The Cub

Vol. 59, No. 4, JUL, 2003



President's Message . .

          When I sat down to write about our trip to Andersonville for this issue of The Cub I really didn't know where to start. To begin with, I was not captured during WW II. I was never a POW. I don't pretend to know what it is like to be one. From what I have learned about life as a prisoner of war, I certainly do have much respect for those who were. I felt the need to be at Anderson-vile for this occasion, but also I had the feeling that I was intruding. I do not qualify for membership in this fraternity.

I can tell you about the National Park Site atAndersonville and the wonderful "down home" treatment that we received from all those nice people that we met, and, of course, the ceremony that we participated in to dedicate the Memorial to the veterans of our 106th Infantry Division who had been prisoners. The Park Service staff was most helpful with setting up our program and enlisting the participation of the Color Guard and Rifle Squad from Robins AFB.

          When we departed from home the weatherman said "It looks like rain through the whole Memorial Day weekend," but then, we are about 900 miles north of where we are going, so we were optimistic' It was a two-day drive, and, without incident, no problems.

          When we arrived at the hotel in Americus on Saturday, many of our group was already there. Things were looking up. It was just great to see our good friends again. And, of course, some I had not met before. These are wonderful people and I am proud to be counted among them' Seems there is never enough time to play "catch-up."

Sunday, the day of the ceremony dawned beautifid. We could not have ordered weather more perfect. The Park Superintendent, Fred Boyles, requested to meet early with Dr. John Robb and the others of our group who would participate in the ceremony. There would be no "dress rehearsal" as such, but we all sat around the table and became familiar with the agenda for the day. Everyone was ready

The time for the ceremony was 11 AM and the Color Guard and Rifle Squad from Robins Air Force Base was there at the site where the plaque was installed in front of the museum building. The plaque was in place and covered, and the lectern was set up. The Park provided us with programs and a block of chairs for our audience.

The ceremony began on time at 11:00 AM. Sunday, May 25, and it included, as a Special event, our past Treasurer and Historian, Sherod Collins, who was honored with the presentation of a framed guidon representing his former unit, 423/SV. The frame also included an engraved plaque detailing Sherod's service to the 106th Infantry

Division Association over many years.





John R. Schaffner, President 2002-2003

106th Infantry Division Association

"A" Battery, 589th Field Artillery Battalion

1811 Miller Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030-1013

Phone: 410-584-2754 Email: ishaffn@bcptnet

President's Message...

          Now, I must say just a little bit about the Andersonville Museum and Memorial to all of the U. S. Prisoners of War. I believe that the Civil War has only a passing interest for a great many of our citizens. Maybe it occurred too long ago for it to be relevant to our younger generations.

          Apparently the history of America's struggle to remain "one nation, under God," was not given the importance that it deserved when our generation attended school. It has only been since the advent of the modern communications media that much of the story has been brought to light.

          This entire National Park Site is now dedicated to all of those Americans who became prisoners of an enemy force since the American Revolution. Upon entering the park I felt something different about this place. I have visited many cemeteries in my time including those in Europe that hold the remains of our service people who died there. They are all solemn places that have an effect on one.

          Many stories have been written about this place as a POW camp and in recent years a movie was released. Since I have made the visit I have accumulated more than enough material on my desk to fill this issue of The Cub from cover to cover. Rather than do that, I would encourage you to seek out those stories from your local library and video store' Catch up on the history of our U.S.A.

          From the Park Service brochure: "Andersonville, or Camp Sumpter as it was officially known, was one of the largest of many Confederate military prisons established during the Civil War' It was built early in 1864 after Confederate officials decided to move the large number of Federal prisoners kept in and around Richmond, Virginia, to a place of greater security, and a more abundant food supply. During the 14 months the prison existed, more than 45,000 Union soldiers were confined here' Of these, almost 13,000 died from disease, poor sanitation, malnutrition, overcrowding, or exposure to the elements'" Sgt. David Kennedy, 9th Ohio Calvary wrote," it takes 7 of its occupants to make a shadow" "The end of the war saved hundreds of prisoners from an untimely death, but for !many the war's end came too late' Of 194,732 Union soldiers held in Confederate prison camps, some 30,000 died while captive. Union forces held about 220,000 Confederate prisoners, nearly 26,000 of whom died."

          This historic site, dedicated to all U.S' prisoners, now contains a memorial specific to our 106th Infantry Division soldiers. It is placed there and dedicated on 25 May 2003 to ensure that the men of the 106th Infantry Division who suffered the indignities of being a prisoner of war, and sometimes death, under horrific circumstances, will long be remembered.

          If the opportunity arrives for you to visit the Andersonville National Historic Site I hope that you will take advantage of it. All of us who were there are indelibly impressed with the importance of this place. J.R.S' 2003

For more information contact:

Andersonville National Historic Site

496 Cemetery Road

Andersonville, GA 31711



Next page is the agenda of the program which includes my remarks. I don't have written copy from any of the other speakers' \\





President's Message .


106th Association President John Schaffner and Supenntendant Boyles, Andersonville

Opening by Superintendent Boyles:

Fellow veterans of the 106th 1.D., Families and friends, Greetings everyone,

Thank you for being here on this day that has so much meaning to those of our 106th Infantry Division who became prisoners during WW II in Europe It is gratifying indeed to realize that this site is dedicated to all those young Americans who have suffered as prisoners of war.

It is our fervent hope and prayer that no more names be added to this roster. But, we all know by now that our freedoms exist only because we are willing to pay for them'

It seems that a war is the only tender that our enemies recognize'

The cost is always paid by our most dedicated and bravest defenders'

The Andersonville National Historic Site will remain an ongoing Memorial to all United States Prisoners of War

Color guard - Advance The Colors

The Pledge of Allegiance will be led by Mr. John M. Roberts, 1st Vice President of the 106th Infantry Division Association

The Invocation will be offered by the Reverend Ewell C. Black, Jr. veteran of the 106th Infantry Division (Invocation)

Remarks by 106th Infantry Division Association President, John Schaffner,

There was a time in our young lives when we were faced with a very uncertain future. However, once involved with battling the enemy on a daily basis, the young men of our division did not have the option of choosing their fate. Some died even before they needed to shave every day. Dying, or being wounded, or made a prisoner, seemed to be a random event for us

Will it happen to me was the question? And, I think that most of us thought it would not. The expression, "There, but for the Grace of God, go I," seems to sum it up. Many of us were made prisoners of our enemy.

But, it was not necessarily a soldier's option to lay down his arms and surrender' We did not want to do that. With the intent of saving the lives of many, their commanders made the decision for them. In retrospect it may have been the correct decision.





President's Message...

From then on the fate of many of our soldiers was in the hands of their enemy. But, once a prisoner, "what now?" was the question.

Most of the men of our division were in good physical condition when they were captured and of a mind to do all that it was possible to do, to ensure their survival. Many did not survive' It was a close call for many more.

Deprivation of the ordinary comforts of life was an every day condition. Those who survived may have been broken in body, but never in spirit. This memorial is placed here, and dedicated today, to ensure that the men of the

106th Infantry Division who suffered the indignities of being a prisoner of war under

horrific circumstances will long be remembered'

+ + + + + + Special Tribute to Sherod Collins 423/SV + + + + + +

Past-President, Past Treasurer, member since 1949

Holder of the Order of the Golden Lion Commander's Class - Friend of all.

Presentation of a special ...card for services rendered. (Plague and Certificate)

Pres Schaffner, presenting Sherod Collins with a 'Special Tribute" for services rendered. Andersonville

Superintendent Boyles to the right More photos in this CUB magazine

Remarks - Walter G. Bridges, 2nd Vice President of the 106th Infantry Division Remarks and Unveiling of the plaque - Dr. John G Robb

Rifle Salute, Taps Recess the Colors Benediction by Reverend Ewell C. Black

(See more in another section of this CUB)

John R. Schaffner; 589/A

President 2002-2003 106th Infantry Division Association





Chaplain's Message .

          I was fortunate to spend some time listening to and reacting to a West Point professor who teaches military ethics to cadets at the academy' Very thought provoking! And meaningful to anyone was has "been there'" It motivated this chaplain's page.

Most of were "warriors", as distinguished from "murderers." The murderer was the German who executed GI's at Malmedy. And there were surely some American murderers too. The murderer, for example, was the pilot of either air force who shot down the parachuting flyer as he floated helplessly to earth.

The trouble is that when warriors fight murderers, they may be tempted to become the mirror-image of the very evil they abhor. Their only protection is their code of honor... their ethic.

Legend tells us that when Spartan mothers

sent a son off to war, she would tell him, "Come        ChaplainDr' Duncan Trueman, 424/AT

back with your shield or on it.: This meant that        29 Overhill Lane, Warwick NY 10990

a young warrior should fight bravely, main-              TEL/FAX: 845-986-6376

tain his martial discipline (ethic) and return

with his body and honor intact.

Spartan mothers wanted their sons to return with their sense of self-respect still with them, not tortured by guilt and shame. Get that? To come back with their shields was to come back still feeling like warriors, not like cowards or murderers' I have tried to help two men who felt tortured that way for years. It is a sure invitation to PTSD'

As superb as this professor's analysis was, it lacked the sense of reality and intensity that only a combat soldier could have brought to it. It was hypothetical, though abundantly true'

We should be proud that American forces have always had a code of honor that has been exemplary even in times that try the soul. Occasionally violated in the heat of battle ? Of course ! But outstanding among all the nations of the world.

The code's origin can be found in our religious faiths. Religion was, after all, the source of almost all of our standards of ethics and morality. The underlying ethic we know of as "The Golden Rule" It is found in virtually every major religion.

In Christianity Matthew 7:1; in Judaism, Talmud (Shabbat 3id); in Islam, Sunnah; and in Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, etc, etc'

So the core ethic that underwrites all others is the Golden Rule. It is also the basis for the military code of honor' It is the code of your faith and mine and of your army and mine' May it be the code of every 106'er's life!

"What is hateful to thee, do not unto thy fellowman." (Hine!)

"Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them'" (Jesus)

"Do not do to others what you do not want done to you." (Plato)





Front & Center ...

Editor, John Kline, 423/M

11 Harold Drive

Bumsville, MN 55337-2786

Tele: 952-890-3155 Fax 952-707-8950 Web site: httpi/\userljpk


Due to the hectic Summer, personal committments, time crept up on me for this issue. Then we had some formatting problems' Mostly due to our print shop converting to "Digital" printing this old dog had to learn a few new tricks' It isn't easy when you are the only guy in the fochole that thinks he knows how to use a computer' I'll try to get on track for the November CUB'


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Pennsylvania Mini-Reunion John Gallagher 81st ENG/C Temple, PA

John writes that his Mini-Reunion group will meet Friday Evening October 31 at the Dutch Colony, Motor Lodge. With Dinner on Friday. Rooms are available for those that want to stay for breakfast on Saturday.

Missing in Action:

George S. Patrick, Lakeland, Florida Last known address 1126 Colony Arms Court' Anybody with information about this LIFE Member let me know John Kline


We are a small group of 106 Recon Troop survivors from the Battle of the Bulge We are planning our annual reunion October 23-26, 2003 in San Antonio, Texas'


Joseph C. Haines

7503 Haines drive

El Reno, OK 73036

405-262-3867 General Bulletin Board

Page 6 APR-MAY-JUN CUB 2003 I indentified Claude BILLIET as a Vietnam vet. He was a KOREAN vet.

Sorry Claude. J Kline, editor


Thanks to William Blaher, 422/I This may be old news to most all. The U.S. Army News Service just

circulated a notice: World War II veterans who earned the Combat Infantry Badge or Combat Medical Badge are eligible to receive the Bronze Star.

Contact the Service officer in your County Court House, or some other service organization for papers to apply.


Rule changes in Memoriam Listings

In all the years that the CUB has been published the rule for listings of deaths of Association members was that "Veterans Only have been listed"'

That rule still applies. "Veteran's deaths" will always be listed - when the details are known' General opinion of our veterans and overall age of our organization suggests that this rule is be relaxed.

Any "current" Association member's death with the status of an Associate or Auxiliary Membership will be published in a separate section of the "Memoriam" when requested by a surviving member of the family.

Note, this is "when requested."

Write or call the editor, John Kline, or any other officer with the details. See the inside front cover page for "Officer's list" or the "Editor's" page for address/telephone number of the editor.





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Mini-Reunions Continued.. .


          It is apparent, as time goes by, that our Mini-Reunions are being spread out over the year' This used to be a December event, celebrating, the anniversary of the Batik of the Bulge. Now beeause of our age, bad weather conditions, we have them held in just about every part of the year That's Great! - Who cares when they are held, as long as we get together, at least once a year in remembrance of those days in 1944-45, and in comradeship with our 106th buddies, wives and families. Go at it. Do it, then send me a report with a couple of well lighted photos. I would appreciate either the original glossy or a digital camera file. Ink Jet print photos do not reproduce well for technical reasons.

John Kline, CUB Editor

Topeka, Kansas

1311 and Mary Lou Stahl, 211 Arapahoe Ct, Junction City, KS 6641

          The 2002 8th Mini Reunion for k\Kansas and the Kansas City Area were held on December 16th at the Coyote Canyon, Topeka, Kansas. Following a steak buffet, an interesting and lively discussion with books, written material, pictures and memories was shared by all

          The 2003 Mini-Reunion will be held on the same date, December 16, 2003 commencing at 11:30 am, at the Coyote Canyon, comer of Wanamaker and Huntoon - just off 1-70, at Topeka. KS. All are invited to attend'

Back Row from left: Richard Schoeck, 106th SIG; John Stewart, 423/SV' <ark R. "Chaplain" Moore, DIV/ARTY; George Marcos, 423/HQ; John H' Mock, 422/L, Bill Stahl, 422/K

Front Row from left: Dennis Wright, 424/A; Arletia Stewart; Mary Ellen Mock; Mary Lou Stahl; Phyliss Jones; Martin Jones, 423/G

Guests of John and Arletia Stewart were their son, Bob Stewart and his fiance' Nancy Berm.

I lie (lilt         ihi• Golden Lion

Mini-Reunions Continued.. .

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Truman W' Christian, 27 Center Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011

For many years we have held our may Mini-Reunion at Downingtown, PA at Hoss's Restaurant. Art and Ruth-Alice drive approximately on and one half hours from Manasquan, NJ for our "annual" reunion. Six of us in Harrisburg PA meet and ride for an hour in Elmer Brice's van and that also provides us with more reunion time' We decided this year to stay overnight at a nearby hotel. Thanks to Art Potts for the photos.

Men Ur: Elmer Brice, Sr' 422/L; Norman Simmons, 424/D; Truman Christian, 424/D; Art Potts 424/K Ladies Ur: Ruth-Alice Potts, Betty Simmons, Janet Brice, Anne Christian

PS: Each year Dec, Jan or Feb we also have a mini-reunion in Mechanicsburg and that one ineludes Ralph Coble, 424/A' Since the Brices are in Florida and the Potts in New Jersey we have a second reunion in May'





WAR STORIES - Personal Histories




Author: John M. "Jack" Roberts 592/C

1059 Alter Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248-338-2667

1st Vice President Roberts has written a book about his experiences while with 592/C which highlights being ambushed and captured by the Germans on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge.

The book gives a detailed account of his harrowing escape while being marched behind enemy lines as a Prisoner of War. Early chapters tells about his youth including his military training leading up to his capture and finishes with his adjustment to civilian life with its rewards.

The Book will be for sale in the Hospitality Room at the Drawbridge Inn in Ft' Mitchell, KY along with the other memorabilia that John Gilliland has for sale. Each book bought at the Hospitality Room a percentage of the cost will be donated to the 106th Association Treasury. Autographs will be given upon request."


Author Hal Taylor, 423/CN, 2172 Rockridge Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81503

hal@jg'net 970-245-7807 Available hWp://www. I as a hard copy or electronic transfer' A Teen's War describes the experiences of a small town boy in the latter stages of World War II. Portions originated from letters written home about induction, training, and time overseas with the 423rd Regiment of the 106th Infantry Division and that unit's short period of combat in the Battle of the Bulge.

The story is unique compared to most war books, for it contains none of the pedantic pretenses of most military histories, filled with strategy or the so-called 'Big Picture.' Instead, A Teen's War tells how a young, private soldier became aware of reality and the world around him despite his limited view.

All readers who have ever heard the words, 'missing in action,' will find this book interesting' Readers who were prisoners of war themselves, particularly of the Germans, will recall those hellish times and understand that recollection enables one to live and to cope with the realities of today.


456 pages $50'00 + $6 shipping

Author Dean F. Jewett 168th Combat Engineers, PO Box 249, Saco ME 04072

Author made two trips to St Vith, Rhine River, Armor School Library, Military History Institute, plus personal information from 168th Combat Veterans

168th Combat Engineer Battalion, was attached to the 106th Inf Division at St Vith. Their three line companies were defending the Prumerberg. A battalion of 600 men suffered 335 casualties, 33 KIA, the others wounded, POWs or MIA. The 168th is credited with Normandy Invasion, Northern France, Rhineland, assault crossing of the Rhine River (where it had not been successfully crossed in over 1,000 years, Central Europe. Ending up near Czechoslovakia.





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John Gilliland

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1. Cap, ball, mesh back, adjustable, 106th Logo/Washington $10.00 + $3,50 S&H

2. Cap, ball, mesh back, adjustable, 106th Logo/WW II Memorial     $12,00 + $3,50 S&H

3. 106th shoulder Patch, duplicate of original, 21/2"    $3,00 PP

4. Patch, pocket, etc. 106th Inf. Div. Assn., 4"   $3,00 PP

5. Flag Set, US & 106th w/base, miniature (limited)     $10,00 PP

6. Address Index, expandable, magnetic, credit card size, w/106th Logo, Gold, $3.00 PP

7. Decal, 4", like 4" Patch, peel and stick $2,00 PP

8. Decal, 4"x 6", 106th Logo on Red & Blue Flag, peel & stick $2,00 PP

9. Decal, 4" x 10", Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), peel & stick  $2,00 PP

10. Decal, 1-318", Lion's Head, 60 to sheet, peel & stick         $3,00 PP

11. Lapel Pin, Hat, etc. St, Louis, w/106th Logo (15 left)        $3.00 PP

12. Lapel Pin, Hat or tie or dress (raised Gold) in red & blue circle     $3,00 PP

13. Lapel Pin, same as above - with bar and chain for tie tac,  $4.00 PP

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16. Windbreaker, lined, Blue w/106th 4" patch on left front XL and XXL $ 25,00 + 4,50 S&H

17. T/Shirt, Jerzees w/ colored Artist Photo of 106th Logo and WWII Memorial on front Med, Large and Xtra Large $12.00 - 2X $14.00 - 3X $15,00 Plus $3.50 S&H each

18. Colored Artist Photo, 8x10 inch, suitable for framing        $2.00 each PostPaid

Your choice showing: j, World War II Memorial 2' 106th WWII locations, as detailed on Afghans. State your choice and how many you want, Order both at this low price,





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003

Dr. John 10 Robb Memorial Chairman, at the "Unveiling of the Plaque"

John Schaffner Association Pres 2002-2003, to his left

The 106th Infantry Division - Plaque Dedication Ceremony

Sunday, May 25, 2003 Andersonville

National Prisoner of War Museum

In our 11 AM Dedication Ceremony, there were about 75 in attendance, of which 20 were 106th Infantry Division veterans. Fourteen States were represented.

Andersonville Prison was in operation fourteen months in 1864 - 1865. There were 45,000 prisoners. There were 13,000 deaths.

In 1970 Andersonville was made an National Historic Site. In 1998 Andersonville was made a "Prisoner of War Museum."

The color guard was from Warner robins Air Force Base. The Andersonville National Historic Site afternoon Memorial Day Service was very impressive.

In the closing ceremony - laying of wreaths - John Schaffner, 106th Infantry Division Association President and John Roberts, Association 1st Vice- President, placed the 106th Wreath. It was a Memorial Day we shall remember. Dr. John C Robb, 422/

106th Infantry Division Association Plaque



from the



who fouglit in the

of the 111.11,CV.,

many of Whom were captured

after exhausting their means to resist

when surrounded in the

Schnee rifel region of Cennany,

and during actions near St. Nish, Belgium

in December 1444 and WWI 1945.





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 ..

Opening by Superintendant Boyle Pledge of Allegiance by John Schaffner, Pres

Andersonville NationaF.1,1),ric Site         106th Infantry Division Association

          Invocation by Past Chaplain Ewell C. Black Jr.

Walter Bridges 2nd VP 106th Assoc at Podium   Dr. John F.1,1). 106th Assoc Mem, 11 Chairman

John Schaffner, Pres at the side





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 .. .

Above: Association President

John Schaffner

presenting Sherod Collins with a

plaque for many long years of

"Services Rendered"

to the 106th Infantry Division Association

Below: Carl Canup 424/C and John Robb, 422/D,

Memorial Chairman in front of the newly dedicated

106th Infantry Division POW plaque


Send your donations for POW Memorial

Plaque to Association Treasurer

See inside front cover for address


Sherod Collins, 423/SV w/ friend Martha Brocata

with his newly acquired plaque inscribed:

Presented to Sherod Collins,

106th Infantry Division 423/SV

ORDER of the GOLDEN LION Commander Class 1973

President 1975; Adjutant 1964-1968;

Historian 1961-2003; Treasurer 1964 - 2003

With warmest friendship from his comrades

in arms 2003"





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 . .

Presenting the wreath at the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Ceremony

1st V. P. John (Jack) Roberts, 592/C, John Schaffner, 589/A, President

and Jr. ROTC Cadet as Flower Bearer

Color Guard from Warner Robins Air Force Base






Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 .. .

106th MEMORIAL PLAQUE DEDICATION PROGRAM Opening Remarks      John R. Schaffner President

Advancement of Colors' Robins Air Force Base Warner Robins, Georgia

Pledge of Allegiance  . John M. Roberts First Vice President

Invocation''    Reverend Ewell C. Black, Jr'

Welcome       'Fred Boyle,s,Superintendent, Andersonville NHS

Remarks       John R. Schaffner President

Tribute to Sherod Collins

Remarks       Walter G Bridges Second Vice President

Unveiling of the Plaque/Remarks .'...............Dr. John G Robb Memorial Chairman

Benediction   Reverend Ewell C' Black

Facts of the 106 Infantry Division

TYPE OF DIVISION: Army of the United States

NICKNAME: Golden Lion" Division

SONG: "Onward Lions of 106 to Victory," words and music by Frank Power.

ACTIVATION DATE: 15 March 1943. INACTIVATION DATE: 2 October 1945, Camp Shanks, NY COMPONENT UNITS: 422,423 and 424 lnf Regis; 81 Engr Combat Bn; 106 Cav Rcn Tp (Mee.); 331 Med Bn. Div Arty: 589, 590 and 591st FA Bns (105 how) and 592 FA Bn (155 how). Sp Tps: 106 QM Co, 106 Sig Co, 806 Ord Co (LM), Hq Co, MP Plat and Band. TRAINING UNDER ARMY GROUND FORCES: The division was activated at Fort Jackson SC, and was assigned to the DI Corps of the Second Army The 106th came through its first test, during the Second Anny maneuvers held in Tennessee from Jan to Mar 1944, with flying colors. In March 1944, the division was transferred to Camp Atterbury, Ind., under the second Army'


DATE ENTERED COMBAT: (Division) 10 December 1944.

COMBAT DAYS (DIV): 63 RETURNED TO U.S.: 1 October 1945

BATTLE CREDITS: (Division) Northern Franee, Ardennes; and Rhineland.

SUCCESSIVE COMMANDING GENERALS: MG Alan W Jones from 15 Mar 1943 through Nov 1944; MG Donald A Stroh from Feb 1945 to inactivation.

DISTINGUISHED UNIT CITATION: 81st Engr Cmbt Bn for 16-23 Dec 1944 action in Germany. COMBAT HIGHLIGHTS: On I 1 Dec 1944, the 106th Infantry Division went into the line in Belgium. It was a quid sector. Five days later all the hell of modem war broke loose in that sector. The full force of Von Rundstadt's breakthrough spearhead came up against the 106th. The regiments of the division absorbed all the power which the Germans could deliver at that point. Only a handful of men from the regiments came back, but it could be said of the division as a whole that it went down fighting' The German attack started 16 Dec 1944' The enemy turned its guns on the 422nd and 423n1 Inf Regis and followed up with infantry and tank assaults. On 23 Dec the division pulled baek to reorganize, but was thrown into the line once again the next day. It finally helped to halt the Germans on the north side of the salient between Stavelot and Manhay. During the gigantic GOT111111 offensive the 106th suffered 8603 casualties, which included more than 7000 men missing. Before the last big drive into the Reich could gain momentum, the division was pulled back to Rennes France for rehabilitation While there it also eonstituted the reserve for American troops investing the St Nazaire and Lorient pockets. When the Germans began to surrender by the thousands in April and early May 1945, the 106th was rushed east to take over the partly-built prisoner of war cages and to handle the masses of humanity who were milling about in American held territory. The division in June 1945, had a strength of 40,000 men, three times the size of an ordinary Infantry Division, because of the gigantic task it had to undertake on caring for prisoners and displaced persons' Late in June the division had headquarters at Bad Ems, and was disposed along a 340 mile front. The division sailed for the US in late Sep 1945 and was inactivated upon arrival in this country.





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 .. .


Sponsored by Red River Valley Pilots Association and Andersonvill National Historic

Site' The National Park Service, Andersonville, GA





Master of Ceremonies.        Dave Lorenzo Red River Valley Fighter Pilot

Advaneement of Colors       „ Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany

Pledge of Allegianee

National Anthem

Invocation     Fred Smith Red River Valley Fighter Pilot

Retirement of Colors          Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany

Special Presentation Gordie Tushek, Georgia Chairman Red River Valley

Fighter Pilots

Welcome       Fred Boyles, SupT Andersonville National Historic Site

Remarks .     Paul Dallas National Senior Vice Commander American Ex-

Prisoners of War

Recognition of Veterans.     Wayne Waddell Past President, NAM-POWs

Introduction of Speaker      . James Sehom Georgia's State Inspeetor General

Address'        George Harrison Director, Research Operations Georgia Tech


Institute Closing Ceremony Laying of      Fred Boyles

Patriotic & Civic Organizations      .... . ... .....''.' Escorted by Americus/Sumter High School JROTC

Directed by Major Johnny Womack

Rifle Salute.   ..„ Robins Air Force Base Rifle Team


Benediction   Dick Stratton Past President, NAM-POWs

"God Bless America"





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 .. .

Overlooking the AndersonviNe Cemetery

.1111=6111g um gut i13,11"4111.-



Andersonville Cemetery

Walter Greve, 423/HQ 1Bn at POW Museum

          Photo Credits throughout this

          Andersonville display:

          John Schaffner, Pres;

          Jack Roberts, 1st VP;

          Walter Bridges, 2nd VP;

          Joseph Massey, Board Member

          John Robb, Memorials Chairman

          and Mrs. Robb;

          Walter Greve 423/HQ;

          John Gatens 589th FAB

          GREAT SHOW!






Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003

          Monument at Cemetery Entrance


Sculpture at National POW Wall   

W Wall and Sculpture - National POW Museum




The CUB of the Golden Lion


Andersonville  Memorial  Dedication May 25, 2003 . . .

Rostrum Area used for dedication ceremonies

1st VP Jack Roberts and Pres John

Schaffner strolling by Rostrum area

Walt Greve at entrance POW Museum

Flower display at Rostrt at.




The CUB of the Golden Lion

Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 ..

Site of the only water available for all the prisoners ofAndersonville

-._-_—..111111111^111111111111b'      7INTRINEEP

Representing shelters built by the Andersonville POWs

Stockade area





Andersonville Memorial Dedication May 25, 2003 .. .

ATTENDING THE MEMORIAL PLAQUE CEREMONY Dr. John Robb, 106th Infantry Division Memorial Chairman reported approximately 75 persons from five states attending.

The following veterans, their familDr' and friends.

John Schaffner, 589/A; Jack Roberts, 592/C; Ewell Black Jr., 422/A;

Walter Bridges, 424/D; Dr. John Robb, 422/D; Sherod Collins, 423/SV;

Joseph Massey, 422/C; John Gilliland, 592/SV; Randolph Pierson, 589/HQ;

John Gatens, 589/A; Walter Snyder, 5Dr'A; Russell Gunvalson, 590/A;

Alvin Powers, 422/HQ 1st BN; Fred Smallwood, 423/HQ 1st BN;

Bill Jenkins, 422/H; Bob Howell, 424/HQ 2BN; Bob Peters, 422/K;

Walter Greve, 423/HQ 1st BN; Jack Woodward, 590/HQ and Carl Canup, 424/C

I hope I haven't missed any, if so let John Kline, CUB Editor know

and he will report it in the next CUB

World of Lost Souls

Old photo showing thousands of

POWs huddled together

Andersonville POW Camp

Old photo showing an

area of Andersonville

POW Camp tents





New Members .. .

Note to ALL new members:

Welcome back to the 1066!

If you are on email and have not indicated so, please send me an email address so that you can be added to the nearly 400 members that are on my "Bulge List."

Total membership at this moment is 1,617' If, as a new member you failed to make a statement with your application please do so now, and I will include it in the next CUB' My address appears on the inside cover and on the editor's page of every CUB magazine' John Kline, Editor. jpk@mm'com





Known as "Ankas." Wife's name: Friebl.

He writes, "A post-Bulge replacement at the surrender of the St Nazaire and Lorient pockets in Northern France, plus Camp Coetguidon, France where the division colors were restored. When the division returned Stateside was transferred to the 65. Signal Battalion in Bad Orb, Germany, Stalag 9-B where many soldiers of the division had been kept as POW's.

. Welcome back to the 106. Ankis'









Welcome back to the 106. good buddy' John Kline, 423/M Editor, The CUB





ocestes35 @ wmconnect'com



Wife's name Reva



Son of Dharlys (associate) and William 592/ A (deceased).

Thanks Bruce for the Life membership' Thanks also to your mother', Dharlys'

John Kline. Cub Editor


BEAVER, MUREL E. 422/L          1732 N PROSPECT AVE #808

          404 WEST POPLAR STREET         MILWAUKEE, WI 53202

          BLOOMF7ELD, IA 52537   414-291-0825


My father was PFC Joe Friday, 422/B



CORDOVA, IN 38018-7207 12175 QUAL RIDGE ROAD

rdickerson2 midsouttur'com         HUNTLEY, IL 60142

Was drafted 5th of march 1943. A 847-961-6007

week later was sent to Fort Jackson, SC. Stayed in the 424th to Camp Atterbury where I was sent to POE, Germany and the 30th Infantry Division, 117th Regiment Was discharged from A Welsh convalescent hospital in April.



423-396-9470 Buck78@comcast.cony(

Wife's name Elizabeth. Thanks to you Marion Ray. In your last email you gave me a list of names, none rang a bell' I do remember my Squad Leader was Sgt

Obersack (?) from Philadelphia. Platoon





New Members .. .

Leader was Sgt McCool from Altoona, PA and the CO was W'B' Stewart from Tenn. I was born, raised and drafted from

Baltimore, MD.

I would also like the "Division History Book'"

Editor's Note: Charles the book we call our "Division History Book" could possible be purchased as indicated below Current prices are not known, if they are available.

The history of the 106th Infantry Division is well documented in a book that was written, shortly after the war, by Colonel Ernst Dupuy a renowned World War II historian' Entitled ST. VITH: A Lion in the WAY. It is available in some libraries (ISBN 0-89839-092-3). A reprint of the book is available from Battery Press, Inc', PO Box 198885 - Uptown Station; Nashville, TN 37219. ($39'95 + $4'00 shipping) 615-298-1401 There are very few copies left and there will be no more reprints'

Give it a try' Let me know at , John Kline CUB editor.

You might also try the "Used Books" locations on the interne'


1478 S. VALHALLA DR UPLAND, IN 46989 dnihuberObpsbetcom

Joined 106th Spring of 1945 as a replacement. Please send a few back issues of The CUB magazine.

Editor's Note: David Will do. Also will send a list of your buddies that currently belong to the Association and some other propoganda. John Kline, editor.





A member of 422/A as a PFC I was captured with others of my unit in the Ardennes. Sent to Stalag IV-B, shipped out to a small German town named "Bitterfeld'" Held there in a small makeshift jail with 20 other Americans' We worked in an open soft-coal pit mine in the day time' There was a factory nearby that made "brickets." We also filled "Bomb Craters'" We had our share of cold weather living, starving, bomb raids. We were lucky to get back home. Some were not that lucky.

Editor'S Note: Sounds like you were in the

same place as Dan Beid, also of 422/A, your unit

Thanks Bob, nice talking to you. That made my day! His wife Millie is an Associatie member. I will send you Millie's address — you may want to touch based know she would appreciate it. J Kline, editor)







YOUNGSTOWN, OH 44511-1047


Dorothy, his wife wrote, "Enclosed find a check for a LIFE membership for Charles. He is an EX-POW. Headquarters Company, Pi Battalion, 422. Infantry Regiment"


22 W BRYAN ST #240



My uncle Carl Arthur Koski was a member of Company A of the 424. Combat Infantry regiment. I am researching the experiences of the Koski brothers in World War II. All six of them were in the war' Would

appreciate hearing from any person that, knew him.





I was a radio operator in 1061. Signal during the Bulge. I joined the division when it was activated in 1943 at Fort Jackson, SC. I stayed with it through the Bulge when it was split up. I've forgotten all the code I ever knew. I am now retired and spending Summers in Hyannisport, MA. I'd be interested in hearing from any of the "Radio Section" who are still active.





New Members...



EUSTIS, FL 32726



A rifleman in :K Company, 423. Infantry I was a POW in Slaughterhouse 5, Dresden. After the war worked as a tool & die manufacturer and retired in 1981' My hobbies are fishing and playing Senior Softball. Have a World Series Ring with the Kids & Kubs Team of St. Petersburg, Florida in year 2000 at Detroit, Michigan. My wife, Via Marie and I had two children' Lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan' 1945 - 1981





Harold my apologies for not listing you in the last edition. Welcome back to the 106*' John Kline, editor.



Raymond Is the son of member Harold Palmer 331 MED/HQ, above

Thanks Raymond and welcome to the 106..



PO BOX 222







Son of Joseph, above'

Dad recalls this after 50 years' We also sent in our application for membership in the Association yesterday. I think he will enjoy reading the

CUB magrAne. We have printed off some of the accounts we have read.. Some too long to print off for now.

This will be rather long and we tried to get it down in the order that it happened,

To the best of his memory:

Joe Patzuer's Account of

Battle of Bulge

I was in the Service Battery. I went to Ft. Jackson at activation and I was there from start to finish until captured. We went to St. Vith to pick up some supplies on probably December 14.

We then took supplies to B Battery and nothing happened that night.

The next day, we were taking supplies to Battalion headquarters and saw an MP at the intersection and told him I wanted to head for Battalion headquarters and he told me to go straight ahead. I came to Bleialf and noticed it looked deserted, but kept going and started observing things and thought I could see something going on in the woods up ahead that didn't look right to me, so I went back to Bleialf and to where that MP was supposed to be and there wasn't anyone there, so I took the other road to where I thought headquarters was, got there and unloaded my supplies.

I then went back to the bivouac area.

I think the MP that was supposed to be at that crossroad that sent me to Bleialf was killed by the Germans and they used his uniform and impersonated the MP and directed me in the wrong direction. I later found out that the MP had been killed.

"A" Battery called for ammunition for the howitzer and my truck was available, so they loaded the ammunition onto my truck and when I got there, they were taking it right off the truck and putting it into the gun and started firing at some tanks. As soon as I was unloaded, they sent me out of there. I went back to the bivouac area. This was on December 16.

The German forwarding party came through the morning of the 17th of December and we had some casualties, so they loaded them into my truck and sent me to St. Vith or Schonberg to get medical aid wherever I could.





New Members .. .

What happened to the Service Battery after that, I don't know except from what I have read. Apparently the main attack came through and they were getting circled by tanks, etc. and I had no communication with them after I left our Service Company.

I just got to Schonberg where I ran into resistance. The roads were blocked with trucks and someone took the casualties and we were told to take our truck to the farmhouse on the west side of the road and stay there to see what happened. There were stragglers coming through and stayed with us at the farmhouse. It was late that night when the Germans came, kicked in the doors and took us prisoneis. We were taken to Stalag 9-B at Bad Orb on Christmas Eve by train and was strafed by American planes which I assume were returning from a mission and didn't know there were American soldiers aboard the train. I was there about a month and then we moved to Zeigenhain, Stalag 9-A.

Medical care was nonexistent. We were fed thin soup at noon and a slice of bread in the evening. Sleeping quarters consisted of beds made of boards 18 to 20 inches wide' One of these was assigned to each two prisoners. The men spent most of their time in these since their lack of food kept them so weak they were barely able to get up to walk to meals.

Some Red Cross packages that had been sent to prisoners in the camp never found their way into the camp. The packages were later found in German homes by the prisoners after their liberation on March 28 or 29.

When the American tanks came through, they were throwing their K rations and whatever they had in their tanks to the prisoners. I lost down to about 110 pounds'


3198 NW 125. STREET MIAMI, FL 33167 305-681-4444

Andy comes to us from George "Rocky" Moyer , a Life Member from 424/CN. Rocky wrote, "I have a friend who is very interested in the 106. Infantry Division. I have been sending my CUB Magazine to him and he enjoys it. Here is a check for $75.00 to sign him on as a LIFE Member Associate.

Editor's Note: That's the way to go Rocky. Thanks for your Interest in our division. Hope you enjoy The CUB' J Kline, editor.











I am ,a niece of a veteran, Coleman Estes, 81. Engineers. I am also writing a book about the battle focusing on Company B, 81. Engineers.

Any input would be appreciated.





Editor's Note: Harold, Nice to see your name come in as a new member. 1 contacted you many years ago, 1987' 1 mention you in my "War Diary" on my web site' The website is at: httr/Iwwwmm.conduserejpiclwardiary.htm

I said this, in part: In 1917 I acqiired a list of the 106th Division members belonging to "The Veterans of the Battle of the Bilge. I called one of the fisted awn, Harold Gene Sanger of Danville, Illinois (6/4/87) He, was a member of I Company,'423rd Infantry Regiment. He said, "Yes, I was in the woods. I don't know exactly where. "

Welcome back to the 106th John Kline, CUB Editor





New Members...






Sign me on as an annual member along with

my wife, Margaret as am Auxiliary member.



EXTON, PA 19341


Please sign me on as a LIFE MEMBER' Also please sign my wife, Josephine on as a Life Associate

involving the messages that flowed during the Bulge' These messages were used as a basis for the Colonel's "Tank Commander's Training Session at Fort Know, when he was active Commander of the training school' Excellent position maps of several of the units involved in the BULGE' I have only those connected to the 106th and will send you a set along with the Welcome Letter you will have received before you read this

Also, thanks for the donation. It will be listed in the Front & Center column.

We are proud to have you aboard. John Kline, Editor The CUB.





PSC 9 Box 1767

APO AE 09123

david'westhausen@spangdablem'    My father-in-law was in 424/E' My

wife's name is Eileen'

Susan, David's wife also joins us as an Auxiliary LIFE member.

I'm a history buff and a member of the WWII Society-Europe' The "Society" is a small non-profit organization that provide WWII battlefield tours to the local

military community at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany to heighten their awareness of the sacrifices American made in the Second World War' Our motto is "Dedication, Honoriind Remembrance."

During our tours I've become quite attached to the 106th Infantry Division's history and have personally conducted site visits and provided commentary around the Schnee Eifel, Bleialf,

Schonberg and Parker's Crossroads.

I would consider it an honor to become an Associate member of the 106th Infantry Division Association'

David, thank you for the service you have done to our division in your tours and teachings' It is OUR honor to have you as an Associate member. We have a fairly large group of supporters in Belgium, France, Holland and a couple of members in Germany.

I have some excellent maps that were prepared by Colonel Nicholas Andreachhio, (USA, Armor Ret)' The maps are part of an unpublished book





I am enclosing a check for $75'00 for Life Associate membership'

My husband (deceased) was Lewis B' Williams 422/HQ. I did not want my membership to expire' I enjoy reading The CUB from cover to cover.

Some of the things I read reminds me of "things" that my husband told me about his experience as a soldier and as a POW.

I always attend our "Mini-Reunion" each year at Fort Jackson, South Carolina'

(Editor's note: Thank you Lucille for your support and the kind words. J Kline. editor)






I am renewing this membership for my Father as a father's Day gift'

Ingrid Young Jenkins





In Memoriam . . .

In all the years that the CUB has been published, the rule for listings of deaths of Association members was that "Current paid Veterans Only" were listed'' Due to time, general opinion, and overall age of our organization that rule is being relaxed.

There will be two sections: One section for current paid veteran members. Another section, by request only, for current paid Auxiliary (spouses) and current paid Associate members'

Milton L. Brown 591/? CWO (USA Ret)

2503 Clinton Street (last known) Longview, 7X 75604. Date of death unknown — CUB returned marked "deceased"

Hiram Cary (H.C.) Coan 423/B

200 Fairview Drive, McDonough, GA 30253

Date of death March 7, 2003. Reported by Susan Dickerson, daughter

Frank J. Gombotz 422/HQ 1Bn

315 S Ridgeland Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302

Date of death March 15, 2003. Reported by his sister Maryrose Thoma, 118 N Fairview Ave, Mt Prospect, I160056

Glen 0. Hartleib 592/Service Battery

1805 Olive Street, Highland, IL 62249

% Gary Hartleib, 103 South Tower Rd, Carbondale, IL 62901 618-529-1920

Date of Death February 22, 2003. Reported by Gary G. Hartleib, son.

Glenn died a week after suffering a stroke, My mother, Nadine Hartleib suffered from a broken hip and complications died on January 13, 2003. Dad was almost 84. His 84th birthday would have been on February 26, 2003. Dad was a radio operator and mechanic, operating both code and radios. He was responsible for the repair and maintenance of radio equipment. He was in charge of twelve men. He returned to Highland where he lived his entire life. He worked as a Railway Express clerk, propane gas delivery man, furniture salesman and installer of floor coverings. He worked well into his 70's' My parents enjoyed traveling, visiting Europe and Hawaii several times, as well as Russia, Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic. In later years they traveled to many USA locations. Glenn and Nadine leave one son and a daughter-in-law, Gary Glen and Karen Twitty-Hartleib of Carbondale, two grandchildren, Chris and Wend Hartleib of Highland, IL and Jennifer and Don Howard of Murphysboro, Illinois and three great-grand children, Geoffrey and Hannah Hartleib and Ella Katherin Howard, born less than a month after Glenn died.

Rest In Peace


In Memoriam...

Raymond T. Makowske, Sr 423/C

8261 Valleyfield Road, Latherville, MD 21093

Date of death June 10, 2003. Ray was a member of a 60mm mortar squad, captured and held in Kommando 557 at Dresden, later known as "Slaughterhouse 5'" In April 1945, on the approach of the Russian Army the prisoners were turned out to make their way to the American lines. He eventually made contact with the 87th Infantry Division and was returned to the USA. After a lengthy R&R Ray was discharged on 12 December 1945'


Dr. John B. Martin 422 MED

Box 252, Brownsville, PA 15417

Date of death July 21, 2003. Past-President notified us he had a call from Mrs. Pearl Martin that the Doctor had died after a lingering illness. Dr. Martin was a Captain in the 422"d Medical' He was captured and incarcerated in Stalags 11 and 111 according to his wife Pearl.


Wilbert F. Paquette DIV ARTY/ HQs Battery

28931 Bestes, Saint Claire Shores, MI 48081

Date of death January 2, 2003 Reported by Shirley Paquette, Wilbert's wife'

She reported the death of her husband of 53 years. A graduate of Lake Linden High school Wilbert was the proud father of daughters Cynthia, May Pat and Leslie' After recovering from wounds from his capture Wilbert raised a family. He was loved and respected by all and never missed any of his grandchildren's activities. Recipient of the Purple Heart and other WWII medals, he was a Life member of the 106. Infantry Division Association' His wife Shirley would like to hear from his friends'


Roger M. Rutland 424/B

971 Point Drive, Marietta, GA 30068

Date of death June 25, 2003

Note: In the May CUB we reported the death of his wife Mattie as of March 7, 2003'

I am sure we could fill this book with testimonials about l' Sergeant Rutland' My information seems sparse compared to the great gentleman and soldier that he was' He was loved and honored by every person that ever met him.

Roger was a Past President of the 106' Infantry Division Association' He was the loved First-Sergeant of "B" Company, 424. Combat Infantry Regiment. He was held in high esteem by his men. Articles have appeared in the CUB magazine about he and his "B" Company. This editor remembers him, on one occasion remarking that the hardest part of his front line duty was the reporting of the deaths of young soldiers who the night before had been placed in his command and sent immediately up front He was sadden deeply because he "hardly" knew them. He was kind and gentle man'

He was a very active member of the Association, since 1976. Served on the Board

of Directors, then through various offices. He held the Order of the Golden Lion,

Commanders Class, a prestigious award for services rendered to the Association and

not in any way connected to Army service. He helped conduct or organize three 106.

Association Reunions at Fort Jackson as well as the Mini-reunions held in his area'

Rest In Peace




In Memoriam .. .

Irwin Smoler, 424/B wrote, "Roger and Mattie had two daughters, Rubye Hunberger and Elaine Helms. I do know that Roger was a regular Army man that retired after many years of service all over the world. He told me once that he earned the second Combat Infantry badge in Korea and the Soldiers medal sometime during his career' He seldom talked about himself.

I do know that the 106. Infantry Division was his first love. He came to the

division as cadre from the 80"' Infantry Division. He was a soldier's First Sergeant!

Jay Tronco, Roger Rutland's Nephew wrote, "It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of my Uncle's death. I was in Europe when Mattie died, his wife of over 60 years' Roger had Alzheimer's. After that time Roger's health deteriorate., He was placed in a medical assisted facility. He died peacefully and without incident."


Albert F. Schuller 422/B

2 Marmaduke Lane, Savannah, GA 31411

Date of death: February 26, 2003 An envelope containing part of a CUB envelope was received from an unidentified person in Savannah at a different address reporting his death' Our records show "Betty" as his wife.


John P. Schuller 590/B

9909 S 67th E Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74133

Date of death Jul 17, 2003 reported by wife Betty. Buried at Fort Snelling Cemetery, St' Paul, MN. Betty wrote, "John always loved his country and was proud to serve in the U'S' Army. He lived and died a dedicated citizen who always supported the military and would not allow any person to discredit it in his presence. He was discharge June 1946. Was in the Army Reserves June 1949 to May 1953."

Betty continued, "I wish to continue as an Associate Member."


Rest In Peace

In Memoriam...



Helen E. Carrico - Wife of L.J. (Jack) Carrico, 423/D, 423/H

1520 Sky Valley Drive, Apt #107, Reno, NV 89503

Date of death February 20, 2003. She attended the 106' Annual meeting (3 Reunions) along with Jack. Jack and Helen had been married 50 years.

Helen was a retired Junior High School Administrator (Principal) of the Sinaloa Jr' High, Sun Valley California. Survived by husband jack, son and daughter-in-law James and Karen of Reno; son Larry of Las Vegas; daughter Kathy of Reno; daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Ken Ferguson of Great falls, VA; brothers John and Donald St' Clair and eleven grandchildren.


Lucille C. Bugner - Wife of Thomas F. Bugner 590/B

2739 W Charleston Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Date of death December 19, 2002 Lucille was a Life member of the National EX-POW, Life member of the Phoenix, AZ EX-POW and the DAV Auxiliary. Lucille and her husband volunteered at the VA medical Center in Phoenix fora number of years. Survivors; her husband Thomas of 58 'A years, two daughters Patricia and Pamela and was preceded in death by one son, William Thomas. Grandmother of two, Great grandmother, several nieces and nephews.


Dorothy Merritt - Wife of Paul J. Merritt 331 MED/HQ

2302 Empire Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810

Date of death February 6, 2003

She was the love of my life, married for 58 years. She is the one who talked me into joining the 106m Infantry Division Association. We were going to the Virginia Reunion, but she took sick with Cancer. She is missed terribly.


Helen McCarthy- Wife of Hany J. McCarthy 423/I

20 Hastings CT Apt g Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Date of death December 20, 2002 (AX-POW Magazine)

Helen was a member of the Hudson Valley Chapter AX-POW. Survived by her husband, Harry, 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren


Dorotha M. Watters - Wife of Jack H. Watters 423/G

32616 32". Avenue SW, Federal Way, WA 98023 Date of February 19, 2003

Interment in Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA

Rest In Peace


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Memorial Matters and Inquiries:

Dr. John G Robb - Memorial Chairman

238 Dcyore Dr,, Meadville, PA 16355


Membership Dues:

Richard L. Rigatti-Treasurer

113 Woodshire Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215-1713

412-781-8131 Email:

Dr. Duncan Trieman, Chaplain

29 Overbill Lane, Warwick, NY 10990

845-986-6376 FAX 845-986-4121


Membership Fees

Life Vets/Associates .,. $75 Auxiliary $15

Annual Vets/Associates.., $10 Auxiliary $2

Annual Dues payable by June 30 each year,

Checks Payable to

"106th Infantry Division Association"

in care of Treasurer. See address above,

Board of Directors

John O. Gilliland, 592/SV (2003)

140 Nancy Street, Boaz, AL 35957


Frank Lapato, 422/HQ       (2003)

RD 8, Box 403, Kittanning., PA 16201

724-548-2119 Email: flapato@talltel.nti

Harry E Martin, Jr, 424/L  (2003)

PO Box 221, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856

973-663-2410 nuirtinjrWlixalnitconi

Ceorge Peres, 590/A           (2003)

19160 Harbor Tree Court, NW Fort Myers, FL 33903


Charles F Rieck 422/II       (2003)

7316 Voss Parkway, Midi., WI 53562


Pete Yanchik, 423/A           (2004)

1161 Airpoit Road, Aliquippa, PA 150014312


Richard L. Rigatti, 423/B  (2004)

113 Wood.= Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215-1713

412-781-8131 Emil:

John R. Schaffner, 589/A (Exec. Comm.) . . . (2004)

1811 Miller Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030-1013

410-584-2754 licnail: jseleillit(a)bipl.nd

Jack A' Sulser, 423/F         (2004)

917 N Ashton Strout, Alcitanclria, VA 22312-5506

703-354-0221 Email: wised 1 (*.blink.

Robert R. Haasa, 422HQ    (2005)

7215 LindaLako Drive, Chariotte,NC 28215-3617


John M. Roberts, 592/C (Exec. Comm.) (2005)

1059 Alter Road, BIoornfickl Hills, MI 4H304-1401

248-338-2667 Entail: jinr810(alaol.aan

Waid Toy, 422/K      (2005)

4605 Walk. Stnxt, 'ohm tibia, SC 29210-3941


Frank S' Trautman, 422/1/     (2005)

9 Meatlowcrest Drive, Parkersburg, WV 26101-9395


Walter G Bridges, 424/D (Exec. Comm.)  (2006)

225 Laini Ave, Ilucytown, AL 35023-2410

205-491-3409 Entail:

Joseph A. Massey, 422/C   (2006)

4020 Spunky llolkov Rcl, Renilap, AL 35133-5546


Walter M. Snyder, 589/A   (2006)

2901 Dinmiore Rd Apt 14, Dundalk, MD 21222-5123


Robert F. Sowell, 424/V      (2006)

612 Via Del Monte, Pa1os Veal. Esiatm, CA 90274-1208

310-378-5404 Einaihanitasowell@cirthlinkrma

Hal Taylor, 423/CN     (2006),

2172 Rodaidge Dr, t ^nual Amain, CO 81503-2534


Donald F. Herndon (424/L)          . (2007) ,

8313 NW 102, Oklahoma City, OK 73162.4026

405-721-9164 Entail: oklastruns64aol.coni

Irwin C' Smoler (424/B)     (2007)

87 Spica. Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583-7318

914-723-8835 Email: invin,c_tanoler(a)



Index for: Vol. 59 No. 4, JUL, 2003

106th Cav. Rcn. Trp., 18

106th Div., 31

106th Inf. Div., 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 23, 26, 32, 37, 38

106th Inf. Div. Memorial, 23

106th Infantry Division Association, 2, 4, 5, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 32, 37, 38

106th QM Co., 18

106th Sig. Co., 18

168th Cbt. Engr. BN, 12

30th Inf. Div., 25

331st Med. BN, 18

331st Med.BN, 18

422/K, 11, 23, 39

423rd Inf., 31

423rd Inf. Regt., 31

423rd Regt., 12

424/A, 6, 11, 24

424/C, 16, 23, 30

424/D, 11, 23, 39

424/E, 32

424/L, 38, 39

589th FA, 2, 21

589th FA BN, 2, 21

591st FA, 18

591st FA BN, 18

592nd FA, 18

592nd FA BN, 18

806th Ord. Co., 18

81st Engr. Cbt. BN, 18

81st Engr. Cmbt BN, 18

87th Inf. Div., 34

Andersonville, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23

Ardennes, 18, 26

Bad Ems, 19

Bad Orb, 24, 30

Bad Orb, Germany, 24

Battle Of The Bulge, 9, 12

Belgium, 14, 18, 32

Black, Ewell, 23

Black, Ewell C., 4, 5, 15, 18

Blaher, William, 9

Bleialf, 28, 29, 32

Books, 10, 26

Brice, Elmer, 11

Brice, Janet, 11

Bridges, Walter, 15, 21, 23, 37

Bridges, Walter G., 5

Bugner, Thomas F., 36

Camp Atterbury, 18, 25

Camp Atterbury, Ind., 18

Camp Shanks, 18

Canup, Carl, 16, 23

Central Europe, 12

Christian, Anne, 11

Christian, Truman, 11

Collins, Sherod, 1, 5, 10, 16, 18, 23

Cox, Philip, 37

Czechoslovakia, 12

Denmark, 34

Div. Arty, 18, 35

Division History, 26

Dresden, 28, 34

Fischer, Rodman H., 24

Fort Jackson, 18, 25, 27, 33, 35

Fort Jackson, SC, 25, 27

Fort Jackson, South Carolina, 33

Ft. Jackson, 28

Gallagher, John, 9

Gatens, John, 21, 23

Germany, 18, 24, 25, 32

Gilliland, John, 12, 13, 23

Gilliland, John O., 37, 38

Haines, Joseph C., 9

Herndon, Donald F., 39

Holland, 32

Howell, Bob, 23

Jewett, Dean F., 12

John Schaffner, 4, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 23, 37

Kline, John, 7, 9, 11, 23, 24, 26, 28, 31, 32

Kline, John P., 37

Kommando, 34

Korea, 35

Lapato, Frank, 38

Lorient, 18, 24

Lorraine, 7

Malmedy, 6

Maloney, Joseph P., 37

Manhay, 18

Martin, Harry, 37

Martin, John B., 34

Massey, Joseph, 21, 23, 37

Massey, Joseph A., 39

Memorials, 21, 37

Normandy, 12

Northern France, 12, 24

Order Of The Golden Lion, 5, 35, 37

Osciak, Stephen, 27

Paquette, Wilbert F., 35

Parks, Fred, 28

Parks, Fred D., 28

Pierson, Randolph, 23

Potts, Art, 11

Potts, Ruth-Alice, 11

Power, Frank, 18

Prisoner Of War, 12, 14

Prisoners Of War, 8

Prumerberg, 12

Ray, Marion, 25, 37

Rennes, 18

Reunions, 10, 11, 35, 36

Rhine, 12

Rhine River, 12

Rhineland, 12, 18

Rigatti, Richard, 37

Rigatti, Richard L., 38

Robb, John, 1, 16, 21, 23

Roberts, Jack, 21, 22, 23, 37

Roberts, John, 14

Roberts, John M., 4, 18, 39

Roster, 37

Russia, 34

Rutland, Roger, 7, 35

Rutland, Roger M., 35

Schaffner, John, 4, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 23, 37

Schaffner, John R., 2, 5, 18, 37, 38

Schnee Eifel, 32

Schonberg, 29, 30, 32

Schuller, Albert F., 36

Simmons, Betty, 11

Simmons, Norman, 11

Smoler, Irwin, 35

Snyder, Walter, 23

Snyder, Walter M., 37, 39

Songer, Harold, 30

Sowell, Robert F., 39

Spangdahlem Air Base, 32

St. Vith, 10, 12, 26, 28, 29

Stalag IV-B, 26

Stavelot, 18

Stroh, Donald A., 18

Sulser, Jack A., 37

Sweden, 34

Taylor, Hal, 12, 39

Toy, Waid, 39

Trueman, Duncan, 6

Vietnam, 9

Von Rundstadt, 18

West Point, 6

Yanchik, Pete, 38

Zeigenhain, 30