The Cub

Vol. 37, No. 1, Oct., 1980



President Ken Bradfield

1st Vice President Russell H. Villwock

2nd Vice President Robert Howell

Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr.

Treasurer Sherod Collins

Chaplain Ron Mosley

MemorialsChairman Douglas S. Coffey


The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the CUB.

Editor John I. GallagherAll editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances St. Temple, Pennsylvania 19560

All business matters, renewal of membership, renewal of Associate, renewal of Auxiliary dues, memorial fund contributions, etc., should be addressed to: Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant 474 Federal Street N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483


Membership Dues (8/1/79)

Associate Dues (8/1 /79)

Auxiliary Dues

MEMBERSHIPS****** 1979-1980 YEAR

Renewal Membership 362

Reinstated Memberships---- 6

New Memberships 82

Associates Memberships---- 16

Total Memberships 466



(reported to adjutant) W. E. Carnes (HQ. 2nd Bn./422) New Member 1979-80 Year.

Emil M. Solecki(Sv. /592) Member since 1953-54 Year.

Frank Franek(Med. & K/424) Member since 1974-75 Year.

Robert E. Maxson (C/590) New Member 1979-80 Year.

Respectfully yours, Robert W. PierceSr. Adjutant



BRITTON, Benjamin 1980 - 1981

(513) 266-7609

ARMINGTON, Donald R. 3125 John Patterson Road Des Moines, Iowa 50317 BRADFIELD, Kenneth W. 908 South Lodge Ave. Evansville, Indiana 47714 (812) 867-2695

BRADLEY, L. B.512 Locke Street 115 Palmetto, Georgia 30268 (404) 463-3109

BRITTON,Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road Auburn, Mass. 01501 (617) 832-2308

CHASE, Fred B. 5 Morris Lane Clifton Park, N.Y. 12065

COFFEY, Douglas S. 947 N.W. Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 (813) 629-5711

STRAUB, Ted J. 251 Beechurst Ave. Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 (304) 599-4450

VILLWOCK, Russell H. 6908 West Higgins Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60656 (312) 631-2027



Those who attended the most enjoyable 34th Reunion in Hot Springs cannot be convinced that the name came from the hot water, but rather, from the hot weather. However, when long-time friends gather, it takes more than weather to spoil the Reunion as the planned activities are secondary to greeting, meeting and reminiscing.

As we._ar_e_i_a_a _ new_ year_for the Those who attended the most enjoyable 34th Reunion in Hot Springs cannot be convinced that the name came from the hot water, but rather, from the hot weather. However, when long-time friends gather, it takes more than weather to spoil the Reunion as the planned activities are secondary to 0aLINS, Sherod Channing Drive N.W. " nta, Georgia 30318 (404) 351-2985


GALLAGHER, John I. 4003 Frances Street Temple, PA. 19560 (215) 929-2887

GARN, Charles S. 1937 Highbridge Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 (215) 923-3370

HENNING, James W. 1045 East 8th St. Lockport, Illinois 60441 (815) 838-3947

HOWELL, Robert F. 904 East College St. Griffin, Georgia 30223 (404) 227-7373

MANSFIELD, Horace E. (Wofig2 337t7 r"".-

HENNING, James W. 1045 East 8th St. Lockport, Illinois 60441 (815) 838-3947

HOWELL, Robert F. 904 East College St. Griffin, Georgia 30223 (404) 227-7373


I was touched in giving the address at our Memorial Service in Hot Springs.

During that exercise I gave several learning experiences which the 106th Infantry Divisiontaught me when I served as chaplain, first with Division Artilleryand then with the 424th.

Among these were such ideals as tolerance and understanding for those of different faiths and ethnic origins. I said that the present good ecumenical relations between the various denominations and churches owed its beginning to the military chaplaincy. In the 106th Infantry Divisionthe chaplains of the varied denominations worked closely together in brotherhood.

The next morning (July 19th), Albert A. Johnson, our member at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Memphis, was leaving our reunion following breakfast. His nephew said: "Al has something for you." Albert: "This is for you. It will remind you of what you said yesterday about all of us being brothers." He handed me a pendant. Now, I wear a clergy cross; I have two: one is a Latin cross, given by a former parishioner. The other is a silver Jerusalem, or Crusader, cross I bought in Old Jerusalem. This pendant is different! It is made of pewter with the front side depicting the Star of David and the Cross together. Underneath are two hands clasped together, and in between is the inscription: "Coming together." On the reverse side are depicted the Ten Commandments. I could hardly talk! This pendant is a reminder of our beloved 106th and our association.

Albert Johnsonhimself is a living symbol of our division. His nephew pushed him in his wheelchair, but Al told us that he was very mobile in the V.A. Hospital in his motorized chair.

Saying good-bye, Al said: "I'll see you next year." Our association benefits from this spirit. God bless! Ronald A. Mosley



Memorial to Major General Alan W. Jones, 1894-1969 Middletown, Pa. 14 August 1980.

When our hardworking Adjutant, Robert W. PierceSr. returned home from the 34th Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions Association he mailed me a copy of his Adjutant's Report he made at the Hot Springs Ark. meeting.

It shows total membership of 466 and in 1 979-1 980 82 new memberships were reported. This is gratifying news to our old/and our increasing numbers of new members. We welcome and rejoice with them in this upward bound total.

A number of our friends in the Association who attended the Reunion wrote us from Hot Springs and after they returned home. The general opinion seemed to be that this session was another good one, and the members of the Reunion Committee deserved the praise they received. Th were Sue and Bill BakerL 424, Pi Bluff, Ark. and Mildred and Glenn HensonK 424 Little Rock; Ark. Bill Baker was kind enough to mail me a copy of the full and interesting program.

We congratulate Kenneth Bradfield, as well as the Association on his election as President. He will have a busy year as current President and has already volunteered to be Chairman of the Committee to hold the 35th Annual Reunion at the big lakes of Kentucky in 1981. One of the members of our Board of Directors refers to Ken as a real professional. He was probably thinking of the masterful job as chairman of the 30th Annual Reunion Ken put on in 1976 at the Executive Inn, Evansville Ind. He is indeed a Pro in accepting the Presidency after volunteering to President Fred Chaseto handle the 1981 Reunion.

I got out the program of that 1976 Reunion at Evansville, Ind. and feeling of pride in our members reviewed it. The reading engendere.

"Pry on the traditions of the Golden ns with an annual reunion, mixed with some nostalgia and deep sorrow for the old friends who passed on that year.

In 1976 Sherod Collinswas the incumbent President. Charlie Shoch was the First Vice President. Mrs. McMahonand I flew out to Evansville from Harrisburg with Pat and Josey Dohoney C422, Ken Bradfieldand Charlie Schoch met us at the plane and drove us to the Executive Inn. Walter Banduraktook over from Bob Scrantonas Adjutant. Bob was elected second Vice President.

Charley and Sherry Shoch were dedicated workers in the Association.

They had always lived in Ohio, but after the Reunion they drove out to Phoenix Arizona where they had purchased a home and planned to retire there.

Charley was a member of Service Btry. 592FA Bn, and attended a number of fie annual reunions of the Btry at ershey Park, Sherry wrote that they.lad only been there 7 weeks and were not completely unpacked, when Chuck suffered a fatal heart attack in late October 1976. Sherry took Chuck back to Ohio where he was buried on Nov. 1, 1976. Leo T. McMahon, BG USA, Ret.

106th Infantry Division, On behalf of our entire community, thank you and the members of the 106th Infantry Division for meeting in our spa city, July 17-19.

We are indeed pleased to have had this fine group in our city and look forward to the opportunity of again being your host. Sincerely, Carl E.

Kasemeier, Hot Springs Convention Div.



JUNE 25-28 1981



106th Infantry DivisionAssociation

1979 - 1980 Old Board of Directors Meeting

Arlington Hotel - Appolo Room Hot Springs, Ark.

July 17, 1980 6:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by the President Fred Chaseat 6:00 p.m. Roll Call was taken and all were present except; Charles Garn, Joseph Gasses, Horace Mansfield, Leo T. McMahon, Robert Scranton, Gene Saucermanand Virgil Collins.

President Fred ChaseStated that it was indeed a great pleasure to serve the 106th Association as President during the past year. He also thanked each member of the board of directors for their help. Also the CUB editor John Gallagher, Memorial Chairman Doug Coffey, Adjutant Bob Pierceand Reunion Chairman William Bakerfor jobs well done. Minutes of the Board of directors meeting held in Chicago at the Oak Brook Hyatt House Hotel were read and approved.

Reading of Communications were read by the President and Adjutant. Several of these were posted on the bulletin board at the registration desk for members to read. Bob Piercestated that he had a few car plate emblems left at $2.00 each. Also Russ Villwockstated that he would take orders for neck ties and pins left from last years reunion in Chicago at $5.00 each. Adjutant report he stated that there were still 60 members who had not paid their 1979-1980 dues, He also reported that we had 362 revewals, 6 reinstated, 82 new members and 16 associate members for a grand total of 466 members and increase of 26 over the previous year. This Is an all time high in membership. The auxiliary membership is 115 a decrease of 19 over last years. Also that 94 members contributed to the memorial fund approximately $1199.00 during 1979-1980 year. He stated that he had sent out two different notices to delinquent members and got a few replies.

Treasurers report showed that there was a decrease in general fund of $10.86 during 1979-1980. The Memorial fund showed an increase of $1178.00 of which $1,000.00 was sent to the Bischofliche School in St. Vith, Belgiumfor maintenance on our memorial there. This leaves a balance as of June 30, 1980 in the memorial fund of $8033.75. We have a balance in all funds of $10,010.92 and increase of $167.14. Motion made and passed to accept report. CUB Editor John Gallagherreported that news for the CUB magazine was pretty good but would like to see more members send in news. Also that he feels that the CUB is the life line of the Association.

Memorial Chairman Doug Coffeyreported that the redecorating is done on our memorial in St. Vith, Belgium. Also that there is a road marker showing direction to the memorial.

Reunion Chairman William Bakercould not be present for his report. Reunion Chairman William Baker could not be present for his report. Unfinished business there was none to report.

New Business motion made, seconded and passed that the adjutant send out final notices to those who have paid their 1979-1980 dues. Motion made, seconded and passed that if membership dues are not paid by the first issue of the CUB magazine which is the OCT. NOV. DEC. issue. That names of these men be dropped from our mailing list. Name of man was brought up that was a former member of the association who is totally disabled now. Motion made, seconded and passed to pay 1980-1981 dues of this man. It is to be checked into to see if this man will be able to pay his own dues here after. Discussion on the changing of our By-Laws. Motion made, seconded and passed to table this until the general meeting on Saturday, July 19, 1980.

Committees appointed by President Fred Chase; Resolution Committee; Chairman Dr. James Clark, Don Armingtonand John Fritzmembers. Nominating Committee: Chairman Sherod Collins, Bob Walkerand Ben Brittonmembers. Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. PierceSr. Adjutant 106th Infantry DivisionAssociation1980 General Meeting

Arlington Hotel Hot Springs, Ark.

July 19, 1980 (Saturday PM) The general meeting was called to order by the President Fred Chaseat 1:30 pm.

Remarks by President Fred Chasethanked all for coming to Hot Springs and welcome the first time members. He introduced each officer of the association and the chairman Bill Bakerand co-chairman Glenn Hensonof the reunion committee in Hot Springs. He also recognized the fact that Co. Svc/422 Reg. and Co. (H) 424 Reg. both had 7 men present. Also that the 424 Regiment had 23 men present and 422 Regimenthad 22 men present at the reunion.

Minutes of the last general meeting held in Chicago (Oak Brook), Illinois were read and approved. Also the minutes of old board meeting was read. Reading of Communications. A letter from Walter Bandurakwas read stating that he and Lillian would not be able to make the reunion in Hot Springs, Ark this year due to physical problems. This letter was posted on the bulletin board at the registration desk.

Reports: Adjutant Report Robert W. PierceSr. indicates that a total of 60 members have not paid their 1979 - 1980 dues as of date. He also 11 reported that we have 362 renewal / reinstated, 82 new members and 16 Assoc' for a total membership of 466 an all new hi. This is an increase over previous of 26 members. Auxiliary membership is 115 a decrease of 9 over the past year. He also reported that approximately 94 members contributed approximately $1199.00 to the memorial fund.

Treasurers Report Sherod Collinsreports that we had a net loss of $10.86 the last year. The memorial fund showed an increase of $1178.00 of which $1,000.00 was sent to the Bischofliche School in St. Vith, Belgiumfor maintenance on our Memorial Chapel there. This leaves a balance in the Memorial fund of $8,033.75. We have a cash balance in all accounts as of June 30, 1980 of $10,010.92 an increase of $167.14. Motion made seconded and passed to accept all reports as read.

CUB Editors Report John I. Gallagherstated that the CUB belongs to each member and as such, we are responsible for its contents. Also that the CUB is means of communication, keeping each other informed of the welfare of fellow members. So again we stress that each of you send in what ever news you have, for printing in the CUB magazine. He is also concerned about the high cost of the CUB and interested in efforts to reduce it. MemorialsChairmans Report Douglas Coffeyreported that the redecorating is done our Memorial Chapel in St. Vith, Belgium. Also that there has been a road marker placed showing direction to our memorial.

Other Committees Report 1981 Reunion Chairman Report Ken Bradfieldreported that all was going well on next years reunion to be held June 25 - 28, 1981 in Kentucky at the Kentucky Lake Dam Resort, Gilbertsville, Kentucky. Also that there were all good roads leading to it. This is back to nature reunion.

Resolutions Committee Report Chairman Dr. James Clark. Report given by Don Armingtonthanking all who had a part in this years reunion. To all elected and appointed officers, to reunion chairman William Bakerand co-chairman Glenn Hensonand thier wives for a job well done. To the people responsible for the memorial service. to Mid America Museum, to Papa Bear - Mama Bear Theater, to Merritt Tours for buses and to the Staff of Arlington Hotel. Nominating Committee Chairman Sherod Collinsread his report in which they nominated the following men to the new board of directors for year 1980-1981; L.B. Bradley, James Henning, Thomas Maw, Robert R. Ringerand Ted Straub.

It was moved and seconded that all reports be accepted as read. Motion carried. Unfinished Business There was no unfinis t. business brought before the membership at time.

IIite for 1982 Reunion As nothing was heard Wesley E. Robinsonabout Louisville, IIite for 1982 Reunion As nothing was heard Wesley E. Robinson about Louisville, Kentucky other places were asked for Milwaukee, Wisc. report by Charles Puskarichand also Nova Scotia by Rev. Ron Mosely. A lengthy discussion was held on these places. No definite hotels were named by either man. Motion made, seconded and passed that they be given 6 weeks to make a report on their findings to the chairman of the board of directors and then the Chairman make the decision on where we will hold the 1982 reunion. No further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. PierceSr. Adjutant 106th Infantry DivisionAssociation1980 - 1981 New Board of Directors Meeting Arlington Hotel Apollo Room Hot Springs, Ark.

July 19,1980 (Sat. 3:15 p.m.) The meeting was called to order by President Fred Chase.

Roll call was taken and all were present except:Charles Garn, Horace E. Mansfield, Leo

1. McMahon, Gene Saucermanand Robert cranton. The reunion chairman William Bakeror the Co-Chairman Glenn Hensonwas not present to report on the reunion status as of date.

There was no unfinished business report.

Under new business the following officers were elected by a unanimous vote ask to be cast by the adjutant.

Kenneth Bradfield President Russell Villwock 1st Vice President Robert Howell 2nd Vice President Sherod Collins Treasurer The new elected President Kenneth Bradfield appointed the following: Robert W. PierceSr. Adjutant Sherod Collins Historian Rev. Ronald Mosely Chaplain John I. Gallagher CUB Editor Douglas S. Coffey MemorialsChairman Board member John Gallagherbrought up discussion about a book printed; Soldiers of 44 and stated that all in the book was not true. Motion made stating that since 106 was not mentioned directly there is little we can do accept voice our displeasure. Motion carried.

President Ken Bradfieldappointed Doug Coffeyto check on the printing of the CUB magazine in Florida. If it will save us $1,000.00 per year to go ahead with the idea.

President Ken Bradfieldappointed Bob linwell chairman to check on reported disabled of the association who may not be able to their membership dues.

President Ken Bradfieldalso appointed Fred Chasechairman to check on the future sites of the reunions as men request or bid to hold future reunion. No further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:15pm. No further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:15pm. Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. PierceSr. Adjutant Resolutions Adoped at the 34th Annual Reunion of the 106th Infantry DivisionAssociation, Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas. WHERE AS during the 1979-1980 year the Association completed another year of growth and accomplishment and WHERE AS the Association members present at this reunion have enjoyed the renewal of old friendships and has welcomed new members to its ranks. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Association in convention assembled does recognize and express thanks and appreciation: 1. To all our elected and appointed officers of the Association for the faithful and efficient execution of their respective duties and offices. 2. To Convention Chairman William C. Baker, his wife Sue, Glen Henson and his wife Mildred for their long hours of planning and conducting a diversified and enjoyable reunion.

3. To Saturday Nights Dinner Speaker George Fisher.

4. To the people responsible for the Memorial Services, Ch. Lt. Col. Joseph C. MatthewsIII, USAF. Division ChaplainJoseph C. MatthewsJr., Rev. Ron Mosely for his stirring speech, Bugler: Sgt. Silios, Color Guard of State Headquarters Arkansas National Guard, SFC McGown, M /Sgt. Ramsey, SFC. Jones and SFC. McClendon.

5. To Pianist Ruth Manler for music presented at both the Memorial Service and Friday Nite Dinner. 6. To the Mid America Museum hosted by Mr. Sterling Hankins.

7. To Papa Bear - Mama Bear Outdoor Theater hosted by Keith North.

8. To Merritt Tours for furnishing transportation to various activities.

9. To the Staff of Arlington Hotel directed by Mr. Leland Hilburn.

Submitted by Resolutions Committee Dr. James ClarkChairman Donald R. ArmingtonJohn R. FritzThomas MawM/M John L. MikalauskisGeorge Moyer Ginnie Popenhagen Guest of George Moyer Rev. Ronald A. MosleyM/M Paul McMillanWanold OlmanM/M Robert W. PierceSr.

M/M Charles PuskarichClayton RarickDean RedmondViola K. Reilly Robert C. RingerM/M George RinkemaDr. & Mrs. John G. RobbDDS M/M Robert E. RuttLeon Setter M/M Jack P. SchlesserM/M Phillip Schutte M/M Hewitt A. Schoonover * Robert Sheahan Norman SpaydM/M Ted J. StraubJames Teel M/M Russell H. VillwockM/M Robert F. WalkerM/M Nathan (Duke)ward M/ M Presslye E. Walters M/M James E. WellsM/M Wilburn Wood M/M Van WyattM/M Robert YorkM/M Ed ZollReunion Attendance William E. Abriel** M/M Freddie Baker * M/M William C. BakerM/M Franklin BarlowCarol BealsIra G. BottomsM/M Kenneth W. Bradfield M/M Robert AstinGuest of the Bradfield's M/M L. B. BradleyM/M Robert Brown M/M Jack BryantM/M Benjamin B. BrittonM/M Robert Burkes M/M Samuel CarianoM/M Fred ChaseDr. James ClarkM/M Walter C. Clarke Peggy Ammons Guest of the Clarkes M/M Douglas S. CoffeyM/M James E. Colliers Sr.

M/M William C. DavisSherod CollinsHarriet McDowellGuest of Sherod Collins Dean CrawfordJoseph DeChiaraM/M Richard DeHeerM/M Russell EnlowPaul J. Kaiser Grandson of the Enlow'S M/M John FritzM/M John I Gallager M/M Charles R. gibson M/M Robert GilderM/M W. Leo GregoryM/M Glenn O. HartliebM/M Harry StorbeckGuest of the Hartlieb's M/M Charles Henderson M/M James W. HenningM/M Glenn HensonM/M Harry HolderM/M Pete HouseM/M Robert HowellAlbert JohnsonBobby Desjardins Nephew of Albert Johnson Costa Katimaris Kenneth Kine M/M Harold J. KuizemaM/M Oliver E. LibmanWilliam M. Lineberger Kay LovelessM/M William LucsayM/M Gill Kadke Guest of the Lucsay's Col. Joseph C. MatthewsJr.

Grand Daughters Kim & Ann Matthews Chaplain & Mrs. Joseph C. MatthewsIll Son of Joseph C. Matthews Jr.

' Persons who attended first reunion - Looking

forward to seeing you and all 106'ers in KY, June 1981

** William E. Abriel, William C. Davis, and Leo Gregorylooking for other members of their Squad - 424 Anti Tank 3rd BN.





Coffeys ti



For those of you who have never attended a 106th Convention, you don't know just what you have missed. There is such a feeling for one another and the joy of seeing old friends again that cannot be explained. There is always the sadness of missing those who have been at previous Conventions and have missed this one for some reason or other. You miss them as you would your own brother or sister.

We started out leaving sunny, cool Florida and ended up everywhere with temp. so high we could hardly breathe.

Stopped in New Orleans to do the Tourist spots. I had been there a few times but this was a first for Isabel.

The heat was so intense that we left after a few days and made our way for Hot Springs. To see the dry fields and ruined crops of corn, soy beans and cotton was devastating and a reminder at Nature can bring us down very uickly. The heat was intense reaching 108 degrees. The coolest spot was our air conditioned car. To talk with the natives they all predicted increased prices in the market place. Then, I guess I am a skeptic--Every year it is something different to raise prices. It is either too hot; too cold; too wet; too dry; one never runs out of excuses to rip off the public.

Having arrived early at Hot Springs we were still greeted by folks who came even earlier than we. Immediately had lunch with Sherod Collinsand the Schuttes at a lovely converted railroad station. Took a tour around Hot Springs with Sherod as he had already cased the place. The heat chased us back to our air conditioned hotel and then a swim in the pool which was carved out of the side of the mountain.

The pool area was so hot that if you didn't wear your flip flops or some such protection you would get third degree burns. The water was welcome 111 ough warmer than our pool back in rida.

Bright and early we played golf on a course that had to be laid out by a Navy man who thought he was in a constant storm. Every hole had a tilt to either left or right; you could hit the ball straight for the first time and find it rolling down a slope so that your approach shot to the green would be 60 yards straight up in the air. We managed though, and it was a little cooler on the course. The next day we played a flatter course and this was more enjoyable.

The committee of Sue and Bill Bakerand Mildred and Glenn Hensondid an excellent job and were always trying to please and look after our gang. They tried to chase away the heat to no avail but did manage to change part of the program to keep us indoors instead of out on the lake front where you would expect it to be cool but was not.

Quite a few of us took a ride on a "DUCK". You Navy GI's will remember these better than the Army guys. It, for the girls, was a wide open bus which took us on a tour of the Town and as we approached the lake breaths were held as we descended a steep mud slide right into the water. Gals couldn't believe it be there we were cruising on the lake. Again, it was hot and we kept hoping for rain to cool us off. We had our wish for on the way back a freak storm came up and drenched us but we were happy about it. Most had wash and wear clothes on and were so hot it was a relief. While the rain was driving in the wide open DUCK resourceful Doug took down a lifebelt and blocked most of the rain on his side and before you knew it many followed suit.

The warm up part was just as it is supposed to be--warm greetings to those old friends and the greeting of new friends. There is an old saying in the 106th--There are no strangers in the 106th only friends we have not yet met.

Wine flowed freely and the finger sandwiches disappeared fast. Joe Matthewsgranddaughter Kim was trying to hustle drinks for tips and succeeded in some instances. Anne Col. Joe and Anne was there too, and she reminded us so much of her lovely Grandma who graced our Conventions for so many years. Kay Lovelesscontinues her support and love for all of us--this trip no in-laws. Kay joins in every activity and lets nothing slow her up in her enthusiasm. Missed the Bickfords who missed their first stateside Convention in the history of the Association.

Pleased to greet the DeHeers who have now moved to Florida and of all things moved directly behind one of our neighbors from New Jersey, a man with whom I had played poker with for seventeen years every Thursday. We hope we can all get together when we get over vacationitis.

Our tour of Mid America Center was a surprise. I don't think many of us realized what we were about to see. It would be impossible to try to describe the various gadgets and the use of air and water and other energy sources displayed. I found a use for my old pool vacuum hose. They were selling pieces of hose shich sang tunes as you whirled them over your head. Needless to say they sold like hot cakes. Just like the hoola hoops of another year someone made a fortune out of nothing. Why couldn't I have thought of it. Lord knows I have thrown away enough hoses to make me rich. Amazing, we didn't have to pu bus this year; I told you that Committee did a good job.

Our Memorial Service was outstanding. With our own Chaplain Mosleytaking part and Joe Matthewsson Joe also it was a family Memorial. It just so happens young Joe is stationed at a nearby Air base. Mosely was stirring in his remarks.

Of course there was always time for the women to shop and shop they did despite the heat. I still maintain that I want the shopping concession in Heaven as the women will shop there too, even if it is for special wings.

We went out in the evening 149 strong to see "Papa Bear-Mama Bear" a show which had just finished a Broadway performance. The show was excellent; the changing of scenery quite professional and the singing had you jumping. The walk up and down the mountain left many breathless but so did the show and the moon look down upon us as this was an outdo show much like the one we had Jacksonville, Florida, the Cross and Sword.

There was much fraternizing after we returned. The Wells, Jim and Maydean were good hosts as usual. The Hotel Jean Peirce, Rutts, Jim Wells-10- isunusual, in that it had a fancy bar the lobby and a dance floor and a band which played several nights we were there.

The Men's luncheon and business meeting was lively. There was a time we didn't know from one year to another where the next Convention would be but this year we had every vying to take it on in the future. From Kentucky next year to requests from New York City, Atlanta area, Savannah or Jekyll Island, Wisconsin and can't remember where else. Had to set up a Committee to review and recommend a site for the future. Some people got rather testy when New York City was mentioned. The comments about the expense have been born out with the Democratic Convention; it is costing $1 ,000 or more for a delegate to be there for four days. I don't think the 106th wants to spend that kind of money. We have to keep to resort areas where families can combine vacation with reunion. Women have to shop too; o be careful of big city invitations. For Hot Springs and the cost of getting there and staying there we were fortunate in getting some 150 persons to attend.

The Association is in fairly good financial condition due to the increase in dues and the Memorial Fund is in excellent condition. Our Memorial will be re-painted as soon as construction around it is completed and we hope to have a photo of our new addition to our plaque-we are adding the line "General Allen W. Jones, Commanding".

As always the piece de resistance is our Banquet dinner. This is the time the shorts, the jeans give way to the evening gowns of many styles and colors and our women once again become women. You can believe what you want about ERA and WOMENS LIB, but I like my women to be women in all their grandeur of an evening gown. I don't want to see them in annish shirts and men's jackets. The n excelled themselves with their is of many colors too, and looked dignified. Some are hard to recognize when they are dressed up. I think sometimes we have become too casual in our dress. The dinner and dance were a huge success.

There was one big void at the reunion and especially at the dance.

General McMahonand his lovely Wilda were conspicuous by their absence.

The General always managed to dance with all the pretty girls. However, I can report that they are both well having heard from them before the reunion.

Circumstances just wouldn't permit the long trip to Hot Springs. We look forward to seeing them in Kentucky next year.

It was good to see Clay Rarickshow up after his bout with cancer of the mouth. He looked good to all of us and took part in all the activities. You just can't kill that 106th fever. Keep up the good work Clay.

Clayt and Gallaghers I had no idea who our speaker was supposed to be that night but we sure lucked out when the reserve speaker came. He was George Fisher, an editorially caricaturist. He started off by giving us some good old down to earth folk humor and music. I wish I could remember his tunes, one was a really toungue twister. He then went on to draw Nixon, Ford, Carter and many others easily recognizable. Then he picked on Doug Coffeyto do him and a good time was had by all getting a laugh at Doug's expense. As Fisher said in his remarks, we need humor in our lives and must be able to laugh and especially to be able to laugh at ourselves. Then we will not have ulcers and indigestion. Reverend Mosely was also selected and the laugh he had on Coffey turned to his own laugh on himself. All in all it was a memorable evening.

So we come to the farewell breakfast where it is sad to say good bye until next time. It seems there is never enough time together and never time to say goodbye to all. Some have to leave early for the Airport, some just don't make breakfast. For those we missed, God Bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Fri tzs Some of those attending were not going straight home. The Gliders, Fritz's, the Zolls were taking off to hunt for gold. There is quite a run on prospecting in that area right now. We hope they strike it rich so they can afford to come to next years Convention and buy us all a drink. We took off to visit our children and grandchildren and spend some time in Ohio with Willie Garn's brother and sister in law. They had a dinner party for us and friends of theirs and ours who have all made it to Florida. Then on to Jersey to visit family and take part in a family wedding. Then to visit with Tom and Flo Bickfordwho were so disappointed they missed our reunion. To the Jersey shore and on to Atlanta to visit our other daughter.

Managed another round of golf with Sherod. We always manage to get together when we visit Atlanta. It is like old home week. Finally arrived home safely, thank God, to our Florida horn It might be significant to the changin of the times. We say only twelve campers on the road from Norfolk, Virginia to Florida. I guess the cost of gasoline is taking its toll. Getting 4 to 8 miles per gallon is tragic at prices of $1.25 to $1.35. Sic gloria mundi. DSC COGL Gliders Pusharich, Johnson, Mosley -12- # Greetings to all and we hope everyone had a pleasant trip home.

Our trip started on July 10 riding across Fla. to Ala. and up through Miss. We didn't stop in Mobile but as we went on there didn't seem to be signs of side streets or motels and were beginning to think we would have to sleep in the car. We rode on to Hattiesburg MS. The first two motels were full so we had to ride further down the road to find a place to sleep.

In the morning we stopped in

Memdenhall, MS and visited friends we hadn't seen in many years.

We arrived at my nieces in Little Rock, Ark in the late afternoon to find, her husband, Dick fixing the air conditioners. Got a little scared; but he was able to fix them. While there we watched different members of the family play ball and also went out on their boat on a lake near them.

Many others must have had friends r relations living near by for others stayed Wed. night near Little Rock.

It was nice having only an hours ride to Hot Springs.

At lunch our table was near the door so we ended up being the welcoming committee as members of the 106th came in for lunch.

The reunion was a great success, the speakers, Mid America Center, and all the goodies we received; thanks to the committee.

Sunday we left for Lexington, III. and on the road we waved to many 106th going in the same direction. Also saw many at lunch time and in the motel at dinner time in Sikeston, Mo.

Don't know what the Hotel did to keep the pool water a little cool, but all the other places the pools were like a hot baths.

While in Lexington, III. the weather was lovely so we were able to eat on the porch. Went to Blommington Lake t or a day and to Country club at night o j dinner. While at dinner we saw the ngest child (11/2) with her mother OUR TRIP and dad on the golf course. She picked up the balls.

Then we rode on to visit Rick and his family. The weather was nice so we were able to be outside a lot.

In that neighborhood all the young ones call me "Grandma".

We watched Rick supervise the shot-put at a track and field meet the Family Court was sponsoring.

Sorry we didn't stop in the court house or have the Pierce's over but the time went fast.

Now, we are home enjoying cooler weather than other parts of the country have had this summer.

We missed seeing a lot of you folks, hope all is well with one and all.

The Pete Houses' came to Palm Coast, Joanne, as president of the state PTA was here to install the officers.

Pete sat with us at the dinner instead of at the head table, Pete helped with the showing of the slides (the film part of Joanne's talk, which was excellent.) The House's came home with us and stayed over night (Schutte please note they didn't have an overnight bag either).

We had a nice visit and hope to get together soon, and more often. Take care and enjoy the months ahead.

Fondly, Marge and Dick DeHeerHouses -13-


Dear John, It was a pleasure to gather with our Golden Lion friends in the friendly community of Hot Springs, Ark. We learned that 114 degree weather is not much different than 90 degree weather at home! Otherwise the program was excellent and the facilities comfortable. Service Battery 591st Field Artilleryslipped a bit in attendance no doubt due to the heat and the travel distance. Present were the Bradfields, Schlessers, Viola Reilly, Mike Linebarger, the Walter Clarkes and daughter and yours truly, In as much as Ken Bradfieldis the convention host next years all Red Leg Artilleryman should turn out for the Kentucky Dam area. I will attempt to contact as many as possible when the time comes. Finally I want to thank you and your wife for the fine job with the Cub magazine. Without you there would be no Association! Best wishes, Bob Ringer


Dear John & Stella: So good to see both of you in Hot Springs. Enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you next year.

The Van loaded with various Gilders, Zolls, and Fritz's made it back to Ohio safely after numerous stops in Harrison, Arkansas, Branson, Missouri, Springfield, Missouri and Vandalia, Illinois. Other than sorting out luggage every nite we had no major problems.

There were 2 members of our party who had no voting rights when it came to decisions. Ed and Martha were bad so we didn't let them vote. Jeanne got a lesson on how to make donuts and fill them in Branson, but we're sending her back for advanced lessons because when we started to eat them, there was no filling. The score of the card games for the whole trip ended up even. Also, we did not find our fortunes in the diamond fields at Murfressboro.

W.C. and Sue Baker, Glenn and Mille Henson did a super job on the convention. We certainly enjoyed the whole stay and we all want to thank them again for a great time and hope they were able to relax and unwin ig' bit after a lot of tension. Aga



CONGRATULATIONS to the new officers and Board of Directors. Last year group did a fine jab and I'm sure the new ones won't let us down.

We especially missed Tom and Flo Bickford. Also Ray and Vi Untiedt, and E.C. and Zada White. Sure hope all of them can make it next year. Some old faces showed up and it was great to see them.

The word on Martha's cast is that it will come off Sept. 9. She appreciated all the kind words and thoughts.

How about Albert Johnsonand his nephew? Seeing and talkine to them was the highlight of the convention.

We're all looking forward to seeing both of them in Kentucky next year.

Enough of this rambling on, Best Wishes to All, John and Martha Fritz


Dear John and Stella, It was so ni

to see you folks in Hot Springs; plu all of the new faces. We Ohioians enjoyed ourselves thoroughly; even if Mother Nature tried to scald us all. Our hotel was great and those "baths" are fantastic; going back again just for that treatment. We would like to "Thank" our hosts for all of their efforts; everything came off beautiful.

Now for those persons who were going to look for my "flag" when we found all of those diamonds; let me tell you my sad tale. We found NONE. The diamonds are located in a state park with a air conditioned building with all of the information needed to make your big find. That is as far as Martha Fritzgot; with her cast she decided to skip all of that fun. The other 5 of us headed out into this huge furrowed field to find our fortune. Millie Zollfound a picnic table and that was the end of her travels; the other 4 of us kept going; because Bob knew a secret area??? While Millie is sitting at the picnic table; a park ranger is checking grounds and mentions to her; j -14- perature at the ground level is 120 agrees; that was the last of Millie we seen, followed shortly by the rest of our group. It was an experience; but my next time will be when it is the middle of winter; I can always add clothes.

Last week end Bob and I stopped over to see Chuck and Willie Garnwho are in the process of relocating in Cuyahoga Falls; so are busy cleaning and packing; gave them report on convention and they promise they will attend the next session. Both are doing well.

See all of you in Kentucky Lake Park; sounds like another good convention.

Sincerely, Jean Gilder S 81st EngineersWells, Peirce, Gallagher, Ward 1980


REUNION ANOTHER IN A SERIES OF VERY SUCCESSFUL REUNIONSTOOK PLACE IN Arkansas last month. About 150 people can vouch for it.

After loading up one of our local compatriots near Atlanta, (Ira Bottoms of the 592 FA, a first timer) I drove rough Alabama, Mississippi, Tenn.

Arkansas arriving early on Monday, first arrivals I think.

On Tuesday, our genial hosts Bill and Sue Baker came in. On Wed., the Coffeys, Schuttes, Schlessers and a few others drifted in. Of course, the Schuttes, Doug and I had to get in a little golf then.

Thursday the remainder of our group came in and there was much laughter, happiness, hugging, hand-shaking going on. Then started a really smooth flowing program.

Busing was held to a minimum--the two occasions being a trip to the Mid American Center, a museum displaying a large number of scientific phenomenon, our job being to figure out what made them work, and a trip to an outdoor play Friday night. The play was most entertaining. Otherwise we relaxed indoors, where the lobby was pleasant and the hotel adequate.

We had a number of first timers and we want to urge them to continue their attendance since the more you go, the better it is.

The meals were good, the fellowship outstanding, and we're ready to go again. Some of the group went on to other sites West and North. Harriet and I arrived home Sunday late--tired but happy.

A special thanks is extended to our hosts, the Bakers and Hensons, all of whom worked hard and were rewarded with a fine reunion. Sherod CollinsKay Loveless, Al Johnson, Sue Baker -15- Land Between The Lakes 1981 Reunion Bob; Ken and June Bradfield and Bobbie and I are planning the 1981

reunion at Kentucky Dam Village State Park. For those who may not be familiar with this area, Kentucky Dam is located in the extreme Western section of Kentucky. Kentucky Dam is approximately 25 mi. South-East of Paducah, Kentucky near the intersection of US 62 and US 641.

Approximately 100 mi. from Evansville, Indiana, 125 mi. from Nashville, Tennessee, 175 mi. from Memphis, Tennessee, 135 mi. from St Louis, Missouri.

Enclosed is a 1980 rate list of rooms and cottages available. This is a reservation request that should be filled out and mailed direct to Kentucky Dam Village State Park, Gilbertsville, Kentucky 42044. The Inn Keeper would like to have the reservations in as soon as possible. Ken has reserved 90 rooms which will be held until June 1, 1981. There will be all kinds of entertainment such as swimming in pool or lake, boating, water skiing, aquaboggan, tennis, golf, horseback riding, volley ball, boat rides, fishing, sight-seeing, etc.

There are lots of good eating places serving fish, steaks and good old home cooked meals.

We invite everyone to come and enjoy Kentucky Dam and Kentucky Lake. Remember the dates, June 25, 26 and 27, 1981. Sincerely, Van S. Wyatt(G-424), Rt. 2, Box 5A, Benton, Kentucky, 42025 Phone (502) 527-1796

Kentucky Dam A kingpin in "The Nation's Finest Park System," Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park is one of the largest and most popular vacation resorts in Kentucky.

The word "great" applies to every aspect of this resort park. A mod lodge, six different cottage types, -16- 25-site campground should satisfy one's taste in accommodations.

The recreation program offers guests a choice of many activities every day.

Golfers look forward to challenging the sporty 18-hole course, and lovers of water sports can utilize the largest docking facility in the Kentucky parks system.


"Let us entertain you!" is the motto of the recreation directors and naturalists at Kentucky State Parks, and they really mean it! Their comprehensive recreation and naturalist programs are for all ages, combining fun, fellowship, acquisition of skills, and education, in a wide diversity of activities and interests such as nature, nature crafts, music, dance, drama, and special events.

Kentucky Dam Village draws on the experience and expertise of the Iation's Finest Park System to give it ne of the outstanding planned I ecreation programs in the state.







Well, what do you know-there I am military as hell on the steps of the EupenBurghaus turning the Town back to the Belgians. Ah, there was a lush assignment. 52 pieces of realty, one brewery, ten saloons, one big movie theatre, biggest swimming pool in Europe, five bands and orchestras, messes where every G.I. sat down to a white table cloth, served by frauleins (who quit regularly with the complaint, "Machin kaput" and thighs black and blue from pinches.) One club for the officers, two for the men. Troops, the whole recon company and a battery of artillery. I had a miniature castle with five servants, a French Housekeeper, a Swiss chef and his wife, and two Belgian maids, one of whom proved to 4 e a Deuxieme Bureau rep. I loved it. e style of life to which I would like to come accustomed. Herb Livesey592th The 592th annual picnic was held at Hershey Park, Pa. Sunday, August 31.

These gatherings were organized by the late Emil Solecki, Tom Foxand Tom Dorosky.

As always a grand day was had by young and those of us who are older.

The young enjoying the park amusements with the rest renewing friendships and partaking of food and drink.

Those who attended Mr. & Mrs. Tom Those who attended

Those who attended Mr. & Mrs. Tom Those who attended Fox and their daughter and her family,

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Everettsand sons,

Doug and Andy from Penna., Charlie & Daisey Walsh, New Jersey, Betty & Charlie Lapan, Betty's sister and brother-in-law, Marie & Elliot Knecht, New Jersey.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dorosky, daughter Kathy Morgan and husband, Dick Morgan,Daughter Bonnie Maceiko and children, Michael, Michelle, and Kathy and friend Bobby Hackling, Mrs.

Dorosky's sister and brother-in-law Flossie and Eddie Mucha all from Penna.

Mr. & Mrs. L. O. Goodman from Roanoke, VA. John and Stella Gallagherand Niece, Brenda Brough from Penna. Mrs. Kathryn Loveless, daughter Althea Zimmerman, daughter Kay Kempand her husband Ray, their boys, John, Tom and Brian, guests: Robbie and Paul Nicholson, Brett Lyock, Charlie and Vicky Cooley, daughter Tammy, Kenny, Benny and Bradley Wright from MD. Robert & Jean PierceSr. son, Bob and Marsha Pierce Jr. Children Robert and Kelli from Ohio.

Look for you next year on Sunday of Labor Day weekend.


Our membership year is July thru June 30. Dues of $10.00 are due by July 1 for year 1980-81.

Board of directors have directed that if dues are not paid, The Cub will not be forwarded.

If your dues are not paid for 1980-81 year this will be the last Cub you will receive.







Dear Sirs:

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the death of my son, Robert E. Maxson of 511 Main Street, Trenton, Missouri, 64683 on May 20, 1980.

Please cancel the Cub and other magazines of the 106th Inf. Div.Mrs. Jeanie Maxson, 201 E. 9th St. Apt. 2, Trenton, Mo. 64683 We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of our Hot Springs Reunion Chairman Bill Baker. Bless you Sue.

WHO AM I Have you ever asked yourself the question "Who Am IT' Have we answered: I am an American. I am a Veteran of World War II. I put my life on the line for my country and fellow American. I by the Grace of God was spared to continue my sojourn of life in a free America. I am a dedicated citizen concerned with the future of my nation, therefore I do take an active part in my nation, community, and church. I will keep elected leaders informed as to my position on matters of my government. I will take an active part in this years presidential election by informing others where I stand and encouraging them to vote. I am part of America and America is a part of me.

Bad Emswhen I collapsed on the ste: and the Germans took me to a Cath hospital. I weighed about 70 lbs. I have always wondered if they ever got to a P.O.W. camp. Sgt. Shook was our gun commander, I have forgotten most of the names. A few of the names I remember are Pafford, Lombardo, Voscelyn, Willsey.

I am retired now. I worked at Fort Hamilton Hospital for 25 years. I started in the housekeeping dept. for about 5 years. Then I was the receiving clerk for 8 years. After that I ran a print shop and operated 2 offset presses and did sign printing.

I have been retired 3 yrs. and like it. I like to fish and bowl in four leagues in the winter.

I would appreciate any information you might have on the citation or how the fellows made out on the march from Gerolstein. Cecil B. Tipton, 1341

Parrish Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 45011 Who was the member coming to reunion who was flown to Hot Springs, West Virginia instead of Arkansas.

Whose wife stayed home from reunion so they could afford to buy a septic tank?





Dear Walt: I just received the Cub and am reading the letter that I sent about award or citation from the French.

I was with the 589th at Parkers Crossroads and we were captured the 23rd of Dec. After we were captured we did alot of walking until we came to a city called Gerolstein. We were there about two months. I did not get to a "Stalag". We were at Gerolstein about 2 months and then we left there and started walking from town to town.

They told us we were going to a P.O.W. camp. We were going through Did you see photos of the Gallagher's new grandson and of the Crawford's great-grandson? GAMBLING Recently visited a gambling casino in Atlantic City as an observer.

At blackjack table saw a woman take a $100.00 bill from her purse and put it on the table for chips. She also took a piece of paper from her purse and started to read. I was curious and glanced over her shoulder and read title on paper "Prayer to St. Jude".

This got me to thinking, "What is t purpose of prayer?" THE EDITOR -18- Bob: Another year gone by so rapidly - we used to be considered as the "Young Turks" are now the "Old Guard." Am thinking that in another four years I'll retire from my role as Director of Personnel for the Baltimore County School System after a 35 year career in education.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting once again with Mrs. Mary O'Toole, the 94 year old mother of Lt. O'Toolekilled by an air raid over the POW camp many of us were in following the famous Battle of the Bulge. I still keep in contact with the widow of Hugh Mayes(KIA) as

11 well as Barney Alford, Jesse Caldwell, John Schaffner, Bernard Smidansky, William Streeter, Henry Thurner, Marshall Winslow, and Tommy Wohl. Although living in the same area, have not recently seen Austin Byrdbut know he is well and prosperous.

After reading my edition, I always send the CUB on to Don Regier of our staff who served also with the 106th. It's always a pleasure to receive the magazine and all those associated with it are to be highly complimented for the quality it has represented over the years. Walter M. Snyderear John & Stella: We had a short visit with t b and June Walkerand Bob and Jean Piercetheir way home from the reunion. I was able to get a few hours off to go out to dinner with them. They gave us a report on what we missed by not being able to attend.

We missed seeing everyone and we hope conditions will be different next year. Gene, Sally and Sandy Saucerman


Dear Bob: I'm out of work permanently on

100% disability, suffering from loss of my leg. Have terrible headaches almost 24 hours a day for almost 6 years. Recently discovered I have an ulcer which doesn't help matters much. Have been doing a little fishing at camp and am doing some gardening here on our 4 acres of land in Parish. I moved off the 136 acres farm we owned about 3 years ago. Before we moved I donated 3 acres of land to the American Legion Post 601 in Parish, for their new building.

Edward J. Smith


Dear Bob: I was an original Cadre member to "A" battery-313th Field Artillary, 80th Division, coming from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. When the 106th Divisionwas activated at Fort Jackson, South CarolinaI was a Cadre Member to "A" Battery-589th Field Artillary. The 589th F.A. was my outfit all the way to the Battle of the Bulgeof which I was the Motor Sergeant. Floyd L. Elston


Dear Bob: Katherine has been having hip and leg problems - hope to make next years reunion. We are still catching lots of Bass. J.B. Strickland


Dear Bob: Enclosed please find my check in the amount of twelve dollars, my wife Olga was an Army Nurse during the Korean conflict. My older boy, Ken is a 1st Lt. now with the Recon platoon of the 1st Brigade of the 9th Inf. Div.stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wash. Ken Finlayson


Dear Bob, Enclosed are my dues. Maybe one of these years I'll be able to make a convention. Spotted in the Cub that Dan Biedhad authored a couple of books on the 106th. Reviewed the books for the UPI Broadcast and Newspaper newswire. Dan and Millie visited the UPI office in Chicago and we reminisced about old times. Anyone else authoring books should send them along to me. Only too soon we won't be around to remember anymore. Walter W. Martin


Dear Bob: Enclosed is check for dues and five for Memorial Fund, I possibly more than most, had contact with the men when dying or immediately after and know what fine young men they were. Hence, I cannot forget some memorial to them.

I have been living in retirement In Duneland Beach, outside of Michigan City, Indiana and spend two months in Stuart, Florida. One or two weekends I return to my parish. It is so good being with them. Rev. E.T. Boyle


Dear Bob: Enclosed are my dues for 1980-1981, and you will be interested in the clip on Dick DeHeer. This story was in the Palm Coast News this week, which is published by the Daytona each News Journal. We have been in contact not yet face to face, only by mail.

rry to again miss the reunion, but this is busy time at the bandshell. Carl M. HulbertSir: I recently married and my wife and I are both retired. I was in Btry a 591st field arty. We hold a reunion every two years. Our next one Is in August 7-8-9-10 at Toms River, N.J. I enjoy reading the CUB and every now and then I read about someone from the btry. Joseph A. Meola





Dear Bob: Just a note to let you know that my roster of Co. L men has now grown to 28.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Capt. J.B. Huyett was Co. commander of Co. L. 423rd untill Dec. 1944. When captured he was taken through Berlinto Polandwhere he escaped and managed to reach the Russian lines. He finally returned to the U.S. via way of Odessaon the Black Sea and Alexandria Egypt.

He retired to Charlestown W. Va. in 1972 after serving as a military advisor to a U.S. Senate committee. In July 1979 it was discovered he had cancer (multiple mycloma) and has been under going chemo therapy since that time. Needless to say he is meeting this challenge with the same determination and bravery that he showed the Germans and the men of Co. L. in Dec. 1944. I'm sure that if anyone can beat this disease, he will. C. Henderson


Dear Bob: As usual it appears we will not make the convention this year for the same reason as given past 4 years. Eleanor's mother back in nursing home after being hospitalized for her 4th (or 5th) stroke last month.

God willing, will make a convention or one of those annual visits to St. Vithbefore I get too old to travel. Hit 70 last 2/22, put on a lot more years than I expected when I was reduced to 100 lbs. Best regards to you, yours, and all the 106th Lion Div. Vets. Leo R. LeisseSr.


Dear Editor: Enclosed please find my dues for 1980. Some months ago I received a phone call one Sunday evening from a former fellow-member of the 106th M.P. platoon whom I had last seen in 1945 in Karlsruhe, Germany, Ken Facey. It was a tremendous surprise and satisfaction to again talk to someone I had not any contact with in 35 years. I was Platoon Sgt. and he was a pfc assigned as Major Mowldsdriver. But he (and Dale Harned) went on to C.C.S. while we were still in Germany, and subsequently had a great Army career, including Viet Nam, and retired as a full colonel. So his success, I feel, is an achievement both his fellow platoon members, as well as himself, can justly feel proud of. Ken and I are both hoping that, some way or other, we might eventually arrange some kind of reunion of the members of our platoon. Myles Brazill



Dear Bob: we are very sorry to miss the reunion in Hot Springs, Ark. We had looked forward to going there but my 94 year old mother is still living with us. It takes both of us to see about her. She does not want to go th a convalescent home.

Cofer's Seed Co. called me to come to work during the busy season in the Spring. 1 worked March, April and almost three weeks in Then Mr. Cofer had surgery in June an called me back for two weeks. Then I was rek for 12 months vacation. H.E. Mansfield, Jr.


Dear Bob: I'm just out of the hospital with internal bleeding and on a strict diet right now. James Brackett

Bob: Sorry I could not be in Hot Springs due to illness of my wife. I want to thank all you guys who have taken time to write to me, you will never know how much I really appreciate it and I hope to meet you all in the future at one of your reunions. I have received my first copy of the Cub magazine and sure did enjoy reading it. Geo. Whisenhurt, FIT 1, Big Sandy, Texas 75755 Hi, Just a note to say "Hello" to all members of the 106 Div. Assoc. especially Walter Bandurakand his wife, Lillian. I'm a former member of the medical detachment, 81st engineers. I'd be especially interested in hearing from Doc. Cessna. Neil Gossom, Harry Baird, Shorty Andrews or anyone from my old unit. I'm kind of semi-retired now. My wife and I moved here to Chula Vista, Ca. in 1977 and we really enjoy the beautiful weather, after 57 years in Wisconsin, this is really a treat. I work 3 days a week for a company in S Diego which keeps me out of trouble and s gives me time for a little golf. Leo P. Kreuser


Dear Bob: I am still serving as American Legion Service Officer, and also still a Volunteer Driver for the local Red Cross Chapter. During the last few months I have taken several Red Cross training courses on disaster Services, was recently appointed disaster chairman of the chapter. I saw some active service after the disastrous tornado of 10/3/79, which heavily damaged part of the town of Windsor Locks, including Brasley International Airport and the adjoining Conn. Air Nat. Guard facilities, demolishing the USAF museum. Waldo B. Pierce

-20- Bryant and Villwock


Dear Bob: I am a member of the 106th Rcn. since the division was activated in Ft. Jackson.

Our unit started having reunions in 1969 and In August of this year we will again meet. this time Franhenmuth, Michigan. We meet every illo years. Perhaps someone from the rcn. troop o we have been unable to locate will read s. Bill Randall


Dear Bob: Enclosed is check for my 1980 dues.

sure enjoy reading the CUB. So far I'm still semi-retired working two days a week. Last July I went to Alaske, salmon fishing, I caught a 55 !b. king salmon. This year I went to the High Sierras Mts. trout fishing. Lots of fish, lots of snow. Just got back from fishing in Noranda, Quebec, Canada. Good fishing. I'm getting my share of fishing after being tied down to market operating all these years. Keep up the good work. Joseph Litvin


Dear Bob: Although business committments preclude me from attending this years reunion am always happy to receive the CUB and renew old acquaintances with dear friends of W.W.II. At present I am a Commodities Broker with Mercantile Trading Company here at the Board of Trade in ChicagO and occassionally run into buddies from the Division. See Dr. Lifchez of the 331 Med. Bn.

Continued good luck and I watch the progress of the association with great anticipation. Gilbert Marcus


Dear Sir: I was a member of Headquarters Co.

ilst Bat. 423 Int from the beginning at Fort i kson, was captured on Dec. 19th, Battle of Bulge. I have yet to see any names in the. from my company. Do you have names and addresses of the original men in the 106th or anyway I could find these names. I would like to get in touch with some members of my platoon. Howard S. McCarty


Dear Bob: Enclosed is my check for current dues. Rosalie and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on June 16th. We now limit our driving but we still hope to attend one of the reunions of the Golden Lions. Warm regards and best wishes. Francis A. Woolfley



Dear Sir: Enclosed please find check for $20.00; $10.00 for my 1980-1981 dues and $10.00 for the 106th Div.Memorial fund in memory of Emil M. Solecki.

I served with Emil in the service battery of the 592nd field artillery battalion. My wife and I were very saddened to learn of his death through the CUB magazine. We had the pleasure of visiting Emil and his family some twenty years ago. We also toured Europe in 1972 visiting some of the places where I served such as St. Vith, at which time I was surprised and delighted to find the memorial to the 106th Infantry Division. Glenn 0. Hartlieb


Dear Bob: My wife, Penny, has had surgery on the left side of her face and has to return to wheeling the second week of July and then again around the 21st of July, so it will be impossible for us to attend the reunion in Hot Springs, we held our reservations as long as possible hoping that things would change, anyway, first things first.

Enclosed is a check for dues and memorial fund, we will miss seeing old friends and enjoying the company of the 106th. Fred R. CarterBeals and Henning -21 - TREASURER'S REPORT ****** 1979-1980

INCOME AND EXPENSE--GENERAL FUND FUNDS ACTIVITIES GENERAL FUND RECAP $1988.03 INCOME $4242.00 Brought Forward 10 86 Members' Dues 198.00 Net Decrease Auxiliary Dues 596.38 Balance Jun. 30, 1980

Interest Earned 57.50 MEMORIAL FUND ACTIVITY Sale--Emblem & Patches 5 00 Brought Forward Sate--Car Tags 10.50 Contributions Sale--Extra Cubs Less: EXPENSE Donation for CUB Expense Maintenance to Postage Bischofliche School Office Supplies & Printing St. Vith, Belgium. Telephone Expense Balance June 30, 1980. Travel--Adjutant Ladies' Entertainment--'79

Reunion Registration Fees--3 Officers 1980 Reunion Net Decrease $1977.17














$7855.75 $8,033.7c


General Fund Memorial Fund Totals This Year $1977.17 $8033.75 10,010.92

$( 10.86) 178.00 167.14


Last Year 1988.03 7855.75 9,843.78 Checking--First National Bank of Atlanta 795.17


Savings--Fulton Federal Savings & Loan Assn. 9,215.75 Thanks for tremendous support and for the opportunity to serve.


907.77 931.59 629.64 490.64


Sherod Collins, Treas.


338.33 831.81


27.13 312.00








1980 - 1981


William E. Abriel (Hq/424), 222 Maple Lane, North Syracuse, N.Y. 13212

John AdamsJr. (0/422), P.O. Box 1584, Lake Havasu City, Ariz. 86403

Steve T. Adamowicz (G/422), 723 S. Westcott St., Sioux City, Iowa 51106

James N. Adkins (C/423), 3134 Lowell Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 32205

Orfeo E. Agostini (A/81), 202 Elizabeth St., Hinesville, Ga. 31313

Gerald J. Anderson (M/423), 652 Harbor Circle, Ellenton, Fla. 33532

Ottavio Antognoli (106/Sign.), 4326 Richardson Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10466

William G. Armel (A/422) 2849 College, Quincy, Ill. 62301

Donald R. Armington (H/424), 3125 John Patterson Rd., Des Moines, Iowa 50317

Harry Arvanis (K/424), 1915 158th St., East Moline, Ill. 61244

Dr. George Axelrod (331/Med.), 1431 Hanough #15, Centerville, Mass 02632

Freddie Baker (A/422), 112 E. Maxwell, DeWitt, Ark. 72042

William C. Baker (L/424), #4 Haley St., Pine Bluff, Ark. 71602

Gene S. Balke (Hq 3rd Bn /422), N. Parkway Apt. 559, Scottsdale, Ariz. 85251

Walter Bandurak (Med. Det /81), 219 N. Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 15601

Frank S. Barlow (Div/Hq.), 144 Aurora St., Hudson, Ohio 44236

L. Preston Barnes (DHQ/G-4), Rt. 1 Box 173, Allentown, N.J. 08501

Saverio Bavaro (Hq 2nd Bn/424), 3200 S.W. 67 Way, Mikamar, Fla. 33023

Carol Beals (Assoc.), 8 Green Mountain Dr. Apt. 16, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Richard H. Behr (Sv/423), 5924 West Meadowbrook Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. 85033

Harry J. Bendick (Hq/424), 489 Moull St., Newark, Ohio 43055

Thomas Bickford (DHQ/Motor Pool), 311 Bloomingdale Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016

Dan Bied (A/422), 102 Holiday Terrace, West Burlington, Iowa 52655

Rev. Ewell C. Black (A/422), Box 66, Bishopville, S.C. 29010

William Black (C/591), 1016 Split Rock Rd., Cheshire, Conn. 06410

T. Wayne Black (Hq/422), 1925 Pinehurst Lane, Waterloo, Iowa 50701

Merrill E. Bookheimer (Hq/591), 2560 Sardonyx Dr. Laurich Gems Chambersburg, PA 17201

Rev. Edward T. Boyle (Hq/424), 3510 Arrowhead Trail, Michigan City, Ind. 46360

James E. Brackett (Sv/591), 114 Fayette Ave. Apt. 2B, Staten Island, N.Y. 10305





Kenneth Bradfield (Sv/591), 908 S. Lodge Ave., Evansville, Ind. 47714

L. B. Bradley (Sv/422), 512 Locke St., Palmetto, Ga. 30268

Myles Brazill (DHQ/MP), P.O. Box 6 Landisburg, Pa. 17040

Benjamin B. Britton (E/424), 36 Warren Rd., Auburn, Mass. 01501

Dorothy Broth (Assoc.), New England Village 960 Fall River Dr., Hayward, Calif. 94544

Robert Brown (H/424), 7532 Richmond Kansas City, Mo. 64138

Vernon E. Brumfield (C/589), 201 W. 111th St., Cut Off, La. 70345

Harold J. Brummer (D/422), 41 Georgia St., Cranford, N.J. 07016

Jack Bryant (Reg. Hq/422), 19692 Coral Gables Southfield, Mich. 48076

Robert A. Burkes (Hq/424), 2227 Plantation Dr., East Point, Ga. 30344

Leonard J. Butterbaugh (At/423) 228 Frank St., Council Bluff, Iowa 51501

F. G. Bynum (B & Hq/424), 1808 Linthicum Lane Birmingham, Ala. 35217

Austin L. ByrdJr. (A/589), 1329 Westburn Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21228

Joseph Caminitti (Med. B/423), 15 Martin Rd., Portland, Ma. 04103

Samuel P. Cariano (DHQ), 122 Skyline Blvd., Satellite Beach, Fla. 32937

Fred R. Carter (Sv/591), 613 N. 3rd St., Toronto, Ohio 43964

Charles C. Cavender (CO/423) 26490 Burgess Way Sun City, Calif. 92381

Fred B. Chase (D/422 5 Morris Lane Clifton Park, NY. 12065

Dr. James I. Clark (Med. Det. 590-92), 414 Cherry Ave., Sturgis, Mich. 49091

Walter C. Clarke (Sv/591), 318 Spring Garden Kannapolis, N.C. 28081

Douglas S. Coffey (C/590), 947 N.W. Arnet St., Port Charlotte, Fla. 33952

Allen T. Cohen (E/423), 6033 N. Sheridan 10H Chicago, III 60660

James E. Colliers Sr. (11/424), 1635 Vance Memphis, Tenn. 38104

Sherod Collins (Sv/423), 625 Channing Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30318

Virgil L. Collins (CN/423), 824 Cypress Ave., Venice, Fla. 33595

Dr. Michael E. Connelly (Med/589), 902 Linden St., Sharon, Pa. 16146

Louis M. Cooper (M/423 & G/424), 5215 Sandy Oak Dr. N., Lakeland, Fla. 33801

Charles K. Corrigan (Sv/591), 3366 Ken Lake Dr., Olympia, Wash. 98502

Dean Crawford (Reg H422), 17 Inner Dr., Vienna, Ohio 44473

Raymond J. Creamer (Sv/589), 48 Leonard Rd., Milltown, N.J. 08850

Lloyd R. Crosby (B/424), Rt. 4 Box 45 Elba, Ala. 36323

Lester W. Crossman (H/424), Box 654 Woodstock, III. 60098





William R. Crozier (A/422)?50 W. Chicago Blvd. Detroit, Mich. 48228

Edward L. Curnow (E/424), 190 Chateau Estates Rt 4 Swanton, Ohio 43558

Alan R. Dabson (6/331), 38 Upland Ave. Edgehill Dover, Del. 19901

William S. Dahlen (Sv/591), 303 Charles Rd., Linthicum, Md. 21090

Carmen Daluisio (K/424), Box 53 Curtisville, PA 15032

Paul DargonSr. (Hq/589), P.O. Box 141 Carlisle, PA. 17013

Charles T. Datte No Unit 231 Davis Ave., Clifton Hgts., Pa. 19018

William R. Daugherty (G/424), Main St., ?cona, Iowa 50139

Louis Davis (Hq. 1st Bn/423), 515 West 101st Terrace Kansas City, Mo. 64114

Joseph A. DeChiara (C/2833), 1124 59th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219

Richard DeHeer (K/424), 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Fla. 32037

Richard G. DeHeer (Assoc.), 631 Tanyu Ave. N.W., Massillon, Ohio 44646

Bill S. Delzell (M/424), 683 Oakdale Dr., Forest Park, Ga. 30050

Francis J. Dobe (C/422), 877 Howe St., Manchester, N.H. 03103

Dwight Dodson (Med./423), 3309 Kage Rd., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 63701

William P. DohoneyDDS (C/422) Howe St. Manchester, N.H. 03103

Libby K. Dolitsky (Assoc.), 40 Indian Rd., Port Chester, N.Y. 10573

Thomas Dorosky (Sv/592 146 Mount Airy Road R.D. #1 Shavestown, Pa 18708

Harley W. Easier (G/422), Rt 10 Box 308 Sparanburg, S.C. 29303

Floyd L. Elston (A/589), 28 Park Ave., Haskell, N.J. 07420

I J. Russell Enlow (D/423), Taswell, Ind. 47175

Col. Kenneth B. Facey (106/MP), 4200 Smithfield Court Evans, Ga. 30809

Kenneth Finlayson (D/331), 66Hillview Rd., Gorham, Ma. 04038

Robert W. Fisher (106th /Rec), 1106 Lancer Lane Tarpon Springs, Fla. 33589

Gilbert M. Fitzgerald (E/424), 521 S. Linden Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 22980

Robert G. Flaig (Hq/589), 1652 Pinebluff Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

Tom K. Fox (Sv/592), 129 S. Washington St., Green Castle, Pa. 17225

Frank J. Fradianni 914 Cloverdale Circle Wetherfield, Conn. 06109

Florian R. Frank (Sv/591), Biglow Cheese and Butter Co., Avoca, Wisc. 53506

Charles W. Freed (I/423), 218 Jackson Circle Pittsburg, Pa. 15229

Henry E. Freedman (Reg Hq /422), 115 Harness Trail Roswell, Ga 30076

John R. Fritz (Hq/424), 9271 Avon Belden Rd., North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039





John I. Gallagher (C/81) 4003 Frances St., Temple, Pa. 19560

Charles S. Garn (H/424) 1937 Highbridge Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223

Joseph J. Gasses (Hq/422), 1420 Franklin St., Grand Haven, Mich. 49417

Charles R. Gibson (Sv/422), 524 Washington Lawton, Mich. 49065

Robert A. Gilder (HQ 1st Bn/424), 36303 Behm Dr., North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Patrick J. Gioia (G/422), Torrington Road Litchfield, Conn 06759

Walter S. Glenney (DHQ. EXEC./424), 235 Carol Ann Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78223

Earl A. Gollhofer (C/589), Box 72 Charter Oak, Iowa 51439

Lapmon O. Goodman (Sv/592), Roanoke , VA

W. Leo Gregory (Hq 3rd Bn/424), 5009 Bonnahill Dr., Hermitage, Tenn. 37076

Edwin P. HagenJr. (Sv/591), Rt 2 Box 45 Sisseton, S.D. 57262

Juanita Hagman (Assoc.), 305 W. Josephine St., Weatherford, Texas 76086

William B. Harris (Sv/423), 409 Sunset Rd., West Reading, Pa. 19611

Glenn 0. Hartlieb (Sv/592 1805 Olive St., Highland, III. 62249

Bertram E. Hartzell (C/81), 410 South St., New Bathleham, Pa. 16242

Norman W. Hayden (Hq/81), 2 Hillcrest Court Augusta, Ma. 04330

Henry D. Healan (M/423), 14317 Grovewood Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Bryon P. Heath (106/MP), 817 N. Stoneman Ave. Apt. D Alhambra, Calif. 91801

William G. Hemelt (H/424), 7737 Wynbrook Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21224

Forrest W. Hemming (806 - Ord), 755 Stelxer Rd. Box 171 Columbus, Ohio 43219

Charles E. Henderson (L/423), 2014 Highfield Drayton Plains, Mich. 48020

James W. Henning (Hq. 3rd Bn /422), 1045 E. 8th St., Lockport, Ill. 60441

Lt. Col. E. Glenn Henson (H/424), 9917 Echo Valley Court Little Rock Ark. 72207

Lee J. Hereth (D/424), 914 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Kenneth T. Hester (C/590), Rt. 4 Box 320 Shepherdsville, Ky. 40165

Frank J. Hill (M/424), 119 West Lime St., Ironwood, Mich. 49938

Walter F. Hiltbrand (AT/423), 930 Fair Ave., Salem, Ohio 44460

Harry L. Holder (H/424), 474 Addison Ave., Elmhurst, Ill. 60126

Irving R. Hornsby (Hq/422), 1124 Canandaigua Rd., Palmyra, N.Y. 14522

Pete House (A/590), 5662 Clifton Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 32211

William C. Houston (CN/423), Rte 3 Fawn Rd., Tomahawk, Wisc. 54487

John W. Howard (Sv/591), 920 S. 76th St., West Allis, Wisc. 53214





?ert F. Howell (H/424) ? E. College St. Griffin, Ga. 30223

Carl M. Hulbert (Hq/424) 2801 N. Halifax Ave., Riverside Gardens Apt. 242 Daytona Beach, Fla. 32018

George Iwamoto (H/159), 1105 Apartment D Rycroft St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Montague H. Jacobs (H/422), P.O. Box 272 Kingstree, S.C. 29556

William H. Jefferies (Hq/422), 155 Greene Ave., Totowa, N.J. 07512

Robert D. Jessee (M/424), 1735 Van Ness Ave. Apt. 402 San Francisco, Calif. 94109

Albert A. Johnson (M/423), VA Hospital 5N 1030 Jefferson Memphis, Tenn. 38104

Benjamin F. Johnson Jr. (Hq. 3rd Bn/422) Fountain Ave. Denton, Md. 21629

Cecil O. Johnson (F/423), P.O. Box 892 Marianna, Fla. 32446

Vincent M. Johnson (F/423), 751 18th St., Carlyle, 111. 62231

William Johnson (K/424), 321 Gibson Dr., Oxon Hill, Md. 20021

Alan W. JonesJr. (Hq/423), 2805 Oakton Manor Ct., Oakton, Va. 22124

George W. JonesJr. (Sv/423), 5652 E Main St., Loris, S.C. 29569

Fred H. Jurgensen Sr. (Hq/589), 4330 W. Cleveland Ave., Milwaukee, Wisc. 53219

Irvin Juster (CN/422) Racquet Club Dr. derhill, Fla. 33319

Costa Katimaris (L/423), 37 - 32 80th St., P.O. Box 493 Jackson Heights, N.Y. 11372

George H. Kaufman (H/423), 915 E. High St. Apt. 2 Springfield, Ohio 45505

Richard C. Kaufmann (Hq/589), 15776 Chatham Detroit, Mich. 48223

Peter E. Keenan (Hq/422), 900 SouthamptonRd. Apt. 89 Benica, Calif. 94510

R. F.(Kathryn Loveless) Kemp (Assoc.), 7406 Arden Rd., Bethesda, Md. 20034

Francis T. Kenney (Hq. 3rd Bn./422), RR it 1 4 Hampton Pl., Peekskill, N.Y. 10566

Jesse 0. Kershner (AT/423), 17 Ridgewood Parkway Newport News, Va.23602

Joseph A. Kersten (G/423), 162 Duerstein St., Buffalo, N.Y. 14210

Troy H. Kimmel (CN /422), 752 Loop St., Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

Kenneth K. King (I/422 Box 14 Brasher Falls, N.Y. 13613

Franklin R. Koehler (D/424), 56 Orchard Place Maywood, N.J. 07607

Robert A. Kohtz (106 Sign.), 1607 Summit Dr., Perkin, Ill. 61554

Leo P. Kreuser (Med./81), 1481 3rd Ave. Sp. 95 Chula Vista, Calif. 92011

Sylvester Krupinski (/422), 116 Caldwell Rd., Tera Alta, W. Va. 26764

Harold Kuizema (B1589), 2151 Griggs S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49506





Ted Lada (L/424), 1044 Liberty Lincoln Park, Mich. 48146

Elmer F. Lange (H/422), 5940 Elkcrest Dr., Lincoln, Neb. 68516

Charles G. Laphan (Sv/592), 5 South White House Pike Linderwold, N.J.,

Edward H. Leavitt (Assoc.), 324 S. Kansas Morton, III. 61550

Georgia LeClere (Assoc.), 1706 Fort Jesse Rd., Normal, III. 61761

Futrell H. Lee (C/422), 1204 Anguilla St., Waycross, Ga. 31501

Leo R. LeisseSr. (Hq 3rd Bn/422), 4346 Gapsch Lane St. Louis, Mo. 63125

Phillip R. Leswig (B/592), 309 Red Barn Rd., Willow Grove, Pa. 19090

Louis S. LeTellierJr. (C/81), 1166 Catalina Rd. E., Jacksonville, Fla. 32216

Oliver E. Libman (CR/424), 1818 Azalea Lane Mt. Prospect, III. 60056

Curtis L. Lindsey (H/424), Rt. 1 Box 319 Waco, Texas 76710

William H. Lineberger (Sv/591), 1014 Woodlawn Dallas, Texas 75208

Joseph Litvin (D/423), 1959 W. 185th St., Torrance, Calif. 90504

Arthur E. Loos (I/422), 40 Highland Ave., Broad Brook, Conn. 06016

Hugh V. Lopez (DHQ-Postal Officer), 143 - 05 41st Ave., Flushing, N.Y. 11355

Oliver A. Lothrop, Jr. (B/423), 316 West Wind Rd., Towson, Md. 21204

Kathryn Loveless (Assoc.) 111 2549 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207

Allen L. Lowith (CN / 423), 1062 S. Mansfield Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90019

William Lucsay (B/423), 12612 S. Moody Ave., Palos Heights, III. 60463

Thomas G. Manager (A/590 & C/592), 309 Addison Rd., Glastonbury, Conn. 06033

Horace E. Mansfield (A /424), 190 Northcrest Dr., Athens, Ga. 30601

Gilbert Marcus (Sv/423), 1340 N. Astor St. Apt. 808 Chicago, Ill. 60610

Walter W. Martin (E/423), 1418 Main St., Evanston, III. 60202

Col. Joseph C. MatthewsJr. (DHQ & 422), 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N.C. 27606

Thomas J. Maw (A/592), 436 Beech St., Rockland. Mass. 02370

O. Paul Merz (Sv/422), 8657 Mockingbird Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

John L. Mikalauskis (H/424), P.O. Box 31 306W. Blake St., Benton, ill 62812

Gene L. Miller (B/592), Box 652 Earp, Calif. 92242

Col. John W. Miller (E/423), 1511 Cochise Dr., Arlington, Texas 76012

John R. Monroe (A/423), Rd. 1 Box 199 Titusville, N.J. 08560

Col. William P. MoonJr. (Hq.1st Bn/422), 9135 Oakland Circle Lynchburg, Va. 24502

William J. Mosolf (CN/424), 17159 Esperinza Dr., Perris, Calif. 92370





Ronald A. Mosley(Chaplain 424) ?5 Maudslea on Sea Divarty) Petite Riviere Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada B0J2P0

George C. Moyer (CN /424), 3 - 1st Ave., Arlington Heights, Ill. 60005

M. J. Mueller (L/424 Med), P.O. Box 257 Lake Villa, Ill. 60046

George MurrayJr. (H/424), 521 - 9th St. Box 724 Bemidji, Minn. 56601

Vincent J. Mustacchlo (D/331), 15 Carmer Ave., Belleville, N.J. 07109

Dr. Larry MyersJr. (B/591), 151 Cambridge St. Syracuse, N.Y. 13210

Howard S. McCarty (Hq. 1st. Bn/423) 1424 Norton Trenton, Mo. 64683

?. B. McCormick, Jr. (422), P.O. Box 6 ?ony Point, N.C. 28678

Joseph V. McKeever (CN & K/423) 3615 Brownsboro Rd. Louisville, Ky. 40207

Gen. Leo T. McMahon (DIV Arty) 8 N. Union St. Middletown, Pa. 17057

Paul McMillan (Sv/422), 294 Albemarle Place Macon, Ga. 31204

John B. Nash (806 Ord), 247 Van Duzer St., Staten Island, N.Y. 10304

Alfred S. Nusbaum (Hq/423), 5622 N. 12th St., Phoenix, Ariz. 85014

Albert C. OelschigJr. (423), 1715 E. Gwinnett St. Savannah, Ga. 31404

Wanold D. Olman (Sv/422), 912 Cokesbury Dr. Columbia, S.C. 29203

?roll D. Padgett (E/424) Milligan Dr. ne Mt. Ga. 30083

Arthur C. Parker (589), Rt. 1 Box 600 Leeds, Ala. 35094

Marvin J. Parr (B/424), 4 Locust Ave., East Norwich, N.Y. 11732

Kenneth Pettit (Sv/591), P.O. Box 231 Charleston, Miss. 38921

Charles S. Peyser (B/424), 212 Potomac Ave., Hanover, Pa. 17331

Robert W. PierceSr. (C/81), 474 Federal St. N.W., Warren, Ohio 44483

Waldo B. Pierce (F/422), 530 East St., New Britain, Conn. 06051

Morris R. Piha (106QM), 2164 Marietta Blvd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30318

Edward A. Prewett (B/424), Rt. 2 Box 730 Brentwood, Calif. 94513

Dr. David S. Price (DHQ & 331 Med), 3 North Lane Loudonville, N.Y. 12211

Casimir T. Prokorym (Hq/81), 2520 Chestnut St., Steubenville, Ohio 43952

Joseph F. Puett(CO 2nd Bn/423) 2748. D Shallowford Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30241

Charles H. Puskarich (M/424), 428 S. 70th St., Milwaukee, Wisc. 53214

Joseph Puzio (Hq/81), 50 Division Ave., Garfield, N.J. 07026

William W. Randall (106th Recn), 560 Pine St. Apt. 1-4 Royersford, Pa. 19468

Robert L. Randol (Sv/423), P.O. Box 345 Markle, Ind. 46770





Clayton F. Rarick (L/424), Box 25 Blandon, Pa. 19510

Alex Ravdin (A/331), 5308 Fitzhugh Ave., Richmond, Va. 23226

Raymond J. Reed (CN/423), 461 Chestnut St., Union, N.J. 07083

Joseph Remetta (106 Sign.), 427 Main St. Rt. 2 Wilburton, PA 17888

Viola Reilly (Assoc.), 96 Irving Terrace Bloomfield, N.J. 07003

Charles W. Richards (Sv/423), 204 Crestview Dr., Hendersonville, N.C. 28739

Robert C. Ringer (Sv/590 & 591), 4280 Kendale Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43220

George Rinkema (B/423), 16817 S. Park Ave., South Holland, III. 60473

Rowland R. Ritts (B/592), Box 536 Oak Hill Rd 4 Dallas, Pa. 18612

Dr. John G. RobbDDS (D/422), 238 DeVore Dr., Meadville, PA 16335

Paul H. Roehrich (422), Rt. 2 Grove, Okla. 74344

J.B. Russell (Sv/422), P.O. Box 323 McDonought, Ga. 30253

Marvin H. Rusch (DHQ/G-1 Sect.), 10830 W. Courtland Ave., Wauwatosa, Wisc. 53225

Peter Russin (H/424), 412 Braybarton Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio 43952

Robert E. Rutt (Hq/422), 937 Lampwick Court Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 48013

Edward Rydzinski (422), 1715 Elm Desplaines, Ill. 60018

L. Orvis Samples (Sv/591), 405 W. 25th St., Belle, W. Va. 25015

Eugene L. Saucerman (D/422), RR 23 Box 82 Terre Haute, Ind. 47802

John P. Schlesser (Sv/591 11603 W. 20th Ave., Lowell, Ind. 46356

Nicholas Schroeder (Sv/592), 5849 W. 107th St., Chicago Ridge, III. 60415

Hewitt A. Schoonover (Reg. Hq), 4809 Aspasia Lane Edina, Minn. 55435

Phillip F. Schutte (F/424), 2415 Otter Dr., Warren, Mich. 48092

Thomas F. Scurry (HQ 3rd Bn/424), 222 King Charles Rd., Columbia. S.C. 29209

Fred A. Sebastinelli (DHQ), 184 Avila St., San Francisco, Calif. 94123

Ralph Seevers (HQ /422), Box 316 Rt. 2 Lucasville, Ohio 45648

Mike P. Serino (Sv/591) 619 South Ocean Blvd., Surf Side Beach, S.C. 29577

Leon J. Setter (HQ 2nd Bn /422), 3825 Grail Wichita, Kan. 67218

Michael G. Sgrignoli (Sv/592), 125 N 24th St., Camp Hill, Pa 17011

Robert I. Sheahan (B/423), 715 North Derby, Derby, Kan. 62037

Harley W. Slaback (Hq. 3rd Bn/422), 206 Temple Dr., Sanford, Ha. 32771

David B. Slayton (A/422), 648 Terrylynn Place Long Beach, Calif. 90807

Edward J. Smith (M/423), Rd. 2 Parish, N.Y. 13131





Kenneth E. Smith (590), urthwood Rd., Leeville, La. 71446

Mervin S. Smith (A/424), 1208 Tanager St., Kerrville, Texas 78028

Walter M. Snyder (A/589), 2901 Dunmore Rd. Apt. F 4 Dundalk, Md. 21222

Norman S. Spayd (H/423), 1518 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa. 19601

Robert L. Spade (H/424), 5842 Wiltshire Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31904

Lawrence Spicer (K/423), 1605 Bernice Ave., Middletown, Ohio 45042

Robert L. Steere (K/423), R. 1 Falconer, N.Y. 14733

Donald J. Stone (C/589), ii05 East Memorial Dr. nesville, Wisc. 53545

Peter P. Stranko (A/423) 95 El Camino Real N. Sp 137 Salinas, Calif. 93907

Ted J. Straub (M/422), 251 Beechurst Ave., Morgantown, W.Va. 26505

James B. Strickland (K/422), P.O. Box 56 (K/424), Babson Park, Fla. 33827

George F. Sutter (AT/423), 9148 Elmwood Dr., Munster, Ind. 46321

Lee B. Taylor (K/424), Box 16 Anderson, S.C. 29621

James G. Teason (Med/423), 419 Huntington Lane Elmhurst, III. 60126

James E. Teel (A/424), 5 Pearl St., Port Norris, N.J. 08349

Howard J. Terrio (I/423 & K/424) ?29 Briarwood Rd. Columbia, S.C. 29206

William T. Thorn (L/422), 1604 N. Breiel Blvd., Middletown, Ohio 45042

Ben A. Tingle (HQ 3rd Bn/422), P.O. Box 886 Chattanooga, Tenn. 37401

Cecil B. Tipton (A/589), 1341 Parrish Ave., Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Harrison C. Tissot (C/422), 6510 Murray Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Edward A. Tobis (B/592), 9854 Sterling Allen Park, Mich. 48101

Earl L. Todd (B/81), 330 Camden Court Evansville, Ind. 47715

Frank S. Trautman (D/422), 80 E. Summit St., Chagrin Falls, Ohlo 44022

Rollin L, Twining (106 CIC & 3rd Bn/424), 19 Lennox Dr., Binghamton, N.Y. 13903

Bernard Uebel (B/422), 21 Clarissa Dr., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801

Charles Umsted (C/423), P.O. Box 64 Jamesville, N.Y. 13078

Raymond K. Untiedt (C/423), 1409 South Franklin New Ulm, Minn. 56073

Floyd D. Uthman (E/424), 140 Claridge Dr., Coraopolis, PA 15108

Steve G. Varhola (D/424), 6650 Royal Palm Blvd. Apt. 309 C Margate, Fla. 33063

Russell H. Villwock (106th Sign.), 6908 W. Higgins Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60656

Robert F. Walker (D/422), 598 Terrace Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

William A. Wallace (G/424), 736 South Main Fort Scott, Kan. 66701





Presslye Walters Assoc, 430 Winchester Ave. Youngstown, Ohio 44509

James M. Wattam (D/422), 12518 Rosebud Dr., Rockville, Md. 20853

Nathan (Duke) Ward (Hq/81), 3784 Ardsley Court Marietta, Ga. 30062

Glenn W. Warner (C181), 2519 15th Ave Moline, III. 61265

Clarence E. Warren (A/81), 111 Goodrich St., Kewanee, III. 61443

Joseph A. Wasik (G/423), 23 White Oak Rd. White Hills Shelton, Conn. 06484

Col. Jewell K. Watt (DHQ/IG RFD 1 Tecumseh, Kan. 66542

Frederick G. WeisserJr. (Hq/422), 141 Park Ave., Manhasset, N.Y. 11030

James E. Wells (CO. C/81), Rt. 3 Box 511 Hephzibah, Ga. 30815

George W. Whisenhunt (DHQ), Rt. 1 Big Sandy, Texas 75755

E. C. WhiteJr., Box 465 Whiteface, Texas 79379

John D. Wilson (D & H/422), 331 E. 59th St., Hialeah, Fla. 33013

Edward S. Withee (A/81), Box 514 Goshen, Conn. 06756

Wilburn L. Wood (Sv/422), 5000 N. Ocn. Blvd. #301 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33308

Stanley A. Wojtusik (G/422), 9639 Wissinoming St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19114

Gen. F. A. Wollfrey (Ret) (C.G.) 932 Solomon Place New Orleans, La. 70119

Harold E. Worrell (B/331), 14 Easlick Ave., Mount Holly, N.J. 08060

Van S. Wyatt (G/424), 602 W. 8th St., Benton, Ky. 42025

Robert E. York (D/422), 142 East Sycamore Grayville, III. 62844

Gordon B. Zicker (Hq/423), 18 Forrest Ave., Montvale, N.J. 07645

Althea Zimmerman (Assoc.), 2549 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207

Ed Zoll (Hq/424), 1016 Milford N.E., Canton, Ohio 44714

Jack Zuckerman (C/423), 71 - 23 167th St., Flushing, N.Y. 11365


If your name does not appear on this roster membership, according to our records you ha not paid your membership dues as of the 30th of August 1980.







Index for: Vol. 37 No. 1, Oct, 1980

100th Inf. Div., 21

106th Div., 17, 21

106th Inf. Div., 2, 3, 5, 6, 16, 21

106th Infantry Division Association, 3, 5, 6

422nd Regt., 5

591st FA BN, 12

592nd FA, 13

806th Ord. Co., 29

80th Inf. Div., 17

81st Engr., 13

9th Inf. Div., 17

Abriel, William E., 7, 23

Adamowicz, Steve T., 23

Adams, John, 23

Agostini, Orfeo E., 23

Alford, Barney, 17

Anderson, Gerald J., 23

Armington, Don, 4, 5

Armington, Donald R., 7, 23

Arvanis, Harry, 23

Astin, Robert, 7

Axelrod, Dr. George, 23

Bad Ems, 16

Baird, Harry, 20

Baker, Bill, 3, 5, 8, 16

Baker, William, 4, 5, 6

Baker, William C., 7, 23

Balke, Gene S., 23

Bandurak, Walter, 3, 5, 19, 23

Barlow, Franklin, 7

Barnes, L. Preston, 23

Battle Of The Bulge, 17

Beals, Carol, 7, 23

Behr, Richard H., 23

Belgium, 4, 5, 21

Bendick, Harry J., 23

Berlin, 19

Bickford, Thomas, 23

Bickford, Tom & Flo, 10, 12

Bied, Dan, 17, 23

Black, Rev. Ewell C., 23

Black, T. Wayne, 23

Bookheimer, Merrill E., 23

Bottoms, Ira G., 7

Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 23

Brackett, James, 19

Brackett, James E., 23

Bradfield, Ken, 1, 3, 5, 6, 12

Bradfield, Kenneth, 3, 6, 24

Bradley, L. B., 1, 7, 24

Brazil, Myles, 19, 24

Brazill, Myles, 19, 24

Britton, Ben, 5

Britton, Benjamin B., 7, 24

Brummer, Harold J., 24

Bryant, Jack, 7, 24

Burke, Robert, 7

Burkes, Robert A., 24

Butterbaugh, Leonard J., 24

Byrd, Austin, 17

Byrd, Austin L., 24

Cariano, Samuel, 7

Cariano, Samuel P., 24

Carter, Fred R., 21, 24

Cavender, Charles C., 24

Chase, Fred, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Chase, Fred B., 24

Clark, Dr. James, 4, 5, 7

Clark, Dr. James I., 24

Clark, Walter C., 7, 24

Clarke, Walter, 12

Coffey, Doug, 4, 6, 10

Coffey, Douglas, 5

Coffey, Douglas S., 1, 6, 7, 24

Collier, James E., 7, 24

Collins, Sherod, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 22, 24

Collins, Virgil, 4

Collins, Virgil L., 24

Connelly, Dr. Michael E., 24

Cooper, Louis M., 24

Crawford, Dean, 7, 24

Creamer, Raymond J., 24

Crosby, Lloyd R., 24

Crossman, Lester W., 24

Curnow, Edward L., 25

Dabson, Alan R., 25

Dahlen, William S., 25

Dargon, Paul, 25

Datte, Charles T., 25

Davis, William C., 7

DeChiara, Joseph, 7

DeChiara, Joseph A., 25

DeHeer, Dick, 18

DeHeer, Marge & Dick, 11

DeHeer, Richard, 7, 25

DeHeer, Richard G., 25

Div. Artillery, 2

Div. Chaplain, 7

Dobe, Francis J., 25

Dodson, Dwight, 25

Dohoney, William P., 25

Dorosky, Thomas, 25

Dorosky, Tom, 15

Dover, 25

Elston, Floyd L., 17, 25

Enlow, J. Russell, 25

Enlow, Russell, 7

Eupen, 15

Everetts, Russell, 15

Facey, Kenneth B., 25

Finlayson, Kenneth, 25

Fisher, Robert W., 25

Fitzgerald, Gilbert M., 25

Flaig, Robert G., 25

Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 17

Fort Jackson, 17

Fort Jackson, South Carolina, 17

Fox, Tom, 15

Fradianni, Frank J., 25

Franek, Frank, 1

Frank, Florian R., 25

Freed, Charles W., 25

Freedman, Henry E., 25

Fritz, John, 4, 7

Fritz, John & Martha, 12

Fritz, John R., 7, 25

Fritz, Martha, 12

Ft. Jackson, 20

Gallagher, John, 4, 6

Gallagher, John & Stella, 15

Gallagher, John I., 1, 5, 6, 26

Garn, Charles S., 26

Garn, Chuck & Willie, 13

Garn, Willie, 10

Gasses, Joseph, 4

Gasses, Joseph J., 26

Germany, 19

Gerolstein, 16

Gibson, Charles R., 26

Gilder, Robert, 7

Gilder, Robert A., 26

Gioia, Patrick J., 26

Glenney, Walter S., 26

Gollhofer, Earl A., 26

Gossom, Neil, 20

Gregory, Leo, 7

Gregory, W. Leo, 7, 26

Hagen, Edwin P., 26

Hagman, Juanita, 26

Hanover, 29

Harned, Dale, 19

Harris, William B., 26

Hartlieb, Glenn O., 7

Hartzell, Bertram E., 26

Hemelt, William G., 26

Hemming, Forrest W., 26

Henderson, Charles E., 26

Henning, James W., 7, 26

Henson, Glenn, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 26

Hereth, Lee J., 26

Hill, Frank J., 26

Hiltbrand, Walter F., 26

Holder, Harry, 7

Holder, Harry L., 26

Holland, 30

House, Pete, 7, 11, 26

Howard, John W., 26

Howell, Robert, 1, 6, 7

Hulbert, Carl M., 18, 27

Iwamoto, George, 27

Jacobs, Montague H., 27

Jefferies, William H., 27

Jessee, Robert D., 27

John Schaffner, 17

Johnson, Albert, 2, 7, 12

Johnson, Cecil O., 27

Johnson, William, 27

Jones, Alan W., 27

Jones, George W., 27

Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 3

Juster, Irvin, 27

Karlsruhe, 19

Karlsruhe, Germany, 19

Kaufman, George H., 27

Kaufman, Richard C., 27

Kaufmann, Richard C., 27

Kemp, Kay, 15

Kenney, Francis T., 27

Kersten, Joseph A., 27

Kimmel, Troy H., 27

Koehler, Franklin R., 27

Kreuser, Leo P., 20, 27

Kuizema, Harold, 27

Kuizema, Harold J., 7

Lada, Ted, 28

Lang, Elmer F., 28

Lange, Elmer F., 28

Laphan, Charles G., 28

Leisse, Leo R., 19, 28

LeTellier, Louis S., 28

Libman, Oliver E., 7, 28

Lindsey, Curtis L., 28

Litvin, Joseph, 20, 28

Livesey, Herb, 15

Loos, Arthur E., 28

Lopez, Hugh V., 28

Lothrop, Oliver A., 28

Lothrop, Oliver A., Jr., 28

Loveless, Kay, 7, 9, 13

Loveless, Mrs. Kathryn, 15

Lowith, Allen L., 28

Lucsay, William, 7, 28

Manager, Thomas G., 28

Mansfield, Horace, 4

Mansfield, Horace E., 6, 28

Marcus, Gilbert, 20, 28

Martin, Walter W., 17, 28

Matthews, Col. Joseph C., 7, 28

Matthews, Joe, 9

Matthews, Joseph C., 7

Matthews, Lt. Col. Joseph C., 7

Maw, Thomas, 6, 7

Maw, Thomas J., 28

Mayes, Hugh, 17

McDowell, Harriet, 7

McKeever, Joseph V., 29

McMahon, Gen., 10

McMahon, Leo T., 3, 4, 29

McMahon, Mrs., 3

McMillan, Paul, 7, 29

Memorials, 1, 5, 6

Meola, Joseph A., 18

Merz, O. Paul, 28

Mikalauskis, John L., 7, 28

Miller, Gene L., 28

Moon, William P., 28

Mosley, Chaplain, 9

Mosley, Ron, 1

Mosley, Ronald A., 2, 7, 29

Mosolf, William J., 28

Mowlds, Maj., 19

Mueller, M. J., 29

Munster, 31

Murray, George, 29

Myers, Larry, 29

Nash, John B., 29

Newport News, Va., 27

Nusbaum, Alfred S., 29

Odessa, 19

Oelschig, Albert C., 29

Olman, Wanold, 7

Olman, Wanold D., 29

O'Toole, Lt., 17

Parker, Arthur C., 29

Parkers Crossroad, 16

Parr, Marvin J., 29

Pettit, Kenneth, 29

Peyser, Charles S., 29

Pierce, Bob, 4

Pierce, Bob & Jean, 17

Pierce, Robert & Jean, 15

Pierce, Robert W., 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 29

Pierce, Waldo B., 20, 29

Piha, Morris R., 29

Poland, 19

Prewett, Edward A., 29

Price, Dr. David S., 29

Prokorym, Casimir T., 29

Puett, Joseph F., 29

Puskarich, Charles, 6, 7

Puzio, Joseph, 29

Randall, William W., 29

Randol, Robert L., 29

Rarick, Clay, 10

Rarick, Clayton, 7

Rarick, Clayton F., 30

Redmond, Dean, 7

Reed, Raymond J., 30

Remetta, Joseph, 30

Reunions, 13

Richards, Charles W., 30

Ringer, Bob, 12

Ringer, Robert C., 7, 30

Ringer, Robert R., 6

Rinkema, George, 7, 30

Robb, Dr. John G., 30

Robb, John G., 7

Robinson, Wesley E., 6

Rusch, Marvin H., 30

Russin, Peter, 30

Rutt, Robert E., 7, 30

Samples, L. Orvis, 30

Saucerman, Eugene L., 30

Saucerman, Gene, 4, 6

Saucerman, Sandy, 17

Schaffner, John, 17

Schlesser, Jack P., 7

Schlesser, John P., 30

Schutte, Phillip F., 30

Scranton, Bob, 3

Scranton, Robert, 4

Scurry, Thomas F., 30

Sebastinelli, Fred A., 30

Serino, Mike P., 30

Sgrignoli, Michael G., 30

Skyline Blvd, 24

Slaback, Harley W., 30

Slayton, David B., 30

Smith, Edward J., 17, 30

Smith, Mervin S., 31

Snyder, Walter M., 17, 31

Solecki, Emil, 15

Solecki, Emil M., 1, 21

Southampton, 27

Spade, Robert L., 31

Spayd, Norman, 7

Spayd, Norman S., 31

St. Vith, 4, 5, 19, 21

St. Vith, Belgium, 4, 5, 21

Steere, Robert L., 31

Stone, Donald J., 31

Storbeck, Harry, 7

Stranko, Peter P., 31

Straub, Ted, 6

Straub, Ted J., 7, 31

Strickland, James B., 31

Sutter, George F., 31

Taylor, Lee B., 31

Teason, James G., 31

Teel, James E., 31

Terrio, Howard J., 31

Thorn, William T., 31

Thurner, Henry, 17

Tipton, Cecil B., 16, 31

Tissot, Harrison C., 31

Todd, Earl L., 31

Trautman, Frank S., 31

Uebel, Bernard, 31

Untiedt, Raymond K., 31

Uthman, Floyd D., 31

Varhola, Steve G., 31

Villwock, Russ, 4

Villwock, Russell, 6

Villwock, Russell H., 1, 7, 31

Walker, Bob, 5

Walker, June, 17

Walker, Robert F., 7, 31

Wallace, William A., 31

Walsh, Daisey, 15

Walters, Presslye, 32

Warner, Glenn W., 32

Warren, Clarence E., 32

Wasik, Joseph A., 32

Watt, Col. Jewell K., 32

Wattam, James M., 32

Weisser, Frederick G., 32

Wells, James E., 7, 32

Wells, Jim, 9

Wells, The, 9

White, E. C., 32

Wilson, John D., 32

Withee, Edward S., 32

Wojtusik, Stanley A., 32

Wood, Wilburn L., 32

Woolfley, Francis A., 20

Wyatt, Van, 7

Wyatt, Van S., 14, 32

York, Robert, 7

Zicker, Gordon B., 32

Zoll, Ed, 7, 32

Zoll, Millie, 12

Zuckerman, Jack, 32