The Cub

Vol. 60, No. 1, Oct., 2003



58th Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions

September 1-5 2004

Hyatt Regency Hotel - Milwaukee. Wisconsin (Downtown)

Registration papers will be mailed direct to you soon


Presidents View

I urge you to take a moment to turn back to the inside cover page of your CUB magazine. When doing so I ask you to look at the positions listed and dro names that go with [base pDsi[[ are the men, our

God Bless the United States of America!

John "Jack”- Roberts, President 2003 - 2004 106th Infantry Division Association

Therefore the question




The CUB of the : Gold. L.

Front & Center . . .

I was getting tired of looking at that old guy who calls himself' "The Editor," so I thought it was a time fora fresh face The photo goes back to those gent days of May 1945,1 had already gained 15 Panda.

Just released from POW captivity on Friday 13 April 1945' I ended up through an Evacuation Facility to a hospital in Paris, then was Mown to Billy Mitchell Field, and then on to Billings General Hospital in Indianapolis' Indiana, arriving there on May 6. 1945,

Weren't those the good days?

You bet - after those experiences nothing can go wrong.

John Kline, editor

April 29 - May 1' 2004,

HTTAU Survivors...

"Our 40th Annual Reunion of 7.ittau Survivors will be held in Grapevine, Tex. April 29 - May I, 2004,

The Zittau Survivors with nine of its living members, who are also members of the 106th Infantry Division Association, continue to search for additional veterans who were with us at that Work Camp in 0beraIlendQrt, Poland very near Zittau. Germany, for information concoct me: Cliff Austin 580/C

125 South Maple Street

Vergennes, VT 05491-1225 802-877-3451

yorkbeach I

Ed.", 11%.1'

BumIllo, MN 5533,271118

9524904155 F. 9524074950 ''''''.=117;r7r="'"*" &slags 9A-9B-9613, Berga Meeting of survivors of

Stalags 9A, 9B, 13C and Berge AM Elster in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Holiday Inn

Johnstown, PA

April 28,29,0 May 1 2004

If interested contact: David and Leona Hunter 417 Messenger Street Johnstown, PA 15902 Phone 8 14-539-63 I 2 cmni I: La:s,

ATTENTION: Annual Dues Paying Members

Annual dues expire on June30' 2004, To continue membership in the 1136th !Man-

Division Association and to continue receiving the CUB magazine' quarterly

Please send your renewal dues' S 10 per year to

Richard Rigatti, Association Treasurer,

113 Woodshire Drive

Pittsburg!, PA 15215-1713

$IO per Year  SIO per Year





The CUB of the Golden Lion

Front Center


Since Oct-Nov-Dec 2003 Cub        liead Comet 02115/20IM

Your general,. Ls appreciated        Life Members (Vets, 703

Andersonville Donations     Annual Mezrvr         1;1

Mow. John W          10      Life Associate Members     

D011.011S ill Association  

"""' a"' ..10, Th....0.• 70      Annual Assoc Members      15.7i

          15      Total Associates       12

          Comp Members       "I:



It:47ZZ' ""


2180   !Disband Wife 840

6/ A Over      S120

3201 E. Piot:=27., :aititrA7lirn, TX 76010

Pone: (817)649-2979 fax: art 649H.sxpow,


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36-50  S300   Single 830




The CUB of the Golden Lion


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Special NOTICE

106th PX has been discontinued

John Gilliland PX Manager, announced that the PX is closed,

He said that some items may be ordered from:

Leslie L, Brown, 4132E 36th Place' Thlsa, OK 75135

Phone: 918-742-7133

Such items as Bolo Ties, Silver. Black: Gold and Black; with Gold and Black

rope at 519,50 each delivered. Leslie also has Miniature and Regulation Medals,

Leslie is a Ex-POW having fought in the South Pacific War,

For those with Internet capability ,„ I foLd.tit,rmuothcturerpany, that Gilliland mentions:

4133  Hoover's ro     Boulevard, PO         547

Peru. IL 61354. Phone 815-223-1159.

I searched the Web: They have a website at an impressive list of WWII medals and other items that would be called .PX

Their website lists this: YOUR NUMBER ONE SOUR. FOR MILITARY


Order Ton Free 111111-223-1159 Hours Mort, thm Friday Sam. to 4:30 , CST,


57. Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions Video Tape

180 Golf Club Rd, Suite 157, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

This tape has Reference rf200473, be sure to include that in your order,

This is a meat keepsake for members and their relatives, it is also a way to share your

We have enhanced the video' by add 'mg frocTidspiner graphics and music for the


PRICE: 529.95 plus 54.00 Shipping and Handling TOT. 533.95 To receive this 3 hour video call 141004544277 for Credit Card purchases. or send a check or MO, order to the Association Treasurer at the following address, Richard Rigatti, 113 Woodshire Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 152153

The CUB of Oro       Uon

Front 8 Center...

From John Schaffner 589/4

Pam-President, HisYttrium 106th Infantry Division Association

In year 2003 it became necessary to pass on the responsibility of the Association, Official Historian, Sherod Collins,

I happened to be "in the right place at the right time,"

So, once again I find myself in an "On The Job Training'. situation as the Association's Historian,

I have acquired all of the material collected to date and will be in the process of stoning and cataloging for quite a while, It is my intention to submit an item for The Orb on a regular basis that will acquaint the members with what has been collected (and will eventually be deposited in the Army's archives at Carlisle Barracks.) As an example, we have at least one copy of most of the previously issued Cubs, I have to my' "most," because while inserting them in binders, I noticed a few issues missing, There are also copies of personal memoirs of some or our Association members, Personal memoirs are very much desired, so if you have recorded yowl and wish to include them with our historical data, and have not as yet, please send that material along to me.

The material includes not only that mentioned, but also, various Battle of the Bulge video tapes, old newspaper clippings, photographs made during training, a red fabric armband with the Nazi Swastika and a (apparently handmade) guidon for an (unidentified) I R unit. There is no written history on the armband or guidon, so if anyone knows the history of them I would appreciate a note for the records,

For a start, BINDER 81 contains the following stories or books;

I, Mike Klinkman, German Prisoner N, 25708 (2 cop.

2. Larry Tabor Thesis for Master8Degree 1 December 1988 (no title)

3. John R. Schaffner, 589/A Arn,dcae, Memoirs of service, plus Journals of battlefield revisits 1992, 1994, 1998. 2002,

4. Maurice deLaval' L,S.D. The Battle Of The Ardennes GL Joe Pleads NOT GUILTY" 1958

5. "The Heroic 10601"-Artickfrom Indianapolis Star

6„.012,1 , s 10,6th;;;:mall pamphlet six history; from the Army Education Uni (A&6,

7. Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial - ABMC 1963

8. "The Story of America's 106th In., Division" - excerpt from Cedric Foster broadcast January 21, 1945

9. Before The Veterans Die - by Dale Carver (2nd printing 1985)

10. "Then and Now, magazine catalog

11. History of .30th Division


1;, Paperwork

establishing the 106th Infantry     F

(Archive copies)

14, The Thirty-Eighth U,S, Infant, Regiment

Written it Ed. by Capt. Edward O. Ethel, Pfc, Paul A. Caldwell - 1945





Front & Center '


Association president John M.      ESCAPE''. I I

Roberts, "C" Battery, 592nd

Field Artillery Battalion, recently   The True Story

published a book about his experiences during the "Rattle of the Bulge"      World War II P.O.W.

in December 1941 where he was   The Germans Couldn't Hold

ambushed and captured by the Germans, The book. 237 pages, with a colorful cover, gives a detailed account by John M, 'lack" Roberts account of his harrowing experiences

telling how he was able to escape his German captors, while behind enemy lines, before reaching a POW compound, Early chapters in the book gives the reader an overview of his youth, including his military training leading up to his capture, The book then concludes with his adjustment to civilian life with it's rewards alter discharge from the Army. Jack, books were on sale M the "Hospitality Room" during the 57th Annual Reunion of t. 106th Infantry Division Association at Fort Mitchell, Kentucky where ma, members purchased the books that were on display.

For those of you who were unable to attend the reunion, you may purchase the book directly from Jack as follows:

John M         Roberts, 1059 Alter Road, Bloomfield HUH, MI  48304.

email: jmr810(Maolcom Telephone: 1-2.-338-2667

Price: 527.95 includes shipping and handling.

Payable to John M. Roberts

HINDER FORWARD alINDER.cer..........wr


A1thPagor Deae"115°F1' +

Jewett 168th l'i

611t7Cinogmbat Engineers, orPOsBothoox        ME

Author Author made two t

"I        rips to St. Vith, Rhine River, /Irrins comb., Veterans

168th plus personal Engineer Ban:Itnn7a.s attached to the 106th Mr. Division at SL

Their due' line "'Pam' were defendingding the i'mm='.1n 1:1-6°:th men suffered 335 casualties, 33 Kik the others wounded' ,',r MIA, crossing of is credited with Normand:, Invasion, Northam France, Rhineland,

the Rhine River, Central Europe, Ending up near Cmehoslovak

The CUB :/the °GM.. Lion

Front & Center '


Author Hal Taylor, 423/CN, 2172 Rockndge Dr,, Grand Junction, co .503

or herd

hal I 271abresnannet 970-245-7807 Available llp;//7.  f o

1stborodts.=, woo

cb7yYit=cattrteetr' singes o7WAorrterIVar 'ria.P describes

originated from letters written home

about induction, training, and time overseas with the 423rd Regiment of M 106th


Division and that unit's short period of combat in the Battle of thettge, The story is unique compared to most war books. for It contains none so-rolled pedantic pretenses of most military histories, filled with strategy the ore Picture.' Instead, A Teen's War tells how a young, private soldier became ay. of

re=d l readers :Tdurailia=rth"e' his limited view, willrulTs book

"Her 7w."1 R"I'lletiriso:eh'ere hellish        'ufn==u

ior7enables one to live and to cope with the realities of today,


MEMORIES OF A TOUR OF DUTY BY 1st 360ks library. 1663 Liberty .v. .47I IN EUROPE Suite 200 Bloomington, IN 47403 EARLS PARSER 423/E

100 Pages 59,95

          Also available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Borders at 514,95, Any book store can order the book by Title, Author or ISBN Number Hoe is the story of a young draftee in World War II who experienced life in the Armored Force, the Anny Air Face pi. training program and the reality of combat in an In., Division. On line with the 106th M a quiet sector of the Ardennes. these foot soldiers were in the direct path of the nuts. Garman offensive that became Idiom as 77th Battle of. Bulge. Overwhelmed by the sheer might of numbers and firepower arrayed against them, they managed to upset the enemy timetable until forced to surrender on the fourth day of what has been called the greatest battle of the war in terms of men and machines. This book is about an individual and his experiences under fire and as a prisoner of war, liberation by the Russian Army and his adventures on a hike across country, to rejoin the American Army. I fere. an attempt has been made to create the feeling of the times in addition to the pro, terns of the moment. It is a book about real people in a tragic period of history.

Editor's Note:

We have over the years lived books in "The CUB" as a service to our 106th Infant, Division author, ay well as to other person's with a story to tell about World War IL Especially about "The Battle of the Bulge," Our representation of "a, book" in The CUB Magccine does not express acceptance of or an official opinion by the "106th Infant, Division Association. or its officer, or Board ofDbrctorS: or editor"

les up to you toJudge for yourself whether to purchase or not purchase




The CUB of the Golden con

Front & Center , , .

Helen von Erck's     


A Love Story About Freedom Set During The Battle of the Bulge - World War II     

About the Book:     

the rn, g SI, Of R.." end


From James West, Associate



Jim says, "The Museum is not open aMuseum,deal and it is taud to expat all to

"ithlikthe "?.itt,urs. 1.77,11-Mgat=Z:',111=3 •

and we would behhaphapyvtotshow you the Museum.

I am fonvarding this message to Major Potts, Directorate of Military Police and he will inform his soldiers of our need to allow visitors to be met at the gate and escorted

The CU8 deo Goldin Lion

Front 8 Center ...


In a later Jo fhe Editor.

by Richard J. Thomas a2a,c

Subject: Re: Solemn Thoughts 106th ADCs

COLLINS, Robert T f'FC, NJ 17 DEC 44

Weapons platoon, C Comp, 424th Inja,

I commanded the first machine gun squad. and Collins. "Gallic" to us, was my

thog7vn",..' thTia5trIlifrcZspeb"„ittile. ranol=r171":111r1TryiTnreGo=

advancing German 'Glen tanks and small arms fire from their inf., troops, Our mission, as you know, was to set up a final defensive line of fire until the rest of the company had fallen back, .n to drop back•and set up a new line of fire. Whenever possible, we set up in the woods at the edge of a cultivated field so that we had a clear field of fire, Things were pretty chaotic. but I can only assume that our fire helped slow the German advance, since they seemed to he oancentrating much of their fire on our positions, Miraculously, we avoided , casualties from the time of. first btatage at about 6 A,M. until about II:30 then mining, what a bee burst behind our gun got our gurmer Collie, the assistant gime, Houston, and me. We were all hit in. legs, Hounon sustained a couple of flesh wounds, and I got a piece of shrapnel through my left ankle, Collie was. most seriously wounded, with two hits in his left leg, and that in his right. Athv sending. hvo ammo beams back to report to the platoon sergeant, a wonderful New Yorker named Charles Gribbin I we cacti him "Tech", I crawled over to check on arc Collie and !Iowan. Both were in a . of pain, and in no condition to continue manning the gun. It was too late, anyhow, Gemum infantry had matted the wood and had us pinned down, We were prisoners, Their first words to us were "For you the war is over," The Germans were surprisingly considerate of us, They carried us to the edge of a

rat'adionsthfrocn.mbecouraureadiecr:mr_awas:sdZItZTatsTd7usrliZet= ande h::,:or the squad spoke excellent English, and assured me that an ambulance would be by to take us back to a field hospital "very soon," Again, I heard the phrase, "For you, the war is over." Well alter nightfall, the ambulance came,

When we arrived at the field hospital, I lost touch with both the men, A medic took the boot off my foot and wrapped it in a paper bandage, Very late that night. I overheard a doctor speaking English to another wounded prisoner, I got his attention and asked him about my men, I had trouble identifying them to the doctor, but he finally •em away' promising he would try to find out, He was back in a short time, "One is all right'" he said, "he will be fine, The other," he shook his head, "his wounds were too severe, We had to give him an injection' we could not help hi, Collie may have had other wounds than the five I saw. Or he may have been too deeply in shock to survive, I don't know, But I do know he was cuthanised that night in the field hospital, I can only assume he was buried in a nearby grave, If . Germans did not feel they could trans, him for treatment. I doubt they would move himburial. PFC, Collins was a soldier, and a good human being. Like most of  for

b f thosewho did not return, his loss was a tragedy to his family, and our country,




The CUB of the OMNI, Lion


New Members .

ALBERT, ROY I, 42.1,,1934

I was transferred to the 106th from the Air Corps at Malden' Miss°uri and sent for Ranger. Parachute and Medical Training and at Fort Bra., Fort Jackson

1:61I: rtarncOr Europe

friendships in the 106th because I was

shipped out to the 35th Infantry Division

as a machine gun squad leader,

I did see several 106th soldiers at the POW Camp where I was held, but the UM. escape



It has been hellish getting through the mental impact alter deciding to investigate the times in 1944, my capture on 12 December 1944 and the PONY experience. I was liberated on 9 May 1945' weighing 40 pounds lighter, but alive, I am getting there and ho, this membership will help,

Also recently an architectural friend of mine said then a "memorial" for the 106th has been built in the New York City area (Maybe the Bronx,. Please send me a Division Patch,

Signed R,

(Editor, Note: Roy. First - What POW Camps were you held in, The 106th soldiers were held in three major cam, plus a variety of"Work Camps,'. Our PX has closed for lade of business and l am not sure where you can get a Golden Lion Patch, Through this "alto, S Note"! am asking any person having a spare to FIRST write or call you, to see if some other person has already responded,

Welcome back to the 106th, You have a lot of supporters in our group, Many of us experienced what you went through, I

know I did



Please sign me in as a LIFE Member


Anmek,,,x 9211kg

nuommiegaeecom My father, Allen W, Brown, 39272552 was in "D" Co,, 4,2:).1ny fan Regiment.

?l'ather's Divi- Ion insWWIL My wife Sandra and I are Joining as LIFE Members,



Please sign me in as a LIFE Member. Sergeant. in Headquarters 2Bn, 422nd Infantry,

DiUSCOLL, DONNA 13.5:74:177,De

My cousin ThomasIlDwasms.with

the     u

was with the Thomas

e TaLy History,

I found John „met

Damn Dykco!! 8ieuee () use Driscoll

for any IHZ   every new

packet.some some't*en4aFg. :Paned enCeriiii:'11,7,5,50cs

dtousle and father bang in

'service oriented' Narn Is what she wrote

M7Thos Dh*: '11

with me 06th Vets: This es,)

some of your ex,

The CUB ot th4 Goidm Lion

T. CUB olth4Gol.ralon

New Members .. .

The CUB atm ...Up.

New Members'''

          for the next   STAIN°, CARMEN 422/I

          year, In the fill of I9471=011W in  the     24d wB.a 1A A•MBsrr. DE /d7ol,eom

School The °fGIrpalimmeat=ollrft"


which I am gratefid More grateful ' in connection vith this, Ptinhe is whine I met

"L" :117;u1    CT:h i'lV7id"74"


I was employed by the USDA for a

Cew withZdttinnimrer:ityn' as"" been Director and for 30 years the Manager of nn outlying eXP.....1 farm conducting Pc.tre and beef cable research I reined in 1989 and have Hued in Upland, N for

ri7g,fi i

fishing, ii= 1 c11=an tcltelnr. In closing , I wit l say Out !wish I had

',761attre Trove =0,

the association I have received several e-mails and a few phone calls which I appreciate, I wish I hod known about the

==a71= ago, ;:rat

unpleasant 7:1111'nre; lknonistUct151:1 Flu    been   coward

l         1:37 d deed


PAPPAS, JAMES 423/1( .0363,d





year and the foxholes are pretty

mucil' ""r11Vcomu'7

ope     will be coming over for

the 60° Amiversmy neat year, If so I


PO dor 36d








The CUB off/142a. Lk.

From our Washington D,C, Correspondent -Jo, St/her, 4.23,

Past-President, OGL and current board member,




The CUB of eriden Uen

To all Mini-Reunion Chairman:

We are proud to include the Mini-Reunion reports in this issut,"The CUB" for thisyear, activities. I with to thank the chairmen and helper, who made this ad possible.

It is vital that we continue the Mini-Reunion programs. For there are many of us that are unable to travel to the National Reunions.

For those of you who were unable to attend the 57th Annual Reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association at Fort Mitchell, your certificates were mailed to you with a Idler of appreciation for the fine work you are Join6

For those that hnve not yxt reported their Ynr 2003 Mini-Rtmetoos: The next CLJB will be

available t'n°,217,==',71=1:Vdfiarp", send a

=tozeniin order thatul can summarize the year's reunions to re, to the Asso-

Harry Martin. 121 Thank you.Avenue. Mt. Arlington, NJ 078,1032 or email me at:

7M CUB dl6s Oak/nr Liar

Mini-Reunions . .




The CUB of thi;Gold.n Lion

Mini-Reunions ,, .

Me., Arizona - Dee 2003



1M CUB o/ tn. Golf. Llon _ .

Northam Ca

la-DOct 00


a •

Dec 16 200,1

.1.11*M• mat. a



Mini-Reunions ,

d September




The CUB of. Goldin Uon

_         20

Mini-Reunions .. .

me CUB olth:, Goklon Lion

Mini-Reunions ,


          7,14=1,1r. 7A17.1;13,1...., 14,2007        &

          M..... I, Cats C, Camp 4241C, Rcr E‘.1101.1,     Bl.k.

S•11'7', IVII:=5:12;rFd=1:=1"Zol:=47-11/r.d1;.=.23(67ZC'" Peen

          Roggy Kcily: Elaine Darby; lean Shirky: F..kle    A....

          Cc7ZIKILB:70 .d Kathy      W. F..:          Carey,

The .CUt:72 Go/den Uen


er,e, non al~wn hfs unique



Index for: Vol. 60 No. 1, Oct, 2003

Andersonville, 2

Ardennes, 4, 6

Berga, 1

Collins, Sherod, 3

Darby, Elaine, 11

Foster, Cedric, 4

Gilliland, John, 3

Martin, Harry, 10

Paris, 1

Rhine, 5

Roberts, John M., 5

Schaffner, John, 3

Schaffner, John R., 4

Schonberg, 9

St. Vith, 5

Thomas, Richard J., 7