, ed itor
Ayers, Paul C. 424/A
Bloch, Jacques 422/K
Brum fi eld, Vernon 589/C Colli ns, John W. 423/1
Co sb y, Carl H. 423rd/ HQ 1BN
Dallman, Joe 424/G Fisher, Col. Bob 106 RECON
Fowler, William DIV/HQ
Fo u rni er, Alger 422/A Gin ther, Keith 433/G Head, Donald 424/G Hicks, Harry 590/A Hirsch, Rudolph 589/HQ
John son, Charles 969th FAB Kortlang, Chas E 106/MP
7wo 111ore ti111e s fo r t otal nf 14 do11atio11s
K os o v , A.C. 590/C Krachik, Joseph 331 MED/HQ
Langham, Jean In memory of Francis Langham Martin, William 424/C McCart ney, George 423/M
Mit chell, William C. 106 RECON Mill s, Robert 423/A
Nelson, Dr. Ralph 422/CN
Twarok, Fred
Schecter, Irvin 422H/
Turley, Leland
Zenn, Mike
----·---------·-- ----- -----------------------....--.......-·-· --
----- Thanks 10 George Fu$CO. Associate
Mou nt Airy, Maryland for the dona1ion or·Pas1 Issues" of the CUB magazines. John Kline, edi tor
Snovel, Robert 424/H
Sowell, Robert 424/E Stein, Murray 42.3/1 Turl ey, Leland J. 423/H
Sugimoto, Roy 627th FAB Van Moorlehem, Art 423/B Wyss, Ralph 424/1

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Front & Center ...
Fronz tlze A_ssociatio,i Historia,1 John R. Schaffner 589/A, Historian Past President 2002-2003
1611 Miller Road, Cockeysvllle, MD21030

    TI1is colun,n tru1s off with a very happy note. Hear that? It's thesound of the cash register. Yes. ale of lhe past Cub i sues on CD di ks have been ongo ing. Orders are lo \v co ming in no\v but each one brings a small contribution to lhe Association's treasury. T hanks go out to Associate Me n1ber.Jirn West. in Franklin , rndiana, for he made it possible. Be fore the snowflakes fall again (in Maryla nd) we hope to have the
    CD containing the personal memoirs of so n1any of our I 06th Vet. and even a couple of most inte res ting warti,ne torie from others involved in the big battle.
On the morning of December 16. 1944. I felt like Public Ene,n_r Nt1rnber One. l
. uppo e that n1ost of you reading this felt the sarne. AJI of Ll1at deadly corru11orion that
    , vas going on around us was targeting me, and me alone. Thal was a long Lime ago and since then I have learned Lhat l wa not the only soldier there. In fact, my short involvement with our war sparked an interest in the history of World War U combat in general. I have read many personal account of what happened to a great many individuals. Quite often nO\V l ,vill rneet son1ebody else who wa there when I ,vas. I have con1e to apprecia te the contribu tions of many brave young n1en and women toward total victory over those who would en lave the world.
    In recent years I have enjoyed the friendship of a younge r man who J have a great deal of respect and adrniration for. His nan,e is Josep h BaJkoski, and he is the offic ial Historian for the 29th In fantry Division. Balkoski ha researched and publis hed three ouL,;tanding, best selling, book covering lhe Normandy Invasion; Beyond The Beach­ head. On,aha Beach. and Utah Beach. If you want to stud y what happened at Normandy ju l read the c boo ks. We all kno,v that one. two hour. n1ovie cannot begin
to te lI the story.
    The 29th Divis ion has been a n1ilitary force since before lhe American Revolution and has participated in every war that the united States of An1erica has been involved with.
    The present 29th l11fantryDivis ion is an outgrowth of the early units. n,ere is an Armory in Baltimore city that houses a n1u e um co ntaining many souvenirs la g11e rre frorn n1cmbers of the 29th and others. The home (built c 1740 ) that once belonged to Lhe first con,mandc r of the Maryla nd Militia. Mordicai Gist. still exists in my neighborhood. and is a constant reminder of the beginnings of our great count ry as a world po,ver.
    I recently vi ited the 291h infantry Division Muse um with a neighbor who had been a 1nember of the division v.,hcn it ,va under Arn1y National Guard command during the 1970" s. We ,vere treated to a personal tour by Joe Balkoski. and like all mu e um visits, lhi. one was n1uch too · hort. For some unkno\vn reason n1use un1 curators are always short of advertising n,oney . o if you want 10 appreciate the history of why and how the United Sta les of Arnerica became a free country you will have to seek then, out.
    During the last year I have becon1e aware of a very disturbing fact. lt"s like having someth ing go hay\vire with your te lep hone. Only thi time one can' t just thro"v it out and buy a ne,v one. The An1crican Nl ilitary Cen1eteries in Belgiu,n , Ho Ua nd, and Luxe mbo urg, and n1aybe other place lhat T have not heard about. are being des­ ecrated, vandalized. and in general, not cure-0 for by those people who live in rreedom today. because tho e buried there died for that ca use.

The CUB of the Golden Lion

Front & Center ...
    Our good frie nds, Mathilda and Marcel S c hme tz. who operate the Re1ne11iber39-45 M11se 11111 in Belgium. visited the U.S.A. last year and spokeat le ngth about chi. problem. I was there l o hear Lhis and thought. ju L n,aybe. they were tre1ching it a bit. But no, actually they were not telling it all. This week I had the ame di turbing message frorn a Dutch friend, Ro n van Rijt. [ quote Ro n's mes. age:
Dear Liberators :It is w;tl, ut111ost disgrace tltat I se11d you this c/;ppi11g fro11z our
newspaper of today (A pril 1, 2006. )
II says that parts of tl1e He11ry-Chapelle Ce111et er') had to be closedoff, because
    " tourists" sl,ow 110 respect whatsoever for the soldiers who c/;ed for our freedou,. There are 450,000 people visitin g Margrate11 eac h year.
    Drug dealers, people walking w;tlt dogs, skateboarders, people holding a barbecue (! !!! !) ..... 011 Henry-Chapelle Ce111eter y pro1Jerty. It's also al Margrate11 Ce111etery that I see people picnicking 011tl1e lawn at the entrance of the ce111etery.
I feel so deepl)1 asha,ned and it truly 111akes ,ne sick wlie11 I read thi s.
    A,nerican Veterans wrote angry letters to tlie Belgian and Dutch E,nbassy,so now the ce111eteryis protected by the police. 1 would lik e to send a bunch of toug/1 guys to beat those freaks off the ce11e1 fery !!!!
T/1a11k God not all people are like that!
    My neighbor asked111e yesterday to take her 15 year-old so11 to Margrate11 Cen1et ery and lo teach lzi111 about our Liberators. Her 19 year old son is a sub1rtari- 11er ii, the Dutch Na vy a11d I took hi111 to Mar graten few years ago.
Best lYis h es; Ron van Rijt

I have kept a copy of the speech delivered by Mathilda Schn1etz concerning this
    situation and if anyone would like to read it I will be happy to forward ii to you via e­ mail or a paper copy. The big ques tio n is: ''HO\V do ,ve !ix thi s proble rn?"
    T his a long column for 1hi i . ue of The Cub but I hope that the information ge t to Lhe right people who can make a difference with rhe ca re of our MiJitary Cemeteries overseas. John Schaffner, 589/AAssoc;ation Historian

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Front & Center ...
From Don Herndon -Nominating Committee Chairman
    My Non1inating Co mn1ittee is interested in any person. including former Board rne mbers, tha1 would be inte re. ted in se rving on the " Assoc ia tio n Board."
The Board of Directo rs arc al\vay lis ted on the fron1 inside cover page.
Contact Donald Her ndon 424/L 8313 N"V 102 , O kla homa City, OK 73612
Pho ne : 405-721-9 164 e mail: oklastarn p s @a m

last known address shown
    Freddy Lugens, Associate : Dinez 60 Houffalize Belgium Bernard Cohn, Associate: PO Box 1789, Glen Burnie MD Lillian Clarke, Associate: 318 Spring Garden, Kannapolis NC
    Robert LaTournes, 422/A: 5 South Side Terrace, Wallingford CT Andrew Chuvarsky, 424/HQ 1Bn: 2413 Honeysuckle Dr, Richardson TX If you have any information as to the current address of well being of the above, please contact me:
John Kline, editor.
11 Harold Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337

Annual membership fees run from July 1 to June 30 (The Association fiscal year)
    For Members paying ANNUAL dues - the date your membership is due In July of the year stated. The date is shown In the first fine of the address label

For example: 2006 means your membership expires June 30, 2006.
LIFE means you are a 1/fe member.
For you Annual Dues Paying
' July 1, is the date by
which your ANNUAL DUES should be PAID

The CUB of the Golden Lion

Front & Center . . .
106th Infantry Division Association PX
Jo hn Gi ll iland PX Manager

No Credit Cards - Make check payable to
John Gi lli land 140 Nancy Street, Boaz, AL 35957
Tel: 256-593-6801 En1ail: sarnitc@chc1n e1:1ei r

    CtJp , Ball , ad justabl e, 106th 10.00 each+ $4.00 S&H Windbreaker, Blue, 1/nad , 106th logo on left breast Pin, LspeVHat 3.00 each + s .50 S&H Med and Large $25; Extra Large $28 S5 S&H 106th Patch, Shoulder, 106th Infantry 3.00 each+ .SO S&H Patchas (Four Inch) S4.00 each+ .50S&H
Belt Buckles and BoloTies $20 + 55 S&H
T-Shlrts short sleeve wl106th logo - left breast Mad/u m - Lar!JB • XLarge - XXLarge 10.00 Shipping $5.00
106th Flag 28" In x 44" In (Indoor/outdoor) one sided with loop for hanging on pole or rod (not lncJudad) -$25.00
each del/vered.

··106" Yello\v on Blue backgro und. 13ot1on1of flag is Red.
·'Lion's Patch'' in Red,White. Blue \Vith Golden Lion Head
"The words ·'Infantry Division Association" below Lion·s Patch is curved t<> follo,v the
contour of the scroU Ot is Gold in color and did not reproduce ,veil here)

The CUB of the Golden Li on

R11t/1 Carver, >vido, n
Front & Center ...
of Dale Carver wrote - enclosi,zg a story ,vritte11by il er
    gralld Soll, Davis Craig, abo1,t l1is grandfatlzer - Dale Carver 424tli l1zfa11 try Regi111e11t, 3 rd Battalio,z A11111u1ziti o11 & Pio,zee r Platoo,i Leader.
Dale was ' Poet lA.1treate'' of tlie I06t/1 /11falltry Divisio11 Associatoi11.
He recei ved a battle field pro1notio11 jro 111 2 ,, d to 1st Lt. for " gallt11ztry 1,11der
fi re.1 He disabled 1111i1es zt11der a bridge lV l1il e u11der fire by tl1e Ger111a11 s.
    He told 111e tl1at it slzo1, Ld l1ave bee,, for t/ze li111e lie resc,,ed a gro,,p of soldiers fro111 a 1ni11e field. Tlzey ,vere ''froze11in fear'' a,zd lie led t/1e
soldiers to safety. His poe111s appeared i11 " Tli e CUB" for ,,,ai, y years.
    We 111sis lzi,11 dearly...... Dale died May 16, 2001. We 11iiss l1i111, a11d >ve111 is s lzis poe111s eacli CUB 111agazi11e .... .. .
No-..v. the story by hi grandson. David Craig - ,vritten in year 2000.
My G ran dfather
    My grandfather. Dale Carver. is a tall. broad s houldered, dark con1plexioned. handsome man of 76. He has thinning black hair with a srnall amount of gray. He "vears large. hlack-rin1med g lasses. My grandf rtther cons iders hin1self younger than people of the ame age. they are all too old.
    He is . ardonic. and on,e,vhat of a recluse; he believes "People are 110 da,1111 good, but they're all there is.·· He has no u e for n1ost people. save hi poker buddies. his friend from the War, and occasionally hi family. A pes. in1i L many Limes he has aid that his ·'bad heart and bad attitude'· \viii e nd up killing him.
H.e g re\-v during the Great Depres ion, in Lhe du. t bowls of Kans as, one of 13
c hildren fron1 17 live birth . He began working at the age of 12, driving a tractor. A
good Chris tmas for him -.v. as an orange and. if he was luc ky, a penny. When he ,vas
16, a fter he g raduated from high sc hool. he wa given a lap on the back. a hand hake.
and to ld by hi parents: '' Go, o
I l uc k. C, o
ne back and see 11s son1e1in1e, so11. '' That he
survived suc h adverse cond itio ns s peak n1easures for his characte r.
    He se rved as a second lieute nant in the 106th infantry Ojvision during World War Tl. Hi division was placed in Belgiun1's Ardcnnes Forest, a seemingly unlikely place for th e Germans to attack. But attack the y did. ,vith 24 divisions into an area defe nded by only four. T hus he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. the last great German offen-
s ive of the War. '
    Aftef\vards. to rid himself of the horrors of the ,var. he wrote poetry." I think it was therapy. I think I would have gone crazy if I hadn"t."
l-Vit/1 clinicaleye a,zd 11ii11d alert lze >vatc/1ed tl1e ebb and flow,
saw li ve bodies beyo11d all lzt,rt dead eyes; saw blood on tlze s,zow.
He walk ed witli deatlt ever 11ear
be11e atl z a,1 i11differe11t sky, k,iew tlie taste of sickeni11,g fear, watclze d the valia,,t die,
watcl1ed tlze co wardly live o,i,

The CUB of the Golden Lion
    k11ew a11.g11is /1 al broken trees, saw t/1e 111i11e slai11. forest faw11 a,,d pro,,d ,,,e,, 011 tlieir k11ees He recorded 111i1111tely i11 1ne111or y
all tl,at ca111e to pass, tl1e11, ill of so,,I, wrote poetry
as a sick cat eats gr,,ss.
-Dale Carver. fron1 Bcfo n.: the Veter.ins Di<'

He li rst puhlished a co111pilatio n o r his \var p<>ctry. llt{o rC' rh e Verl' r(IIIS /) it' . in
1985. no, v in its third printin g. See / ook,.,·, c rio 11 in this CU B 11111ga: i11e to <>r book tvl y grand fath er is an ext,re nely brilliant n1an. He taught eng in ee rin g at LS U fron1
195 4 to 1 982. H,e vorks the two duil y c ross,vord puzzle s in ink o ver his rnorning bo,.vl
    of ce real. He lo ves working \Vith his hands. For th e last thirty-live years. he has had a substantial vegetable garden. He has set up a workshop in his garage where he likes
to ..piddle:· making bird houses and bird feeders o ut or scraps of wood.
    He o nly slightly less ecce ntric than he is intelligent. A pyrornaniac. he does not use his hea te r. but instead kee ps his wood bun1ing stove lit almo st all winter. He has bonfires in his yard. two n1ostly wooded acres in the hean of south Baton Ro uge. about a half n1ilc fron1 the LSU can1pus. T he largest lire to date had flan1cs leaping
thirty feet in the air. He keeps a pelle t gun by his back door to shoot squirrels .,.. hose
darn n bus hy-tailed tree rats" who run the birds off of his feeders and ruin his garden.
    As I \Vrite this, I have j us t returned fron1 his ho use. where he challenged all his local grandchildren lo a ..bring your own gun·· shooting co ntes t. with cash prizes going to the winne rs. Not lhe action of an average grandfather. I in1agine.
    He is the stereotypical absent n1inded professo r. a n1an o f g reat eruditio n, but very forgetful. Once \vhile unclogg ing a sink, he had the plun1bing disco nnec ted. and a bucket und erneath. ca tching the rathe r putrid water that can1e o ut of the pipes. Whe n the bucket filled up. he picked it up and poured it into the sink. with the plun1bing still very disco nne cte d. T he fetid water proceeded to pour into the cabinet and cover a goodly portion of the floor. Ano th er tin1e he \Vas chopping pecans in the blender. when so n1e1hing got stuck. Without unplu gging it or turning it o ff. he reached his hand in to clear the ja111. s us1.1inin g copious. but relative ly n1inor. c uts and scrapes on his fin ger.
For all his oduiti es. n1y grandfath e r values kno,vk:dge and learnedness as the
g reates t good. He is g reatly 1noved by good rnusic o,r vriting. He co uld quo te poetry
rnr hours. I-le is an o utdoors n1an and l<>vcs 10 1r.1vcl. Rath er non n1a1criali s1ic. h,e ve nt
    10 Europe for th ree weeks. his only luggage a carry-o n. He and ,n y ste p grand1no1her use d to take off in their RV and ca1np out al vario us places around the co u ntry for
\vceks at a Ii rne.
Even \Vith all his ecce ntric ities, he ii- s till,a vonderful grandfathe r. and I c o uld no t
    ask for a belier one. He has take n n1e fishing. hunting. can1ping. hcrry pickin g. 10 Grand Is le. on a swarn p tour, and to do countles s o the r things toge ther.
Davit/ Graig. Dale Carver:·\Gra11tlso11 - February 20. 2000

The CUB of the Golden Lion

New Members ...
J/ l f 1 E A SSOC/' ATE

Box 108 134 Lincoln Street
Cokeburg, PA 1532 4
72 4-255-2743
d ee bug ,n
My fa ther \Vas in ··s··Co. 81s t Eng i­
My father. Ken1p B. Adarns. 412/SV
\Va s c aptureJ Dcce,nher 19 . 19 44 . \1/a S
bon1bed in the rail yards at Limburg on
nee rs. I an, in terested in WWI I histo ry.

23 Dcce1nber. arriveJ at Stalag 9B. Bad Orb on 25 Dccc n1bcr. ,noved to S talag
9A. Zie gcnhain January 26. Liberated on

29 Violet Street Mar/to n . N J 080503
Good Friday.

860-635-5317 m Winter address: 4123 Lily Drive. Hernando Beach.
FL 34607 352-596-6654

Tanglewood Apt 3A 2066 Chester road
Bethlehe,n. PA 18017

    Son Bob Bri s lin wrote. " My fathe r Jose ph Bris lin. passed a\vay April 1 7. 2005:· (See M e111o r ia 111) e nc lose is chec k for a Life Assoc iate n1e n1bership for n1other. Ma,r v A. Brislin . All the best to
110 Seacoun try Lan e Rancho Santa Margarita. CA 92688
dfalls2000@hotn1ail.c om d ebora h.falls
I an, the daughter of Aq uila Chaunce y Ne be ker. Jr 592nd FAB. Battery C.

RR 7Box574B
Fairn1ont WV 26554-8973
joecool @slgard m
His to rian. My wife is S haron.

2416 South Queen Street York. PA 17402-4941
7 17 -747-9381
the I06th Infantry Divis io n Associatio n.
I, a n a ne phe w of John Gei
4505 Wynnwood Drive Wichita Falls, TX 76308
940-720- 701
cbrown4540@sbglobal .net
1-l is \vife Lynelle jo in s as an Aux iliary 111crnber. They n1et o ur 589th veterans.
    John Sc haffner. John Gatcns and Barney Alford o n a to ur of Parke r's Crossroads. Craig recently re1ired l'ron1the US AF and n1et our I06th group at S pangdahle n,
Airbase. The Br,ov n·s have s pent n1any
hours in 1he Scho nberg area. where the t\VO regi1nen1s foug ht and n1os t \Ve re captured on 19 Deccn1bc r 19 44 .

LAMB , GERALD - 423 /1 - LIFE
1905 Orchard Drive
PO Box 263
Bath OH 44210
330 -666-5646
I go t in touc h with Jin, Mills 4 23 /1 and he se n1 rne a copy of the C UB of the Golden Lion. S ign n1e up.

1538 Castro Street San Leandro. CA 94577
5 10-351-5142
I \.VOuld li ke to cle ar up a couple
mis takes in n1y fathe r' s s to ry in the Ja n-
- -- ·..
Feb-Mar CUB n1agazine. page 30.
Constantin e '·Chuck·' Malavazos 589/C. After destro ying their 1os·s and tryin g 10
get to the An1erican lines. the n1en we re


Closter NJ 07624
    "LOST.. and not " LAST.'' Dad is not s ure that Captain Rockwe ll \Vas even iss ue d a n1ap of the area. Dad clain1sto be the last o ne 10 speak wit h hin1 befo re he left the
g roup. C aptain Roc kwell·s body was
    apparently found later when the An1eri­ cans re took the area. Father presu1ned that Lt. Wright had been ki lled when a bon1b made a direct hit on the buildi ng that had over 60 Allied offi ce rs in it
    ( POWs). S in ce n1y father' s letter in the "CUB." we have heard frorn se veral people who have affirn1ed what a won­ derful n1an Lt. Tho1nas Wright was!. I
\vould like any info on hin1 if it is avail­ able. e.g. Hon1e town; relatives. etc.
T hanks for the \vork to produce a great n1agazine. Con Malavos.
Thanks Con, for the information - happy that you have heard from others already.
A salute to your father!
John Kline. 423/M, CUB editor

19769 Que en Lane Rehobo th Beach 0£ 199 71 201-767-8830
    While on rny recent Lrip 10 New Je rse y. n1y good friend Mun·ay Stein . Assoc ia- lio n President. enrolled n1e in to the I 06 th In fantry Division Assoc iatio n.
    My 1ncn1bership \Vas no t lis ted in the last C UB. so I thoug ht I would write n1y in forn1a1io n. I also have a Winter address which is 24 10 Players Court. Wellin g ton FL 33414 56 1-79 .5-2 213
I was a Staff Sergeant in 423/1.
    Joh n , I beleive the last quarter CUB was mailed before we were aware that you had signed on as a member. You are now in the roster - Welcome back to the 106th

6118 Rolling Water Drive Houston TX 77609
28 1-444-4664
    A Private in ..C.. Con1pany I \Vas transferred 10 Headquaners Con1pany. 422nd Rcg in1en1 Decc n1ber 15. 1944 . Could n·1 get 01 HQ Con1pany beca use o f c11c n1y fin:. During the fighting I \Vas
a njmcd@we btv , vound ed in the head by a snipers bulle t
Ple ase sign n1e on as an Associa te
n1embe r so that I c an receive the CUB
and any other ne, vs that Jack v.rould have received. Havin!! a11e nded 111an.v re-
    unions. ,ve \viclows. feel li ke ,ve have n1adc rna ny friends and \VOul and captured at Schonberg. Gcrn1any. Sent to a hos pital at (Gerols tc in '????).
T he hos pital was bo1nbcd Chris1n1as day.
    I fe ll fo ur sto ries 10 bascn1crit. paraIyzed. Finally \\'Ou ntl up in Stalag XII- A. strafed while in box car . I fina lly takin Q live U.S. so ldie r!- ,.vith rn e back lo An1erican Iinc .

3520 Whitehall Drive #302 West Palm Beach. FL 33401
No info rrn ation \\·ith application. other than the nan1e or \vife . Me rcile. who
s ig ned on as an Auxi liary n1e1nbcr.

The CUB of the Golden Lion

Mini-Reunions ...

Mesa, Arizona - December 16, 2005
Dean Chil ds, 106 Signal, 245 South 56th SI. # 75, Mesa AZ 8 5206 - 60 2-9 85-36 87 elede 3@co x.n et
    Ari1.o na had thei r Mini - Re unio n in !\ilc a on Dcccrnhcr I6. 1 0 0 5 al the Ho111e1ov1n Buffet in Sc(>llsdale. Ari1.011a \Vith 19 present. A ociu1e n1cn1bcr Bernie \Vcincr·s father. Milto n. cn,ne fro,n Califo rnia to juin
u . We o pcni:d thc progran1 reading a Ic111•.r f,ro n C'o111r:1dc E111ilio Men1hrila. 1"hatt hc r. Arizona. Ernilio
had planned on lx: ing "'ith us hut. at the, l t l 111i11utc. l'nund it in1J) Hcrnwn Va n de Bogan. Paul Th, o npson. Calvin Wrig ht. l i1hy Ande rson. Milto n Weiner a nd Bob Hirst
hr11ugh110 rnind :ill that happened on Dcc, c nbcr 16. 19+1 and in the follo1ving d,1ys until they ,vcre
di chargcd. h \\ 'a. interesting tn hear h, o o n how co ld ii 1v 11s - very. ,•c ry cold.
v eac h survived rhe hattlc and the POW ca,nps. Everyone ng.rced
lcn Back Ro \\'- 1/r : Rohen Ifirst: Bernie \Vei ne r: I lennan V:1n de Bogan; Ri('hard Behr: Call•in Wright
und Denn Child f ro nt Ro\\'-1/r: Pa ul Th, o npson: Millo n \Ve ine r; Toby Anderson and Torn Bugn,·r.
Ladies Back Ro, ·-Vr: ila Ifirst: Laura Thonipson: Hele n V1:11 tic Boga rt: El..:anor Child
Front R, o
v-1/ r: Mar.u., :1re1 \ Vrigh1: Bea Be hr: Ann.•1\ ndcrl>t1n: Pan1 Bu1....u1·,r.

Southern California - December 11, 2005
MIiton Welner. 424/M, 28121 RldgethorneCt, Rancho Palos Verde s, CA 90275. 310-544-0470
Thi,s vas the 19th Annual Southern California " Bulge Conunen,oratio n" event. We started hy
reading "My F,i,r.·
Re1111io ·1·1
hy D ale Carver and the " Heroic s of A1ncricans ,vho fought in
    World \1/ar 11" - f'ron1John M cC ains book ,·· 1vo r1h Fi h1i11. 1-· or: · T he I 06 th Division "Golden Lion·s·· flag was proudly flying. Call Quanc m1aster: John Gilliland 256-593-6801. or take a look at the llag in any CUB rnagazinc under Gillilan d' s ads.
Thirteen aucndcd including live I06th Veteran,s vho each gave a brier su1111na ry or their
experiences in the " Bnrtl e t>f t h e Bulge." The 2006 event , vi i i be on Decen1bcr 12. 2006.
Pleus, c vritc or call 111c 10 he addcd to the n1ailing l i)>t. My addres:- and phone nu111ber above.
Oklahoma - December 15, 2005
Peggy McClure 8607 77 Place So. Tulsa, OK 74133
Thc ()l.lahv111a grnup \\ere 1oge1hcr for lunch al Fountains Rc sta un.1111 in Tulsa.
1/r: f) nn l lcrndun -l'.?-1/l.: Jo.:an He rndo n, Pegg) 11cChrrl· (\ Vid n \\' of Clint -l'.!.1/1IQ l: l) a, HI
DcrfC"nhuu g h -113 / D : A11i1a and L c lanJ Turk•) -1:\'.?/I I.

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Mini-Reunions ...

Bradenton - Sarasota, Florida - 2005
Ray Twardzl k. 106 Signal, 5518 Garden Lakes Oak. Bradenton, Fl 34203 Phone: 941-756-1440 hammie39@vtroc ket.c om
The ,\V Coast or Florida :?00:'i I()() Oh bion tvlin-Rc union ,vas held ,11 lhe Dutch I lerita-gcResta urant.
    Sura;.vt,1. Florid:1. On-?aniled h.1· Ra., Tw·ard1.ik. there ,verc . :'i u1tendec\ . David Fon.I. As:.o<:iate. 1va the reaturcd s peaker and Bill tvlanguld1va:-. coo rdina1o r of ga,ne:. :ind prirc . Boh Eluridgc lcd the0 1 )1)11ing
    pruycr. Everyone .:njoycd lhcir uinncr:- and t·un1araderic. Thi;, year ,11c included vete ran fro111 other Bault: of the Bulge orga ni, ati11n . Stan Colby - 99th l) ivision. und Harry Glixon 1hc 9-llh Division. Men - Is l Ro1v1/r Lc,vn 1rdTurge o n. Boris S1cm. Ray T,vnrdiik. Lyle Bee1h. Marry Glixon-9 41h.
Charle Fehnel. Bill Mungold.
2nd R<>1v1/r Boh Eldrid-g.: Dic.l... 8 rol-.a1 v. l)cnnis Obrien. El (' reel.Sid J.\urcrhach. Don Shollcn.
Stan Co lhy-991h. Lester l-lcln 1ich. J:uncs Ed1v11rds. Ke n Sn,ith. Bob Snovel. D:1vid F<1rd-Asi;oci,11c.
1nissing fro1n picture Herb Karnes.
Ladies: Siui ng 1/r Evelyn Turgeon. Isa bel1\v:irdzik. L;1cl Snovcl.
    Standing: I /r Lorraine Gli:


Maryland, D.C. and Virginia - December 15, 2005
John Schaffner. 589/A. 1811 MIi i er Rd. Co ck ey s vlll e. MO 21030 - 410-584-2 754
\Ve held uur NI D. D.C.. VA l'\li ni- rcunion al Ft. ( i.( !\'Ica de Cluh. l'\l:1r) land. D,(' . nnd Virginia.
    Si\l)- ix l(lfil ,,er,' recrui1cd 111 aucnd hut. tlue 10 the scare 1111·0,, ·11 al u h) the ,,c;i1hcr forcca;.rcfi-. ,ve
    hull 16 110 - :,,hu,v:,,. C)nl) four uf u,:,,, •e re 106th ,c1,. Or:t)Mlll Bi, hup. Phil I l,11111111. Jat·k Schoclkopf. and
111y:.clf (1111 the grnup phn10. J1 "hc u1hcr 111an on the group pho10 (right side! i:. l'\·lil-c ('iqucro ,,•hose
    hro1hcr (4,'.!. / M) ,va, killed during the 8 () 8 . Sonic cu1nc fro111 a grc:11 tli 1an<.:c : Rnck lc tlgc. PA and
    Ch:1rlot1c. C to a11cntl.' f hc I061h vet, in this area arc bccn1ning 111orc ,c:,rcc all 1h..: tin1..:. Thi:s tiulc cclcbra1ion is 1urning i1110 a "y'all ct1111e" par1y fur foll-s in1crcs1C·tl in \V\V II hi 1ory.
1"hc ,peal-e,r va, Buh Mulluucr. eminent hi 111rian ,vi1h .ill things V.1 \ V 11. Il e deli,cr,·d a dynanti,·
    prc cnu11it1n on the 8:111lc of the ll uc n gc n Forest. Father l::chvartl llill. S 1 ('haplai11. {Re l} dclivcrcd the i11voca1ion. tvlar) l) avi:. (gues t) read a very sc n, i1ivc poc1n 1ha1 ,hc ,vrotc a, 1 high sc hvol ,1udcn1 in 19+1 ahou1 the ho) :. lig.l11i11g for frcccdo1n. V1.c arc hoping fur he11cr \\'C:11her ncxt Det c111bcr.

Alabama - December 16, 2005
Joseph A. Massey 422/C 4820 Spunky Hollow Road, Remlap, AL 35133-5546
Fro111 Ro,, 1/r. Massey: rrnncis Lacey: Nonna Te1nplc : V.1ill Te ,nplc -1!:YD
Back R11\v 1/r: Joe Nlasscy 424/D: L:l\\'rcncc \.Yillia111 422/0
    \Ve 1nect r,,r a dinner 1nec1ing at 1hc Club in Binni11ghan1. Alab:1111a. ,vith the vc1cr.111, of the /J11u /1• of rh,•
    8 11/g<'. tt, vcdo euch year. Altcnding the co111bi11ed 111ccting. were 11pp roxi111a1cly lifty or 111orc. but uni) six fron1 Lhc 106 th. nablc 10 :111e nd ,verc Barhar:t and Walter Bridge . John Ciilliland anti Sandra. I I ugh and ina Ki nge ry and John Rac:;11:r. T11111 0111 1101 as good as in the pa I. h111 vcr) cnjuyahlc.
The CUB of the Golden Lion

Mini-Reunions ...

Nebraska-Western Iowa - October 17, 2005
.... .. :r;. -
Dean & Della Sandahl, 3041 N 61st Street. Lincoln , NE 68507 402-466-3546 sar.myi;!.io(!d@Jun..CoJ).m
    \Ve rnct at the USA Stenk Bull'ct Lincol n 1c braska on a beautifu l autu1nn d t1) . We opened ,vi1h 1hc Pledge of Allegiance and an 1hc 1nvoc:11iun including a prayer for our service rncn anu ,von1cn ,vho arc in
vay. \V,
l• al!.o salu1cd:Ind paid rcspcrl l<1 our depancd c111nr.1dcs. \\le had a prh ate roo,n and
    enJoycd a dclicillth 1cak/ buffet dinne r·., r vo J:,nc I le nning reported on 1hc 1hcir trip 101hc IJ1111h• ,,_{ 1lte IJ11/gc arc:, on 1hc 601h annivcrsary of 1ha1
    hallle. \Ve enjoyed lhc report that included ph 11ns of the specia l occasions ,vhcrc all ur our ,·c1i.'ru ns ,vcrc h1111urcd. V1.c plan on hoi.1ing 1111, affair a1 the i,,11nc placc a1 11ANI on 1\/l o nday. ()ctoher 18. '.!1106. We
hope 1h,1t 1111,,rc eter:1ni. fro,n 1hc area wi11 he :1blc tn j1lin us.
    1/r: Dean/ Della Sandahl -1'.!:!/B (( lu ti.) Lincoln: I la rt1ld/ Lnrr.1inc I l.1\ -l'.!3/1) On1ah.1: Charlc Janc
    llc111i ng -l-:?-1/8 Peru. • I::: (, e nc/ 1ari:y Kuhn I0(1w/ l P Col11111hus: Leonard/I:, clyn1' ) i.Cf' -1:?.'l/l V1.ilhur
    E: Earl /Loui a Ki nne)· -l:?J/13 Fra nl..lin: Jo:11111c 1.ujcrt ( Kuhn· daughter) Da, id ( ' i1y. Jt1h11 I lcnning (,on of Charle <'     To all Mi11i-Re111io11 C/1air111a11 fro,11 I-Jarry Ml1rti11 - 1\ l/i11i-R e1111oi 11 C/1air111a11. Backup George Call.
We are prr,11d to i11cl11de t/1e./'ollo•vi11.g Mi11i-Re1111io11r e ports i,1 t/1is iss11e of
" Tl,e CUB" for t/1is years activities.
I 1i1i s/1 to t/1a11k all tl,e cl1air111e 11 a,zd /1elpers 1v/10 111ade tl1is all possible.
It is vital tl1at 1ve c<111ti111e1 t/1e Nli11i-R e u11i o11 progra,11s, for t/1ere are 111r111y
o·j 11s t/1at are 1111able to travel to tl1e Natio,,al Re1111io 11s.
/' lease co11ti111e1 to ,s,e d your p/10/c>s l o tl ,e CUB Editor for1 111blicatio11.
    Please, also se11d a report to 111e i11 ,,r der tl1at I ca,, s111111arize tlze ') ears re1111io11s t o report to tl1e Associatio11Bottrd.
Tl1a11k yo11.
Harry Marti,, , 121 McGregor Ave1111e, Mt Arli11gto11, NJ 07856-1032
e-11a1 il 111arti11jr@l,1cal11et.co111Teleplio,,e: 973-663-2410

Atlanta, GA - December 11, 2005
Frank.le Burkes, Associate, 7114 Forest Lane, GA 3029, 1 770-TT4-9745

On S unday. Dccc,nbcr 11. '.!005 the Atlanta group n1cct a t the Steak & Ale Rc,,tauranl. 1477 Virginia
Avenue. College Park. GA 30337. W,e verc fe,v in 11u1nbcr. but n good ti1nc"' as had by all.
    Men - 1/r: Willi Alphonse 333 FAB/C; I lank Blair 42] / HQ: Stan Po rtnoy.592/HQ: Carl Canu p 424/C: Bill Jenkins 41 2/ H and Woody Harrin1an.

    Ladies - Back Ro, v 1/r. Frankie C. Burkes: Mary Rut h Kin1 y: Leanna Alphonse: Jean Shirley: Dorothy Portnoy Second R l l\ V: Lenellc Blai r Fir t Rc),v: Nl nrth a Ward: Peggy Harri1nan

The CUB of the Golden Lion
/ / / /

Mini-Reunions ...

Alton, Illinois - St Louis, MO - Dec 17, 2005
Marion Ray. 424/0. 704 Briarwood Drive. Bethalto, IL 62010 618-3n-3674 Email: z9y7a1r2@sbc glo
    The Six1y-first Annive rsa ry of 1hc beginning 11f lhe l/1111/t' a.f'the 811/ge \VU. cckhr.He The aucnd.:ei. \VCrc treated 10 an ou1s1anding prcscn1:11ion by the ..Excc111ive Director'' of
·rncTelegraph. lhe local daily 11c\vsp11pcr.
A drJ \ving took plac,i,: •ith the prize being one of 1he Division Associ:11io n's beautiful nag and the
,vinnc,,r •as Paul Bosc hert represe111ing Heutlquartc Baucry. .59(hh r ick!Artillery Baualio n.
Everyone presen1 pro,nbetl lll :rllcnd agnin nexl year.111r Good Lord ,villing ! h ,va a nice J ay.
    Me n- Back Ro,\' 1/r: George f-o:ac r -123/1 IQ 2811; P.rul Bu).chcrt 59()/HQ: Gilhen OcGerlia -1'.!2/ HQ: Bill Kro nrnucllcr -(!3/E: John 1il-.a lau l-.i -12-1/ H: Briggi. Hoff 111a11 589/8: Lcn1oinc Ciehnc r -123/C: 1 urion Ray -12-1/ D
rvtcn- Frt1n1 Ro \v, 1/r. C ttrl (iocrine As ociatc: Victor B.ius,.vcll -122/8 : Dan Brannan. Exccu1ivc Editor.
Thc Telegraph : Jack Rain 589/HQ: Don I linrrc hs. 8 IM Eng/C : Ken Bryan -[ ! '.\/ HQ I Bn

    l.adici.- B,1ck R o \v 1/r: Dehra Bryan ll e n lcy: llelen Kro n,nullc r:: Delore:- Mil-.a liiu kii.: Barh11ra Fosler LaJ1c - Front Ro,v 1/r: 1ar c Bryan: Belly Rain: Viulel Fi t:her: Enuna Bro chen: Pal I linrichs :and
clda 13:IUN\VCll

Michigan November 13, 2005
John M. (Jack) Roberts (592/C) 1059 Alter Rd, Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48304 248-338·2667 jmr810@a ol .co m
    On Sunday. ovembcr 13. 2005. the t-.itichigan veterans o f thl' 106th In fantry Division 1\ sJ , ·eter:tn and guc:,.ts. Thi! guest s peaker for the evening." 'as Colo nel Donuld Kotc h111a11 rrorn 1hc U. S.
Tank & Auto rnotivc Con11nand (T;.\COt-1. ) in Warren. t-.11. I le presented a very interesting and educa­
    tional slide and video presentation on 1nodcn1 ,varfarc and ho\\• new technology and cq uipn1e111 is be ing us..:d today by our an11ed forces around the 1vorld. Back Ro" U R: Cnlun.:I Ko11:h111an (Guest :.pcakcr frorn the U.S. Tank &Autoniotivc Co111n1antl r rACOM t: Rudy Ai11an111 ( 106/REC()N): Dr. Jay Ice (424/ SY): Chuck Ree ber (423/D): John Plo tko,v:,.ki ( 42 2/1IQ I 13N ): Jae!.. Ro ber, (592/C); I larold On,,•inc (592/C): Coluncl Phillip O,vcns ("rACO rvt) a nd Conuna nd Sergeant M:!_io r Oti:,. Cuffee (TAC'() l l.
Front Ro, v UR: S1an Ku p:,. ( 106/S IC ): Dr. \Villard ( Bill) Kcchcr (4:?4/Gl: Bill Manin (4 24/C ):
Paul \Vusylnn (422/ HQ I B ) and Tony Rand (589/8 ).

    Laclicl> - Back Ro, v U R: Cindy Ort\, inc Ca1Tol1: Julie Rnben:-: Donna lvh1nin: Gloria Plo1ko\\1lll,.i: 1ary Lou Ro berti,: 1ary Reeber: Le nore K up-.: ancy Rand: Breanne Bun on : Ice and Sheila Cuffee.
Front Ro \v U R: (' hristina Rohen:-: Eli;,abcth o n, vinc : Marlene Martin: Joun Gran1: Audrey Ort,vinc:
o rn,a Ai11an1a: Jea nne Schulle and Beu Kee ber.
The CUB of the Golden Lion
- - -
Mini-Reunions ...

New Mexico - Dec 16, 2005
Dr. Ralph J . Nelson, DDS 422/Cannon, 1 Acoma Lane. Los Alamos, NM 87544, 505·622-9787
    The Nc,v 1\1cxicu con1in-ec n1of 1hc I061h l11fan1.rvDivision Association. held i1s Mini-Re union in Albuquerque. cw· ivlc;d co . We had a delicious lunch at the popular Albquerquc Rcs1auran1. Th e 111cc1ing.
    opened " 'ilh 11 1non1cn1 of ilcnce as ,ve rc1nen1hcrcd our con1radsc. cspc.:ci:illy the fallen ones. c>n the 61st Anniversary of the beg.inning of lhe /Juu l(, ii/'J//1' 811/.i':1. We enjoyed u ur ocial 1irne of f'cllo,vship.
ivlen 1/r: Dr. Rnlph J. Ncl on. -1'.?'.?/C N: We ndell ··Bud"' Albaugh -12-1/1HQ I 8 11:
,Ja nes 11. T,"inn DIV/ART Y: Rohe n E. Sol:1dav -1-22/SV

Ladic 1/r: Rhoda nelson: Christinc l..:c (Nelso n): 1\1 artc ·r\vinn: Bc,•e rly Soladay:
M.irg.ircl Velasque;, Widowof Arn1ando -1-2-1/K not pic1urcd -though she" ':L present.

Ohio Mini-Reunion - December 15, 2005
Charles Garn 424/H 1937 Hlghbrldge Rd. Cuyahoga Falls. OH 44223
    Our 1\1i ni- Rc union \\•as held at rhc ll o liday Inn. Cuyahoga Fal b. O H. It ,vas org.ani cd and arranged h) Vivian Mcc ullough . Left- fronl/back: Pat Kuh Clc1n Kuhn1an -123/M and Pc1c DiRe nzo I06 Sign:11: Righi-front to back Chuck Garn 424/11: Vivian Mc(' ullough and Sylvia DiRcnzo Barely ho,vn hac l.­ ngh1 I06 Fh1g (Sec John Gillilarul ad 111 this CUB n1agazine.l

New Jersey - December 13, 2005
Harry Marti n. Jr. 121 McGregor Ave. Mount Arling ton. NJ 07856 973-663-2410 mart in jr @lo caln el. com

Phllto h, \ \' ill1;11n li lahc•r-1.:!'.YI
    ;\ ll'n sitt ing 1/r:,J,, c•ph Kralr hiJ.. .\•I \ IEll/11() : Flu d I:1, 11111 5X' J/:\ . I k·nr, 1-:n ijc·\\,l,.i -124/1.:
    11: u-r., i\lan111_J 1 -l.:!-I/ I. : D r. D11nc·a111 T ru..:111:in -12-1/, \T: ( i..:r     :\ll"n )\la nding 1/r: \\' i llia111 Blahc:r -122 /1: :\hi11 S11, sina11 -12-1/1IQ 21-l : Ralph R1,·ht.:r J.' I \ t1:1) /1):
    ( ik·n11 l. 11c·J..c·11\ iI/ I O(i R E(' ( ) f\i: J,·1T1 \ ·1,HIIll (1 . •-l Ih , \ :\ i\ :\ \ \' : , \ I pho1i- ,· I :11111111 .',() (1/ ('

    l.adil0S sitt ing 1/r: Elli,· l:111111111:, \ l iria1n ll lah..:r: ( irac·c Tru,:111..:11: \ 1 a r \ a11dc·1111a , 1.
l. a d il0 S s ta nd ini,: 1/r : l l;1rha r:t l )1 iL·d11c: Sth:111 C h,i,,

The CUB of the Golden Lion

Mini-Reunions ...

Reading, Pennsylvania - Nov 18, 2005
John J. Gallagher. 81st /ENG/C. 4003 Francis Street. Temple, PA 19560 Tele: 610-929·2887
    We had our l\lte1nurial !) inner early thi year. II \Vas g reat being toge ther. unfo n unalely so1nc co uld not aue nd due 10 illness. they \vere Jack 1cDeviu nnd Don Shll\valtcr.
T\1•0 n1c1nbcr had died thi:. year. Bill Ma rris and W:11te r Shirl-..
    ten slanding 1/r : l) e,1c1o1 Ed Chris tianso n: John Gallaghe r: \Villia rn Crossla nd and George l\l oo n: ten seated 1/r: Vince Szibcr.Joe Tart1ntino: FredCarr: Lou C unninghan,
    l.a d ies slanding 1/r: l\l uriel S1.lbcr: Ginny - daughter >f Ca rr· : Beuy Carr: Ma rline l\1oo re-gue-t: l\l a ry ChriMianso n
    l.a dies Sl!ated 1/r : Stella Gallagher: C harlo ne C unningha1n: Norn,an Crossla nd :ind Connie Trantino Not sho,vn: A photo of John Gallaghcr and Joe Tarantino holding the I06 th flng 1vhich \vas give n as a pri1.c during the rneeting.
Charles and anc.:y Dnuc JiJ rl1l t auend bl!c:111sc ,;11' a dcath of a on \vho lived \vith then, and anothcr
, on injured in an autn ai;cidcnt in Califon1ia.

Washington - December 15, 2005
Myrt on Dickerson 424/0 2500 Soulh 370th Street #209, Federal Way. WA 98003 -7648 235-661-9325
We were fortunmc tn huvc ASS'llCia1e 111e111ber Ja1ncs fvlilc,vski and hi Conirn:tndcr. LTC L:l\v nve \V.
    Meder ,vho spukc to u:. abo ut 1hc :.crvicc. It ,vas interesting h:arn \\1h:,ll va:- goi ng on in 1oda·y ::: s e rvice
\\ 10rld. They prescntcd each of our n1en1bc,rs vith a sho ulder patch from their unit. It "'a:- held on
    Thursday Dec. 15 th at the 1-1: n vks Prairie Inn. Aho vc: U R J:un i:s lvtile,v:-ki: 1yrt()n Dickc n:on 42-l/D LTC L:nvrence \V. Nie der Be l(),v: Bcatric.: Dickerson: Jarnc:, and Brigiua Lc 1nard -11 .'\/S V: Ray John:,ton 423/1-1: Gc(1rge Strllng -123/ HQ a nd Myrton Dickerson 42-l/D

Kansas- December 20, 2005
Wllllam/ Mary Lou Stahl 422/K 223 W Sixth Street Jun ction City KS 66441 785-238-2861
Hekl ut Perkins in Topeka - Ba,d veather/sick nc s cut attendance. Five I06th 111c1nbcrs.,-l vive . an 82nd
    Airborne Rc-cnact o r and guests. Also M:1srha and Kevin Mec ktley.daughter and gn1ndson or the S ta111·s . Man in Jones 432/G told of his ex perience in the l-lan1111clburg Raid 1ha1 \\ ' :tS ll!d by Abe Baun1.·1 1ic Tt1sk Fo rce found I.400 An1erican POW s rather than 1.000 that had bee n reported . S fter cntering 1he
    coumpound only a fc,v co uld return to 1hc A,ncrican lines. The raid turncd ou1to be a failure and is described in a book authored by Captuin Abe Bau111. I061h i\
The CUB of the Golden Lion

Mini-Reunions . . .

Long Island, NY - November 13, 2005
Ephraim Goldberg, SSS Frank li n Blvd., Long Beach, NY 516-432-7136 Emal!: edg555@Jun o .co m
    Thl' Long 1 1and ew Yori. tin1-Rcuni on was held on Sunuay. oven1hcr 13, 20()5 a1Lamhrou·s Re,1auran1. l,;l anu Park. NC\\ Yor i.. \Vilh l\1•c l\ c 111e11 a nd ten 1vo111cn a11e nclinl!.
Thh \,\ a. the six1h Long Island1111:cting and \Va,, allcnued h) rn any of our rcgulur .
The dinner and c::111a1r:1denc \1 a . a, u u:1I. cnjoycd h) all.
The 111cn \\Crc: Sol Kravi11: d Goldberg: Gene Powell: (' harlc Condikc: Al Sussn1an: (' harle Lane:
\.Vill i an1 1uc lle r: Ir\ S c hro111: Charles .loha,n en: John Stannacl.: Louis Le\ y ;111d So l Gr:1s u
TI1e \Vornen \Vere: Ann K ra1i11: 'f r,;. Lu111:- Lev.v: ev,1 Po we ll: Adele Jo hu111-cn: lnri!.\ n Gc11nff:
lrn1gan1lvlucllcr: Lyn

The CUB of the Golden Lion

Mini-Reunions ...

Madison, Wisconsin - October 15, 2005
Charles Rieck, 424/H, 7316 Voss Parkway, Middleton, WI 53562 608·831-6110

    The \Vi:-consin16 th Annual Co1nrnc ra1ive 1''1ec tin!!of The Baute of the Bul!!c \\'II:. held al CJ' s E.1 1. In Madison. \Vi con in. un Octohcr I5. :!005. \Ve had -13 pcople in att<·nd:uu::c and the \\ere:
    Mr./l\1lr:1. Jeron1c l\1illcr: Mr./Mrs. Rot)l.:n l lo111an: Mr./l\1lrs. Ra•vn1ond Ku n h:l\ l r.fl\lr:... Alhcn Ku1h: tvlr./ tvl r; . I to, \'l1rd Jont:s: tvlr.fl\lrs. Ed,nund Podlasl..i: l\1r./l\1n... J o hn Hc ndril·kM1n: l\1r./l\'lr \Vahcr
    Peterson: l\1lr./Mrs. Charles Lo,,c: tvlr.ltvl r:... He nry Wi11t·nbcrg: l\1rJl\1r:... Cliff11rd Arngard: l\1r./ 1rs.
    To,n Pay111cr: l\1rJl\1rs. Pete [)i Bernardo:l\'11-. Criss An11gard: Mr. Mikc C'unni 11g h:11n : l\,lr. Victor Fuchs: l\h,. ,Jc 111 l\1lc rcdit h: l\ lr. Ro bert Pa.vntcr: l\l r. Fred Ro ussarc.l: Nlr . Elro:..e 'acl c: /11:-. Hrabar.1 Hoff: 1\1 :..
    Pat Christiun on: I\ Ir. Ed\vardWojahn: Ms. Val Kath: 11' tl. Cheri Lan;un: tvtr,. Virginia Po t: l\,1r. David Post. rvts. intt Spcnlc: l\1r. Cjnrle Ricci..
David P :!006 n1eetin-a ,viii lie held on Octuhcr :! I. 21K)6 at (' J' 1- E:1s1 in Mudi

The CUB of the Golden Lion
World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books • • • --
t.'SCAJ'J:: . .• ! ! !
    The Tn1e tury 1>f a World War II. P.O.W. The Gcrn1an C1u1ldn' 1 Ho ld by John M. --J,11.:k·· Roben . Association Pa:,t-Prc idenl
    ··Jack.. Ro bcn . ·c· Bauery. · 92nd Field Artillery Battalion. recentI) published a b(,{l-l. a houl hi:. expcricncc during 1hc ··l?t111le ,1( 1/u• IJ11/x1·" 111 Dccc1nbcr 19.W "here he wn,:unbushcu and cap1urrd h) lhl' Gcnnun, .
    The book. 237 page . wi1h o colorfu l cover.1).1' c t1dcrnilcu account or his harro" ing cK1>     Ordcr f,ron and make payable 10 : John !Iii R oberts. I 059 Alter Ruatl. l:lloo1nl'icld I lilt,. ti -18 l fl-l. E1na1I:
jmrSI0'.!-1 aol.ct>m Tckphnn,.. 1-2,-18 1:lS-2667 Price•: 27.95 include, Shi11ping

fl/ / )ER l"' OR IVARI ) ( H /f',ID £ R = C C)Dl1 '11AME ON FR01''T UNh)
456 pagcl, $50.00 + $6 l>hipping
Author Dean F. Je \\·ett 168th Con1bat Engineers. PO Box 148. Snee, ME 0-1072
1-\ u1ho,r nndc 11vo trips to t. Yith. Rhine River. Arn1or School Libr.,ry. tvlili1ary I ti, to r) lns1itulc.
plus personal information fron, 1 68t h Co111bat Veterans
16 8t h Con1bal En!!ineer Baualion. ,vas attached to the 106th In f Division at St. Yith. Their three line
con1panie:, 1vcrc defending the Pn,merbcrg. A baualion of 600 111e11 s uflt:rcd335 casualties. 33 KIA . the
other 1voundcd. POW or tvl lA. The 168th il, credite,d vi1h Nonnand y 111\a ion. Northcn1 France.
Rhine land, as ault crossing of the Rhine River.Cen1r.1l Europe. Ending up near C,_ec hol,lt1vakia..
Author Earl S. Parker -1'.!3/ E
    IM Bll111
Also available through Amazon. Barnes and Nobles and Borders at ' 1 4.95 .
M E i\,/ORl l:."S OF A TOUR OF DUTY \VI I I E U R Of>E
Any book s tore can order the book hy Title. Author or IS B Nun1bcr
    Here is the sto n, of a young draftee in World War II 1vho experienced life in the Annorcd Force. the Ann) Air Force pilot training progran1 and lhc reality t1fco1nba1in Infantry Divi ion. On line 1vith thil l(l6th in a
    quiet $Cctor of !he Ardcnne. . lhese foot soldiers ,vere in !he direct path of the,111 L,;ivcG.:nnan c·1ncn,;i1c,1h11 lx""<:.-unc kn, o vn as n,e Ba11/1• nf r/11· 811 fi.:1•.Ovcr,vhehned by the sheer111igh1 o f nun1bers :u1d tirepc1. ,ver arr.,)<'d
against the111. they 1nanaged 10 upset thecncn1y 1iniernble until forced to sun'Cndcron the fou1th day uf ,vhui
    has bcen culloo the Qrc.itcst bauJc of the ,var in tcn11s of rncn and 1nnchinci.. Thi bouk is ahout ;111 individual and hb experiences under tire and asa prisoner11f 1v:1r. libc111tion hy the Rus..,ian Am1y and his nd cn1urcs on a hike ncros c11u11try to rejoin lhc A1nericm1 Anny. H!!n:. an:uternpth:L bccn nu1dc lil l're,ue the feeling of the
    1i111es in :idditiun the pro blentl, of the n1o n1cn1. It is a book about rc;il people 111 a tragic period of hh,1ory.
'' PR O VEO .ET l' A1' RI /\ .. ( FOR GOJJ AtVD C.OU1VT R>' )
PERS(JNAL 1VARHATl\/£ C)F A1V Ai\tl t: HJ( ' AN CATHOUC c·HAPU.JN AS A f' (J\ I h\' C, t: N.\ I A1\l l'
Comp lied , Edited and reproduced by Robert Skopek, Associate member.
    8) Chapl:iin Fr. P:1ul \1/. C;l\annugh .J.. 1C,1p1ain1.:11'.?nc.l Rcgi n1cn1. Chaplain C'avanaugh II hll ,vai. a PO\\/ at Stalag IX-B. B:1d Orh and Oflag Xll1- B. l-1:1111111.:lburg B,1v:1ria. ::!51 page!- nf l·athcr Ca\'a11:111gh·s 11rriting and photo graph .
1' 1111 of you \\'ill re1ne1nher Cha plain Fa1hcr Ca,anaug.h. 11ho 1va u,h a 11ll11J1:rful ),uppnn during
)Our service d:t , anJ pani,ularl) ,o during thc s1res ful11111c a a POW. I l,e,, a, or:,uch ,uppon in the
Bux-Ca r and lluring1he long ,narche\ und !he ht1n1bing at Lin1hurg. C,cnnan) and the Chri,una, th1_) ,;
    , ,1hcn you 1vcrc 1h1nl-.1ng o 1rt111g l) of ho,nc. I le led 1nt1tl) of you in the , 1ng1ng ol Chri,tn111, Car111, 111 the hoxca . He also held scrviCC!> 111 the PO\V Ca n1ps. I le ,vas cheri hcJ hy lho),e that,, hi111. and 1ho!-e hr er-,cd. Thb botit.... --P RO DIJO f'ATR/J\ ·· ,va very por ular al 1hc 58th Annual Re union in
    !l.tilwa ukcc. E1cr) ce nt of the proceed!> 1ha1 ,vcrc g:iincd there 11:I!> given as:t gratious gil't. h) Skopcl-.. Ill
lhC Asso<:ia tiun. Ir 1,; \\ I IL \ lll I· I Ill< S20.00 I\ ltl("II ISC' l 1 111S, 1111'1'1'-Ci. l· l RnR1.1l' t,K. 7847 C,111,111 Rn,1n.1\1:1:-.1.n •s. Y 13104
Ulll)SKI Jl'l;K@ J UN!l.CO I

The CUB of the Golden Lion
World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . • •

A T /i e NS V1\ R ... T RAl,Vlt'IIG.CO ,\:IBAT. CA PTURE
Aut hor Hal ·ra ylo r. 423/C N, 2172 Roe l-ridg e Dr.• Grand J unction. CO li1503
b;11I J7 I @hrcsnan.nc1'>70 -1 45 - 7807
A,·nilahlc Jllip://\\·\\1 \ thllOk .,0 111 ,is a hard t:lipy or clectrnnk tmnslc r.
A Teen '.r Hwr describe/, the experience of a :,.n1all tl1\\'ll bo) in the luucr rage:,. of \-Vo rld War 11.
Portil1n originated fron, lc11ers ,vriucn ho111c;1hou1 indUl'l io n. 1n1ining. anil ti1nc o,cr:,ca:, ,vith the 423rd
    Rcg in10.:nt <1f the 106th Infantry Divisio n und that unit":,. s hort perk1d of Cl1t11ha1 i n the, B11tlc of the Bulge. ' rl1c ,1ory ii, unique t·o111parcd 10 111ost ,var ht11)k . for it c11n1ain, none of the pcdunlic pretense:- of
1no...1 1nili1ary hi tories. tille,d
vi1h tr.11cg y ur the so-called ·B1g Pictur e·.
Instead. A Tt•,111:
tells hu,v
a young. pri\'alC so ldier hccan1c a,varc of reulity .ind thl' ,vorld around hirn Je,..pite hi lin1i1ed '\ iC\\.
All readers ,vho have ever heard the \,1urd:1. ·1ni!.!,in'!! in a,·1ion: \Viii find 1hb book intcre tinl?.
Read er:- ,vho ,vcre prbon.::r:.. of ,var thCtlll>e lvcs. pnrticul,1rl of the Gennans. ,,•ill recall thllse hellis h
tin1cs and undcrstanll that n:co llec tion cnahlcs one Ill live ,tnd 10 cope 1vi1h the rc:1litics of today.
T il t.: \\IARi\1TJI (Jf' A SO G : ·
A L0 \11!.STOR )' AIJ( )U.1 FRE£ D0 1\4 s-1:. r DUR I (i T l IE BATTLE ()F "f HE B LGE . \V()RLD \\IAR
II AU TI IOR I I ELEN \/0 1\1ERC'K: l11:le111·1· @'n1' l.l"c11111' .c' o111

Availabl e at and Also available on her website
ISBN: 1-4017-9656-6 {Soft Cover) ISBN 1-407-9655-8 {Hard Cover)
    Al1111)st a:. if ton1 frun1 tlxl,1y·shc;1dlinci. con1e the ri,•e ting :,,tor) nf pa1ri11tbn1 and co urage. lin e and con1r..1dcship. a:,, told in The War1111h of a Song. Sci ugain:,,1 \\I\Vll' s "f hl· Baille (1f thc Bulgc. thb
    :1dvcn1urous ta lc h, inspired b)' actual cye-witnc:,,:,, acco unt:,., A, I la,, I- (larl-e fighti- for God and t:Olltlll'). " hen the platoon he lead., narro1vly escaf)l:11 fron1 lhc Gennan Pan1.c-r battalion that has 1he1n surrounded. he alsn teams. the grc.atest freedon1 of all -the courage it tal-es to frcc 1hc hun1an :-pirit. Returning to 13uston nftcr a sni()l:r's bullet f)l:llelnucd hi :,pine. I l,nvk 111oun1s the lo , of hi (1nce strong leg:,.. Can he hrcal- free fro111 lhc cage he feel. hi life ha, co,nc in tin1e to help an olJ \\01nan rcl1:,1 c a n1iruclc '!
Helen von Er<'k:
    H1.'h: n vo n f:rcl,. lil'C in Atlan111. Gcurgia ,vith h '.r d aul,!hlcr. ll a ylc) . \\' hilc g n1\\•ing up in South ('.11un1y.Rh,xlc Island. she hcgan cuhi"ating. a lifelo ng fascination ,vnh h" tory. Shc hus turned that
intcrc:u in1n a passio n. and ha:- conducted in-Jcplh re c;.rch in, tc the life and 111nc:- of the 19-t(r, and
World \V,1r11. She allcnllcd the ni, crsity of Rhode b,lund and the L' nh cr,ity of l)cn\'t'.r ,vhcrc :.he
:-tudil·tl Bu incs:, l\4anagc,nent \vith a ,ninur in Creati ve \Vriting. ·n1i, i, her llehut llCI\ cl.
,var1n1hofa, 011g     S O L DIER £JO ') 1\ C l /RO /C L /;' O f " L /F l i 1\ 1VI J I JE AT l·I AN/) SUR\11\'A I. /Jli RI.V(i l\'ORW IV1\ R
II BY GIJOH(i £ K. ZAK, ./22/N/
Thi boo!- i:, uv,lilahlc fro1n thc author for S13.00 (includes ,hirping cn:,,tJ (1159 Bropl., idc I .•.1ne. Apl
A. \Vilto,vb1· )\'"· IL 60527. C,>pies an: al n :n aitahlc rro1n Amaz11.ncc11n for,I0 .95 plu, S & H.
1·11i, i ,1 f.i. cinaling. eh,qucnt account uf u 19 ear old trying 10 g.r\ll\ ton11111hnod 111 the 1111d1Hc flf a
deadly ,vorld ,var.1\ ftl'r bncny de cribing his rigorou, ,raining us an 111fanlr} oltlic-r. including l,o n1c
,-cn1i-co1nic events \Vhile lea rning 01
d ri ve_ n
jeep. he ;111d hb bucklic, \\ ere 1i11;1lly ofT to war in Europe ll';.
1vcll-1raincll. confident 1nen1tx:rs 0f the 106 " In fantry Divi ion.
    Shortly after arriving at the hank' front in l)ct cln1he r. 19+1 during II bnnc-l·hilling. h111cr co ld \\ inte r. the 1naj o ri1yof the Di, i ion ,vus urn1u11ded and finall) u,·er,vheln1cd in a hll}l.xl ha11le. hy a 111uch larger. 1norc pt1\vcrl"ul (;cnnan fon.:e d uring the beginning of the Bault· ultirnatc fruc. I-le n11)urncll the death of ,nan) uf hi, fi.!llo\v soldlt•r:.. d uring the hat1lc. ,-otnc ll ht idc. and t·onsu1111ly ,vorried ,vhethcr hi p:1rcnts knc" ' ir he \Vas alive or ck-ad.
    Z:11,. e nd:. his lx11t k describing Lhc arriv:il of the Rus. ian anny and thc urpri),ill!! ;ind dii,app1-1in1ing b,.:ginning 1)f the Cold War \l'ith Lhe Rui-.,ian . t\ 1vcll-1,1hl. fl'111ark:1ble:-t11").

The CUB of the Golden Lion
World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . • •
0 LY TflE Ll:J. \ ST OF ,'11£ JS JI O STAGE
    In t,vo volu1nes • Published by 'f R1\ CES. a nonprolit educationa l 011?a ni1.ation con11ni1ted to telling the storic:, of l\1id,,c.,temer" and their WW II experience .
Volun1c I • (270 page , Tell the :,turic:- of 9 :.oldiers ,vho '"ere POWs in a1.i Gcm1.1ny tluring WW
II. Include:, docu1ncn1s and photo a., ,veil pcr:,onal journal .ind diaric.,. Papcrhack. $20. Add po tagc.
$CC bcJCl\\ .
Include Win 131acl-.,vcll a nd Charles Lloyd Jon .:s, 168 th infantry. 34th Divisio n; C:1rl Schncic.lcr.
133 rd lnf;intr). 34th Division: Ci.:orge Rui.ic. 506th Paratroopers. 1 0 1st Airbun1e: Delbert Bcrningha u:-.
    John Kline and 6 ln1e r Snrcn .:n. 423rd Rc-2i1nen1. lOC11h Divi:.-it1n: Ja1nes Fuller. 422nd Rcl!in1cn1. 106th Divisinn: and Oli,cr On1un"111. 179 th Reg ilnent. 45th Division.
    Vulu,nc 2 - l170 page J C u1npanit1n 10 the a 1vc. thi:- one includ e. thc stories of 6 tt1nncn \,•ho ,verc l>O Ws in Nall Genn,iny during WW II. Paperback 20. Add postage. see oclo,, . Purcltase
to1,:cl hcr and enjoy a s1>ccia l price - $35
One book S1.50 n1edia ,nail nr $."\.95 exprc), n1ail
, ·1 vo book $2.(IO 1111: dia 111ail or $6.00 e;,,prc ,nail
    Send orders to: Pat Schultz 24640 305th S1rce1. ora Spring . IA 50458 641-696 -."148 .i pals4'.! )0 111ni1e lco1n.c o1n

a book of poems 1nsp1red by World War IL..
by Dale R, Carver (deceased}
Poet Laureate · 106th Inf Div Association HOs Co., 38n A&P Platoon Leader
424th Infantry Regiment. 106th Infantry Divi sion
By Dale Ca rve r. Poet Laureate (dt>rea s ed ) I06 '11 l nr Division Assoc iati on

Order frorn Ru1h Carvcr
742 Dn1id Circle. B:11o n Rouge. LA 70808
S1(l.00 Pos1- pa1d

1111•1110 IOI

    Dale. died in 200I. li e had wri11en poetic n1c111orie. of the W:ir. li b pocn1 appeared in ..The Cll B" fur sc,·cral years. They ill hring back n1.:111oric and vbion 11f the 1i111.: .
    Dale \\a u,v:1rded the Sil\'cr Star fur Valor. He disabled Gennan 111inc . \\1hilc under a11uck. 1ha1 hue! hcen plnccd under a bridge.
For that he n:ce,vcd ,1 hanlc field pro1no1ion (f'ro, n 2nd 10 1 1 Lt.) anu ,v,L,
    a,vonJcd the S ih•e r Star for --galla111ry under lire:· He 1old 1ne . during one reunion. that he thought it. the Silver Star. hould have been for another 1in1c \Vhen he led u group ,1f )Oldiers thrQugh a live n1inc field 10 safety. The i.\lldic n, had" 'all-.c d in01 the n1inc field and '"ere ·· in fe: 1r: ·


fl ELL FROZlit\' OVli R
A uthor larilyn Estes Quigley (TI1i, ,vus a pupular hook - sht,,vn and old at the 58th Annual
    reunion I. l\1a rilyn. asso ·iatc profcss1lr llf English at EvangeJ niversity jn Springliclcl. Nl isso uri. teacher co111pos i1ion. literature :ind c1c111h·c" ' riling. The cum:nt Evunge l ca n1pu:s ,va..-; o·Rei ll) Gcn.:ral I los pital d11n ng W 'I I. a 111cdic:1I facility for snld11: r,. Quiglcy·s oflice. 1ill in an origin,ll barn1cks. ,vas fonllcrly
un o perati ng r<.)()111. Sh.: publi hcc.l lictlon. a children\ 111usical. poetry. and article:.. Her hu bnndEd
dc\ignecl and painted the cover nf H,!II f rn::,e11 0 1•er. Author\, e1nail: cd111arquig,@ vrncon11e c 1.cn1n
Buy fro111 •·1\ u thor Hous·e • 1663 Liherty Orive, Bh><>1nin gt on. IN 47403 Also al other 111ajor
bookstor-cs $ 16.95 tclcphonc: 1-888-519-5121 or \>\fchsitc: \l'\l'\\'.a uthorhouse.(·on1 $ I4.50 C heck on
shippi ngcharges.
Hell Fn>: <1' 1 o,,,,.c.lcscrihes 1he per,;unal experiences of ixteen I06th soldiers'" ho \verc caught in
I litlcr', final gra p 10 .;1ranglc the c11111inc n1. More than half of the c 1ne,n vere an1011g the 7.IXJ I in the
Di"ision \\lhO \\1erc takcn as pris,1ncr-. n,f
v:1r.Seaucred in ,ca np throughou1 (jen1u1ny. Lhc,y
1hc1nselves 10 ,urvivc a., dcpriva1i,111 and even slave lah(lr 1hrc:11cned 1hcir live:; and :.:inity.Thcir .!,• in-an11,.!, vho c capcd capture and rcn1aincd to figh1 in fox.holes and \t1nks had 01hcr hell.!.10
    cndun:. a.s did the civilian of cvl'ry 10,vn in thc arca. There arc nea rly 30 WW II photos of I06th scrviccn1cnrilo ng with nccounti ngs their p.:rsonal stories.

The CUB of the Golden Lion

World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books ...
Astory about Rishel WHITE 106/RECON.A fJlmof life, family and war.
    Rishel White, ahusband, fatherand soldie,r grew up in a coal mining town, joined the army, married the women heloved andnever expected to findhimself inone of theepic battles of history,that brought himto a POW Camp andmade him endureharshmental andphysical treatment. Runs 1 hour 28 min. DVD disc or VHS video cassette. $22.45includes shipping andhandling. Sendcheck ormoney order. Produced by son Matthew White
4th COAST PRODUCTION, 1S4250NYSRTE3, Sackets Harbor,NY 13685
315-478-671o8r order online at email

Battle of the Bulge Books
1\ uthor - 1\ ssocia t(• 1\lcn1'1c r tlans \ Vi jc r .
Zcgcrij 1n1;i1'17 - L-6971 ZN 13n.1111111c11 - e mail ,1·ije rs 

'X . nl
(Currentl,y 1•urking on Book - 106th lnfantr) Division in the Bulge)

Tf /1':. I .OSfl l:'/1\1 ( ;J\ /1 DO O RU',\ Y T(J THE A1 EUSli
    Book on the 99th Infantry Divivision S..:c1or - U.S. Troop Blol·k unhcn1 Gcnnan Ath ances Price: 45.00 US Doi la r.. (,vurld ,vi     Snfl cover. 8.5"x11". -270 pugc i-. black &,, ·hitc pho1ogn1phs nnd color photo graphs. 111ap . cnpie, of origina l IJJ\T f lE OF T f /£ BULGE - HOI.Dl lVG 1'H£ L/1Vt ·.
    Book on the 2nd 1111' Div Sec to r - U.S. V Curp, t1ps the 1 1 S Panter Corps Price: ..J5.00 US Dollars ( \vorl n1e111 included !)
    Soft cover. 8.5"x11". -'.!50 pugc!-. 111any "than and 111!\v" photographs of the old baHlcficld :111d n1aps. copies of original docu1nen1 .
T if f: BATTL£ OF Tl /£ BUl ,(;R Hf,:l t AT TIUTG I · IJI\ .C H
B0<1k 011 the ,I Infa ntry Division Scctor
    U.S. V Corps stops the li;t SS P,1111-c r Corp Author H ans J. \Vijc rs Price : 30.0<) $ Dollars (,vorld ,vidl.' shi p n1cnt 111c ludc d!)
Soft co, •e r. 8 ..5"xI I ". -190 pages. n1any "than and no, v" photographs of the old ballleficld und 111aps.
pics of original docutncn1 .

The CUB of the Golden Lion

Memoriam ...
    Death notices of ,ne,nbers arrive in Sl'Veral.for111s a n d si:es. S0111e are 011c lin e a11d so111e are a page of 111o re of fine pri11t telling the life historyof acl·o111plis/1111ents, edncatio11 a11d
    l/cc11patio11s and l'Xt e 11ded relati11es . This 1\rl£ 1l lORlt\ 1\r f report 11•il/ be /i111it ed Ill the 111e 111bc r '. 11a111e. address and I06t h 11nit he was assig11ed to: the date of death; the 11a 111eJ of hi s
i11u11ediateja111il y a11d infor1nati un relati1•e t l.J th eir participation in the Associt1tio 11.
1Way our Co111rades Rest i 11 Peace ...................
Barne s, L . Preston DIV/HQ
30 C'li11/011 Street #6C, Brook('")
l)a tc of Bro de rick , (Joe) Harold 422/G
)' 1 1201
217 1 8 ru11111aker Drive, Beloit, iv1 53511
l) a te nf ucath: January 16. :!006. ntilied hy his daughte r Jane 1-latk:berg c n1ail:
    fiha 11/ebe rg(fJ)yahoo.,·11111 . Survived hy his ,vife of 59 years - Verdelrna. ,vho is a current associatio n nll:n1berand ,i, children Denni!>. Ho lly. Jane. Ke rry. Rosie. Nlary. 16 g randchil­ dren. 11 gre:11.-grundchil Brislin, Joseph 422/K
2066 Chester Rd 7't111gle11· oo d Apt, Het h le h e ,11, l'A /80 /7
Datc o r ueath f\ pril 17. 1 0 05 . l lc i-; survived hy hi!-. ,vife of65 years IVlary Alice. hi:, ,vidl)\\'.
    ,vho continuc tL'> an As•,;ociate 1nen1hcr.and lltcir se, en children: Mich,11.:I.Joi;cph. Anne: 1110111:.1.,: Mark: r uy and Rohe11and 27 Gnmdchildn:n. thR.--c g reu1-gr.u1dchildren:a bro1herl1101nal>,u,d J,u11lc.. Bynum, F.G. 424/B
1808 l i11tl 1icu111 Lnue, Bir111in gha111, AI 35217
    l) ate or death: April 14 . 2006 hy \\'ife 1\ vis. rlc il> s urvive d hy hi:- \\'ire . Avis. ,\ pril 14 111,11-J..cJ 68 year:- tog.ether. F.G. \Vas co- fo under of Byn1ocoMetal Fabricato rs ,vho ,verc the
gold, ., andaru l\lr c u!>ton11nade 111c1al doo rs fnr hos pital:-. :-c hool an Dah le n , William S. 591st Service Battery
I06 in A C' ir cle, l•ra11kli11 IN -161.1I
Date ordcath: Jul.v 11. 2002. 1istake nl.v ide ntilicu in 1he la-;\ CUB a-; " Pu1r ic k Dahle n."
13arh,1ra his ,vifc. As ocia1c n1e1nher. ,vrote that the,y vere 1narried 55.5 years. have, 1 vo :-o ns.
livc g randchild ren nnd 1,vo g reat -grandchildren. ly apolog h: . Barbara for the error. Jo hn Kline euito r.
Dalto n, James V
12205 /Je n s o n , C hi 110 l '; \ 9/710
    Rc po11e nnt in attendan ·c and ha,e no iuca \\ hn repnncd it 10 nur11licc 1-s. John Kline ...
Gre gory, John A. 424/E (Past-President 106th Infantry Association)
-162.J Ashtou Drive. Sacra111e11tt, . ( '; \ 9586-1
Date of death: larch 16 . 2006. John Gregory joined thc Assoc iation in 198 6 .
    John. ,va:, e lec te d lo the Board during 1he 199 5 Re unio n. A!- .111 nc ti ve, par1icipa1ing hnard n1cn1bcr he added 10 the !stre ngth nf nr board an C' la udia. Jay and Susan. seven g randchildren. :t sis te r and four niece,; and -.cvcrul cc111,;ins.
Grime s, George 424/CN
/06 Slu,rt Street, l J!ayneshurg. P;\ 1537 0
D,Hc of tlcuth: Februan 14. 2006. Georg,e va un Air Cauct before he ,vas assiencd to the
• • •
106 th. S urv ivcd by hi!-. wife of 69 years. Kathryn. a daugh1er Lin g rcut g r.inuchil
The CUB of the Golden Lion

Huffine, Phil C. 422/C
Memoriam ...

25-1 East Gree11-.•.o od Ave1111e. Cro-..·11 Poi111, /11dia11a 46307
    Date of t.leath: De,ce nbcr 26. 2005. A fishern1an. golfer. success ful bus incs sn1an. Phil is surv ived by his \Vif"c Beny. a son David. a daug hter A n,ancla.
Jones, Ted N. 423/C
4646 l\1ortl, 1il/ Creek Road, Dallas T X 751 -14
Date or death: t-.1arch 9. 2006 fOll()\ving a hricf illnes s. Reported by H ug h Colbe rt.
Tee, l vns a Tech/Sgt. I-le is survivcu by his ,vife of 55 years. Beth: and 1,vo sons.
5201 iv 1-IJrd Street #207, Le"K' oo d KS 6622-1
    Date ordeath: February 15. 2006. Bu111 in Vilonia. ,\ rkan:-.a:,.a college g r.uluatc. he p,L<;torcd a,crcnc churchc. in Tcx,.L, fro,11 1938 tu 19 -1-1 then volun tecn.'.U to hccorne a chaplain     He '"as liberJtcd by Patton·s r.1id o n Harnntclburg and forced to surrender again t\V\l days late r. I-le continued hb life . afler the ,var i his church and educational \VClf"k . Survivcu b) his ,vile or67 year:;.
C larice. tv.o sisters. t\vosuns Kent :u1u four gr.indchil t.ln!nand four grca1-gr.1ndchildren.
Potts, William M. 424/K
8179 Sa11d1vedge Terrace, Port Saint Lucie, FL 3-195 2
    Date o f death: pril 25. 2006 Potts died of complic ations follo,\'ing 2,\·ay bypass surgery. I-le retired in 1983 .1f1e r thin y-fi vc years ,virh Unio n Carbide Corporation,, he re he \va.,; a Project Man;igc r & Senior Progran1n1er Analyst. Pons ,vas a graduate of psala C (lllegc. East Orange.
    .J.. class or 1950. He go t n1anied in I9 5J. Ile and his ,viii.:. Thclrna Ann Ring. lived in Pon1pton Plains. Nlah\\•ah and Brick. e,v Je rse y. In rctire n1e n1 the y lived in Je n:..e n Beach. Stua11 and Pon St. Luc ic. Florida. During rcLircn1c111 he tnok 111o rc than 70 crui:-.e ,vith hi:.. \vifc and so n1eti111es included his c hildren. Ile served t,vo year:.. in "C .. co nlpany... 5th .. Ba11alion of the 'e,v Jcr.;ey Sta te Guard. ,vhile attending hig h chool. had hi!, basic training at C-an,p Blanding.
IRC. 1-'lo rida. He ,va a mili1.1ry book club rnenther and avid reader of\VW II hooks. Late
January 1945 Pou,s vas n rcplacc111e n1 in ..K.. Co n1pany. 4241h Rcgin1en1a, a rnachine gunne r.
His living identical 1,vin bro the r. Anhur Po!ls ,vas also a n1c111hcr of --K" Co rnrany. He is
:,urvived by hi); ,vife.1"heln1a Ann. IW<) daughter,; and four grandch ildren.
Vaughn , Ronald E. 422/C
75 South Bro(ltfl11lly A11e1111e # I15. So111ers Paint NJ 0824-1
Date of death: l\1ay 31. 2004. A daug hter called to notify ui- to s1op i,cnd ing CUB.
Valenstein, Col Earle (US Ret) 81st ENG/B
5737 Bllr ,Yeck Road. c·a,nhridge 1\>IIJ 48 10.J
! ) ate ordeath: pril 8. 2006. Colo ne l Valenstein and hii. " 81s t Engineers.. \vcrc ahvays
ac:tivc association r11c n1bcrs. attending n,a,nv of o ur reuni c)ns. otifi c atio n of Colo nel
Valenstein':-.dt>at,h vas by hii. so n - Associate 1ne n1hcr Major Jnhn Valenstein ( USRct)
Walsh, James R. 424/K
25l l .J\r1•i11 Road, L1il/i11gs, MT 59102
Date of ueath: February 11. 2006 o detail. \1/ifc·:, nan1e Harriet. no other details.
Wenslow, Patricia Ann Associate

Date of death: Died April 3. 2006. WidO\V of t-.1ar-;hall (589/A) Jo hn Schaffner \\•rote.
    .. Rece ivet.l a no te tod ay fron, daughter Wend y Janse n. Patric a Ann and he r husha nd a!lended n1oi;1 of the reunio ns over the pa t year;. l\1arshall 589/A died Nia) 2005
York, Robert E. "Bob" 422/D
1-12 £ Syca111o r e, Grayville. IL 62844
Date of death: March 30 2006. otilicd by Gene Saucern1an 4 22/ D.
Survived by h,is
vifc. Theln1n. a son and daughte r. five grandchildren ancl seven great grandchildren.

The CUB of the Golden Lion

In I9-1-L 1h'-' I06th
lnfa ntr•v l)1\'1s1on " '""' 1n il"s 1ntu n,· - In orJl·r !(1 kl0 <· p thl·
Lroop:,. 111forn1ecl. dncl
.,bo pr,1v1lk· .1snurl"l' pf l·Ot •1 ,,,·noJu: puhli< ,111<>11 "a., h.:gun h ,\\' ll- kno\\•n .l!- Tl,, , (' 11/,
,r 1' 1,e ( i11ld111,1 / ion \ ,p<..:i.,I group \)r :,(l)J k·r:, \\'U,- Ul'litik·J
1<1 proJUCl' Lhl' J'Ul'l'r \ \1 l C'O th<' \ \", Ir \ \ ,ISfin,\l)y Cl \"t·r. ,1nJ Lh<'
J1vbaon " ',l:, <>n thl• \\'. l y ho n1, ·l 1 group of thl· I0(1th D, i
,oldi<·r,, lll<·t I<> \dv. lhl· -cn•un ,1:,.,0..,1,11100 th:1t ,v,•ul .i \'<'luclt• tc1 P<'rpt·tuat•, tht>
.:n111.1raJeriC' .in 1\ 11 l'S-"l'Ollul p.,n c,f 1hi" orgn 111L.lt1o n \\ ':'IS a con11nuru1l"l' of
    Tlte l'uh of Tlte (iolden I. in , ,. 1\ n l'tltlor \,\· 1i: chc,,.vn.• ind th11ugh th1· l·llilnr":.. ;,1h h,1s i-il'l·n p,1si,ed on .1 1°1"\\' 1tn11•,:.. The Cul, h.c,
hcl·n puhli!-ht'd ,·,·vr s1net> and conu nucs on .1s the oftic1al quan.:-rly
Ol th,· 106th lnf,u1Lry l,) i ·1,tl}ll '>S(JCt.1lJOO.

\ '\ ith th1• .uJ\'Clll (lf lh1• tllin,c)l"S (If th1• l'il•ctronil' ,U-?l'. ti hni, hl'l'll
p11 ,-ihk· 1,, s1<,r,· 1'\ l' ry 1:,.,ul· o f The <."11b on l\\<1,inull ('I) Ji:-ks
l'\'t "-OIT'h.h h,I\<' 111..-lud,· Thecuas
,•-.;p<·nt·nc< 1,f th,t• ·,·t,·n 1n,- right ,,l<•ng \\'llh
Of the

..itl ,,f lhl·,llhl·r ,·,·tvr.1n,· i.,ri,·, 1111·
rl'pnxluctt,111 lCl('I) J1 k., tll\'Clh· ,·J
1.:0(>\ 111\l l"\"l·r\ p,l\ll",•I l' \'l 'I \ 1,>,Ul' -
thrntt>-!h \>l a rch 2005 ·111,·., .,r,· all
:::::- "---1'J
... Ci
tht·n· for 1h,· PC' u,-cr 1,, \' t.:-,v. 1-..i,·h ,u1J l''\ l' ry p,1gcl!-
111 ., forn1,11 1h.1t ..:.111 ht· pr11t1<- 'li'Illlotrri,o,w. ,,'
The cues
of the
The CD disks are available for

postage paid
of tho
cues of tho GOLDENL IONS'
1' \.ikc our check pav.i b lc- 10:


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Ayers, Paul, 6
Ayers, Paul C., 6
Bad Orb, 13
Battle of the Bulge, 11, 29, 30, 31, 32
Beeth, Lyle, 2
Belgium, 8, 9
Black, Ewell, 2
Blaufox, Jill, 17
Bloch, Jacques, 6
Books, 29, 30, 31, 32
Brannan, Dan, 21
Brislin, Joseph, 33
Brown, Craig, 13
Burkes, Frankie C., 20
Call, George, 19
Carver, Dale, 11, 12
Central Europe, 1
Chatfield, Art, 6
Chatfield, Arthur, 6
Clark, H.H., 6
Colby, Gloria, 17
Dallman, Joe, 6
Div. Arty, 34
Ford, Arline, 17
Fowler, William, 6
France, 29
Fruetel, Harold, 6
Fuchs, Victor, 28
Gallagher, John J., 25
Gallagher, Stella, 25
Garn, Chuck, 23
Gilliland, John, 16
Goldberg, Ephraim, 27
Gregory, John, 33
Head, Donald, 6
Herndon, Don, 9
Hicks, Harry, 6
Hirst, Bob, 15
Houffalize, 9
Huffine, Phil, 34
Huffine, Phil C., 34
Jenkins, Bill, 20
Kline, John, 3, 6, 9, 14, 31, 33
Kups, Stanley, 6
Langham, Francis, 6
Limburg, 13
Lorraine, 17
Martin, William, 6
Massey, Joseph A., 18
Mills, Joseph, 6
Moore, Mark, 34
Nelson, Dr. Ralph, 2, 6
Nester, George, 6
Normandy, 7
Parker, Earl S., 29
Post, David, 28
Potts, William, 34
Potts, William M., 34
Power, Harold, 14
Rain, Jack, 21
Rand, Tony, 22
Ray, Marion, 3, 21
Reunions, 4, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28
Rhine, 29
Rhine River, 29
Rieck, Charles, 28
Rigatti, Richard, 6
Robb, Dr. John G., 2
Roberts, John M. (Jack), 22
Sandahl, Dean & Della, 19
Sandahl, Della, 19
Schaffner, John, 8, 18
Schecter, Irvin, 6
Schonberg, 14
Setter, Leon, 6
Shirley, Jean, 20
Skopek, Robert, 29
Snovel, Bob, 17
Snovel, Robert, 6
Sowell, Robert, 6
Stalag 9-B, 13
Stalag IX, 29
Stalag IX-B, 29
Stein, Murray, 3, 4, 6
Stevenson, Robert, 6
Sugimoto, Roy, 6
Tarantino, Joe, 25
Turgeon, Evelyn, 17
Twarok, Fred, 6
Utah Beach, 7
V Corps, 32
Valenstein, Col Earl, 34
van Rijt, Ron, 8
Walsh, James R., 34
White, Matthew, 32
White, Rishel, 32
Wright, Lt., 14
Wyss, Ralph, 6
York, Robert, 34
York, Robert E., 34
Zenn, Mike, 6