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T/1e Veterans of the

Vol 62- No. 2 JAN-FEB-MAR 2006

General Dany VAN de VEN, Belgian En1bassy Defense Attache Keynote Speaker at the 59th Annual Reunion, Arlington VA
Eddy Monfort,Associate member, f rom Belgi11m and author of two
" .Battle oftl1e Bulge" books -with John Schaffner, 589/A See more details ofAnnual Reunion inside.
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. s11,·h1tif111. /11•,· .t 111111pr11ji1 Or i:1u 1i:11ii1111
,111, c p h ,\, i\' l us, c . -122/C . . . . ( 0!1(1)

St /1011/, ,l·f ,\' - Ai: e111: Jol,11 P. A' li11c . li1/i111r
l 'S J>O #505./

Pa id 1le mbers hi p FebrUllf) 2006 l. 04

1nhcn;hip l'ccs include (' UH 11u1ga1i11c subscription
-IM1ll Spunk} ll ulh•\\ RJ. Re111l,lfl. \I ,5111.5 16
Jd 1115-!181-1111I ,,,,d IS" t,,,11,,,unh.nel
    \\ ':Iller i\1. Snyd er, 58!>/, \ (:!006) '1111 l>unnwr.: RJ ·\r1 I J. nun,ldlk \ti) !l.'!.'!.'!-51.'!'.l 1 d JI u- li,-17ll7
Rober t F. S1n1ell. -'2-1/ E (:!OO(i)
157, ' h 11pm1.. R
Lile VcLS1\ ssoc iatcs... $75 Auxiliary SI 5
A111111:il Vc1s , \ ociatcs, SIO ,\ u, ilial) S
li a l
805-121-!, 1,0 """'"",m 1cd1dUlf'." ""
Ta ·lor. -12.V(' 'I . . • (:!OOb)

Ann ua l l) ues pa ya ble June 30 each Y<' lr
.'!17.'! R,xkriJ e l>r C,r:mJ Ju11 1hm t ll X1,,n.;,1I
k l· •l711- J;.1s117 lmll:, I rd•«--o;m 0.:1
Pa ahll' Ill "/ llf>tl, l,,ji1111r_r f) i, •i l>o nuhl F. ll c r nd on (-12-411. ) . . l:!0071
in carc of Trcasu re r. - Sec addrcs,, bcl()\\.

Elec ted O flices
X11,l 's \\ I11.'!. llkl.11111111,1 l 1.1,. Ill-. 7 l 11,.'!-tO-'r,
-105-7.'!l-'111..1 I m:ail ,•1h,,.1hllllf'" .i;•l.«lln

Hc r na rcl i\1a r o hn (-12'.\/{' N) .. (20081
l' resitknt
Pr,s1-Pr..-side111 ( F,-t lflicio) •.
. 1\l nrr-Jy Ste in
\ Vulrl' r ll ridgc
lJ llum lln,"·l'un:h,1-.,, \ l • 118
I lht'lham 11 .h, \\ d , ,1h' .. ",, ,, n1.1,rst,hn.c,,m
I st \'icc-Pres .
. . . .
l:1r t in \ \ t n t t
kl 1nd Vke-l'rcs •
Bus iness ;\l a ll cr , l)ca rh s , Address c h 11n l'l>
1"-i t Nuotl-' Clwirm:111 / l'l'11nd N:tmt• • Uuckup
S a u l ,\ , Ncwm:111 (-42 2/ ( ; I ( ()() )
I1?75 '>nfln,o l 1r. l'.1hn lkad1 t ,JrJ,,n, 11 l1J IX
· 1cl : Sb1·627-066:!
l11r n 1y Stein (-l?J /1) ( F., c r C nmrnJ . :!Oh$)
761 1 Ch(lrini; l ""'"'!!I un.: , llt'lrui lle.1ch. 11; 1JJ(>
\tlj11111111: \t .1ri,111 K., Ciilli>nl Du,,c.:
70-1 Urinn,ood Drive. Uc1hnho, IL 6:!010-1168
tel :\(,l-tQQ.7711, lire110XII 11.,Jdphin rnn
Or. Ouneun T rue mnn ( -12-i/AT )• • . . .(:008)
I'd fax (1 IS-177-367-1 rn huglcho, y 11chi\rtcr net
29Ovt•rhill l.11nc. \\13,1'\ ir:I... Y 10990
--- ·-- --·-- - --- -·------
Tr e:isu, n r: R1chnrd I . Ri&nni I yk ll ec lh
11.i \\'oodshirc Dri,c. Pinsbureh, l'A 15215-1711
rel'l'ax :-11!- 78 1-8 1.11 rien11i·t1co mcnst. nct
rel F:ix 8-15-IJS<>-6376 d11n1s n:1n 11 1J100.corn
N(•\\ IOn \ Vci (42.J/I IQ J ll n ) ..... (::?(1081
41 1 \h>r.c , , cnuc. Gihhs!0\\11, ll.J 11811.'!7-ll)N,
Id · 8 /i-,l . .1 11 11<'\\lnllh t1 \\t1rl,lnl't..111 OCI C:1II (4 24/ ll ) .. , , , . . . . (:009)
C"h:1plain: Dr Dunc:inTrurmanl Re v E\\rll Bl:1ck. Jr.
:!9 C)vcrhill I nnc. \Van,•ick. NY 10990
rel Fax 8-15-'186-<,376 d11n1c1nnn a •vahoo.co1n
Ill \IIIl'h11111111 RJ. ( ,ll'n ( i,1runl'r. 'J 118 1(,.101
Id 1111 •8:1 -! •1/, I
\Vatter C. Greve 423/ II Q I lln . . . (200'>)
11•1121 I \l.,rin., l)r =M t \ un1r J. ro81101-1
i\l c111uri :il Chain n:111: Dr. John Ci. Ro bhlFr:ink l'rautrnan
Id : l lll -7 ,1- (1/J "'j;t<'\l'IIU111.(olll
::?38 D,·, or.., Dr,. Mc:1dvillc. Pi\ 1(,355
I cl : 81-1-333•6364 jrobb:?38f1i'ho11n

C Uil f:d itor
John I'. Kline CllB Editor,ll al l'nylor
11 I lnrold Drive.13um , illc. i\il N 55337-:!786
lcl Fax 95'.!-890-3155 jpk a 111111. COITI
·- -- -·------·---·--
    1li to rian . . . .. J o hn S ehnfTner/\ \' illi:1111 i\ l c\ \ ' h o 11 c r Allcrhury i\1cmorinl Rc prese n1:11h •c......... Philip Cox Rcsolutinns Chainnan . . . . •lac k Roberts/i\'l a rion Ruv
Order o r1he Golden I 1011 .. .l u hn Swl•n /.loseph i\1 ass;c
ScJ·mou r 1.i ch t en feld -12 2/1 . . . . . . . (:009)
f'l-1511 I J t-1 l' I. ,,111h \ h,1111i !leach II 1;i 70 Id · 10,.•n1-t-l67 , hchll'nlcld"r n>
la rt in L. \ Vcn1c -123/1 , . . .• . . . (:?009)
IJO'> P! L'l"'' Valli.• \' i .;,t.1Co, in.a. C \ t)l 71 -1
let· (,16·;;1.)074> t·.hi..:J,,ruu1u uol"'·om
R, e ·. Ewell c·. Black .Jr. (-122/ A )....• (:!010)
:!OflO f:- \V Conn·Ap1:! I:?Au tdl. GA 30 I06
    Icl : 770-819-7 I: ECB6 c, m Edwa rd Ch ristia nso n (3.ll t NIEt>/(" . (1010) 303 Harper 1lollo" Lane \\ 'inchestcr. V,\ :!:!60:t
Td. 5-10-R77-1643 dl!l'.oncd a \\'<.·bl\. nc1
G ifford,11 Doxsl'r (423/ HQ 3 811) .,. . (:010)
    Co 111111i11s-cI\ k mbcn;. . . . • •lost>p h i\1:1ss<'y. Rich:1rd RiJ?Ulli ominnting Co111111111cc C-hainnnn. . . . . . Oon 1ler ndon Co mmin, •c . . . . .• • 11:i l T:1y lo r. . G ruysu n llisho1l i\1111i- Rcu11ions.....llnr') · F. i\l:1r1in. ,lr./Gcorge Cnll
1\ 0 A Liaison Rl·pl\·scntati\'c, • • . . . .lo cph i\'l a lonc
l\ l'mbc rship (' h:iirma n .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,lo hn Klint
I C-:1111c rhu l) Drivt: Athe n. () II -157(11-3708
!c l: 7-10-59: -3708 doxsec11oak.t-ats.ohiou.i.'tlu
O r. Ralph Nt'lson (-122/C N) . • 12010)
10-137 l'rest"ick 1 . Albuquerque I 87 111
50 - 75.,()4-I

President's View
This messag-e for this i uc, hould have

• • •
bee,n vriue n by lr, vin (; . n1ole r.our incomi ng
Pres ident. Unfo rtunately. aner a . hort illnc . our dea r frie nd and brother. S n1o le r
passed, a vay on unda)'. ov 18 . 2005. lo
    Mr . Els ie S n1o le r and her fan,ily.please accept our y1npa1hy and heartfelt appreciatio n fo r Ir. 1in·s lo ve and dedication he had n1ade Lo the I 06th A sociation.
    I had acce pted lhe Pre ident·s Ga vel from o ur outgoing Pres ide nt Walter G. Bridges, on behalf of Mr. Sn1ole r, at the S unday Banquet,
N, o . 6. 2005. I had indicated that lr,vin , 1ould
be proud to accept the ho nor or crving as our
President for th,e • ear 2005-2006. On lr" 1in' behalf: I also indicated that he" 'anted all our
Cornmittee Chaim1enLo rernain for the con1ing year.

Murray Stein
106 th Infantry D1vis1on A ssoci ation President 2005-2006
    423rd CombatInfantry Regiment ·i- Company 7614CharingCross Lane, Deray Beach, FL 33446 561-499-7736
All ackn, o vledg.ed that they would, ,vith
one exception. Walte r Snyder, our resolut ion
chairn1an had notified lr"'in , that he wm retiring fr on1that position, and Ir. vin had
    already asked ··Jack'" Robert to er e as our Re olu tions Chairn1an, and he accepted. W,e- vis h to take Lhi o pportunity to thank o utgo in g Pres ident Walte r Bridges. for hi
eofl rts in sec uring the Washing ton area ite fo r our conventio n. afier 1-lurricane Katrina
destroyed our Ne" Ortean reunion ite.
One of th e of thi reunion, .

vns our vis it to the WWII Me rn orial a nd the
peaceful aunosphere a,s ve \.Valked around the beaut iful s ite. pausing to lake a pictu re in
fr o nt o f a ton,e narke,d
vith the battle ,ve ,vere involved in. The quie t thoughts as \ VC
remembered ho \v .voun,-g v,e vere. It ,,vas a tin1e to treasure.
    Ano the r hig hlight " as gue l speaker Brig. General Dany Van De Ven repre entin g the Belg ian Ernba y in Was hing to n.
Mos t in1portan1.,, as the o pportuni t:1 to rnee, t
•,vap fan1iliar stories or the Battle o_'/ the Bulge.
vith our ..Bantl of Brothers'' again , and
I have accepted the res pons ibility, a Pre ident orour beloved 106th A socia tion and I
    am calling on all n1e1nbers or the Board oj"Directors to assis t n1e ,vith their continuin g the go od \VOrk. Further, le t' reach o ut to all our n1en1bers across this great natio n or
ours, askin g them 10 joi,n vith us at our next Reuni o n, Aug 30 lo Sept 3, the
Marriott 1-lotel,a t the N, e vark N.J. Airport. T he 2007 convention ,viii be held al the
Westin l lo tel, in Kan a (' ity. Mo.
I "va nt to tha nk Marion Ray.Adjutant, and John Klin e, Editor for their 1110 t he lpful
ass i lance in co pin,g vith the un1in1e ly pas ing o r President Srnole r.
On behalf of'ihc Board orDirec tor,s. v, e velcon1e to ur new n1embers 10 the Board:
Re v.E\.vell C. Black; E, d vard L Chri tianson; Gilla rd B. Dox ee; and Dr. Ra lph Ne lso n.

Murray Stein President - 106th Infantry Division Association

The CUB of the Golden Lion

During World War I. a very frunil iar poen1" as \vriuen by LI. Col. John
McCrae. or the Canadian Ann y.
(' ol. McCrac on the ""estern front in I 9 I and died\\ hile on active duty in 1918. 11i poc1n \vas nan1ed
'' In F0/ 11,le r s Field5."
..In Flanders ./7eld.v 1he pO/J{)ies hlo1I' het11·ee 11 t he crosses. ro1r 0 11 ro11 · that
,nark our /Jla ce. Anel in the_s,k , th e

Chap la fn Dr Duncan Trueman. 424/AT
lar ks. still bra,·e r singing. ./ r scarce heard c1111id the guns belo1r.
    U1e ar e th e Deatl - .';hort tla_,·s ago 11•e lii ·etl. j el l ( /a 11·11. sa11· sunset g /011·. lovecl one/ 1rere lorecl. an Take u1J o ur quarrel 1rith the.foe. To
29 Overhill Lane. Warwick NY 10990 .ro11 . fro111. /'uiling lun·uls. ire thro1r !he
TEU FAX: 845-986-6376 torch. Be. VOi/i'S /0 hole/ ii high. If }'(!
dttrueman @ya ho o. com break faith 1ri1h us 1rho c/ie. 11:e shall not
sleep. though f)Op/Jies gro 11· in f' /and er. s field."
    Many re ponses \Vere \Vritten by poets in the year that fo llo, ved. The besr rhal I kno \v came fron1 R. W Lilliard, and \vas called '·A111er il'a 's Ans,ver.·'
    ·· Rest J' e in 1Je a ce .. Fe Flanders deacl The .fight that .re so hrave r let/. 1ve·ve 1aken 111;. Ancl 11· e ,viii kee1,true faith 11•itl, .vou 111'1 0 li e asle e/ J ivitl, a cross 10 111t1rk /,is bed in Flanders Fie /cl"
" Fear not that .ve ha1•e diecl for naugh1. Tl,e 1orc h ; 1e 1hre1I' to us. 1ve c a ught. Ten
    111i /li o11 l,0,11 l s 111 ill hol e/ ii high, a11d free£lo 111 s li ght shall never clie .' lt e 've learnecl 1he
lesso n that ,1•e taugl,t in Flandersj,eld. ··
Ho"'v \Ve il th ese, \vords speak to us as \.Ve co111e together here this 111orning to honor
    our \vartin,e con1rades. For just as urely as McCrae n1ourned the death of his fe llo"'v soldie rs, so too we mourn the passing of our co,nrade .
And just like the fallen so ldie rs in the poem. ours too. once held the torch of lreedo,n hig h, as did we all.
Son1e Li111e ag,o \Vatching the I listOI)' Channel. Isaw depicted once again the desperate days
of the Ba1tle.oj Britain.and in particular, the almost unbelievable stniggle by the outgunned and
outnurnbered RAFto control theairspace over England and the Englis h Channel.
Their losse of planes and rnen were taggering. T hey lilied the kies \Vith their tin_
pla nes, responding ag ain and again to ever,y nassive raid, kno"ving the odds \vere
against the m, losing pla nes faster than they could be replaced. and pilots faster than they could be trained.
    At every flig ht. every takeo ff, lhree, four, five time s every da). They bravely '>vent, not rea lly expecting to return.
    As the tele vis ion progran, ended. The ca1n e ra turned up\vard to those no\v cn1pty s kies, once so full of death and destru ct ion.
The CUB of the Golden Lion

Chaplain's Message • • •
And as the co1n n1cntator continued to speak, I fo und 111yself in, agining that, a ll
unsee n, those san1e ainnen 1nu t be up there in s pirit s till, a ghostly squadro, n forever
    patroll ing those kies thnt they had purchased ,vith s uch g ut and l1an1es and blood. The ir count ry re n1e1nber and honor tho e Oyer becau e they held hig h th e Lorch
Our country ha a pecial day to honor and remen1ber our heroe al o. We ca ll that day' 'M e111orial DUJ I,,.
    But th is - today - is o ur Me111oriul Da.v, T his is a day fo r Lions... Our O\.vn very personal M e111orial Da_r . Beca u c every n1an ren1en1bered and ho nored here 0 11 thi s
day, v as a n1an v ho trained beside us," valk ed beside us, foug ht beside us, froze in the
bitter cold beside u . ufle red, bled beside us. some tim e died be ide us.
    Like those skies over the English Channel, o too our assen1bly here is filled ,vitJ, a prese nce that \.Ve ca n aln1ost feel. A g hostly battalio n of faces we once kne\.V, wearing
unifom,s we onc,e vore ...the bravest of the brave... who long ago, also held hig h the torch.
As you and I ren1en1berso1n e of the sacrifices,some of the deeds ,,vesa" vdone, ,.ve n1arvel
ixty years later. From -.v. hencc can,e such courage? At times we i1nage it all o ver again.
Sometime,s vhen th e first n, o .v of ,vin tcr quie tly falls during the nig ht, and I
a wake, s urprise d by it in the 111orning. I s te p onto 111y ,,van,, porch and look o ut the
great v.rind, -o vs do, \o\ n to the \.VOOd lin e I00 yards behind n,y house.
    And, throug h the falling sno"v, I in, agine I see figures clothed in gray ad vanc in g through the sno"v and bet,veen the trees. and for the brie fest n10111e nt I a,n trans ported
back in tin1e... back to the t,in,e vhen. all alo ne, armed only wit h an M- 1 , I s a,v a
coupl e of squads of in fantry con1ing toward n,e in just s uc h a \-Vay.
    And uddenly th e odds change d. My platoon se rgeant. o bservin g my predica,nent frorn afar. th,n:: v caution to th e \-vind s. Grabbing a BAR fron1another's hands, he ran
a nd th re\.v h,in selr to the ground beside n1e - and laid down fire that n,y M-1 co uldn' t
have 1n atc hed. He. too, he ld hig h the torch
Every I 06· e,,r vho was the re durin g those fateful days can te ll s tories like tha t
    ...thousands of torchbearers... thousands of stories ...stories that sound lik e fic tion to those -..vho \Ve ren' t there.
    So many or our con1rade , once s upplies and a1111n unitio n ,vere exhausted, ,vere surrounded and forced to surrender... n1ade captive.
·r he rest of us owe then, special respect. T ho ugh prisoners, th ey maintained thei r
af ith in our country. And it's 1nore personal than that; they n,aintained thei r fairh in us,
and hono red us who till fought. They honored us by trus ting us.
Every da behind barbe,d vire n1us t ha ve see111e d lik e an eternity to the1n. But they
v... th ey just kn, e
v... that we, th e ir fello,v Arnericans. \.vould co,ne, that ,ve ,vould
get to the,
n . tha, t
vould eventually bring them hon,e.
    Trust ...the sa1n e trust we al,vays had in o ne anothe r. For the POW's eac h \.vaiting day n1us t have een,ed lik e an eternity. We "''e re their hope. And they endured the
unendur a ble by belie ving in u , ho lding hig h the torch.
Fron1 \.Vhe nce does their kind of co urage spring ? Fonner- POW, Ad n1ira l Ja111 es S tock dale, said:
" It co11u1s c/0 1rn to co111r a cles l, i p and it co111es c/0 1,1•n 10 / >r ide and dignit,v.ancl
e ntlur ing sense o.f se( f,-11orth. and JJe r so n a l lro no ,: ..

o, son,e of the old stories and son1eof the as ocialions tha, t ve call to n1en1oyr.
that \.vc're able to share again during these day together ...sorne are 1nemorable. Son1e are hu,norou .
Some are sad. But they are alt such proud storie s. S01ne are stor ie about you.
    .'ome about n1e. Son1e about our ghosts o f yesterday. But alt the torie ,ve re1nen1ber and tell. and even the stories that lie forever hidden in our hearL ...they're al l proud stories.
    But ir more than thi s lhal dra,vs us together us unite u . IC lar n1ore than just these ancient stori es.I t's the men1ory of all thatv,1e endured and of the ab olute trust ,ve had in each other, and the reali zation that 1101 oneof us could have urvived
, vithout the others.
No act co,nmon to ordinary men can sy1nb olizethe bond bet,veen us. o ge ture, no
handshake ho,.vever friendly and fi rm, no hi-li ves.only the strongest e1nbar cc can begin
to convey the 1neaning of \vho \.\1e were to each other, and ,, ho we stilt are today.
    There is, in our wartimeexperience.a le on of li fe that i rarely understood or learned except by the philosophers and the theolo gians... and soldi ers.
It is this:
    It is not the joys or even the great tri urnphs in life that uni te men 1110 1 fully and 1nake then, brothers forever. It is the experience orsu f ering.
And although \VC su t1ered dearl y, this di vision of ours, , was thro,Vl1to u. .
1e caught the torch Lhat
    It ,vas not a torch that any di vision \VOuld have chosen - but \\'C accepted i t; , ve caught it. ;In cltoge1her ii•it h these111en 11•e honor 10 ,la_v.a,ut ,rith the help o_f ; t /,n ig /, l_r God. 11•e he/clit high IO f?eth e r !

Young Warriors:
Should fate find you on the battlefield,
may your cause be a just one. May your courage not falter.
May you show mercy to your enemies.
May your efforts bring blessings of peace.
May you be triumphant and earn victory.
May your sacrifices be always appreciated.
May you endure the conflict unharmed.
Should you be harmed, may your wounds heal.
Should you perish in the struggle,
May God embrace you
and find a place for you in His Kingdo m.
Amen. Amen.

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Edito r' note: Irwin c·., S nole r. I l Vice-President for the year 2004-05.
11i 11 11· a s just ge11ing rea, c
10 alten,/ the 59th1l111111al r e union of the I06th /1!· /c1n11:r
Division Associa tion. 11'/1e n h e heccnne ill a11d 111as se 111 to the ho1s Jit a l /or care.
/r1Fi11 1ras looking lor1.1·a rci ro a gooc/ reco ve1:1 attencling the an1111a / reunion cnu/
ac cepting the "1lssociation Presidenc_r .. fo r th_ e vear 2005-2006.
    Just before the 59th annualreunion 11•as ca /le, I 10 or,ler i11 Arling1011. Virginia. our co111rade. ? resilient £feet. had a turn fur the 111orse. He c/iet t on 1Vo ven1be r 18. 2005.
His death is listed in the " 1\1/e111o ri an1 .. oj "this CUB 111aga= in e.
1/s e cli10 1: I h a d JJr o 1ni se d /r 11·in I 111 0 11/d publisli his sto1J1 o n o n e of the 1nan;1
ac ti o n s of ··s··Co1111;cn r. 414th Con,bot!110/ 1111:1· Re,e.ilnent. This is toJit!!fill ,11_v
/Jro111i se t o Co111r a cle lr1vi11 lo1 >rin 1 his sto1:•i1
Jol,11 Klin e. Editor

Smoler's visit to the Ardennes. year 1994

f ron1 lr, vin C. Smoler - "B" Compan y, 424th Con1bat In fantry Regin1e nt.
    John, hortly afte r I joined the association, I se nt you an after action re port or n1y first day of con1bat, Dec. 1 6 th 1944 , \Vilh Co B or the 424th. Afler attending the reunio n at Orlando and Roa noke and talking to many or 1n y fello, veterans, I realized that the men of the 422nd and 423rd knc,v little of ,-vhat , vent on" vith the 424th.
I thought. the refore. that I 111igh, t vrite a detailed account of my last con1bat assign­
n1ent whic h occurred early in the second week of March 19 45. as ,,veil as a very brier
account of \vha, t vent o n in our platoon. corn pan_ a nd regin1e nl bet,veen Dec 16th
I9 44 and the beginnin g of March 1945.
    During a three n1on1h period fro,n the 16th of Dece1nher. 19-1-1 to March I } th. 1945 the regin1e11t, except for very brief one or 1,vo day period . ,,as in continuou contact" ith the cnt'.1, nv. either in the dctense and lo,v ,vith dra-.,·al. or in the auack and advance.
    Sta11in g o u11he l71hofl)ecc111ber,vebegana lo"' andordcrl) hill b) hill ,,ith­ dra,val until linked up ,vith the I l th Inf. or1he 28th Di,·i ion, (' (."B of the 9th J\m1ored Div. and CCB of the 7th Arn,ored Di, to l<.>nn the " Forti fied Goose-Ee-.-g.. in
front or 1- Vith. We. alone-. ,,i1h the I l}th Inf. li1rrncd the southern end of the -e.oosc-
egg·. ro get to this point I rcn1e1nbe, r vading the Our !l iver at least t,,·ice in rreczing
,,aist high \.Valer, holding out rifle over out head . As part or the ..Fo1 ified Goo c­
    Egg," ,vc had helped hold up the Gennans long enough lt)r re erve lo be brought into place a \Veil a lo disrupt their tirnetable 10 get 10 the Mue e l{i, er.
For1hi and o,ne subsequent actio ns. the rcg in1cnt.along ,vi1h the other unit in olved,
and all or its o ffice rs and 111en.·later received the '-' iun, Foure-gerrc, o unit ci tation.
When the order c, a n e fron1 General Ridgc\, ay on Dcccn1bcr 23rd ,vc began a long
    daylight, i1hdrav•.al 1·ron1 the goo e-egg into and th rough the lines or the 8'>nd Air­ borne Di ision, ,vhich had con1ein lrorn theatre re ervc. We     I recall, they didn't look any better than \.Ve did. and frankly, I didn"t think they ,vere any better oldie r than \Ve, ere. especially after our recent expe rie nce .
    A couple of day. later. the 2nd Bn. went over to engagen1ent at Manhay. Belgiun1. and ,vithin a fe\\1 days, at year end. the "ves1,vard retreat ended and ,ve began the long road back ,vith ple nty of fighting to co111e on the -.vay.
By early March ,ve -.vere in bivouac in a clun1p o, f voods near Be rk. Gerrnany. We \Vere
dug in al the edge of a rree line facing the Siegfried Line. This position, incidentally. ,-vas
not too fa' r fron1 the positions of the 422nd Inf. On the n1oming or Dec, 16th 1944.
    Our con1pany had suffered a great nurnber of casualties during this tv,o-and-ahalf- 1nonth period, as well as considerable lo ss or n1en due 10 corn bat latigue, frostbite, trenc h fool and even se lf-in flic tion. We had received a large nun1ber of replacernent . but son1ehow they ,-verc al,-vays the first casualties in an engagcn1ent. I ren1en1ber that every tin1e \.VC went back lo the line in ½ Ion trucks, alter being in rese rve a fe-., days. I used to look at the replacernc nts and "vonder ,vhich ones ,vould not be \.Vith us
the next tin1e we went back.
As for myselr., I -vas the only one left of the 41 n1en of rny platoon -.vho had, on
Dec. 16th c lin1bed aboard the Service Co. 6x6 to counter-attack the Gern1an penetra­
    tion. As I noted in my first report, we lo t Sgt., Arvold"s whole quad on the 16th or Decen1ber; we lost Lt. Baile y and gt. Roden 's -.vhole sq uad when they failed to return fi·om a patrol in early January. Sgt. Jones·s squad had taken casualties early on and he hin1self received a field commi sion in early February and left the con1pany oon thereat1er. Sgt. '"A", our platoon Sgt. and Sgt. Byrne our platoon guide. had both succumbed to battle fatigue and \.Vere evacuated. As a n1atter of fact. I. as the platoon
n,esse nge,r. -va s in a foxhole v,ith Sgt. "A" ,vhe n he went ofThis rocker. He kept
asking n,e to find people ,-vho \.Vere either dead or ,niss ing. When he insisted on rny
ta kin g,a n essage to Sgt. Ar old I k ne-.v it wa tin,e to call for a ,nedic. The ren1nants
of Jones' quad ,vere all gone for one reason or another.
    By this ti,ne in early March I "vas a Stafl"Sgt. and sq uad leader. having been pro,noted t\.vice during the battle. My quad consisted oreight or nine replacen,ents
and I had no assistant sq uad leader.
Becau c 1ny platoon had cea. ed to e isl, I reported to Lt. Bro,vn. the first pla too n
lc ach.:r and actin g con,pan con1111andc r. I le u. cd 1n y quad a on oran I and R quad,
a it ee n1cd to ,nc ,, e "' ere catching a recon or contact patrol aln10. t every other day.
Mos, t
vere thre,e nan patro l . o ,ne tive n1an and on,e full squad.
n the poin t or v,ie
\ of casualtie . the con1pany had fared little belier than n,y
orig inal platoo n. We ,,ere.! do" n to 1 o f1ice rs. having Lt. Capt. Peyser. our C.0 . and
Lt. lu tzky. our Exec to ,vound . Lt. Bai le y ,,·a lo. t o n patrol and Lt. Woolc oc k, o ur
weapons platoon le ade,r,. ·a killed during the auack on Ennal on Ja nuary 13 th. T he
o nly t, vo le,f,t ·ere Lt. Bro..,, n and Lt. ··N"', the 3rd platoon leade r. I' rn not ure. but
Capt. Pey er 111ight have recovered Ir o n, hi. ,vounds and returned to the co111pany a bout that ti,n e.
    The con1batas ig nn1cntI referred to previously began in th e early evening , vhe n a n1nner can1e do,.vn Iro n, the company C.P. telling n,e 10 alert and prepare n1y quad for
a night recon patro l. I, alon,g vith Lt. " ··o r Lhe third platoon, ,vere ordered to report
    irn n1edia tcly to the 13attalio n S -2 to r briefing. I ,vas not partic ularly happy to report to th e Bn. -2 as fir ti . I never considered hi111 to be an adequate replacern c nt for Lt.
I luddle to n. our orig inal S-2, , vho had al o been killed during the battalion attack on
Ennal and econdly. I had son,1e vords "vith hin1 a te, day earlier ,,vhen I felt he ,.vas
    nitpicki ng about the ar11o unt of detail that I had brought back from a r< con patrol in daylight to in es tigate a clun1 p of trees in o ur corn pany tront. clo e to the dragon's tee th.
In additio n, I thoug ht th e patrol it e lf "vas tupid: ,vhat it did \.Vas to require us to go
out in broad daylight, over an o pen fi e l,d vithout co ver. in plain vie" o r the people
111anning the pillboxc . A
1a. \ve can1e under auto n1atic ,vcapons and n1ortar tire
an,d .vc ,vere lu c ky to ge t back in one pie ce . To to p it all off. one of the men , ith n1e.
a recent replace111en1. froze ""hen the mo rtar round s tarted falling and he v.,ouldn ' t
n1o ve. I kn, e v I co uld n·1 leave hin1. so, in de peration, I took out rny trenc h kni le, put
111y thun1b a halrinch ti·on1 th e tip and ja1nn1ed it into his rear end: he n1o ved.
When Lt.··,. and I arrived at the Bn. C.P.the S-2 sho,\1e d us a n1ap of the area
    , vhic h indicated a road in our front s tarting at the pillbox line and going traight back to the Gern1anrear. I le told u that the 87th divi io n or the 3rd Arn,y, ,vhich ,-vas on
our right, had ad vanced that n1o rning and \.Vere to stay so uth o r to the rig ht of th e road.
I-le indicated tha, t vc \\'e re goin g 10 1110 e o u t s oo n and that ir ,ve encountered any
resis tance and had to call in arti ll e ry, , ve didn' t -.vant to lire on friendly troops. A
. uc,h. v,e, ·ere to cro th e o pen field. go th rough he dragon's tee th and go at lea t a
n1ile d, o vn the road to see ,if ve ay any sig n of the 87th Divis ion. During the briefing
, t,vo thin gs hit me at once. ()n,e
vas that ,vith 111y squad dug in at the e:-.tren1e rig ht or
the cornpany front. I ,va co n1111and ing the unit guardin g the rig ht nank of Is t arn1y:
the seco n,d
vas that I 110,v kn,,e
,vhy he ha d o rdered the da light patrol a re,v day
earlie r. I l,e
va pro bing to ·ec ho,,,
veil defe nded the position in lr o nt or us ,\'ere.
What I didn't apprec iate ,vas being the tip of the pro be.
\1/ha t I co uld n·1 li g ure OL,H vtl! v;hy n1y squad "' a picked to r this patrol and no t
    r rorn Lt. ·· ·s·· platoon. I a sun1ed that it ,va either because neither Lt. .. ·· nor any or hi quad leader had 111uch patrol ex perie nce or because the -2 kne,v that I had bc;:en
over so1ne or the ground a f,e, day earlie r and the refore reques ted n1e.
Upon a,rri ing back at Ill) .q uad location and :llier checking 1he111 for eql1ipn1ent
and n1aking ·ure that the carried no le11,e r or suc h. ,ve ,vere ready LO go.

    I asked LL ·· " i f he \vanted rne up front ,vi th hi n1 or i f he ,,·anted1ne Lo bring up the rear. Nfuch to 1ny surpri se. he ordered1n e to lake the lead and to ld n1e that he
    , vould bring up the rear to n1ake sure that no one chickened out. The one thing I thought then was that for sure he ,vasno Lt. Bai Icy.
The trip out on the patro, l
vent by absolutely \Vi th out incident. We covered the 800 or
    o yards o f open li eld -.vent through the dragon·. teeth. fo un d the road and ,.vent do\.vn the road a least a n1ile and a quarter to a mile and a halr,.vi th o u t eeing or hearing a out.
I checked \.Vi th LL " N.,,' .vho agreed that \.Ve had gone n1ore than far enough and I
a ked i f h,e vanted n1e to lead the ·quad back in. Again he urprised n1e by aying that
    he would lead the squad back in and that I hould bring up the rear.I le said that ever_ o n e should just turn aroundand ,...,c ,vould go back the \Vay ,ve carn e.
    We had gone back about t, 10 third or the ,.vay on the road ,, hen I heard a chall eng­ ing " halt " con1ing fron, a pi ll box j ust to the left of th e road. My 1" , o cou1s vv·h o ,vere
j ust ahead of n1e an d I hit the dirt imrnedi ately and I noti ced that the rest of the quad.
, vhich had becon1e trun g out \Vas continuing on its' "'ay.
Alte,r .vh at sec111ed like a long tin1e. I couldn' t think of ,vhat elseto do. o I yell ed out
" ra u,s nil der.'' Again. after a very long pause,I heard a voice yelling back ..,\licht
shicssen. Ka111ert1d. J\' /ir ko111111e11°' and out ca111c seven Ci ennan ,vi th their hand up. By
their uni forn,s I could ee that they \Vere regular Wenn acht and by the ,vhi te piping on
their epaulet I kn, e
¥ the,_
vcre In fantry. They , 1ere led by a oldier ,vho appeared to be
    a Non-c·o1n . I later foundout he \Va Feld, vebel or Sergeant. and ·poke 01n e Engli h. AIler checking then, for "veapons and findi ng none. I ,vasready to start back. The
Sergeant had told tne that the n,ain body had pul led out and that they \Vere part or a
rear guard. 1-fe al o told rn e that one o f hi n,en ,,va on,e kind of field policen1an ,vho
    \.vas th ere to 1nake sure the didn·1 leave th eir po t. and a keel n, c to ,vatch hin1 careful ly. Be fore ""e could n,ove out, ,ny lead scout. ,,vho was tall farn, boy fron, Nebraska. sai d ro rne ' ·Sa1g e. 11·e ca n i t a ke 1he111 in·.· When I asked hin1\vhy. he said.
" The,1• do n I have_an,v ,
is10 /s·•.
I tarted to laugh, but kept a straight lace and told their
Gennan Sgt. that i f he had any pistoL in the pi ll box. he ,, a 10 go back and get then, .
I le n1ust have thought \V,e vere nuts, but he turned back to the pillhox and can, e back
    , vith a Wal ther 6.6Sn1m pistol in a holster. I gave it 10 rn y cout and got ready 10 n1ove out \Vh en the Genn an gt. sai,d, e could·n 1 go that ,vayas the road \'\ a· n1ined.
In tead he poin ted to a dirt path at the side of the road and we took that route.
On th,e
vay back he a ke,d
votlld happen to then, . and I told hin1that afl er
interrogation h,e
vould probably be on hi,s
ay 10 pri son ca1np in the State . I told hin1
not to \vorry a he would 1110s1 li k ely to a pri son can1p in Florida and drink orange
j uice for the rest or th e war. I had told hin, that I was al o a gt. and !or sorn e reason
he confidedin, n e. and told n,e 1ha1 he \Vas fr on1Baden- B aden and asked that if he
gave n1e hi,s vi te's name and addres, vould I. i f I got to Baden-Baden. find her and
tell her that h,e .vas ale. I told hin, that I couldn' t do that but th.i t I ,va sure that he
\ \ 1ould be noti fied in the normal,, ay. Just befo re we hit the dragon·s teeth he told n,c
that he had so1nc friends over to the ri gh,t.
\VOuld I take th em too.
vho n1gi
ht al o ,vant 10 . u rr c n d er and
I thou-ght about il. and co11· ideri11-e 1h:-1t there ,verc onlv th ree or us. and even or
1hen1. I felt I didn·t need anyn1ore, and I ce rtainly had n . reat need to be a hero. Afte r
o g
,ve had go ne back through the dragon· tee th and about 1,vo thir ds or the ,,vay to our
Iines, I began tu ge t gidd,y vith relief and decided to give then1 clo e-orde r drill al I th e
,vay back to the co1npan) C.P.
A II I kne v. ,va Recl,ts. Links. li >r 11•a r1 a nd / /al t. but 01neho,v I 111ana-ged it, ,vith
so rne Eng l i h th,ro vn in. o ended ,ny la l corn bat a signn1en1.
Within a very le,, day,. vc were relie ved Iro n, the combat zone and boarded trains
n1ade up of ..Forty and Eight.. box cars for the trip to St. Quentin. France. /\t no tin1 e
aller I g ot back or until I left the regin,ent at St. Quentin did Lt. "N'' ever con,e to talk
10 111e to tell or as,k vhat happened. I-le n1ade his report. I n1ade n1ine and that ,vas it.
Within a le,, days or our arrival at l. Quentin Lt. Bro,vn called n,e in, shook my
hand and handed, n e orders frorn Reg in1ent , vhic h orde red rne to proceed to the
ground forced training center at Founti an Bleau. France lb r an eig ht ,,·ee k otlicer
trainin g cour e. Included in the orde,rs change tra nsportation.
va a 24-hour pa s to Paris, ,vherc I ,va to
    I ,va very s urpri ed. a I had cornple tely forgotten that in 111id-February LL Bro,vn had se nt 111e back 10 regim e nt 10 be in1e rviev1.ed by Col. l-le v1.it1, the l{cg in1ental Exec. a, ve il a to rake a phys ical e xarn. After hand in g 1ne the orders. Lt. Bro,vn told 111 c to ee the Supply Sgt. and to dra,, a fresh uni lorm. /\1 s upply, I ,vas is ued a brand ne, v
    Ei enho,ver jacket, ne, O.D. pants, a set of Slafl:.SergeanL s tripes, some divis io n patche and two dark green fe lt s tri ps to around the epaulet s or111y jacket.
Th,i vas a ne,, regulation that called fo r all in fantry unit con1rnandc rs do,vn 10 the
le vel or s q uad leader t,o ear these s trips around the epaule ts of their jacke t .
I had neve, r vorn tripes bcto re, a I didn·1 n1ake PFC until ,ve ,vere on the ship
cros·ing the Eng li h Channel e n route to Franceand I ce rtainl y didn ' t ,vear them in
con1ba1. A ftcr I had , e vn on the tripes, patch, and felt tabs to the jacket on as \.veil a
    pinn ed on tll) C'.I.B. and put the jacke t on, I l'elt as if! ,.va c; Kin g of the World, and certainl y ready to go to Pari . I \Va much prouder then I e ve r ,vas v.1hen I finall y put on Pink and Gree ns and pinn ed god bars on n1y shoulde rs.
lncidentall_, I had read e nough about Paris to know to go dire ctly to Mo ntn1arte
    , vhe re I found the Bal Tabarin nig ht-club. I drank in the scene like a taller Toulou e- lautec and s pent a great 24 ho urs.
    The cour c in Fountainbleau ,vas routine e noug h. e xce·p1 that all or the le c tures and field exe rci·e, vere in the forest of Foutainbleau. I found it ditli c ult to pay atte ntio n at
tin1cs as I \-vould daydrean1an,d vas con tantly expecting o·Artagnan and the three
n1u kctee rs to corne careenin g by on horse back looking for Cardinal Ric he l ie u's 111c n.
I did run into LL .. " late o ne night in July at an ollicer club in Cannes, France .
W,e vere both on le a ve. he fro n1the cotnpany and I from Ca,np San Franc isco in
Chateau·- r hie rr:. France ,vherc I \ Va a,vaitin g orde rs for redeplo yme nt to the Far
Eas t. O\V that,,I ·a. an office,r. v,e vere able 10 have ,vha1 in diplomatic la nguage is
called a frank exc hange orvie,v on the subject of the patrol in ,vhich had jointly
taken part., I nu t ay that I took a great deal of atislac tion fron1 the co nversatio n.
IL turn ed o,ut as I "" rote beton.:. that I ne ver did go to the Far Eas t, a a fe" ,vee ks
later I fa,r T rurnan ordered the hornb dro pped at H iroshi111a.
    ·1 0 this day. and every year since its ince ptio n. I e nd a $25.00 donatio n and 111e1nbers hi p dues to the· rruman Library in Independence, MO.
    In o far as I an, conce rned. he saved n,y li fe, a I neve r th o ug ht I co uld ma ke ii through a second tin1e . I s hould add lhat e very o tlicer at th e can1p felt e xactly th e
san1c "vay.
    When th e Japanese finally sur rendered. five o r us o lli cc r . o ne of ,vhom "vas tank platoo n leader from th e 9 th Armored Divisio n. ,¥ho , vas a111o ng the lirs1 to c ross the
    R.e n,agen Bridge. broke in to th e co n, pany kitchen. li berated a ca e of G.I. soa p and traded it to a Frenc h fan1e1r near Cha tea u Thie rry for two case o r cha tn pagne.
Even tho ug h the Frenc h Farn,er. by th e the n rate or e xchange. kinn ed up on the
deal, we had found a "vonderfu, l vay to cele brate Lhe end of th e" ar.

lles pectfully,

Ir,vin C. Sn,o le r, 424/8 Ir,vin. Rest in Peace - your sto ry ha been to ld.......


Staff Sergeant Irwin Smoler(I) and Corporal Al Vitali 424/B
in the Ardennes 1944
Smoler received a battlefield commission from his actions in the Bulge.

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Fro,,, 1/1e Assr,ciati o,, Historia,, John R. Schaffner 589/A, Historian Past President 2002-2003
1611 Miller Road. Cockeysville. MD 21030 410-584-2754 pumex1m2@bc pl .ne t
First, a re port on th e Cub CD di ks. When the idea or storin g all or the Cub i s ues
on CD di ks c,an e up. I , vas ske ptical. urc. it so unded good, and Associate Me111 ber.
Ji111 Wes t, volunteered 10 do the hard wo rk of actually scannin g about 4,000 page..
I a111 s ure that hi v,1ife, Sharo n, became ver) ti red of lookin g at hi back. (And then
ther,e ¥ere the usual daily chores. Thanks Sha ron , for .1•0 111· /Jal ienc:e.)
T hen ther,e
vas the ques tio n o r ho"" n,any people d,o
ve have in tht! o rganizatio n
, vho arc con1puter lite rate, and if so. are they interes ted in thi . ort or thin g?
The project did·n 1 ound too pron, i in g. But. then can1e decision tin1e. Associa te
    Men1ber. Mike Pumphre y, voluntee red 10 design the ad for th e Cub. The project had pos ibilit y, and, I thought that if it i to be. it i up to n1e, and Jin,, and Mike.
    I co nsidered bein-l!cautious about orderini!a batch n1ade. and decided on ti ttv se t Any fears that I had that I ,vould be ' stuck' , vitl1 on1e ,\ ere unfounded. Fitly ,>Je nt
out. then another fifty, and as of th,i vriti ng, I ain ,vorki ng on the third fifty cts.
A le,,·of the et have been donated to e vc ral ind ividual . inc luding one 1-lie h
    chool history teacher. those involved in th e production. the Belgian CRI BA organi­ zation, and the l../. S. Arn v 1-Je ri ra geand Ec/11catio11Center at Carl is le, Pl\.
The project is n,,o o peratin g in the black and the /\ s ociatio n'" ill be receiving a
s1nall protit on ea c h set sold. You rnight be int erested in kno" ing tha t a pro fit of
    $529.33 rron, the sa le of th ese di k ,.vas contri buted to the A so cia tio n Trea ury during the recent reunion in Arling ton, Virgini a. Thanks 10 all that have partic ipated.
Once in,a ¥bi le a rare opportunit y con,e alo ng, and you ju t happen to be in the
    rig ht place at the rig ht time. T hat happened to 1ne las t May. May 18, 2005. the ,\ 'a­ tional R f/ l e .4.sso ciation ho ted the gala opening o r a special di play ob erving th e 60th An niver ar.v of the end of World War II in the ationa l Firea n11 Mu cun, in
Fairfax. Virginia. The then,e of the di play i tit led The .4rsena/ of De111ocr a c_r -
T r i11111p h o·.t
F r eec/0111. Fifty-four individ ual and orga nization ,vcre invi ted to contrib­
ute i1en1s f'ron1the WW 11 e ra to the dis play in the muse un1.
I \vas invited to re prese nt the I06th In fantry Divi ion with on1c ite1n that I
1nanagcd to bring ho n1efro n1 Europe at the end of th,e var.
    A the current His toria n of the Associatio n, partic ipatio n in th i e vent prO\'ided an o pportu nity 10 give public recogniti on and crt:di bility to th e 106th Infa ntry Div i. ion.

John Schaffner's S89/ A WWII photo and Mess Kit, with a German Mauser Rifle and field cap on display at the
"The Arsenal of Democracy • Triumph of Freedom" display . National Firearms Museum Fairfax, Virginia

This dis play at th Natio nal Firearms Museu 1n has given n1e a once in a lifetin1e
    c hance 10 bring po itive identity to th e Divis io n. ·r t,i is a \.vorld class n1usc un1and is visited by a great rnany people.
    Al the end of WV-./ II the lo es ulfered by the divis io n were g iven n, uc h publicity. T he achie vement, vere not. There were no press con·espondents in the area ,vhere 1;ve
were, ren1cn1ber? C· est la l'ie·. rhen Lhere v.-as a certain Britis h arn1-c hairgeneral. o
    called his torian . whose accounts of the Battle <{ the Bulge and the I06th In fantry Divi ion needed to be over ridden .
Although the NRA is an orga nizatio n kn, o vn ta r and -.vide, l ne ver had the ini tiative
to beco111e a 1ne n1ber. I becan,e interested in oth er things.
Probabl) like nH111y o f you. lirean1s1, ere not o n n1y agenda. l s uppo se, that at the
ve no,,· find ourselves. perpetuatin g the achie veme nts of the /06th l?1
fantJ1 1
    O il •ision has taken o n a certain i1nportance. I an, no,v ,villin g to talk about those thin g that \.Ve all experienced.
There ,vcrc other divi s io ns in volve d fo r lo nge r period than ours, but during the tin1e
, ve \.Vere in actio n. no other unit could have done n1ore. 1-1is tory has borne that out.
The J\ lat ional F irear111s J\l/11se11111 is loca te d nea r the in tersectio n or 1-6 6 and Ro ute
50 East. Iryo u can find the ti1n e to vi it, ,it viii be tin,e \.Ve il s pe nt. There are ite1ns on
di play that go all the " ay back to the 1in1e , vhen the Pilg rin1s can1e ro th e Ne, World
on the A4a,1:f,70 rer up to the present. The his tory of America is well represen ted here .
Anyone -.viii e njoy bro,vsing the dis plays.
The 1lrs e11al o·1. o e1noc r a l J1- Tril11111Jh o,/".f' reet/0111, recognizin g An1erica· partic ipa­
tion in WW 1,1, ¥ill be on vie\.v rro1n May 2005 throug h Decen1ber 200 6 .
John Schajj i1er 5, 9 .·I

John Schaffner 589/A In front of one of the displays at the National Flrea.rms Museum In Fairfax. VA


U R: LIi/ian Schaff ne, r Mrs Wesley Fox:: Captain Wesley Fox . Marine Corps
Medal of Honor reclpienr • Vietnam and John Shaffner589/A

Annual membership fees run from July 1 to June 30 (The Association fiscal year)
    For Members paying ANNUAL dues • the date your membership is due is July of the year stated. The date is shown in the first line of the address label.

For example: 2006 means your membership expires June 30, 2006.
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For you Annual Dues Paying
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Front & Center ...
106th Infantry Division Association PX
John Gilliland PX Manager

o Credit Cards - Make chec k payable to Jo hn G ill iland 140 ancy Lreet, Boaz. AL 35957
Tel: 256-593-6 0 I E111a il: st11uilc@ch(irte1:net

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··106 '" Yclh),v on Blue background. Bouorn of flag is Red.
··Lio n's Patch" in Red, \\/h itc. Blue ,\'ith Gol den Lion I lead
·· rhc ,vords ··Jnlanu•, Divisio n Association·· bclo,v Lion's Parch is cur\'t:d 10 lo llov. the
contour of thescroll (it is Gold in color and did not reproduce ,-vell hcrc).

The CUB of the Golden Lion


A Salute to Belgian Associate
Luc DeWachter BOORTMEERBEEK, Belgium
for his annual trips to Henri Chappelle to pay respect to our fallen comrades

    f lo11·er s./br Het1r i C h l t/Je l l e g r c1Fes o./' C111./(1J11e s J\fc11111i11g -l ]J; C't111n<>n: Eric Fisher Vo, Jc/ .Jr 58 9/,4 .':;gt l1Vil l il11n /\,/or r is Ill . ./ J.Jl l& R
/l isits 10 ./23rd K /11- T!Sgt Hl i l l ic1111 l t1111b P1I : T ee '../Jcrcoh Kure: } ·
Pjc 1\l/c1r1i11 Vt111icsko ./: P,/c:c·ossttck Kot .11,1,. .SS;
P_fc John B

Luc S<1_1•s. " ft is, c
ltJ11, lr i,·e h,
c ck c11ul_Ji1r1h. hut. /
/eel so ,f!.O !he "Brc,ve S

I htrc/ er 11i ce
, tc
/k ll'ith Dc111 icl rltkil1son. the .S1111er i111encla n1o,/' the Henri Cho11elle (' en1e1e,:1:
/-l e<, c ve 111e a 11e1.,- 1 ·ebsite_/'or the Cen1e1e1:1:
/1tip://1v1111v.i11- ho11ore,l-glor,1•.i 1,j 't}/
,'v r
', r o111· c o 111ra,l es ,.-ith c1" Sc1/u1e. ··
Si•R11e,I Luc De 11£1ch1e1: .4ss - -----·-------·-- -- -- --------------- -- -- - -- -·--- --·-·-·---·•-·- ·-·-·- - ·- ---·------·--

    Our 591h Annual I 061h Infant ry l)i, i. ion Associa1ion·s l{c uni o n allendee responde,d, ·e ll 10 1he change Iron, the l)o ub le 1ree I lo te l in Ne,\ Orlean . LA ,,·hic h
,, ·as dan1a-gcd h-,· I l urric anc Ka1rina to the heraton National I lotel in Arline-.ion, VA.
n, ank to AFR for . ucce full.v securin-g thi ite ,vhic h actually. offered u n1ore
an,enitie. 1han the orig inal one. Allcndanc,e ·as otr so,nc due to the change. bu1 all
of tho c the re see111etl 10 cnjo our 1in1e together and the sig ht or Washin g to n D.C.
With the contrac ts signed for thi n1ov,e. vc were anxious to retrieve the aniclcs
\.ve had s hipped to 1he Doubletree. Without kno,vledge or ,vhe n or if ,ve ,vould ge t
ou, r na terial s Ir on, The Ooubletree, I ordered a nc,v ,vreath and stand and Ma rion
Ray sec ured a flag and s trc, a
nc r .
,o .v,c
vere prepared. Lo and behold they ,vere all
al the Sheraton \.\ hen ,, e arri ed there.
    \iVhen Donna Lee told rne tha1 the Sheraton had no piano or a ke yboard, I bor­ ro,ved a keyboard fron, rlazel Ma ey and had ii shipped ahead. My daughter-in­ la,v, Sheila played and he r 4 year old daug hter. Eli zabe1h and 1ny , ife. Barbara, he ld the ,nu ic v,1hile s he played for the Men1orial Service.
    Donna Lee arranged our dinner and lunc heo n rnenus so the a1tendees had a choice of entrees. One or our tour, vas a night tour of Wa hin g ton ,vhich gave u. vie,v or 1he n1onu1nen1.. ignificant buildings and the World War 1 1 Men,orial.
    There \\'a another tour ofArling1on Cc111c1ery \Vil h a slop al the WWI I Monun1c n1. Anothe r ..outing" ,va a play al the Kenned) Center v,hich, a \'ery entertain.
    Donald I lerndon brough1 his big n1ap for 01hc r 10 enjoy tracing their war 1in1e journey through Gern,any. France, Belgiun1 and Luxe1nburg. Al o on dis play, ,,ere the ac1ual \\1eaponr:' and c lo thin g ,vorn by us during th at cold. cold tin1e. Our unotlicial Quarter Ma ter. John Gilli land. had a varie l ' ol'rnerchandise tor ale. ee his ad in 1hi n1agazine.
We \\:ere for1una1e to have the ,sa ne group or highl y talented high school n1u· ic
tudcnt tha,1, . e had once before to ente rtain at our Welcon1e Dinner. They n1oved
through the 1able vvhile playing and that rnade it very per onal.
W, e .ve re honored to have as our gue t Brigadie r General [)a ny an de Ven and
    hi,, ·i te Mr . Brigeitte Van de Ven as gue 1s. General is the attache to the Belgiun, E111bassy in Washing ton D. C. and" 'a 1nade availa ble through a friend ol'lhe 106th.
Carol Rudn1an·. r he general and hi \vile \\1cre both very per onable and greeted all
    1hcrc enthusiastically. I le gave a short talk about the lo ng friendship that his country and our have enjoyed through the years. l1 e to ld of a r11onun1en1that is planned to be placed in Arling1on Ce111e1ery. I-le al o told or hov, his coun1ry res ponded lo the deva lation caused by rl urricane Katrina by ending troop to aid.
    Due LO the iIlncss of I s1 Vice President, Ir \.vin Smo le r. our 2nd Vice Pres ident Murra y Stein. s tood in for hin1 in absen1ia. Murra y \Vas s ,vorn in as First Vice President. Unfonunalel_. s hortly after our Re union, lr,,vin passed a,vay o Mun·ay has taken the rein as Pre ident.
I ,vant to thank you for allo \\·ing me 10 se rve as your Pres iden1during 2004-2005.
It has been an honor to serve. My (are,vc ll hope for you i thi : May the \'\ Orst day
or Iife to con,e be belier than the best day thus far.
Sincere \'.
fValter G Briclges, Past Presitle111 I06th l1?/t1n ll }' Division ;Jssoc iati o 11

Reunion Attendance
59th Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions Sheraton National, Arlington Virginia November 3 - 7 2005





 424 H

 JOHN 590 B










 424 D

 424 G

 423 L

 1st BAT HQ








 422 B

 423 MED


 38 N HO





 HO 1st BAT













 HQ 1st BN






















A11e11t lt111ce Gro11cl Tr;,tc
I Reg ist erec / - I (9< : Ve1era11 :\" 92 t1.11cl 6 Assoc ic11es.
One 1011-111e111h er ? - The ht1/c111ce. f a111i 1· u11cl guests.

PAST Reunions - loc a t io ns - C ha ir, n a n and C-onu nittec- by ,-\ d j uta nt la rio n Ray


I •>-1<1
Indiannp<>Iis I\/ Indianapolis. I, Chic.1 0 II
Roe & I· lt1rcnc..- Simpson
J,,.cn l' Crr)·. C'l111, llacl.. k r. •\I 11,ird ing
I d\\;ird l u11i..-. (,en..- lh>ra1h n . Ho h I r:,chc.

-I. 5. (, . 7.
I II . I I . I :•:?

I 95::
19 5• I'IS-I I955 l'l.5(,

D.:1roit II Phtsbnrgh P,\ Buhimor.: II) l\>lumt>us Oil A1lun1ic Cit J De1n>it 'vii
,\ 1lon11c Cit NJ Sa, annah GA i'hilndclphm P1\
Sig John:.n n. R uger \ In) . An,,•, \'\
Hohert K..-11). 7 nrnn co1111111uce Doc Cc:,i.n:1. \V.ilt BandurJI..
rhc L,)\,..k:. c,
R()hcn Piere,·. '-r
Dou\•!. Corlc c. Iurn 11ickti, rd
Ja1nes JnJ l:l)dcan \\'e,ll
1'lc t-.lahQn. Dunbar. Rorid,. Gallagher
rig ht. 811h \\ o o d
I -'.
1 5 .
I 7 .
I ::11
:! •I
:! J .
:,! 5
::?7 .
-o .
I 9(,0
11>6 3
1964 l'JC,5 1"166
196 7
I ')6\1
I 'l 7 l I '>7:! 197J
I 117 5
Chicago II
S;nannah (j,\
I·ort \\'orth IX
Annnpo1is :-1D c:ie,<'land 0 11 l·a$1 ()<.' J
Augusta ( i,\
I ndinnapoli IN l>c1ri,it II Columl>ia SC
St \'nh Hd1:i11m Da, .:nport I A l'hiladd phia I',\ JackMlll\ 0 ill<.' I· I
( i rand Rapid< t--11
I rcdcrick NII)
,\1lan111 Cit\
RuJ< cll \ 'illl1ncl... Lar0 \Volden. Ch.1 Rnhas, e I h'-' \Veil:.
I he I lu1•tn1an,
I he Lovclcs s cs & th,: Oro1h:.
r hc I' icrcc
fhc Coflccs & 13icl..fords
I he \\ 'd is
Russell l•nlo \\ Slmlhouh,. B l) .1111'
\Villio,n I . Sn11th
Doudu S ('ofli.,·
\ Villiam R I l1•ld.:n Carol Beals
('In)11111 Raricl... J11h11 ti nllagh..-r. ('hurk, \\:,t,h. 1'rnnl.. \ lalonc) l'cu• & Joa nm: I lous e
I he Jnm..-, l' lnrk:. Chucl.. & Cherri chock
Sherod C-111linh. ,n , h I1111\cll. Hill Ak , .,nd.:r.
HI I'>71,
, 1·
·a ns, ilk II
K.en Ur:idil('ld. J une & J;,.·k \ chk s,er. Rus 1.nlo\\.\':111 \\ :u1
1 l
.1 ...
197 7
I '>78
t t.J7t)
Fl) ri,1-l 1,rain 011 I t. I uudcrdale I•I Chic:,gn II
!lot Spring; 1\ K
I he Jnhn l•ri11c, & 131,h" ilder
1t'ru1scl Dou•c & lsahel l'nff.:e
Russ Vill\\(1\:1... Ji,n I lcnnin1:. Bill I uc,."
\\I. C. Ha ke r. C,lcnn ll cnso n
I Oilhcr,ts
illc KY
\'on \V•, a11. Ken Brudricld
; 7.
-10 .
-I I
-I :,
-l h ,
,. .

;- Q'
1'>8:! I Q,R. ItJS-1
19 !!5
II) 8(,
198 7
I'188 I IIR'I 199()
I 9 9:!
11>9 ;;
I 'l9 5
l :!(ll)(l
Nhh, aukcc \\ I
\ \'u rccs1cr I'-11\ a, ann!lh GJ\
('.1111r:t11llll\\ll \VV ('ohunbiu SC
;\,1l1hik ; \I
Ronnol..l.' \',\
<;chaumburg II S ucnunc nto C1\ llunt ,ilk /\I Pinshurgh PA
I 1. Juck s1111 SC
R:ir,id C:it> SO Orland() l'I Ronn(1kc V1\ Na <;chnumhur!( II
S t. I ouis 1'10
\Vashi11g tt111 D(· Il:11np1o n VJ\
It r.ti1c hd l KY tvlih, aukcc. \VI
,\ r lingH>n \11\
t'lmrles l' us k:1r1c h. John lfo\\ard Ben Brillon. Jim 1,1\\
    Jim \Veil,. ,\ I Ocl ch1J.!. Ci us A l!u , 11111 T('d Str.1uh. \\' :111 B:111dur;1I... John R11hh Roger Rutland. ll o\\ Jrd lcrno
John Gi11iland. \Valt,·r Bridg<">. J1l,· \ In , ..-
Ralph & l· li1.1bcth Bowle . l·red I a rr,,. Russ Villwock. Bill I 1.11::-11> & "i,c,
tvlikc I ho,ne & Co1n11111tcc
J11hn & 1. Ciilllland
Jo se ph Malone). ( •CO(l!,C \ 'anc,• & \\IVCs
Roger Ru1l.111d
An Van !\loorlchcm. Ro bc n Calhoun
John Rids. Diel.. $11a rk . (i11rd,ln / ,d , c r. <; ,n D:1,i:
I- hz:1.ooth & R;1lph Ho wle, John &. Lee ( iillllm1d John K linl' Al R
Ru$$ Vill\,,)-:1,,
John Gregory. /\lar,un Ra). Al 'R t-.larion R,1). \l'R
Joc :Vla lone}. ,\ I R
J11h11 S, • ha Oiw r. ,\ FR John Ro hen . A1-R
\\ 'alter Hridgci,. AFR
()n 25 lcl.\ 19-17. I he Bnartl of l)ircc1ors orlhl' l061h ln l1u1tn. l) i\ ision 1\:.:..oc iatio11 li,undcd
the Tfte Ort/er of lftl! ·< otde11 l. i c,n LO honor. render ho111agc and give thanks 10 fi e rceI t: iith li.rl
J'ricnd-; :ind 10 those \\ho
c rendered outstanding scr, ice to the l) I VISIO in peace tin1c.
    l'hc Order con isl:-. of three cla:-.i.cs- (' 011111:indcr (( io ld) is co nferred bv a una1ninous vole or the "entire" hoard or l) ircctors. ()tliccr (SilvL r) by a t\\·o/thirds , otc and c·o,npanion (usualI the
"i le or,a recipient l by n ni. jorit,y
·otc. The til llo\\·ing is a " Lo- clau.·· his to ry of the tn\'arcls.

C om mander Class Officer Class Companion Class
Slu1M·i 11;t f/tt' re,·1j1ic•111, (If t l1i" pre!,t i,qiou l111·urtl. :;i11r ,• l it e• / .\ I R,•1111in11. 19./7
Ast eri sk denotes "Non-106th Veteran


Cedt1c Fos1er
Duward Framp1on
Annelle Framplon
William Simpson
Florence S1mpSon Dav,d Pnce
Fran Henly Herbert Li vesey. Jr
Joe E Brown "Marione Rathbone
·George Denny
' Ralph F Gales
•Howard Maxwell
•Robert Tyndall 'Ben Wall
' BG Elmer Sherwood

1962 Douglas Coffey Dr Maurice Delalla!
1964 Richard DeHeer Majorie DeHeer
1966 JolJn Loveless Jr Kay Loveless
1972 Leo McMahon WIida McMahon
1973 Sherod Colhns
1974 John Gallagher
1975 James Wells Maydeen Wells
1978 Robert Scranton
1986 Waller Bandurak
Robert Pi erce. Jr
1987 Russell Villwock Jacicie Villwock
Robert A Gilder Jean Golder
1990 Sam Canano
1991 John Khne
1993 Boyd Rulledge
Gill Helwig
1994 Roger Rutland Mallie Rutland
John Gilloland Lee Gllhland
1995 John Kime 0 Paul Merz Dan Bied Jack Sulser T Wayne Black
Ewell Black Jr Dr Richard Palerson John Robb
Kenneth Bradfteld
1996 Edward A Pre,vell Duward Frampton. Jr Redd,e Prewetl
Pete House
1997 Richard R1ga1
Thomas J Riggs Michael Thome
1998 Pete House Joanne House
Joseph A. Massey Hazel M Massey
1999 Ben Bnnon Avis Bnuon
Herber1 Meagher Jr Luella Meagher
2000 Joseph Mallhews
Robert Walker June Walker
2001 Waller Bridges Barbara Bridges
Duncan Trueman Dale Carver 2002 Mari on Ray
John Swell
John Gregory Shirley Gregory
Gus Agos11ni
2003 Joe Maloney l/1v1an Maloney
' Willy RIKKEN
2004 Charles Reick "James D Wes1
Awarded al the 581h Annual Reun,on in Arlongton Virginia 2005
2005 Jolin R Schaffner Lillian Schaffner
Palnc1aS Rigalli

The CUB of the Golden Lion

•\rl111·r£.n· .';tein. -I] 3 I
/st I7ce Pres
ll'itl, ,,·i fe Bc1rbarc1.

1l /1er l r11•in .';1110/er :\

i\4t1rti11 L (('hie)
We11/e ./23 11
1,· itl, ir((e D,111110.
C1SS111necl isl 'ice-Pres
lle£ttlt. 1\ /u rrll\ '

l lSS /11/U! t f Ifie
Presicle nc,·
for .rec,r 1005-2006

.l<>l111 Gillc111cl 5921.5I'
,,ur 11ssociatio n 0 11arter111,1sler 11•i1l1 Ac(julc111t
,\ J,1rio11Rc,r -12./1D.
lrle Bee1h ./2-1 , T
1ieeki11[{ 0111 v_/ the


Ac(iutlt/1! ,\ lc1rio11 R,1_1· ./]./ D / Jl'e.,e111i11',t!. Jo/111 5ichc!/lher _i1'59 A
I /,i s 11·1/e Li/lit111 ,rif/, the ()re/er
!h e ,.Jss,, cit 1fio11.. J,1h11 is,,Pt1s1-l'resi,le111 r ear J(Jf )l -20( )3.


Pltl RiJ(cllli. 11·{/,e

    - f Richc1rcl Rigc111i -l ]J , B Presi,lent /995-96 ,,nclr11rr e 111 Associc11io 11 Tre,1s 11r 1111Jt 1ni o11 ('lass ()r

Echvin H un1i11ski ./2-1/ F c111cl 11·ife Bett,v

./nt61 tine/ Ri<'l1e1, rcl Brok<111· ./2.J IG \ 1'I Eel H11111i11iski ./ 2 -li F ( R)
The CUB of the Golden Lion


Al11ho11se ! t1111111.:::i590 (' - /st Reunion since !he.firs t re1111ion
i11 l11tliltl'1t1p,,Iis. I11tlir1nc1 I 94 7

G' e11111t1 l t11111u: : i.
Grc111,l,1u,rzh1er t?f.rl1l
1/1011.·,e !t 1111111:i .
T/,e.\'<>1111,esl ,,11e11,lee
to 1/ie 5Y1h• I1111110/ Re1111io11
0}·11,e Go!,le11 L io ns.


Ec/11•ar d Christians<>n 33 lsr Medics 11·ith 11•1/e 1\1ar r

17,·ian !vfc1l011e_1·, 11·(/e o_(
./,,sep/1 .\1c1l011e_r
heil1g sere11t1£lecl h_r the
.';JL fl £ R STRI 'G.5.
IV/1ere :s- Joe'!
He rook 111usr 0·.1,1,e /Jhoios
in 1/,is Re1111io11 section.


Tht,111t1s ./_1,11,1 =· ·
ek _f )lt11·ec l t he 8,
11',!,lr! c·c, /1 cit the 1\ l e 111ori< 1I se r l'ice.
I le 1·1si t ecl 11·1th o ur .·ls .,·oc it11io11 n1en1hers ,lurinl.!, th e tlttl

Tho111a s \ he/JJ 1,1·1 s<{!rec/l r ctJJpr ec ic11ed .

    D1: Tr11e 111c111 11·i t /1 hi s 1r.i/e Grc,ce (b e /0 11') Slticl. " Tho111c1s \l'Cts r ea l!.,· 11·ith 11s th e 11·h o le t!ct_l'. He e1, ca11g ht 11/ J i11 th e . feeli11.e.s o_'/ the veter,111 1ne1·nhers and the
. frie11,lshi/J-" thc,t he 11· i tnessecl. It 11·t 1s aJo.r to hct\'e hi111 11•ith 11s.

The CUB of the Golden Lion
59th Annual Reunion - Arlington VA 2005 ...

So where was Fred Broussard 423/L wl1ile you guys were taking a nap?
He was out like a good soldier "scouting the territory."

    He said, "The flowers above were placed there by British Royalty - our bus had to come back later. The White House photo - a security guard let us pose on the steps." The USO was holding a Fund Raiser at our hotel, so I got my photo taken with the "Blue Bells" who cross the country
helping to fund the USO.
That's the way to go Fred 423/L - You win the prize of the day.

BABLER , H.-I ROLD M. 59018
522 S. MAIN PO BOX 145
Tele: 608-938-4088

405 Lope z Rd Lopez Island. WA 98261
360-4 68-3584

438 West Parson Ave Watervliet. Ml 49098
616- 463-4174
    Willi s jo in ed on1e tin1e ago. but took 1ne up on the o ffe r 10 publi s h hi tory anvtin1e he \vrote it. I co uld n' t find ,vhcre I had publis hed it before... So here goes, WiII i :
I didn' t end a tory \Vhe n I jo ined and
, vant to tel1111) e xperinces from Octo ber
1 9 4 3 th rough May 1 9 4 6 - at the age of
I , 1as draflcd and ent to Can1p Walte rs.·1 e xa . A fle r ba ic traini ng to
('a1n p McCain (? ). M i s. then to Jac k o n
Ordnance De pot and on to At la nta, GA
, vhe re they taug ht 1ne h, o · to d rive. I then
, vent to France atlached to a Vehic le Distributing Con1pany.
When th e Bulge bro ke I v.1as trans­
ferred to the I 0 6 th In fantry at Rhe i1ns. France. I ,, a a sig ned to 422/1) a a Jeep
driver. I ,,a to ld at that tin1e there ,vcrc
only seven le ft in that co1npany.A fte r a
hort trainin-e: se s io n ,, e ,vere a ent to St.


£ L 1"10 RE, CARLOS 423/D
    I \Vas an an11n uniti on ca rrier ror an 8I111111 Mortar Squad. Captured Dece m­ ber 1 9 , 1 9 44 , he ld in Stalag IX B until
;.\ pril 1 9 45 .

STAUNTON. IL 62088-1554

First I " o uld lik e to thank Charles
L, o 1/e ry fo r e nrolling me in the Asso cia­ tio n. I becan1e interested in the I 06th
    se eraI year ago after reading about the Division's ex plo its in WW II. Mos t recently I rea d a tory in WWII magazin e about the I 06 th. T he auth o r was Ro bert Ki c l. I' ve aJ-o been pri y to the CUB 1nagazine that Lo 1cry receives. I find these to ric and the I 06th In fant ry
    Di is io n verv int e res tin g, in fact o ne o f the 111os t int erestin g di is ion in WW II. It is n,y hono r to be accepted a an Asso ciate n1en1be r of uc h a prestig io us
o rgani1.atio n,·. an, a veteran of the U.S.
azairre. France. When t.he \\'ar ended
, v,e vent to Ma.ven. Gennan. and on to Karls ruhe ,vhe re the I 06th ,, as dis-
banded. I th e n \\ent to Friedenheitn (?)
Gem1an.v in an Ordnance trucki n-g co111pany. then later to 1-leidelb urg to a
pecia l Ser ice co n1pany as a driver. I
, vas sent horne A priI 19 4 6 and disc harge
A ir Force 19 4 9 - 1 95 3 and the U.. Arn1y
1 9 5 4 - 1 9 59 . in ce rely I lubert P. Laco nia

edktrkpatnck@verizon net
May 1 9 4 6 .
, I vas a l<.)rmer 1nen1bcr. M,- rath er
A. H. Kirkpatric k 41 4/M ,vas a Life
1nen1ber. He died Dcce n1ber 24. 2005
( ce Me, noriam in th is CUB n1agazinc)
The CUB of the Golden Lion

New Members ...
Frorn Mus kegon, M ic higan. Bas ic and
    assig ned to a ", vork ca rn p" in 1-fanno ver. We v.1 ere freed t\VO days after President R.oo evelt pa. sed a\va_ in April 1945.
I feared that Lt. 'A1rig ht had been
killed, inc,e ve hea rd nothin-g or knevv
artill e ry training at Can1p Roberts, CA. nothing or hi dis position. When I
vent o ver ea ,vith the di vi io n.
retu rned to the State and , 1alk ed into a
Our front line positio ns ,vere near
    Laudesfe ld in the edge ora ,voods. I ,.1.,a a' ' lo ader" for gun #4. A fe llo , " Mexi­ ca n' ' from L.A., coiled " Lopez·· wa · in n1y crevv. along vvit h ·ro,n Kropf. Ric h
Lapak and Ray Gcg ino n (Michigan). Ray
, .vas captur ed with Cli fr Austin and not with our la rge r group - later. We had a
building in 1-'on Bragg, NC - I aw him! We e rn braced each other in joy.
What a \Vonde rf'ul feeling - afte r a war till ed "vith bit ter an,d nixed en1otion .

M E YE R. JOf / N I-fl. 590/C
Tele: 208-734-7143
ca pable a n,d
,vonderful Lt. Wrig ht.
John ays his Com rnander v.'as Cap­
Dece n1ber 1 6 before noon the Ger111an
    as ault on o ur positio n came aero s an open 111e ado" v (covered ,,vith no,v). I thought the artille ry ,,vas upposed to be
    behind the front li nes, but no t on thi day. Our battery had to,lo ¥er the barrel and began fi ring any and al.I kin ds of s he lls.
The n1oke becan1e so thick that ,ve had to ge t down o n the ground to get air.
When we had repulse d the Germans. ,. e
tain 1-le nderson and the Exec. Office r ,vas Lt. Sutph in. John was taken to Bad Orb, tala0 9-B

1WOE, COL. Jfl AYN E US Rettl
540-949 -7909
    Colo ne l, Welco n1c - I c ould not read your en1ai l addres . Wo uld you please send n,e an en1aiI in order that I co uld
sa \>v tha, t
ve had knocked out two ar-
add it lo the large group o r ernail ad­
1nored vehicles (Tank ?) dresses I hnve for I06th veterans?
I don' t k.,no
v how many dead in fantry
My e111ail address i j pk@1nm.co1n
th er,e
vere. (Our I05s \Ve re not s tuck in
Welco n1e back to the I 0 6 t h !
the rnud as it was said in " Lion in the
    Way.") In the n1iddle or the night. to,.vard 3/4 AM, w,e vcre orde red to destroy our guns and moveout of the area. Our gro up
, vas led by Captnin Roc kv.1e lI. I s uppose
    , , ,e vcre las t, but the ne xt day - Dece,n­ ber 18 , - ve ""e re crossin g a creek , hen "v,e valkc d into a group of'Gern,ans. who

9 34 W a xon Lane
Hudson. WI 54016

AI YE RS, TH E' O D ORE £. 424/£
Route 2 Box 196
Deepwater. MO 6 4740
fired o n us fro,n hig her ground . They had
both arn1or and ple nty of troops. It "vas
    s uc h a situ atio n that v1.e had to surrender. My POW experie nce v ould be another chapte r, but e ve ntually I ,vas with n1y g un
e,r,e and about I00 others ,vho ,vere

Majorie i the ,vido,v of Ro bert Pie rce
    lro,n Ge nnany in 1910 to 1925 perio d. So she has many relati ve in Gen11a11y \Vho se rved in the Gern,an Arn, y. One was Eric h Wilk e ,vho erved in the German
81 t Eng in ee r . C,
on pan_ C. Robert
Anny during the Batlle of the 811/g e.
passed a\vay May 1 99 0. Welcon1e back
W, e
nade contac, t
vith John Klin e on
to the I 06th. Majorie. ice lo ee your nan,e back on the roster.
behalf of Eric h Wilke. , vho n1ct John at
the 1 999 joint German/An1erican 111eeti11g
-.vhe re the r,e vere about 45 An1erican and
Romanse was kn, o vn by the nan1c of
the san,e nu,nber of forn,er Gern1an
o ldier . As a fonner service ,nan a nd
,vith our high inte rest in the Battle of the Bulge, it i a pleasure ror n,y ,vi re Lore ne
··1{, 0 ve." H e -.vas a Staff en1ean1 in 424/1. and n1e. to be an As ociate ,nembe r in
- your o rga
.za t.

n, 10
athonpson@sc.ff com
Arthu r igned a a LIFE M EMBER .

909 30TH ST NW#2A GIG HARBOR WA 98335
M•v la the r, orbe11 Warkocki ,va. in the 423rd captured at St Vith.
I le esc aped rron, Buc hcn,-vald - I an, in1ere ted in hi tory or the 106th.

TH 0 il1S'EN, Al l'1!V V.
L I F E ASSOC /i f T E
A lan T ho111se11.

M y lathe,r vas in the 159 th Infantry Re,gi nent aLLached10 the I 06 th Iro n,
n1nrch Lo Jul-\ 1945. I an, interested in the 106th fi· o n1a his torical perspective and an,
hoping to get additional inlorn,ation on the 159th durin-g- it as i-gnn1ent in the ETC) .

111 H / TE . RISH EL !06tlt RECOtV
ADAMS, NY 13605
3 15-232-5088
Ris he, l va· a T/5 in I lead4 uarters
·c o n1pany. I 06 th Rec on.
ee the ad .in the BOOK S Ec1·10 N or
thi CU B. for the DVD Disc s to rv or his
I -.,a 10 0 young to . er,·c in WWI I but
experiences in the 106th and a
did pend r,vo years in the An1y1 Ir o n, a
1954 to 1966 ...1( 111011th pent in German, a. n c le rk in the 8] 6th l a nk
Banal • orthe V Corp .
As a oung boy gro,.vi ng up c lo c to an Arn1y Air Corps training ba e here in
ebra. ka. I g ue s I de eloped a real
in terest in the hi to r-v of the ,-var.
r he nan,e of the D D disc i :
··c: ( ) ,\ /1.\ 'G HO i\1£ .·l l /1' £ "
T he True S1or.1· o.·t u11 ..J111er ica11 Pris-
oner o_/ lVur i11 11'oriel H't.1r Til'o .
It te lls the ton. or Ri. he l' s POW experience nnd his return to the rncrican
Iine,, ·ith a corn rade.
Done a nd done'' WELL" by his son.
M,v vile and I ,, e re 1narried in 19 5 7
he r parents ca1nc to this co unt ry
4th ( 'C AST PRO DUCTIONS '·l-i ln1s/
Mu s ic/Art,.vo rks e r ices.''

The CUB of the Golden Lion

World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books • • •
£ /iCAl'I;"... ! ! !
Ilic· rruc Slot) of a \Vorld \Var II P.( l.\\/. I he Gcrn1ans Couldn·1 I!old
b) Johnw 1. ··Jack.. Ro berts. :\ ssoc ia1io11 J>a s1-Prcsidcn1

··Jnck"' Ro berts. " (."' Bauer), 59::!nd fh:ld 1\ n illc1:· Ba11a lio n. rc'l Cnll publis hed a hook about his
    l11e book. :?37 rage.. whh a cok>rliil cover. give a d<'l:lilcd 11cco11n1 of his hnrm"illg c rcricnc,-;. telling ho" h,·
    \l'llS ahle to escape his Gcn11an c.iplors. whik hchind ..-11..-111 Im.:,. before rcadung n PO\\' co1npound_ Earl) chapter.; 111 thc hook give the render nn overvic" of hi youth. including his 1nilital') tn1ining h:nding up 111 hi, cuptur.... J'h._.
boot.. then <.-:ond ud.-s with hi adjustment 1,, civihnn hfi: w11h u·s rewards afi r disch;tl'l!C from 1hc Arnn.·.
    Ord..-r fron, and innkc p ayoblc 01 : Jc1hn 1'-1. R<1bens. 1059 Alter Road. 13loon11id d Hills. r-11 -1830-1 . Emi1i:l
.1111r$ IOti l'ck phnnc, 1-'.?-18-338- 2667 Pru:c: s::1.95111clud Shipping.

fl i t DER FO Rll 'ARD ( /l /1VDER = (0111 N •\ \ 11 o:-- I KOl\l l ll\l)
-156 pages 5(1.00 -+ 6 shipping
Author Dc11n F. ,,Jc vctt 168th C o111bn1En incc rs. PO Uo x 1-18. aco 1II: 04071
    Author n1adc two trips 10 St. \lith. Rhine Rivt:r. Annor School Lihrtu). Mili1a1:· 1 listo ry lns1i1u111. plus personal infonna1ion fron, 168th Co1nba1Vetcr:.111
I <18th Ccin,b:11 Engineer B1111alion,,. as anachcd to the I06th Inf Division a1 St. Vith. Their 1hrcc line
co1npanies ,verc delending the Prun1crbcrg. /\ baualion or 600 n,cn s ulTcred 315 casuahics. 33 KIA. the
other,.; vo undccl. P()Ws or MIA. The 168th is creditcd ,1 ilh Nonnand) lnva. ic1n. 'orthern France.
Rhineland. assa uh crossing of1hc Rhine River.Central Europe. Ending up near C,echoslovakin.

Au1hor Earl S. Parker -l'.!3:1:.
    1:-l Books Librar). 1663 Libert) Dri,e. Sui1<• '.!00 Bloon1ing1on. IN '17403 Tclcph{lnC 1-888-'.!80- 7715 11, v,, .
, \ lso availabk· through Amazon, 8 rtr ne$ nnd Nob les :ind Bord en, at S1-1.9 5.
1£ ,i tORI ES OF A TOUR OF Dl' T>' I ll /I I .ti/ E l l ROPE
Any bc1ok s tore c.111 or der the b<1ok b) Ti1lc. Author or IS B1 1u111hcr
I lcn: is1hc sto ry of a young drallcc in \\'orld \Var II " ht)cxpcricnccd lite in the Annorcd Force, Lhc An11y
    /\ ir Force pilot Lraining progran, and the n.,ali1y of con1bat in an lnli11111) Dh ision. ()n Iinc ,, i1h the I06th in a quiet S<.'Clor of the Ardcnnes. 1hcsc foot soldiers 11·cre in 1hc din.-c1 p-a1h of1hc 111:i:;si,·e (ic•m1an utlcnsivc 1hm bccan1c kno,,11 as 771e Bcurle11/ rlie Bulg<'. () ve,,,•helrncd by the sh r111igh1 of nu111lx•r,; and lirepo\\Cr arrayed agains t 1hc1n. the) nmnagcd to upscl the cncn1y ti,nctahlc until forced 10 sum·nder on the fi:lunh day of 1,hat
has lx>cn calk.-d the -all'St bank of the,, trin tenns of1ncn and 1nachin-cs. n,is book is ahout an individual and
    hi cx rienccs undcr fire and as a prisoner of ,,ar. lilx nnion b) the Ru:;sia, n \ nn) and his ad,en111n.>s on a hike
    across counLry 10 rejoin lhe A,ncrican1\ n1t). I! e re. an anc,npt Im:; Ix-en 111ack lo create the feelingof the tin1c-s in addi1ion the probh:1ns of the 1non11c11. It is a I-look about real people in a tragic period or histor).

" PRO D£0 ET PATRI A" (f"OR GOD A1\' IJ COl '1\"TRJJ
    P£RS0,V.·IL 1\' ARRAT/ I' £ 01-" A,\ ' .-111ll::R/( •.1,\' ("AT!!( )LI(" c·1/.·IPL. I/,\ . IS . I PCJ.II /J\' CiER,\ I.1.\ I'
Compiled, Edited and reproduced by Robert Skopek, Associate member.
By Chaplain 1-r . Paul \V. C:l\ anaugh S.J.. (C'uplain) -11'.!nd Rcg intenl. Chaplain Cil\'a naugh I\ ho \\ ':IS a
PO\V at Stalag IX-13. Bnd ()rb:ind ()flag XI11- B. I lnnunclhurg B:1,·:1rit1. 251 page llfFather Ca, anaugh·
,, ritings and photl1gr:.1phs.
i\lan O!")Oll ,viii n:1111.:,nbcr Chaplain Father C:1\'anaugh. ,,ho ,, as such a \\ondcrful supporl during.
    ) our service doys and particularly so during thc s1ressru1 ti111c a n PC) \ \ ". I le ,, :1s of su1,;h support in th,· Box-Car.; :ind during. the long n,an.:hes nnd thc h1llnbing 111 Li111hurg. Gcr111an) and the Chris11nas day:,. whe n ) ou \Vere Lhinking Stl s trongly of hP111c. I le led n111n) of) uu in the singing ti f Chris1111as Carnls in 1h,• boxcars. I le also held sen ices in the PO\V Cnn1ps_ I le \\ HS cherished b) those that l-.11C\\ hin,. and
he ser\'ed. I hi bool-.. ·' PRO DEV PATR /,1"'
\\O:,,, er popular al the 581h Annual Rcunkin in
    er · rcnl ofthc pr<>cce us that ,,ere gaincd there ,1:1,- g.i\'cn as n gracious gilt b kupcf... lO the Assoc iation. I r 1'- """ \1111 1u11 ::!Cl.00 \\111(11 ,,er1 1>1, s1111•P1,1,. Ko \l :
1{(1111.111 S i;o1•1 i;. 7847 C ,1111t Ro .,1,. \ll v,111 . N Y 1310-1
m113,1;( WI 1-.(CI JI '-11.C

World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books ...

A T l:·£.\' S lfl1I R ... TRAJiVJ 1G CO AI BAT. Cif PTURE
    Au t hor Hal l "a ylor, 423/( "N, :!1 72 Rockridge L>r. . Cir.ind Junc1ion. C:O 81SOJ halI '271(ii brcsnan.n l 970-245-7807
. \vailnblc htt,p: ," " \\. Ist!x)()k:;.con1as a hard Cllp ur ,:lcc1ronic 1rans f'cr.
    A Teen : ll't,r describes lhe experiences of a sn1all to\\ n bo)' in the latter stages lll° \Vo rld \Var II. Portions origina ted fron1k:ttcrs \\ rincn ho111c a btHII induct ion. trnining. and tin1e oversl•ns \Vith 1he 423rd Regi1ncn1 of 1hc I 061h lnfan11; Division and 1ha1 unit·s s hort period of con1ba1 in 1he Batlle of 1he Bulge.
    The s1o ry is unique C<1n1parcd 10 1110 11\:tr books. to r ii contains none of the pcd.1111ie pretenses of 111ust n1i1itarv his tories. Iilh:d \vith !:tn11e1·1.\ or 1he so -called ·Bi-u Picture.' Instead. A Teen:f 11h r tells ho\, a young. private so ldier hcc11111e a\\arc of realit) !Ind lhc \1orld around hi1n d pite his lin1itcd vie,,·.
All readers "ho ha\·c c\'er heard the \\ Ords. ·n1iss ing in nction." \\'ill lind this book interesting.
    Readers " ho \\ere prb Tf /E ll'AR,l fTf l OF r4 S0 1\I G :
WAR II AlJ71l0R 11:1:.LE,\ ro, £ R·( J.:: h e l c:111•t• t1 11(! /S(' ll (l(!.COIII

Available at and Also available on her website
ISBN: 1-4017-9656-6 (Soft Cover) ISBN 1-407-9655-8 (Hard Cover)
    Aln1ost as if torn fron, 1odar·s headlines conies the ri\ eting story of pnlriolis111 nnd cour.igc. lo ve and con1radcship. as told in The \Va rnllh ofa Song. Set agains t WWll' s T he Brt11leC>f 1he Bulge. this
ad\ cnturo us talc is inspired h) actual C) e-, vitnt·S$accounts. 1-\ s Ha\,k Clark.: fights lbr God and country.
    I\ hen the pla toon he leads narrO\\ I) escapes fron1the (icnnan Panzer battalion 1hat has thl·n1 s urro unded. he also learns the grc111cs1 freedo111of all -the courage ii 11kc. to free lhc hun1an s pirit. Retu rning to
    Uos tun at'lcr a s niper's huller penc1ra1ed his s pinc. I la,\ k n1oun1s 1hc loss of his o nce strong legs . Can he hrcal.. free fro111 thc cage he feels his life has bccon1e in 1in1e to help an old \\'0111an release a 1niraelc'>
Helen von Erck:
    I lelc n \ on r.rck Ii\ es in Atlanta. Georgia "ith hcr daughter, I In) le . \Vhile grt1\\ling up in outh Count . Rhode Is land. she began cultivating u lifc lo ng lase ination \Vilh his tor . She has turned that interest into a passion. nnd has conducted in-depth research into theIiiand tin1cs or1hc 19-10·s a nd
    \\ oriel \ Var II. She attended the l lnivcrsit.v of Rhode Is land and the of l)cn,l!r , vhercshe. studied Busi111:$S lanag.:n,cnt,vi1h a n1inor in Creative \.\' riting. ·1 his is her debut novl!I.
\\ t1m1tholasong (t1•,n1
SOLD I ER 8 0 )' ti CI IRO,\' /C"LE OF L I FE A,\' D D /::ATI I A /) S l !RVI VAL DUR/ 'G 1110 Rl l) ll 'AR
fl 8 )' (', £0 RC",t-: K. ZA K. 41 2/2\1
l"his book is a\ ailahlc fron1the author fo r 13. 0 0 (includes shipping cost). 6159 l3rooksidc Lnne.1\ pt
,\ . \Villl1\,brook. 11. 605 27. Copie are also a\'ailahlc fro1n ,\ 1nazon.con1 for $10 .95 plus S &: 11.
TI1si is a tl1scinating. eloquent account of a 19 year old 1 ing to grO\\ to 1nanhood in the n1iddle of a
deadly \,·orld \\.lr. A ftcr bricn) dcscrihing hi rigorous training as ,111 infa111ry soldier. inc luding so nic
scrni-comic C\·e nt,,s ·hilc lea rning to driven jeep. he and his buddies \\ere finall ll fT Ill war in Europe ns
\\·ell-train ed.conlidcnl n1cn1bscrof the I06" In fan1ry f) ivisio n.
    Sh ortI) nficr arri\ ing at the bottle fro111 in l)eccn1bcr. 19--1--1 during a bone-chilling. bitt..-r cold \Vin1cr. the majority of tht·Ui, is ion \\as surrounded and finall O\ Cf\1hcln1cd in a blood) bnttle. hy a much pO\\Crful Gcnnan three during the b1...·g.inning of the !Jall/1!     ·an1ps as a pr'i oner o f \\'(1r. I le gh es a gripping :1 ·coun1 (lf thc fear. the n1isc1; and the 111a11) d:u1gcrs he
    ollen lhct:d. As n prisoner hc escaped death fro1n bo111bs. n1achinc gun lire. and a Germa11 g uard's rine bullet s hot at hin1. I le \\as hungl) all the ti,nc. ahvuys under guard and p     Zilk ends his hook d1.-..scrihing thr arrivulo f lhe Russian aml) nnd the surprising and disappointing beginning or the C'old \Va r " ith the Russians. ,\ \\'Cll-1uk.l. rcn1arkahlc $!Ory.
World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books • • •

01,\fl )' THE LErlS T O-l- 1\. / £ IS ffOST..JG l:".
    In 1,,0 ,,1lun1es • Published hy T RAC ES. a nunprolit educational llrg::ini,wtion co1n1ni11cd lo telling lhe :.lo rics of Mich,cstcrncrs and ihcir \V\V II cxp cricne'l S.
Voluinc I • (::?70 pages)' Iells the slories or9 so ldi<·J'$,, ho \\'Crc f>() \ Vs in ,a;,i Grnnon during \\' \\'
    11. Includesdocu1nc111 and photos as \\ell personal journa ls and dinric;.. l'a pcrhack. "::?0 . Add p1)stagc. re hclo\\.
Includes \\' 1n Blacl..." ell and C:hnrlcs Lk1vd Jtines. I 681h inla ntn . 34th Di, ision: Carl Schneider.

133rd lnl:11111;.J 4th Division: Gcorge Ros ie. 5061h Paratroopcrs. 101st Airhorlll': Delbcn 13c
    John Kline and l: l111er Sorensen. 413nl Rcgi1nc n1. I06th Dhision: .lames Fuller. -1:!'.lnd Regi1nen1. I06th f)h ision: nnd () li1er On1anson. 179th Reg i1ncn1. 45th Dh·ision.
    Vo lun ll' 2 - (170 pagcs) Co,npanion to the aho,c. this one in1:ludcs th1: s tories of 6 airn1en \\'ho ,,ere PO\Vs in a1i Gcn1uln) during \\I \\ ' II. P11perha1:k $10 . 1\ dd postage. sec bclo\\ . l'ur chase together :ind enjoy II special t>d t·c - 35
()11.: book$I.SO n1edi:1 n1ail t)r $3.95 express 111:.til
n hooks $.1.00 ,nedia 1nail or $6.00 express ,nail
    Srud orders lo: Pat Schult z ::?-l640 305th S tree t. Norn Springs. l1\ 50-158 641-696-J-l&J p il 4:!(a 01nni1clco1n.corn


BEFORE T /1 £ 111::T E R, INS DI £
a bOok of poems mspired by World War II
by Dalo R. Carver {deceased)
Poet Laureate - 106th Inf Div Association HQs Co., 3Bn A&P Platoon Leader
424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division
lly Oalc C11rvcr, Poet Laureate (deceased)
I06'" In f Di"is io n 1\ sso l'ia tion

()rder fron1 Ruth (' af\ er
742 Druid Circle. Baton Ro ul.!,C. L1-\ 70808
$ I0.00 Pns1-paid

l) ule, died in 200 I. I le had "riucn poc1i1: 111cn1ori.:s of the \\'ar. I lis pocn1s
\I UN\,..HII
appeared in "l' hc CUB" 1hr ,sc eraI y.:-a rs . Th1:y all bring bacl,, 111cn1orics and
, isions of the titncs.
    Dale " as a,,ardcd the . ilvcr Star for Valor. I le dis11hled Gcr1n:in n1i11es. ,vhilc under atlack. that had been placed under a bridge.
For 1h01 he rc1:civcd a baulc liclcl prorno1ion (fron1 .:!nJ 10 I s t Lt.) and \\ 'US
    l\\'ardcdthe Sil\·cr Star to r "gallan11; under lire:· I le t.old 111c, during one reunion. 1ha1 hc thouitht it. the Sil,cr Star. should have been for an11thcr 1in11:" ' hen he led a group of soldicrs through a li,c1ninc lield Ill snfct . In c so ldiers haJ, ,, alkr d into
J th.: 111inc lield and ,,•e re··frozen in l'i!ar:·

l1£ LL .FROZ E ' O l' ER
    Auth o.r 1\-l a r ilyn Estes Quigley (fhis \\ US a popular houk - Shl)\\11 and sold at the 5Rth Annunl reunion). Marilyn. 3£sociutc protessor of l; nglish <11 E"" 11g cl ll nh·crsi1y in Springlicld. ;\'lisso uri. teacher
    con1pois1ion. litc mturc and creathc \\•ril ing·. rh.:- c urrl'nl E\nngel can1pus was ()'Reilly (icn.:rnl I los pi1al
    during \\1\\111. a 111edical fhcili1) for so ldicn.. ()uiglcy·s 1lllicc•. till in an c,riginal b:irracks. \las lo rn11:rl) an operating roon1. S he publishcJ tiction. ,1 childrc n·s n1usical. po..-tr . and article:,. I h:r hus band Ed
designed and painted the c, o er of /le/J f Jt>:en O n :1: Auth1lr·s cn1ail: cd111urquig(t1"n1co1111t·c1.con1
    Buy fron1 " Author Ho usl!'' 16 (1,1 Lib ert y Drive, Bloo ,n inJ:!ton. IN 4740J lso at other 111ajor booksto res 16.95 rcll'phone: 1- 888-5 19 -5 121 or \Vcbsitc: \\'\\'\\·.aut ho rhousc.corn 14.50 (' hl'ck on shi11pinJ! c hargl's.
    I hdl l·i ri:e11 ( ), ·t· r d1::.1:rihcs 1h.- 1 rsonal c:-.pcrienccs 1lf six1c1:n I 061h soldicrs ,,·ho "ere1:auglH in
    ll i1lcr"$ linal grasp tu strangle thc cunlinent. lore thnn halt'o f 1hesc111en \\('re ::unong thl' 7.001 in the l1i\'i Sil)f1 \\hi, \\l'l'e wken as prisoners ol'\\·ar. Scauerl'd in c:unps 1hr<,11g hou1Cil' the) "ilh:d 1hcn1:.he cs lu s ur,·i, e as d.:pri\'atin11 und CV('ll sl:i,e labor thrcatl'nl·d lhl'ir li, ·c and anily. 1 hl'ir co111n1clcs-i11-:1rn1s "ho escaped capture :inJ rcn1uincd to figl11 in fi,) h(llc;. and t:inks had oth.:r hells 01
endure. ns did the 1:i, ilians 111'1:,'cl) 10,,n in ihe area. I h<·re arl' nearl 1() \\' \\'II plhllo or I061h
s,c r ic1:1ucn along,, ith acrounting:; thl'ir personal :-11,ric .
World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . . .
A story about Rishel WHITE 106/RECON. A film of life, family and war.
    Rishel White. a husband, father and soldier, grew up in a coal mining town, Joined the army, married the women he loved and never expected to find himself in one of the epic battles of history, that brought himto a POW Camp and made him endure harsh mental and physical treatment. Runs 1 hour 28 min. DVD disc or VHS video cassette. $22.45 includes shipping and handling. Send check or money ord er. Produced by son Matthew White - 4th COAST PRODUCTIONS, 14250 NYS RTE 3, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685
315-478-6718 or order on line at - email

Batt le of the Bulge Books
Author - Associate Member Hans Wijers
    "'9"r · s· .iol - J - •· • J. .:.N '3r l mme n email wijer@swxs.nJ. (Currently working on Boole - 106th Infantry Division in the Bulge)

Tl /£ L OSHEIJ\I G AP - DOORl1'i l l' TO TH£ 1\ f £ U S£
    Book on the 991h lnfiintry Di\'ivision Sector - L S. I roops Block or1hcrn Gcnna11,\ d, ances Price: 45.00 l 'S l>nlla 1,, orld '"idc ship1ncnt included!)
S<>II .:over. 8.5"x11''. -:?70 r,ugc . bluck .'<..:. "hi1c pho1ogmr,h!- and color photographs. ,nop . ctipic!. of
original docun1cnh .
B.,ITT, l E OF Tl/£ Bl LG£- /10 L Dl,\ G Tl/£ Ll,V£.
Hoo k on 1hc Jnd Inf l)iv Sector - U.. . V Co rps stops the ! st SS Panzer '( urps
l'ricc: -!S. 00 l ·' Dollar:.(\\orkl \\ide ship1ne n1 includc d !)
    Sofl co, c:r. 8.5"x11". -250 pages. n1an) "than and no\\·· photogruphs of !hi? old baulcficld anti ,naps. copil.-s oforiginal dlx:un1cnts.
THI:: B1fTT L£ OF Tl/£ BLI /. GI:- / / £ /, /. -lT B l lT GE \ '8 ,-IC f l
Book on the Isl lnfan11y l) h ision cctor
    L.S. V Corps stop) 1hc Ist Pan,.cr Cllrp . \ ulhor I !a ns J. \\ 'ijcr, Price : 30.00 L' ' Dollars (\\orld , \ idc s hipment 1ncludl'd!)
Soli CO\Cr. 8.5"xl I". -190 pag.c:.. 111an) " 1han and 110,\•· photographs of the old battlcliclJ and 1nnp:-.
c<1pit.-s of original dl,cun1..:n1s.


Basel, Theodore 423/H
31 Little Co11if<>rl IVay, JVakejield. RI 02879
Dntc of dea1.h: Sept. 20. 2005 Lloyd DahI reported 10 the Adjuta nt that Basel·s death ,vas due
10 Cance r ,vhich he had been battling tor 9 years.
Bilenki, Helen ASSOCIATE

Cub n1agazi11c returned n1arkcd ·'Deceased.''
Bounds, Eldred L. 423/MED
Last Kn own a,J,lress Returnetl - Pasadena, MD

6201 Crane Road, Lakeland, FL 33809-4600
Listed in the A,'<-POl1V 8 11/leri 11. Eldred.age 86, ,va in S talags I.11- Dand XI1-A. He is sur­
vived by h,is vile, Ircne. I daughter and I s o n.
Clarke , Walter 591/SVC
318 Spring Garden, Ka1111a polis, NC 18101
Date ordeath: February 2005 In a phoneconversation \\'ith Lillian ( 'larkc I round that her
husband Walter had died. Lillian continues as an Associaten1cn1ber.
Colto n , Kenneth 423/L
404 £ 6th- r, ee t, Oakley K · 67748 Date <>/ t l e at lt: Dece111b e r 11, 2005
Ke nneth had joined the Association March 2005. Shirli:y, his ,vile said that he , vished he had
jo in ed earlier. I le really enjoyed reading all the ,naterial he received\Vhcn he joined, and that he
had friuncl on the I 06 t,h- vch sill!. h1.: mentioned that their son G "'" read a 1novin"' EuIO-I!·\' that
he had prepared·. 1o kno, v your son· love " as prcs1.:111e d in that reading.111us t be of con1l<)rl to
you. Shir ll!) continue s a an Asso ciate n1e1nbcr.
Coon , David A. 423/1

IOI ·50. YuccaSt. #273, ·c1t,111dler AZ 85224
Date ordeath: ov, e nbcr 22. 2005 David Coo·n s son - tvlark - called 12/31 /2005statin-g that
his ltllhcr had died·. r h,is vas in response to n1) pl10111.: c alls trying to locate our con1radc.
Da hl, Ariane - Auxiliary
5330 Beacon Hill Road , #316
!)ate of death: ovcn1ber 4. 2005 Ariane, age 8,2,
vas Aux iliary1111.:,nher·.
vil·c (34 years)or
Floyd Dahl 590/C ( P0 \1/ held at Sta Ing IV B).l' hey ,vere n1arri1.:d 54 :1.:ars. 2 ons. I daugh11.:r. 5
grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.
Dahlen , Patri ck 591/SV
I 062 /11 A Circle, Fra11k/i11, l tV 46I 3I
Date or d 11h: July 11 , 2002 o othl!r details knO\'\ll. Wife B:irbar:i continue s as an Associate.
Da lton , Jam e s V. 423/G

1210.'i Be11so 11, C lti 110 , CA 91710-2461
Date of death; lJnkno, vn. o d1.:tails available. ·r his ,vas r1.:portccl during Arlingto n Virgiana l{ c unio n.
Davis , Louis 423/HQ 1 Bn

501 II< 10 7 th 5it A p t 235 Ka11sas Ci 1•, MO 64114
c d - no tletail - no dat1.:.

Dorn , Edward W. 422/H
8724S. Ta/111011 Ave1111e, Evergreen Park, l l 60805
IJ ate of Death: January 29-30 2006. <) detail, s Ass oci ate.
verc give n. \Vite Margret c;o ntinucs as an

Memoriam ...
Elsenhard, Daniel A. 423/HQ 2BN
315 Frie,lensburg Roat/, Reading P, 1 I 9606
Date ordeat h: Jul:, 23. 2005 ,1\ nc\\'S clipping ,vas received l'rorn an Ed"vard Leas as r roof or
dc.1:1h. Eiscnhard is survived by a daughte r. Sharon L. (Eiscnhard) /.ctth.:moyc r,
    Mec hanicsburg and t110 sons. .'tephcn A.. Kempton and John D. of Mo unt Penn. I lis ,vile Ma ry (Einsc l) prcccddcd hi111 in dcuth.
Gioia, Patrick J. 422/G
202 OakK1ood Drive, Lafayette. la 70503
Date ordea th: Septcn1bcr 05. 2005 Daughter Lu1.:ia Bivin:; notilied us that he died. 'Ill e
addrcs -l!.ivr.:n is her .
Holtzmueller, Don 589/A
201 E Center Street, Far111e r s vi lle, OH 45325
Date ordeath: ovcn1bcr 2·. 2005: reported by Sally I lolr;,n1ullcr. his ,vile .
Died pcaci:fully :11 hon1i:. !l I year old. Born 9/l :?l :?4.• urvivcd by "itc or56 year Safi
    l-lo hz1nullcr. two sons. three daughters. fourteengn1ndchildren, and :? g.reat-g.ronclchifdrcn. Don \\':ts u lifelong resident of Fann.:rsvill I06th lnfr1111ry Division and was a PO\\' captured al the /Jullli> t?{ thl' 811/ge. l\l embcr or the Da)ton Arca
Chapter of 1he Arncrican f:x- Prisoners of \Var. ()1\ ncd and operated I foh1J11lfcur Ford Tractor &
linpk1nen1 lbr 33 years. Do,n vas a dcdicatccf and loyal s upporter of the Fannersville comn1unity and
\'nllc) Vi1!1\ Schools. Pas1 Pr Paul ll arris F,d,lo v. As a Ro tarian he and his" 'ile hosted 1nany foreign .:xehange students. I le \1as a
fc n1bcrand an Elder of Fam1ers \ illc l: nitcd Church o r Christ: Pa.1, assis tant Boy Scout lc.adcr o r · rroop
    127: I lono rory tll'c1nbcr of the Valley Vie1\ FFA: le1n r or th.: Farmersville His torical Soci.:ty: Fonner Jackson Twp Clerk: 11 & R 1a..x preparer fo r 18 years: I le enjoyed volunteering a1 Sycan1ore and the VA
I lospilals .
Howell (Col USAR), Robert F. 424/HQ 2Bn
1888 Nl aco11 Road Griffin, G,1 30 224
Andrea \\ rote: --My la1her-in-li1\1passed a,vay n couple years ago:· o other inforn,atio n se nt.
Johnson, William 424/K
12905 B.reji e/d Dril·e, ll ighla11d , MD 20777
f)ate of death: . ovc1nhcr 5.:!.005. Maritin R;i) reported a call fro,n Joyce Johnson. \vile ur \Villia1n. hc
    had not been ill long.and he chose lo b pass kidne dialysis. lie \\as born in I1:1\vnii and had n1ndc a " 'ish that his rcn1ains be ta ken there. I le 1\·as crc111atcd and his ashes ,vcrc 10 be taken 10 Hi11vaii and placed in the " P11nc hbl1." r· Vctcrans C'c n1ctel).
Jolgren, Gordon A. 424/L
33870 ll athaK•ay Street, l it•o11ia. MI 48I50
Datc ordeath: Llnkno11n - Ralph Wyss 11-rotc that (iordon died in year 2003,
Kirkpatrick DDS, Andrew H. 424/M

110 Besselieu Court , B/11f fto11, SC 29910
Date or death: Dcrcn1ber 2-1. 1 00 5 fro1n co n11,licn1io ns tollo\ving several s trokes.
    Born ovcmbc.:r 12. 19 2.5 in San Juun. rucrto Rico he grc11· up In Ridg.c" ay Ne,v Je rsey. I le attended Bcthc sda-Ch,·vy Chasc High School. cnlis1ed in 1h,· Arn1y a l ag<.' 1 7.
Aller 1hc "ar l>r. Kirk pairiek 111arricd Eli1.abc1h J(lnes or \Vashingto n D.C. nncl raised a fan1ily of live
children in Kc nsing1on.llclhcsdaand Po1ornae. lal)'lnnd. Dr. Kirkpatric k gr:1dune1d fron, (icorgc
    \Vashingion University and then Gcorg.e1011n 'ch11foof Dentistry:Haning his practice starting his pmctice in Kcnnin gs to n and Bethesda in the 111id -50's. I lis sis te r. Mal)' K. Archer o l'Cfarks villc. MD passed n1vn, in Scpten1bcr 2002. Ile is urvil ed by his so n. Ed, \·ard Kirkpatrick of Dickerson. If) . and four daughters.
Sus:1n K Burck ,rl.a111"\!11ci:villc. (ii-\: t\llal) Reth Dichl of \\'intcr Springs. FL; ('fare K t\shh) of Blullton
C and Judy Kirkp,urick o f Cincinn:iti. 0 11: ci gh1 g rnndc:hilclrcn, a nieceand 111·0 nc.:phc11 .
    Funeral se r1•ircs 11crc held at the Rock C reekCe111elcl) in \Va hington DC'. I Ii:- $ O il Ed,vard is an Associa tc 111cn1bcr or the 106th lnli.trlll) Division Associa tion.

Lacey, Davie 81st ENG/A

5644 De..-0 10 Dri,·e. Pi11s o 11. AL 35126
    D:11c of d..:;11h: 1oveniber 27.2005. \Valtcr Bridu..:s s tated that Oavic and his \ iii: Frances have be\'ll aucnding the Alaban1a Mini-R1.:u11ions and had 1)11..: son. I le " ·as a PO\V in 98 and 9A.
Lauro, Alex 592/A
19 1'1,e. L i11t·v /11 A1•e11u e. 1 /" tfi eltl . PA / 94 40
l),11e ordeath: Reported a11hc 591h Annunl Re union,1\ rlingto n. VA - o dc1ail or date of death.
Malone , William 423/1
J9 / J Tlt acker y Dr b·e. '11s lt 11il/ e, T1V J7207
Date of death: 'ovc1nber 5. 2005. Death reported by Margie Malone. h,is vire. \Vi1lian1,vas a retiree or
the USPS" 'ilh 40 years of service. I le served as a Tech Sergeant in, .. .. Con1pany. 42:!nd ('on1bat
lnfnnlry Rcgin1e111. I le ,vas caplurc ,vns a 1ncn1ber of 1hc ashviii..: Po;;t /t5 An1cric,ln Legion. of the Ex-Prisoners orWar. and of 1he Disahled
    A111crica11 Veterans. I le is survived by his \Vifc tvla rg.ic1111d his daughter:; I. inda I. l) csirey and Judy tvl.
Couch. I!is "''ife continues as an Associa te . since she '"as a Life J\ uxiliary.
Mamula, Charles 424/L
2280 1 S h o r e ,·ie H' C t . , S" i ,,r C"J
Date of death: ovcnibcr I. 2005 reported by Ma rry Martin. 424/L
McCrery, John B. 42318
i r S h o r e s . Ml 4 8 08 1
/ I 5 l 1Jis1 /" r ie Drive, /11di "" " Palis. / JV 423 21
D"'" of dellt /1: (}5, 2005. T/,l w11s r e ported b111 /,11d 1111 i11f o r 111" titn1. See follo ,vi11g.
rhis frorn 1he obituary in the lndinnapolis. I Star May 7. 2005: "John Boling tvlcC rery SO. of
Indianapolis. passed av,ay May 5, 2005. He ,vas n teache r, coach and principal :ind had re1ired fron1
    \V.iync·1 0,v11hs ip Schools. He" 'as an Anny veteran in \\lorld\Var 11. ,vho served "ith the I 061h Infantry Division and lough1 in the /Jani<' o_(1he Bulge. He \\las a ntc1n bcr of the Chapel I till United lcthodis t
    [Church] and had volunte..:red for n1any years a11he Indiana polis Vc1eran's I los p ital. He ,v:ts a gradua1e ofLndoga I ligh School nnd Oa kland City College. Services, vcrc held 11'lay 8. 2005 at 1hc Chapel Hill
United lcthodist Church. ur,vi g,ra11ddnugh1cr Kacic J. McCrery.
ors include his" 'if.:. Carolyn Funk McC rcry.· on 11' ichacl, and
McDavitt, John F. 81st ENG/A
/88 Q11ee 11 l.011 e. Re /ta bor!, Bel,. DE / 9971
Date or death: Oct(1bcr 27. 2005. Survi,•cd by ,\ nnc. hi:; \vile and son D.111" ·ho n:poned his death.
Dan - ·n lanks fo r the bca111iful Eulogy you prese nted at the service lor your lhther.,,I ish ,v..: hnd roon1
10 incl ude all of it. It says so n, uch a bout the caniarad cric and unit spiril of the 81 t Conibat Engineers.
    and in particular - th1.: love of n son nnd farn il y. Ile n1us1 he s n1iling do,vn on you 110\ 1., I vas so i111prc ss ed hy this pariicular pnrt of the Eulogy.
" M. father died. relaxed on the sof,a vith his ne\\•l.v arrived I 06 th lnfantr.. Division Associatio·n s
    CUB n1agazi11c in his hands. Ilis las1" 'o rds to n1y 1110111 , verc ..1lc rc is a gu I s <;r\'l'd ,vi1h in the 81st...
    He clO$ed his eyes a n,inutc or so later .ind peacefully d ied. The "Engineers" a unit of only about 300 111cn in 194- '. n1ost o r" horn are gone 110 , \ . Finally. I reached 1hc obituaries and here is \\•hat I found.
Cyril A Young, 8 1s t Conlbat Engineers: Ed"·nrd J Nngle, 81st Combnl Engineers: Leslie Earl
Br nson, 81st C<)ntbat Engineers; Everett rv1 G old . 81 s t C o n1b1ll Enginee rs. tvl dad's lu I thoug hts
    ,verc of his 1i1ne in the Ardenncs in 1944 and of his ..8 r(Jllt(•rs i11 Arins." \ nd one linal tin,e they peacefully and reassuringly told hin1" Jack. you did ytiur du1y ... i1's tinic 10 join us ." I le is 1vith thcrn
no" . Good-bye D:td." '·C II all 111iss you. You never let anyone do\1'11...
Mel tensen , Clarence - Associate - 3rd Ranger Bn
RIO Gu11z" l e.\· D r. fl4D. S1111 F r111u·isc a . C ; I 94 /32
    l):itc 11t'dc:uh: 1•'1:t) 7. 2005 A fai1hli1I J\ssoc i:uc kno" 'll by rnany or our soldiers ,vho \\'ere PO \\/ :u l la n1n1clburg.I le' " as a Ist LL \\ ith th..: Jrd Rnngcr B.111rrlion. I le did a l01 of resea rch on the can1p and kepi our n1cmbers \'\e ll inlorn1ed about the facts o l'the c:1n1p.

Messineo, Joseph P. 81st ENG/8
Memoriam • • •

// ,YS r,1,·11!1.w,11 r h ·e 1111t', B e ,·c·r r t\ 'J llll I 0-1R39
    ()ate uf dc:ll,h: \ pril '.!6. '.!00-1 I· ilccn. his ,, ile" rote:"Joseph hnd lnllen in the) ord and broke a hip. II
\\aS 100 rnuch l'or his hean anl.l he passed :l\,:1y in the rniddlc llf the night. \Ve 1niss hi1n o ,nuch."
Mohn, John J. 422/HQ 28n

90116 Ellxh• View Ct.1l'l 11s.,·i /011. O H 446 46
l)atc of dca1h: Januai: '.!5. '.!005. 7'1ohn's death \\tts disco,·erl)d :iHer 10<,th J\s socia uon n1ail \\ !I S
re111n1cd. \Ve could not loe,lle th,·"ilc that \\' llS lis ted on his 1nc1nbership data. o \\CCheckcd 10 conlin11
his addre ss on the Internet. I Ii death \\aS disc LEO Filn1. PO Box 35191. Canion Ohio. I he info nnation suued: "John Mohn ,, as a Priso ner of \\':1r.
    .\ Iler his ordeal. he,, rote a 1111)111oir. recounting his cxpe rienc.:s. \\/hl)n he t111c1np1ed 10 get his book published, the publis her called rnnn of his experiences into ques tion. •lohn·s 111c1norics nre "ell docu1nc n1ed :ind backed up b) othcr accounts. ·r his liln1 \l as ,nadc for the purpose of sharing and pro, ing his SlOf: . It is a d,1c11111cn1ary running -10 1ninu1es."
Newman, Saul A. 422/G

I 1175 S11.ff r o11 Ci r cle. P11!111 Be11c lt G 11rd e11, f' L 1 3 4 111
Date of death: o,·c1nbcr 30.1005 l\1aril) n. his ,vile (lf 59 years notilied us.
Saul is s11r\'ivcd by 1arilyn. a son. Or. Robert Ne\\ nuu,. Vincland. 1c,, Jersey: daughter Ricki
    1-Jc,,1n a n-Bcn1ic: live gmndt hildren and one gre111 g randchild. ivlarilyn and Sa.ul allcndcd n1os1 all of the I06th , atio nal Reunions fron1 the tirnc ht· joined the Association in 1988 . S aul ,, ns in -i23/M (.'01npany an,d, •as latt.'r tmnsl rrcd 10 -11 31G I le ,viii he111issc d by all of his con1r.1dcs
Patrick , George S. 423 HQ/3Bn

Date o f death: 10/0I ::!005 Details unkn,o
Rice, Clayton A. 589/8
459691\1 Pointe B,J, d Roo111 A-4 Uth·11, 11-1 / 4831 .'i
n. ,\ pp.ircntl) this address , vas a nursing ho1ne.

272 /11l 111111t 11i11 R 1Jn,d />r i 11c l'tt>11 11-IA 0/Sdl
Datc of death: Augu t 30.1005. Frances. his ,, ifc 1101ilicd Adjutant l\1arion R:1y of the date ordeath.
Richardson, Ward R. 422/0

7()7 C(l/i•i11. Tr rn•l!r$eCity 1l'IJ 49686
Date o f death: Nove1nbt.'r ::!005 John Ro bb. Past-Presidentand currentMe1norial C h;1in11an notified us
of his c, o nradc 's death. 1o othe r detail s are kno, vn.
Schockley, Kenneth W. 423/K

6 / 21 Ti1t1her /like Plllce. flulill11" p olis. /t\1 46237
    Orne of dcnth: Octoher 1-1. 2005. llis "ii<:· Belvia (Bell) ) died Scp1i:n1ber 12. 2005. Beil) and Ke n h:1d the same birthday. I le buricd Bell) ,111 their 60th 1\1111i\'crs.1ry and he died on his 80 th birthday.
Bot,h, ·e re1ncn1bers orthe lndinna I loos icr Chapter. AX-PO\V as ,,ell as the I 06th Infa ntry Di, ision
Association. They lc:1, e I ·on. I daughter. -I grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.
Schuller , Betty ASSOCIATE

9909 South 67th £11st A1·e1111e, Tul.,·11OK 74 IJJ
Du1e ordcu1h: 01 kno,, n. l\-h1il refused '·no for\ Ording.. 111a rkcd"deceased.'' Bcuy·s hus band Albert.
-1'.!2/B.died February 2003.
Sexton, Maynard 422/HQ

l IO I S. 1tl 11ri di1111 Rt1{/d, #134. Apacl,1• J1111<"t i 1111. A.Z 8511()
    D:11..: of de ath: ()ctobcr 1 9. :?005 . I lis ,, ilc Jean" rote. " •lc,norial se n ices" ill he held .'v1aJ 28 at Lnnc Tree . 111\\a Ce111c1cr) . and a cel.:hr:nion nf his lite al the ,\ n1rrica n Legion Pos t -157. Lone I rec. lo, ,·a.
    ...The Lcg.ion \\ ill have a n1ilila r sen ice to hon11rhi,n: · Jenn ,, us an :\uxilia le,nhcr and h:,1sasked 10 he graduated to an Assoc iat<· Nlc1nber.
Smoler, Irwin C. 424 /B

87 S pit!r Roa•d• 'icar.wla/e ,\1)1 l fl583
Dale o f de:nh: ,1vcn1bcr 18. 2005. l n vin \\ .I S l::1 Vh:c.:-Prcsidl·t11 of the 106th lnl:1n1r l) ivision
    .l\ssol·iation. I le i, ;1$ preparing to anend 1hc 5 9th i\nnuul Re union in ,1\ r ling1on whi:n hl· bcca,nc ill. 11,:
, vould have been installed o llicinll as Prc.:s iden1of the 106th lnlilnl l)h i:-it>n . \ ss11cia1ion 1111ha1
    re union. Thi: to ll<.l\ \ ing. o hituury appeared in the \ <'"' }o rk Ti,ues. Ir,,in (' harle . n1\1ler. 82. President of the 106th lnt:intry l)ivision As.socia tion and lo nnl!r J>ri:s idcnt o f \\'icl-e r Park I P and n1oler 13rot hers or
    1 C\\ Yo rk and Chicago. died o\'crnher I R. :?005. in· '"" York Presh teria n I lospitn l. Bclo\'cd husb(lncl of Els ie: R. S111o lcr a nd )()vin-e la ther of Fredric. Michael and Arlene Sn111lcr. he is ,no urned b.\' la n1i.h and friends. He t\vecn 17 Dccenihcr and Dcccn1her 23. 19 -1-1 he and his co111r.1de s helped delend Saint Vith.
    Bclgi un1, thcreb) creating a salient ,vhich threatened the Gennan rifih Pan7cr Artn!'·s northern nank and 1h r o c ritical \Vcc k prc\'c ntc d the n1ovc111cn1 o f the Six1h SS Panzer /\rn1y.
Sp ieg el, Jack M. 424/M

15817 5' 1111111,e r Ridge Dr., Chestc>rfiel tl. ,t/0 6)()/ 7
Dateof dl•ath: Unkno" n - C<11nr.1: de \Villiarn iVlillcr.-124 M con Ii nned tha t Jac k died ahnut a .vcar a-£?o .
S tauff, John H.
l ll4(1Price Crec>k Dr. Apt 2147. ll'ul,1111C reek . CA 94595
    My husband, Captain John II. Staufl' USA Retired passed a\,ay on July 26. 2005. John \\ !IS injured by a land n1inc during the Boule oj 1he 8 11/i;!e. l le \\ 'OS a lifetime 1nen1bcr0 1'1hc I 06 1h l nlilntry Division
    Assoc iation. I le is s urvived b.v h,is vile Donna of 1l1rl!t? .vcars. 2 dflu.l.!..hters. I s o n. 2.u..r:indchild rcn. 5
s tepchildren. 9 ste p grandchildren and 2 ste p great gr.1ndchildrcn. I h: ""s preceded in death by his' " ile ,
ilary. igncd Do nna l\1.• 111ufl' .
Te rrio , Howard J. 423/1

4429 Bri11rwood Rt111d. C 11/11111biu. SC 291IJ6
    !) a te (1f death: Dcc, c n bc r 16. 2005. Luvcllc. I lo \\ard's \\ ilr. Lu, clle Derrick l crrio. co ntuc1ed our Clu:iplain Dr. Duncan' f rucman. I ltl\\'ard gre,\• up in Brotiklyn and enliste d in the 1\ rnl) . In 19-19 he graduated froni 1hc University of South C' arolina"here he     1.uvell,,e ere rnarricd 59 y!.'ar:.. Su rviving is a so n. !;cl,"ith his \\ ile Ruth a da ug.htcr. Linda Terrio Boland
and her hus band Ke n: I lea ther Terrio· r han1cs.i\1allhC\\ Terrio. Chen. I Terrio and Bri11an' , Boland: and
nun1erous gre:11 grandchildren. hrothcrs and sis1ers. niece and nephi:,vs.
Vonachen, Donald F. 424/B

IJ()J /Y e st C/111/1111 Place>, l' eo ri u. llli11<1is 61614-/8)/
Date ll f death: October 6. 2005. Rc portcd by his ,viI Patricin, . vho also" ·rote. "l le cnjo cd his
assoc iation " 'ith the 106th a ll 1h se years. Il e \\ 'as 80 years - Scptc1nber 17. 2005."
Von Schwedler, Frank 106 QM

905 C' e11te r Street, De. l'llli11es , IL 61)()/ 6
,D11e of dea1h: O\'l!n1bcr 6. :?005. Elaine, his "i le ,, rote. "Alier ,, t\1o year bani.: and ,nany n1on1hs in
a nur.:;ing h, o ne. hc passed,,a uy oven1hcr ::: nan1e.., Elainc rc,nainsas a LiIi!Auxiliary .

Are you a LIFE Member?
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If so, after 7.5 years you are riding free.
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A deal is a deal.
Howe ve r . . . you can help the cause .


Those LI FE me n1bers ,vho con tr ib ute dues to tl1e
LIFE PL S Club will h,a, e their ''names'' only publis hed.
No dollar amou11t will be sho,vn.

See the LI FE donor lis ting for this quarter i11 the Fro11t & Cen ter section of tl1is C UB magazine.

You can donate as n1uct1 or little as )' OU, ,, a nt.
By donating, )'Otl are helping perpetuate the
106th ln·tantry Division Association.

To those Li'1e member·s who we ha ven' t heard from
in a long time, please take the time
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Thank You
Dick Rigatti, Treasurer Send you1· contribution to the
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113 Woodshii·e Dr·ive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

In 11:1..4. the 106th
Infa ntry DiYbion \\':ls 111 it"s infancy In or ,r/T} UB
Ile qJ't/,e
tro()pi; inf<>rn'lt'd. und
0 pr(lviuc a so urct·of cntcrtain1nt>nl.
.u.••.•... ,.._.,.",,,
of 1'1,t· Golden Liou . A spcciJI group of s oluicr::: , <'lt la ik•d -
to produce the papt'r. \Vh{·nthe: ,\'\ tr \\'a'- finally o vt·r.nn

!>Oldit·rs 111c1 to luy the ground ,vnrk to e::-1ablish ,111
a.-.socia tion that ,volild bt> a vehicle le> pt·rpctuatc the
ca ntarud<'ri<.' , ind fnt·ndship. c::-t.ihhshc . .t;.7"

i\n -:l.S..-ntial pan of th, organii.atio n \\'a:,d co ntinu,1nct· 0f
•• -- ·

of th,· 106 th lnfa ntr,• l>tv1sion As !>OCia tio n.

hc,•n puhlil--h,•J t''\ t' r l--iOCt' ,inu ,c,ntinuc),, ,111 ,1s 1h,· oftil· q, lt \rt,•rly

p,,,,,,1bll· tc, :-turt· .-, ·1·1) i:,. ut· tlt' /71•1Cub <•n I\\'() '>llli1II (' I ) J1,-ki-
D <#U
--- - ..":""',.

\\' ith lht·.1JYt'lll 1>f lhl·1nir,tl·k·:- ,,( the .-l,·,:tron1,:,h!l'. 1l h,t, h<·,·n

Lvl·ry t!>.,lU.' i, th,·r,·. 1ncluJ111f thc•:,.l' ,:,1rl y n,•,\':,f',lf'l"r t yp(',. thut
-..:" ..., COLDEN LION
"" n1t'h\1,,· :,.urvIv.-d n1orl' th,111 :-1:-.t., .v,•,,r,;. Ilic l'J 11or,

T he c u a s
Of the
h,l\'l' 1nclu,' n1,·n1111r, .1nu pt·rsou.11
,·xpl·rit·n,:l'!> of Lht· Vt·1,·r,1n, rlfht ,,long "1th
,111 of th,· uthl·r ,·,·tt·r,111, !-ton ,•,. 'll1t·
n:product1011 tn (' l) disk., ,n,·o h·l·d
- ::-:::,,-...._...
- ::-,--..._

The CUBs of the

/ / / / /
    , ·il0 \\ '. E,1ch ,tnJ l ' \' l' r ) p.l l' , 1n ;1 forni.11 th.II 1:an ht' pri nt,·d ju::.t . , 11 \\,\., cop1l·d. 1t' Jt•,ir,·d Th e CD disks are available for

_ ......,o:, , . . ... ......

postage paid from the l 06th
.f = •• • "".....
_ ,_,. .......
Division Historian
AllkllOWtl '" "" of Ille
r-,oke your check pc1yable to :


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