Vol. 32, No. 1, Oct., 1975


106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.


President                         Sherod Collins 

1st Vice President            Bob Walker 

2nd Vice President           Charles Schoch 

Adjutant                          Robert L. Scranton 

Treasurer                        Sherod Collins 

Chaplain                         John T. Loveless, Jr.

Historian                         Sherod Collins 

The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.

Editor          John Gallagher 

All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances Street Temple, Pa. 19560 All business matters, renewal of membership, etc., should be addressed to: Robert L. Scranton 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Mich. 48116 Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.




Membership —                     301

Assoc. Members —                7

Auxiliary —                          98

Membership 75-76 (Sept.)      156

Memorial Fund                     $578.50




Eugene L. Saucerman, RD. 23, Box 50 Terre Haute, Indiana 47802 (812) 299-2977

John T. Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207 (301) 448-0441

Robert L. Scranton, 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Mich. 48116 (313) 229-6716

Leo T. McMahon, 8 No. Union St. Middletown, Penn. 17057 (717) 944-3821

Jos. C. Matthews, Jr., 4706 Western Blvd. Raleigh, N.C. 27606 (919) 851-4851

John I. Gallagher, 4003 Francis St. Temple, Penn. 19560 (215) 929-2887

Douglas S. Coffey, 947 Arnest St. Port Charlotte, Fla. 33950

Sherod Collins, 625 Channing Dr. N.W. Atlanta, Ga. 30318 (404) 351-2985

Dr. James I. Clark, R.R. 1, Box 197 Fennville, Mich. 49408 (616) 561-5061

Bob Howell, 904 E. College St., Rt. 6 Griffin, Ga. 30223 (404) 228-8561

Fred B. Chase, RD. 6, Morris Lane Elnora, N.Y. 12065 (518) 371-7669

Ben Britton, 36 Warren Rd. Auburn, Mass. 01501 (617) 832-2308

Florian Frank, C/O Biglow Cheese Co. Avoca, Wisc. 53506 (608) 583-3571

Robert Walker, 598 Terrace Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220 (513) 281-0539

Virgil L. Collins, Rt. 2, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764 (614) 385-2044

Joe Gasses, 1420 Franklin St. Grand Haven, Mich. 49417 (616) 842-6139

Charles A. Schoch, P.O. Box 236 Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449

Edward Reilly, 93 Irvine Terr. Bloomfield, N.J. 07003 (201) 743-2292

John R. Fritz, 9271 Avon Belden Rd. North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Ken Bradfield, Rte. 8, Box 140 Evansville, Ind. 47711

H. E. Mansfield, 190 Northcrest Dr. Athens, Ga. 30601




Anna Matthews suffered a stroke Sept. 17. The prayers of the 106 are with the Matthews.







          Having just completed another successful reunion, I tend at this writing to feel quite confident about our prospects for the coming year. Convention attendants appeared to have had a good time together and since that was our goal we feel we reached it.

          And on the very next day we reached another milestone by accomplishing the dedication of our historical roadside marker, setting out for all who pass by, the fact that we were activated there 32 years ago and have taken our place along with four or five other divisions who have similarly publicized their founding.

          So I feel good.


          Some organizations are made up of characters, conversely, ours is made up of individuals with character. Character is a combination of what we say, feel, think, believe and do. Woodrow Wilson made a point when he said "If you will think of what you ought to do for other people, your character will take care of itself."


          We have many dedicated, participating members and families--some feel talented, some don't--but all could get more involved with each other and for one another. Write each other, visit each other, work up a Dec. 16 meeting, write a letter or an article for the CUB. You might be surprised at how talented you are. We have not to my knowledge been accused of being run by a clique. We do not want it that way. But the way to avoid this is to participate!

With every good wish,

Sherod Collins 

"Our President"



Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones (189401975)

Middletown, Pa., 1 Sept. 1975.

          Congratulations to Sherod Collins, COGL on his election as President of the Association. I regret that we were not present at the Atlanta Reunion to participate. If any- body ever earned the honor he certainly has over the years as national Treasurer and national Historian and this year as Chair- man of the Reunion Committee. Since he did all the planning for the Association with the Commanding General and Staff of Fort Jackson, South Carolina for the erection of the 106th. Infantry Division Marker there, it was indeed appropriate that, as President, he should head the delegation from the Association that went to Fort Jackson on July 21, 1975 to dedicate the Marker. I was elated to learn from Charles Schoch, Service Btry 592 FA Bn. who attended the ceremony that the Marker is located right across the road from my old Div. Arty. Headquarters there.

          As veterans of a combat division of World War II, I hope you Golden Lions maintain your interest in, and support of our present Volunteer US Army. As significant changes occur I try to point them out to you in this space.

          The Honorable Martin R. Hoffmann was sworn in as Secretary of the Army 5 August 1975, succeeding Howard M. Callaway.

          He had been General Counsel of the Department of Defense since March 1974.

          Leo T. McMahon 



(Continued from previous issue of CUB)


          Vol. 19, No. 2, Oct., Nov., Dec. 1962 - Memorials Chairman Doug. Coffey Urges Early Decision on 20th Anniversary Pilgrimage to St. Vith. Same Issue - My Story of the Memorial Dedication by Doug Coffey.

          Vol. 21, No. 3, Feb., March, April 1965. As a representative of the 106th Div. Assn.           Douglas Coffey COGL, Memorial Chairman returned to St. Vith Belgium to attend the ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary at the Division Memorial in St. Vith Belgium on 16 December 1964. This issue contains a detailed account of the ceremonies by Chairman Coffey.

          Vol. 26, No. 1, Oct., Nov., Dec., 1969 - Full account of the return of the 106th. to St. Vith to commemorate ahead of time the 25th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. The ceremony at the Division Memorial was held on July 20, 1969, where the memorial address was given by Association Chaplain John Loveless COGL.

          Ninety five persons from the 106th, or affiliated with the 106th. attended the ceremonies. Later fifty four persons took the 21 day tour of Europe and 23 persons took the 15 day tour.

          Vol. 27, No. 2, Jan., Feb., Mar., 1971 - Contains a detailed account of a return trip to Europe of two Association members, Memorial Chairman Douglas Coffey COGL and Doctor George Bullard, later President of the Association who died in office. The exact dates are not given, but it must have been in the spring of 1971. They flew to Luxembourg via Icelandic Airlines, then rented a little Renault 4 for the tour of Europe.

          Vol. 28, No. 2, Jan., Feb., Mar., 1972 - Contained an article EUROPE 1971 by Doug Coffey which starts as follows: "I hope that someone who took the trip to Europe with our proud 106ers will write the story of our trip. I don't feel I should cover it each time as you only get my view.

          We did travel under the 106th banner and did perform functions as the 106th, not just a group of Americans on tour." Nobody actually did write the full story of the trip.

          From Doug's short account we learn that the group of 28 persons took off in September flew Icelandic Airlines to Luxembourg, then by bus to Spa. Belgium (a resort town, where Headquarters First Army was located at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge). There they stayed at the Hotel Canterbury and Hotel Sous Bois.

          The next day the group visited the battlefields under the able guidance of Jim Wells, then moved on to St. Vith to the Pip Margraff hotel where they had a Vin d'Honneur to meet the new Mayor of St. Vith and renew friendship with the former Mayor Wilhelm Pip. When they visited the Division Memorial they found the new insignia was in place on the monument, but the 106th. Division Association lettering had not arrived from Liege. The group reluctantly left St. Vith and moved on to Luxembourg and to Metz, France for the night. We do not have the itinerary from there, but we know they visited Italy and other countries. At the end of his account Doug wrote "Our group is already talking about another trip".

          Vol. 31, No. 2, Jan., Feb., Mar., 1975 - Page 5. 106th Inf. Division Association European Trip - Sept. 7 - 28, 1974 30th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge.

          Sat., September 7, 1974.

          The Group of 41 Persons departed Chicago and New York International Airports via Icelandic Loftleider Flights late Saturday evening for Keflavik Airport Iceland.

          Meals & drinks served aloft.

          Sunday, September 8, 1974 - Arrived Keflavik Airport Iceland, early Sunday morning. Following 45 minute fuel stop, departed for Luxembourg. Arrived at Findel Airport there and passed through customs. After meeting Galaxy Tour Director Mr. Jack Scurrof England and wife and bus driver, Gilbert Justin, Paris transferred to Hotel Aerogolf, Luxembourg, for a late dinner and overnight.

          Monday, September 9, 1974 - Departed Luxembourg after breakfast by bus, for Bastogne via Arlon. Briefly visited the Mardosson Monument in Bastogne, and attended a reception held in honor of the group by Bastogne City officials. (NOTE - General Anthony C. McAuliffe, USA, Ret., who, as a Brigadier General in command of the 101st. Airborne Division and attached troops defended the Bastogne sector, while the 106th Division and attached troops were fighting in the St. Vith sector, died in August 1975 in Washington, D.C.). The Group continued an afternoon drive to St. Vith with a late dinner and overnight at the Hotel Ratskeller.

          Tuesday, September 10, 1974 - At 11 AM attended impressive Memorial Ceremony and Services at the Division War Memorial St. Vith. to commemorate 30th. Anniversary, Battle of the Bulge.

          L T. McM.


In Memory of


Born: July 6, 1901

Entered The Society of Jesus

September 2, 1921

Ordained Priest June 22, 1934

Died April 28. 1975

We thank you, God,

for this man who was so near and dear to us

and who has now been taken from us.

          We thank you

for the friendship that went out from him

and the peace he brought.

          We thank you

that through suffering he learned obedience

and that he became a person others could love

while he was with us here on earth.

from Your Word is Near


ATLANTA - 1975

          We arrived a day earlier than planned for this year's Convention. We had been on the traveling- circuit for almost a month when Atlanta entered the picture. By coming early, of course; we disturbed their Computer. We had a room and then we didn't. When we finally moved next day to our so-called permanent room the Computer tried to push us out of the room twice. Being mechanically inclined however, I put a monkey wrench in the works and we managed to stay for the rest of the Convention.

          No matter how early one arrives at Convention City there is always someone who is there before you. It was pleasant to greet the early bids and immediately renew the old friendships that have grown and grown these past 29 years. of Conventions. You will always be greeted cordially and generally speaking you will be given refreshments as soon as you can produce a glass.

          The Convention Committee deserves a great deal of credit in putting on an excellent Convention. The Collins, Alexanders and the Howells were the prime movers and they had some small and large artillery supporting their efforts. Is that a way to describe shorty Jean Schutte? That pixy is just a pile of human dynamo and is all over the place. Phil couldn't keep up with her even if he had two good legs.

          I think the group was a bit disappointed as they didn't even get the opportunity to push a bus this time. They were busy pushing other things. The trip to Stone Mountain was well worth the effort. The mountain itself looking like a big whale was impressive itself without the carvings but if one looked hard enough these Southern Boys on those horses were life like and looked ready to run down you Yankees who invaded their soil. The lunch we had to make up for bag lunches was something. Can anyone top the Scranton in a chow line. Bob eats as well as he dances. He is so light on his feet on the dance floor.   Our Lawrence Welk entertainer was kept busy giving equal time to Yankee musk and Rebel music. I think it was a tie. Did you notice everyone sit up and take notice when we all sang God Bless America.

          As has been our custom and one that I think so unusual we had a Memorial Service. The spot was breathtaking and who could fail to be broken up when little 41 Tommy Kemp said "Let's go Granddaddy". He was getting impatient for the program to start and also showing his pride in his Granddaddy, John Loveless. I always tell John he has a queer name. We should not Love-less we should Love-more. May we have Loveless with us as long as we all Love-more.

          It was gratifying to see the greatest turnout for a business meeting in many a moon. So many new faces and the conversation was animated and a lot was accomplished. We are all set to shake up Evansville, Indiana next year and then in 1977 we will be in the Cleveland, Canton, Sandusky area. It depends upon whether Bob Fritz can get Bob Gilder and Jean to work their fannies off or Chuck and Willie Garn. It will be interesting to follow this up and see who gets the bid. Wherever it is we'll have a ball. This gang we have has clothes and will travel. Even if it is a carpet bag we manage to make it.

          I skipped the warm up night but who needs to hear about that. This gang of ours is so warm there is no amount of Air conditioning that can turn it off. The munchies were great. This too was very well attended. I guess we are getting to the point we are afraid of missing something if we don't take part in everything. How about Anna Matthews. Is she a Veteran





or isn't she? She certainly is a story of courage if ever I saw it. And doting Joe and Bruce looking after her like a mother hen looking over her chicks. Our young people's group swelled this year and a finer bunch of young people cannot be found. Speaking of young people, how about Bill Alexander's new wife Carolyn (what a doll) and his twins again Carolyn and Marilyn, the faithful Kemps, Zimmerman's, the Pierce's gals and Joe Matthews grandchildren, Karen Scranton and many more this old mind can't put on paper. Also our new bride and groom, Laverne and Sherod Collins. Spring is coming again.

          Then there was a trip to Underground Atlanta. Had no idea what to expect. Thought it was to be an underground exclusive shopping area but it was the underground for the slaves during the War between the States now converted into whatever you wish to call it. A den of thieves, a den of iniquity, a hippy hang out, Art for Art's sake, Mysterious, Bustling with people of every size, shape and form and mode of dress together with fine Restaurants and hot dog joints. You could do your thing. Some liked it, some hated it, some had no like or dislike but it was something not to be missed. You will talk about it for a long time wherever you sat. It also had Lester Maddox smiling and talking with all and sundry and autographing his famous pick axes and trying to raise money to offset his campaign deficit. Some of the lucky ones managed to find Pitty Pat's porch and returned home with their iron skillets. Look out fellows, they make mighty weapons in the hands of an angry housewife.

          The climax of all our good times together with the chatter, the swimming parties, the room parties, the showing of films and pictures comes at the Saturday night Dinner and Dance.

          We fellows should thank our lucky stars as we have by far the grandest group of ladies you will ever find. To look over our wives and see the colors and styles of dresses, no one could put on a better fashion and beauty show than our own 106th women. It was just dazzling.

          The presentation of the Golden Lions to Jim and Maydean Wells was for me a high honor and privilege and I detected a tear here and there. Especially was this a privilege to be making the presentation usually made by my "Old Man" General Leo T. McMahon. I hope I was able to hold his honor high. We missed him and Wilda very much.

          On to the dance but wait. You can't dance on a sticky floor. Being the 106th we are resourceful and after a sweeping of the deck fore and aft improvisation took over and some jerk was spilling salt all over the floor. It worked out though, didn't it? Now you could hold your sweetie and glide to the music instead of being stuck to the floor or





rug. It took a little replenishment but there were plenty of shakers left over from dinner. There was a lack of salt for the eggs in the morning but who cares?

          Farewell breakfast! How do you say farewell to our gang. I'll say farewell until next year for all of those who didn't get the opportunity to say farewell to everyone. I know all of us missed saying it to someone. It all comes to an end too quickly. We just seem to pick up steam when Sunday rolls around and it is time for planes, buses, taxis and cars and all of a sudden it is over. Where did the time go. Why didn't we spend more time with this one or that one. Why didn't we go here or there.

          That was Atlanta 1975, now on to Evansville, Indiana next year.

D. SC--C.O.G.L.


          Speaker Cocke, Dr. Jim Clark (Pres. 1974-5) and Sherod Collins (Pres. 1975-6)



Dear Gallaghers;

          So sorry that you people were unable to visit with all of us at Atlanta this year; you really missed a good time; hope your schedule will permit you to attend next year at Evansville. From all reports that sounds like another good get-together. You missed some truly mat southern hospitality--our hosts and hostess really deserve a BIG HAND they gave all of us a "Truly great show"! starting with the Thursday evening social hour. This had to be the largest crowd ever for the first night, no one wanted to miss out on the good times and were     checking in by Thursday noon. In fact, rumor has it one couple were so afraid of missing something, they arrived Sunday-- that southern golfing must be something, How about it Schuttes?

          The tours were great, to us especially— gave people the chance to view the area "while leaving the driving to others" and still be able to visit with old friends. Stone Mountain was really quite a sight; the huge carving seen while approaching over 43 feet deep is a sight to behold. In fact, the statement made on our bus was "the only reason the mountain is still here, the Yankees could not carry it up north" well, Jim, I hate to burst your bubble--but Agnes Chase was seen working on that project—New York has room for it. I would recommend to any person in the vicinity of Atlanta to take the extra time and tour the 3200 acre State Park; ride the Cable car to the top—the view is fantastic; plus, all of the other entertaining things to do. And before you leave have a meal at the Inn--Now that is what I call a Smorgasbord; well worth any ones time to partake of.. The "Underground" to us was quite an attraction too; the rock music to anyone over 40 years of age- of which there were a few in our group, was a little too much. But as in any given area; you have to seek out what interests you; we found Ruby Red's the feet stomping and hand clapping to the Banjo players and their sing along was to our liking-needless to say we missed the last bus. Viewing of the Cyclorama was another interest that we liked; a 50 foot high and over 400 feet long painting of the Battle of Atlanta; done in 1865. Then in 1936 thru a WPA grant the addition of soil, shrub, war equipment and life like soldiers were added to the base; it was impossible to tell where the painting ended and the addition began even with the guide explaining it all to you. Saturday afternoon from the women's pool side lunch to afternoon swimming activities was a really leisurely enjoyable time. It kept a person busy running from both pools checking on groups activities; sights at the upper pool to see; Jack Bryant and Marge DeHeer deep in conservation in the children's wading pool; Doug Coffey really getting it from Jean Schutte and Scranton's daughter; such odds--two against one. In the lower pool-- many of the group were in the water, but one gal was seen fully dressed dipping her toes in--next year bring your suit Agnas. Saturday night banquet with all of the wining





and dining brought all out in their "finery". Sunday morning breakfast seen a full house again; gave everyone a chance to say their goodbyes and vowing to be at Evansville next year all be sure to note the date for 1976, a week later--plan your vacations.

          Did all see the surprised looks on the faces of Mrs. Zinn, originally from Canton and now from Youngstown and Mrs. Zoll from Canton--they were school class mates and had not seen one another for years; you can imagine their surprise; hoping husbands would see someone from their outfits and the women come thru—per usual.

          While driving home from convention were still running into 106ers; stopped at a fruit stand to get some of those Georgia peaches—the Saucerman had the same idea. Then near the Tennessee river on Inter- 75 passed the Schuttes'. I don't imagine Jean has recovered yet—she was sleeping and Bob honked the horn so loud and long--her heart probably still not beating regularly yet.

          A little memo to families who had hosted Francoise the past couple of years; received a letter from her last week. I had sent her a graduation gift, little premature it seems. She writes she has not done her "Big written work" yet and so did not graduate in July as expected; but during the summer she is "Furnishing her purse" by tutoring English lessons. I know all wish her well and she will soon have her paper done and get that degree.

          Walt called last week too--he and Lillian were in Elyria returning their nephew, said all was well with them, and would see us in December. Bring your pictures Walt. Speaking of pictures; got my slides back— and was really pleased with my endeavor this year, as all know, my picture taking leaves a little to be desired—gorgeous scenes of nothing usually.

          Thanks again to all of our hosts in Atlanta, you people really did show us a good time and we hope to reciprocate in 1977 when John and Martha Fritz will show all the "Northern Hospitality".

          Sincerely Bob and Jean Gilder 



There was a total of 162 people at the Atlanta Reunion.

          Representing the various units of the Division were the following numbers:


81st Engr.             4

Special Troops        3

Div. Hq. Company  1

422 Infantry          14

423 Infantry          9

424 Infantry          18

589 F.A.                2

590 F.A.                3

591 F.A.                1

592 F.A.                2


Nine new members joined the Association during this time.

          Some of these were a result of a letter writing campaign untaken by Col. H. H. McKee. Jack Schlesser is still plugging away at his unjoined Service-591st boys. He picked up two more at the convention, one due to his efforts and one who just showed up.

          We didn't have to push any buses, but two of 'em got lost--before we got on 'em this time.




Walt Bandurak

Edward Zoll 

Dick Bartz

Don Armington 

Carol Beals

Tom Bickford 

Ben Britton

John Bieze 

Jack Bryant

Ewell C. Black 

Sam Cariano

Kenneth Bradfield 

Fred Carter

L. B. Bradley 

James I. Clark

Austin Byrd 

Douglas Coffey

Walter C. Clarke 

William Dahlen

Richard DeHeer 

Florian Frank

Frank J. Dobe 

John Fritz

Chuck Garn 

Robert Gilder

William Lucsay 

John P. Hart

Ed Reilly 

Jim Henning

Bob Scranton 

Bob Howell

Phil Schutte 

Harold Kuizema

Mary Senn 

Charles Richards

Bob Walker 

Bob Ringer

Presslye Walters 

Bob Rutt

Duke Ward 

Eugene Saucerman 

Jim Wells 

Wayne Black

Wm. G. Alexander 

Bob Burkes

Carolyn Alexander 

Fred Chase

Marilyn Alexander 

Sherod Collins

Pete House 

Russ Enlow

Bob Pierce 

Joe Gasses

Joe F. Puett 

William Lineberger 

Tom Riggs 

John T. Loveless, Jr. 

Charles Datte 

Horace Mansfield, Jr.

Fred W. Addison 

Joe Matthews

Mike Zenn 

Henry McKee

George S. Kelly 

L. Orvis Samples

J. P. Russell 

Jack Schlesser

Fletcher Patterson 

Charles Schoch

Marvin Parr

Norman Spayd

Herb Griffith 

James E. Teel

Harley Slaback 

Frank Trautman

Roger Rutland 

Russell Villwock    

Dean Redmond 

Van S. Wyatt

Roy Richards 





"81st ENGINEERS" Tom Riggs,  Jim Wells, Duke Ward, and Elmer Fuller 


106th Infantry Division Association

1974-1975 Board of Directors Meeting

Rodeway Inn, Atlanta, Georgia

July 17, 1975

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Clark.

          Roll call was taken: Directors absent were Leo T. McMahan, John I. Gallagher, Virgil Collins, Elman Miller.

          Communications were read and letters were to be posted for the members present to read.

          Adjutant reported membership for 1974- 75 was the highest in many years. 301 members, 7 associate members, auxiliary 98. 1975-76 membership is 85 to date.

          Treasurer report showed a deficit of $1,074.91 for 1974-75. This is mainly because of increased Cub publishing and postage costs.   Our cash position is $5,054.18 in General Fund and $3,809.65 in Memorial Fund.

          A letter from John Gallagher served as the Cub Editor's report. He stated that he would continue to serve and needs information from members.

          The dedication of our marker at Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, will take place July 21st. Ewell Black and Sherod Collins have worked with the South Carolina Historical Society and deserve the credit for its installation. It is located on Jackson Blvd.

          Motion by Sherod Collins, supported by Chuck Schoch that a committee be formed to study dues for 1976-77. Appointed: Bob Ringer, Chairman; Sherod Collins, Doug Coffey, and Chuck Schock.

          Resolutions Committee was appointed: Bob Gilder, Chairman, Bob Howell, Gene Saucerman.

          Nominating Committee was appointed: Ben Britton, Florian Frank, Jack Schlesser.

          A discussion followed concerning the Bastogne Museum. They need artifacts and the association will be notified when it will be dedicated.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Scranton, Adjutant


106th Infantry Division Association

1975-76 Board of Directors Meeting

Rodeway Inn, Atlanta, Georgia

July 19, 1975

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Clark.


          Roll Call: Leo McMahan, Virgil Collins, and John Gallagher were absent.

          Communications: None

          The following officers were duly elected for 1975-76:

President     Sherod Collins 

1st Vice-President  Bob Walker 

2nd Vice-President Chuck Schoch 

Treasurer     — Sherod Collins 

New Business: By-Laws, Section XIII a. 1. was amended thusly.

1. The annual meeting shall be held during the month of July or at such other times as may be determined by the Board or members of the Association.

          Also - Section XIII c.1. will read: 1. An annual convention or reunion shall be held in July or at such other times as may be determined by the Board or members of the Association.

          John Fritz volunteered to host the 1977 convention in northeast Ohio - in the Cleveland area.

          Motion was made and approved that Doug Coffey check with Galaxy Tours the costs of necklaces and Bolo Ties, which they gave to those who attended the tour of Europe. This report would go to Ken Bradfield who would determine if they would be purchased for the next convention and if there were that a sufficient number would be purchased for other members.

          The appointments for 1975-76 were made by Sherod Collins:

Adjutant      Bob -Scranton 

Chaplain      John Loveless 

Cub Editor   John Gallagher 





Memorials    Doug Coffey 

Historian     Sherod Collins 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Scranton, Adjutant


106th Infantry Division Association

General Meeting - July 19, 1975

Rodeway Inn, Atlanta, Georgia

          Meeting was called to order by Pres. James Clark.

          The minutes of 1974-75 General Meeting were read and approved.

          Members present for the first time stood and gave their names, unit, and city.

          They were: Fred Addison - 106th Band - Mobile, Ala.

          L. B. Bradley - Sv.422 - Palmento, Ga.

          Duke Ward - 81st Engr. - Atlanta, Ga.

          Joseph Puett - CO. 2nd Bn. 423 Inf. - Atlanta, Ga.

          Roger Rutland - B/424th - Columbia, S.C.

          Marvin Pan - B/424th - Boca Rota, Fla.

          Mike Zenn - D/423rd - Youngstown, Ohio

          John Hart - D/424th - Shelbyville, Tenn.

          James Teel - A/424th - Port Norris, N.J.

          Bill Lineberger - Sv./591st - Dallas, Texas

          Letters were read from Mrs. Bullard and Jim Hatch.

          Commendations were given to Col. McKee for efforts on behalf of the Association.

          Adjutant Report showed 301 members.

          Treasurer Report was read approved. It will be printed in our Cub.

          The Cub Editor's - John Gallagher - letter was read and stated that John would continue as editor but needs information from the members.

          Pres. Clark thanked John in behalf of the Association and stated that the Cub was the "lifeline of the Association".

          The dues Committee reported that there was no need to raise the dues as long as our treasury showed a surplus. It was also stated that photos sent to the Cub must be black and white.

          Memorials Chairman, Doug Coffey, showed a large photo of our Memorial at St. Vith, which was brought to the convention by Tom Riggs of 81st Engr. It showed that there were no markings on the Memorial and it was in good repair. Doug stated that it was cementing our relations between the Belgium's and our Association.    Also, that there will be a dedication later on this year of the Museum at Bastogne and we are asked to provide artifacts to show that we participated in this area. More information will follow in the Cub.

          Rev. Ewell Black reported that our marker was up on Jackson Blvd. near Forest Drive, in Fort Jackson and was to be dedicated July 21st. A number of members were planning to attend.

          The Resolutions Committee report was given by Bob Gilder. A copy will be printed in the Cub.

          The Nominating Committee nominated Ken Bradfield, John Fritz and Horace Mansfield to the Board of Directors. They were duly elected for 1975-76 with an unanimous ballot.

          Unfinished Business - Copies of "Lions Tale" are available for $6.00 from our Treasurer. Walt Bandurak has patches at $1.50 and emblems at $2.00. It was reiterated that Memorial maintenance costs were automatically to be taken care of but any new projects must be approved.

          For Good of Association: Best attended convention in many years.

          Pres. Clark thanked Sherod Collins and the Association for helping him during his presidency.

          It was reported that 25 members were going to the Dedication at Fort Jackson.

          The Convention Committee stated that 155 were planning to attend the Banquet.

          Ken Bradfield, Convention Chairman for 1976, reported that the dates were July 22- 23-24, 1976 in Evansville, Indiana. Also, he would like members to send checks when making reservations.


          A discussion followed concerning Convention Site in 1977.

          Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Scranton, Adjutant



Adopted At 29th Annual Reunion

106th Infantry Division Association

Atlanta, Georgia

July 19, 1975

          WHEREAS during 1974-1975 the Association has completed another year of satisfying accomplishments and

          WHEREAS the Association members present at this reunion have enjoyed the renewal of old friendships and has welcomed new members to its ranks





          NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Association in convention assembled does recognize and express thanks and appreciation:

          1. To all our elected and appointed officers of the. Association for the faithful and efficient execution of the respective duties of their offices.

          2. To Convention Chairman Sherod Collins, and his wife Laverne; assisted by Bill Alexander and his wife Carolyn and Bob Howell and his wife Louise.

          3. To Speaker Erie Cocke, Jr. a much decorated hero of WWII, former national Commander of the American Legion and presently Business Consultant; residing in Washington, D.C.

          4. To Chaplain John Loveless and Reverend Ewell Black of A. Co. 422 for an inspiring Memorial Service.

          5. To members of National Guard Unit #122 support Command Band of Avondale Estates, Georgia. Special Thanks to Colonel Lewis and Mr. Whitehead.

6. To the Management of Rodeway Inns for their help and co-operation during this convention.

Robert Gilder, chairman

Robert Howell 

Eugene Saucerman 



Make your plans now to reserve the following dates in your schedule:

          The 30th Annual Reunion of THE GOLDEN LIONS will be held July 22, 23 and 24, 1976 at The Executive Inn, Evansville, Indiana.

          Evansville is located in southwestern Indiana on the Ohio River. It is situated on U S Highway 41 and Ind. State Highway 460. Air service is available by Eastern, Delta and Allegheny Air Lines.

          Our plans include a visit to historic Vincennes (the only site west of the Allegheny Mountains recognized by the US Bicentennial Committee). We shall also take a bus tour to New Harmony, Ind., another historic community and to Audubon State Park in Kentucky where the artist had lived.

          We shall have more details in the next issue of The Cub. Make your plans now to enjoy some Hoosier hospitality in 1976.

1976 Reunion Committee

Kenneth W. Bradfield 


Did you pay 1975-6 Dues?



592 FA Bn.

          The weather was cloudy, raw, rainy but the die-hards of the battery held their 22nd annual picnic reunion on Sunday, August 31, 1975 at the picnic grounds of Hershey Park, Pa.

          The die-hards were: Tom & Alice Dorosky, Shavertown, Pa.; Charlie & Daisey Walsh, Cherry Hill, N.J.; Charlie & Bette Laphan, Lindenwold, N.J.; Emil & Ethel Solecki, Sparta, N. J.

          Guests were: John & Kay Loveless, Baltimore, Md.; Ray & Kay 2 (Loveless) Kemp and children, John, Tom, and Brian; Tom & Althea (Loveless) Zimmerman; Bill & Betty (Kemp) Twig and sons, Shawn & Tod; Bonnie (Dorosky) Maceiko & children, Mike, Michelle, and Kathy; Dick & Kathy (Dorosky) Morgan; Daisey Walsh's nephew Norm Chickachop, wife Pat and daughter, Sheryl; Bette Laphan's sister Marie & husband Elliot Knecht.

          Chaplain Loveless brought a tarp which helped save the day for rain protection and Capt. Walsh serenaded us with country & western songs with his guitar which was enjoyed by all.

          Hopefully for next year's picnic reunion the weather will be more favorable so more of our buddies and families will attend.

          Best Regards, Emil & Ethel Solecki ENGLAND 1976 There was a lot of talk in the past year or two that the travelers of the 106th would like to take a trip to England and Scotland.

          It was mentioned at Atlanta and a brochure was passed around but no time left in the schedule to talk about it. It carried a plan for 15 days at a cost estimated at today's rates of $985.00. I don't agree with the cost nor the itinerary but at least it was a start. If anyone is really interested let me know by card or letter within 30 days of receiving this Cub and I will either drop it or pursue it with your interest in drop it or pursue it with your interest in mind. A trip can be worked out I am sure for $850.00 for the same amount of time and permit a leisurely trip not a fast overnight here and there. Let me know if you have an interest. Doug Coffey, 947 N.W. Arnet St., Port Charlotte, Florida 33952.








          On Monday July 21, 1975 the Division Association was pleased to accomplish the official dedication of the Historical Marker recently erected on Jackson Boulevard at a prominent point in front of recently constructed air-conditioned attractive brick barracks housing basic trainees.

          It was gratifying to find 27 people on hand since dedication date was announced too late for notification in the CUB. Present were the following: Jack & Karin Schlesser, Bob Ringer, Dr. Jim Clark, Chuck & Sherry Schoch, Charles, Blanche, Melissa & Priscilla Richards, Jim & Maydean Wells, Austin & Myrtle Byrd, Bill -& Carolyn Alexander, Sherod & LaVerne Collins, Dick & Marge DeHeer, Horace Mansfield, Roger Rutland, Mike Serino, Lucy Barbato (sister of Mike), A. R. Hutto, and Ewell & Dorothy Black.

          Ewell Black is due much credit for his dedicated legwork while acting as contact with the Ft. Jackson authorities to arrange approval by South Carolina Historical Department and actual placement by the Corps of Engineers.

          Dr. Jim Clark, retiring president, was responsible for arranging an interesting and meaningful ceremony in conjunction with the Post Public Relations Officer. Participating was the 282d U.S. Army Band.

          Invocation was by Rev. Ewell Black, Jr.  Major General William B. Caldwell III, Commander Ft. Jackson, welcomed the audience and spoke briefly about the division efforts during WWII.

          Jim Wells and Sherod Collins spoke in division efforts during WWII. Jim Wells and Sherod Collins spoke in by unveiling of the marker. After closing remarks by Dr. Clark, the band played the National Anthem, and the General invited the participants to tour the new barracks.

          The Association wishes to thank Gen. Caldwell, his PIO Officer, Major Walton, and the latter's predecessor, Lt. Col. Gerald Roys, and their assistant Mrs. Lois Duke.

          The ceremony was preceded by a pleasant luncheon at the officers club.

          Jim Wells filled in for General McMahon as he was the ranking retired officer present and everything went very smoothly. Following the dedication the visitors were taken thru the new living quarters for the training troops; the new Fort Jackson is certainly something else!



          Shortly after World War I the installation was abandoned as a full-time regular Army garrison. When war hit Europe again in 1939, a reorganized 6th Division was ordered to Camp Jackson, leaving in the Spring of 1940 to be replaced by the 30th Division (judged by War Department historians as the best infantry division in WWII, and called Roosevelt's SS Troops by the German troops it mauled). In August 1940 Camp Jackson became Fort Jackson and was designated as a permanent post. Nine Army divisions--the 4th, 6th, 8th, 26th, 30th, 77th, 87th, 100th, and 106th trained at Fort Jackson. In all, more than





DEDICATION CEREMONY  Major General William Caldwell, Dr. Jim Clark, Rev. E. C. Black,           Major General William Caldwell, Dr. Jim Clark, Rev. E. C. Black,   Jim Wells C.O.G.L., and Pres. Sherod Collins C.O.G.L.


half a million American fighting men trained at Fort Jackson during the war.

          In 1956 Fort Jackson officially became the U.S. Army Training Center, Infantry. Today over 90,000 soldiers graduate yearly from the fort's four training brigades. In addition to the training units, the fort is also the home. of the Third U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School and a U.S. Army Personnel Center. A modernization program involving millions of dollars is well underway.



          Dear Friends, May I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to our Chaplain, John Loveless and the Atlanta Reunion Committee for allowing me to have a part in our reunion. I would also like to thank each one who was so gracious to me in expressing their appreciation for my message.

          Truly, this was one of the high spots of my association with both our Division and Association and I shall treasure it. The Resolution was, also, much appreciated although just the opportunity to have a part in the Memorial Service was reward enough.

          My congratulations to the committee, they lived up to the tradition which has been set for excellent reunions. I hope that circumstances are such that I can attend in 1976.

          Faithfully, Ewell C. Black, Jr.

          Co. A, 422nd Inf.



(Army of the United States)


          History: The 106th Infantry Division ("Golden Lions") was activated at Fort Jackson, South Carolina 15 Mar. 43., It participated in the Tennessee maneuvers from Jan to Mar 44, then transferred to Camp Atterbury, Indiana for additional training. The Division left for overseas from Boston port of embarkation 10 Nov 44.

          Date of: Activation - 15 Mar 43. Inactivation - 2 Oct 45 at Camp Shanks, New York.

          Saw Action ill WWII: (Division) Ardennes and Rhineland and Central Europe.

          Commanding Generals: MG Alan W. Jones - Mar 43 to, Nov 44, BG Herbert T. Perrin - Dec 44 to Jan 45, MG Donald A. Stroh - Feb 45 to inactivation.





          Combat Chronicle: The 106th Infantry Division arrived in England 17 Nov 44 and trained briefly, then moved to France 6 Dec. It relieved the 2d Infantry Division in the Schnee Eifel on the 11th. The Von Rundstedt attack was thrown in force at the 106th on 16 Dec. The 422d and 423d Infantry Regiments were encircled and cut off from the remainder of the Division by a junction of enemy forces in the vicinity of Schonberg. They regrouped for a counterattack but were blocked by the enemy and lost to the Division 18 Dec. The rest of the Division withdrew from St. Vith on the 21st under constant enemy fire and pulled back over the Salm River at Vielsalm 23 Dec.

          On the 24th, the 424th Regiment attached to the 7th Armored Division fought a delaying action at Manhay until ordered to an assembly area. From 25 Dec 44 to 9 Jan 45, the Division received reinforcements and supplies at Anthisnes, Belgium, and returned to the struggle, securing objectives along the Ennal-Logbierme line on the 15th after heavy fighting. After being pinched out by advancing divisions, the 106th assembled at Stavelot on the 18th for rehabilitation and training. It moved to the vicinity of Hunningen 7 Feb for defensive patrols and training. In March, the 424th advanced along the high ground between Berk and the Simmer River and was again pinched out at Olds on the 7th. A period of training and patrolling followed until 15 Mar when the Division moved to St. Quentin for rehabilitation and the reconstitution of lost units. For the remainder of its stay in Europe, the 106th handled Prisoners of War enclosures and engaged in occupational duties. It left for home and inactivation 21 Sep 45.

          Honors: Congressional Medals of Honor- None. Distinguished Unit Citations - One.

(From Dedication Program for 106 Marker)



          Dear Sherod:

          I am keenly disappointed that I will not be able to be with you at this year's reunion of the 106th Division. For a good number of years now, I have been running into a conflict and it has happened again this year.

          I see Bob Ringer here in Columbus several times a year and he told me about the grand trip that you all took to St. Vith. You may remember that Bob worked on my committee for the 7th Annual Convention back in 1953 so we always have a few memories to talk about.

          One of the old news broadcasters, that. stood up for the 106th when Drew Pearson took a whack at us, died a few months ago.

          Perhaps you remember Cedric Foster. I seem to recall that both he and Joe E.

          Brown received commissions in the Order of the Golden Lion back in 1946. Those who remember him will be sorry to learn that lie has departed.

          Both my mother and father continue in good health. There may still be a few who recall that they organized the agony grapevine around Christmas of 1944. An interesting sequel to that story came about a year ago when my father was handling the installation of several squash and handball courts for a YMCA up around Albany. The director retold the story about how his father had been in the hospital literally wasting away with depression because his son was missing in action, when he got the word by telephone from D. B., my father, that his son was a PW; the old gentleman literally leaped out of bed and took a new lease on life. The world is still a small place and friends pop up when you need them the most.

          I am enclosing a check for renewal of my dues and a little extra for any memorial fund action that the Association is engaged in I am very sorry that I won't be with you, but give my regards to all the gang.

          Very truly yours, D. B. Frampton, Jr.



          So far as is known, the 81st "Wildcat" Division is credited with starting this custom. This division was organized at Camp Jackson, S.C. on August 25, 1917 and trained on the southeast corner of the reservation near Wildcat Creek. The men of this unit began to wear crude cloth emblems of wildcat heads on their sleeves.

          Distinctive unit patches soon found wide popularity throughout the Army. Our Golden Lion patch has been increasingly revered and duplicated in many forms and sizes by the membership. Members and wives have known to have and display rings, necklaces, stick pins, bolo ties, statues, door-knockers, pictures, crewel pictures, and who knows what else!



          Shoulder Patch, 106 Emblems,   & Lion's Tale.






1974-75 YR. ROSTER

Mr. S. T. Adamowicz 0-422, 2081/4 Maverick, Gordon, Nebr. 69343

Mr. T. Bickford, 6 Quimby Pl., W. Orange, N.J. 07052

Rev. E. C. Black, Jr. A-422

Mr. Jim Adkins L 423  P.O. Box 66 5232 Commonwealth Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690 Jacksonville, Fla. 32205  

Mr. T. Wayne Black HQ 422 Jacksonville, Fla. 32205  

Ira G. Bottoms 592 FA 

Ms. Carolyn I. Alexander  407 S. Peachtree 354 Craige Hall  P.O. Box 103 Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514  

Ms. Marilyn G. Alexander 

Mr. Wm. Boucovualas D-424 Decatur, Ga. 30030

Gerald T. Anderson M 423  

Col. Byrne A. Bowman DHQ-JA Glen Rock, N.J. 07452

Mr. Lowry B. Andrews HQ 422  

Rev. Edw. T. Boyle HQ 424

Mr. Lowry B. Andrews HQ 422  

Rev. Edw. T. Boyle HQ 424 Wilton, Conn. 06897 NorthLake, Ill. 60164

Donald R. Armington H 424  

Mr. James E. Brackett SV-591

Donald R. Armington H 424  

Mr. James E. Brackett SV-591 Des Moines, Iowa 50317  Staten Island, N.Y. 10304

Mr. Anthony Arminio L-423  

Mr. Kenneth Bradfield SV-591

Mr. Anthony Arminio L-423  

Mr. Kenneth Bradfield SV-591 East Haven, Conn. 06512  Evansville, Ind. 47711

Myles Brazil MP Platoon 1111,

Dr. George Axelrod 331 Med.  P.O. Box 6 668 Main St

Benjamin B. Britton E 424

Clifford N. Austin C 589  36 Warren Rd.

Henry M. Broth I 422

Mr. W. C. Baker L-424  2628 Rockwood Ave.

Harold J. Brummer D 422

Mr. Walter Bandurak 81 ENG-MD  41 Georgia St.

Mr. Glen J. Brutus HQ 423 Greensburg, Pa. 15601  Box 37

L. Preston Barnes  Pine Village, Indiana 47975 Rt. 7 Box 4495 P  

Jack Bryant HQ 422 Browns Mills, N.J. 08015  19692 Coral Gables

Harold A. Barnett 4 424  Southfield, Mich. 48075 106 Arlene  Dr.

Mrs. G. Bullard No. Versailles, Pa. 15137  Forrest Lake Rt. 4

Richard E. Bartz DHQ  Melbane, N.C. 27302 216 Rustic Ave.  

Mr. James V. Burrell D-423 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15210  1187 Southbridge Dr.

Mrs. Carol W. Beals  Salem. Ohio 44460 217 E. Davenport St.  

Robert A. Burkes HQ 424 Iowa City. Iowa 52240  2227 Plantation

Mr. Richard H. Behr 423RD  E. Point, Ga. 30344 5924 W. Meadowbrook Dr.  

Mr. Fred Burnham-Band Phoenix, Arizona 85033  1218 Cheshire

Roger W. Bell HQ BTRY 589 F-A  Naperville, Ill. 60540





Harry W. Butler, Jr. HQ 1ST BN Box 390-249 Jefferson St. Winchester, Va. 22601

Austin L. Byrd, Jr. A589 1329 Westburn Rd. Baltimore,

Lt. Col. Samuel P. Cariano DHQ 215 Bonnie Ct.

Ben Carpenter 6809 N. Ashland Chicago, Ill. 60626

Mr. Fred Carter SV-591 613 No. 3rd St.

Mr. Paul Cavanaugh S J (deceased) Gesy Church 2049

Col. C. C. Cavender HQ 423 1371 - 57th St.

Mr. Richard G. DeHeer 

Mr. Fred B. Chase D-422 1242 Linwood SW Box 44 Morris Lane RR6 Canton, Ohio 44710 Elnora, N.Y.

Richard DeHeer K424 HQ CO 3RD BR 423 19 Hopkins

Dr. Delaval  48 Rue D Vicuz  Vielsalm, Marche

Chris T. Clark  518 S. Main  Niles, Ohio 

Raymond J. Creamer SV BA 589TH F A  Rd.  N.J. 08850  HQ 424  Street  Ill. 60098

Dr. James I. Clark RR 4, Box  Fennville,  

Walter C. Clark  Rt. 3 Box  Kannapolis,  

Mr. D. Coffey 

Sherod Collins  625 Channing  Atlanta, Ga.  

Mr. Virgil L. Collins Rt. 2  Nelsonville,  

Michael E. Connelly,  Medical Arts  32 Jefferson

Mr. Chas. K. Corrigan 3366 Ken  Olympia,   Belgium 6690  

Mr. Lester Crossman  1313 Clay  Woodstock,   Ridgewood, N.Y. 11227 16



Mr. Alan Dabson B-331 MD 38 Upland Ave., Edgehill Dover, Del.

Mr. Frank H. Dagostin 424 615 So. Edgewood Drive Dothan, Ala. 36301

Wm. Dahlen 303 Charles Rd.  Linthicum, Md. 21090

Paul Dargon HQ 589 Box 141 Carlisle, Pa. 17013

Chas. Datte 231 Davis Ave. Clifton Hgts., Pa. 19018

Mrs. Brooks Davidson Lumbe Port, West Va. 26386 (Cub returned, no forwarding

Mr. J. A. DeChiara 




Col. Geo. L. Descheneaux  1625 Concord Drive  Charlottesville, Va. 22901  

Mr. Robert A. De St. Aubin  RR No. 2 Box 88A  Berlin, Wisc. 54923  

Mr. Martin Dever DHQ  272 W. Ridgewood Ave.  Ridgewood, N.J. 07450  

Mr. G. E. Dickard D-422  P. O. Box 144  Clemson, S.C. 29631  

Mr. R. W. Diersing SV422  2904 Bennett Drive  Bellingham, Wash. 98225  

Francis J. Dobe C 422  246 Belmont St.  Manchester, N.H. 03103  

George Doerner  64 N. Schuylkill Ave.  Norristown, Pa. 19401  

Libby Dolitsky  40 Indian Rd.  Port Chester, N.Y. 10573  

Mr. W. J. Donovan DHQ  59-25 71 st Ave.





Mr. Thomas Dorosky SER-592 Mount Airy Road R.D. No. One Shaverstown, Pa. 18708

Mahlon O. Earle D 424 23 Morgan Pl.

Mrs. John Early, Jr.  Norfolk, Va. 23503

J. R. Easterling K 424 101 Box 112 Church St. Latta, S.C. 29565

Mr. Herb Eidelman 15905 Harden Circle Southfield, Mich. 48075

Floyd Elston 28 Park Ave. Haskell, N.J. 07420

J. Russell Enlow D 423RD Taswell, Ind. 47175

Mr. Wilbur D. Evans SCV-591 7328 W. Davis St. Burlington, N.C. 27215

Mr. Kenneth Eyler 5 W. 7th Street Frederick, Md. 21701

Col. Kenneth B. Facey DHQ-MP 3621 Westhampton Dr. Augusta, Ga. 30907

Mr. H. A. Fleming, Jr. F 423 99 Terrace Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07307

Mr. John J. Fischer, Jr. SCV-422 2745 Observatory Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Mr. A. B. Flemmens B-591 27 Dell Batesville, Miss. 38606

John P. Fleming HQ 2ND BN 424 Apt. 2A Bldg. 22 676 Park Ave. E. Orange, N.J. 07017

Mr. James P. Ford 1829 S. Alden St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19143

Mr. E. Bruce Foster 422 P.O. Box 39 Knoxville, Tenn. 37901

Mr. Tom Fox SV-592 129 S. Washington St. Greencastle, Pa. 17225

Mr. Florian R. Frank 591 FA c/o Biglow Cheese & Butter Co. Avoca, Wisc. 53506

Mr. Frank Franek MD K-424 109 W. 14th Avenue Naperville, Ill. 60540

Jerome L. Frankel HQ CO 3RD BN 423 Naperville, Ill. 60540

Mr. R. A. Frankini 2BN-424 36124 Paddleford Rd. Farmington, Mich. 48024

Mr. D. B. Frampton 170 N. Roosevelt Columbus, Ohio 43209

Mr. Chas. Freed I-423 112 Brillians Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15215

John R. Fritz HQ/424 9271 Avon Belden Rd. RFD 3 No. Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Joseph J. Gasses HQ 422 1420 Franklin St. Grand Haven, Mich. 49417

John Gallagher 81 ENGR 4003 Frances St. Temple, Pa. 19560

Mr. Chas S. Gavn H-424 1764 - 18th St. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44222

Mr. Melvin Gehrig 4709 Orleans St. Lake Charles, La. 70601

Mr. Robert Gilder 36303 Behm Dr. North Ridgeville, Ohio 44035

John M. Gillespie C 422 3536  Darcy Dr. Birmingham, Mich. 48010

Joseph M. Gilliam BTRY C 589 FA 1201 E. Emerson St. Bloomington, Ill. 61701

David J. Gish HQ BTRY 589 FA 23673 W. Grove St. So. Bend, Ind. 46628

Bruce F. Glen DHQ 10 W. Ferry Rd. Morrisville, Pa. 19067

Walter S. Glenney EXEC 424 235 Carol Ann Dr. San Antonio, Texas 78223

Mr. Emil A. Grass F-424 2823 Flintwood Drive St. Louis, Mo. 63129

Mr. Ray Green E-423 4217 Richmere Tampa, Fla. 33617

Mr. Neil M. Gossom MED-81 37 Hathaway Rd. Timoniam, Md. 21093 17





Judge Larry Gubow 4397 Sunningdale Dr. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 48013

Mrs. Benj. Hagman DIV ARTY 305 W. Josephine Weatherford, Tex. 76086

Thomas A. Halsey 403 - 76th Ave. No. Apt. 2 Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577

Mr. Harold V. Hardoin K-424 14215 Mayfield Ave. Detroit, Mich. 48205

Mr. Abner Harris 14-424 200 W. Adam Chicago, Ill. 60606

Mr. Bertram F. Hartzell 81 ENGR. 410 South Str.  New Bethlehem, Pa. 16242

H. M. Hatch DHQ 422 5609 15th Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. 55417

Mr. Byron P. Heath, MP 615 No. Monterey St. Apt. 9 Alhambra, Cal. 91801

Mr. Edward Heiman D-331 62 Longview Dr. Daly City, Calif. 94015

Mr. Forrest W. Hemming 806 ORD 755 Stelzer Rd. Box 71 Columbus, Ohio 43219

Mr. James W. Henning 1045 E. 8th St. Lockport, Ill. 60441

Lt. Col. E. G. Henson 9917 Echo Valley Ct. Little Rock, Ark. 72207

Mr. J. Francis Hesse D-423 220 N. Roosevelt Wichita, Kansas 67208

Mr. William G. Hemelt I-1-424 7737 Wynbrook Road Baltimore, Md. 21224

Walter F. Hiltbrand A T 423 930 Fair Ave. Salem, Ohio 44460

Mr. John Hoenemeyer K-424 3039 Junietta Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Mr. R. R. Holden 2902 Middle. Rd. Bettendorf, Iowa 52722

Pete House A 590 5662 Clifton Ave. Jacksonville, Fla. 32211

Mr. John Howard 591 FA 920 So. 76th St West Allis, Wisc. 53214

Mr. Robert F. Howell H-424 904 E. College St. Rt. 6 Griffin, Ga. 30223

Mr. Carl Hulbert HQ 424 2801 N. Halifax Ave. No. 242 Daytona Beach, Fla. 32018

Mr. Arthur A. Hulkonen C-598 Box 66 Kalcva, Mich. 49645

Mr. Wm. Hutchinson SV. 591 Rte. 2 Bangall Rd. Parish, N.Y. 13131

Mr. John Janes SV-591 21 Yager Binghampton, N.Y. 13901

Mr. Wm. H. Jefferies HQ-422 155 Greene Ave. Totowa, N.J. 07512

Mr. Robt. D. Jessee M-424 2510 Van Ness San Francisco, Cal. 94109

Mr. Richard B. Jochems DHQ-AG 2940 Okemos S.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501

William Johnson K 424 5541 Oxen Hill Rd. Apt. 201 Oxon Hill, Mo. 20021

Col. Alan W. Jones, Jr. 2805 Oakton Manor Ct. Oakton, Va. 22124

Mrs. Alan W. Jones 3532 Quebec St. N W Washington, D.C. 20016

Mr. Benj. F. Johnson, Jr. HO 422 P.O. Box 308 Denton, Md. 21629

George W. Jones, Jr. SVC 423 5652 E. Main St. Loris, S.C. 29569

Mr. Irvin Juster CC 422 1241 Ruffner Rd. Schenectady, N.Y. 12309

Mr. Geo. H. Kaufman H-423 915 E. High St. Apt 2 Springfield, Ohio 45505

Darrell Kellams E 424 12775 Grover Omaha. Neb. 68144

Mr. Elsby Keilman B-589 1033 - 13th St. Tell City, Ind. 47586


Edmond D. Kelly D 423 Loch Lomond Lane Scotswood R D 6 Middleton, N.Y. 10940

Mr. Geo. S. Kelly P. O. Box 396 Southhampton, N.Y 11968 —18—





Robert E. Kelly SVC 423 4388 Barchaster Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 48013

Mr. Francis T. Kenney HQ-424 RFD 1-4 Hampton Rd. Peekskill, N.Y. 10566

Glen Kennedy 713 Normandy Dr. Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Mr. H. D. Kephart HQ2BN-423 1063 Merry Lane Van Wert, Ohio 45891

Mr, Jesse Kershner AT-423 17 Ridgewood Parlcway Newport News, Va. 23602

Don W. Kersteiner HQ 2ND BN 424 650 Emerson Ave. Hamilton, Ohio 45013

Joseph A. Kersten G 423 162 Duerstein St. Buffalo, N.Y. 14210

Dr. John E. Ketterer DHQ 1141 Williams Blvd. Springfield, Ill. 62704

James R. Klett DHQ 1647 Oak St. Lebanon, Pa. 17042

Franklin R. Koeher D 424 56 Orchard Pl. Maywood, N.J. 07607

Jos. Krafchik HQ 331 MED 3.49 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick, N.J. 08902

Mr. H. W. Kriz A 591 FA P. 0. Box 38 Wilsonville, Ore. 97070

Harold Kuizema B 589 2151 Griggs S E Grand Rapids, Mich. 49506

Vaden Lackey C 0 590TH 508 E. Bellevue Dr. Nashville; Tenn. 37205  

Mr. T. Lada 1044 Liberty Lincoln Park. Mich. 48146  

Mr. Elmer F. Lange 14422 1600 So. Joyce St. Apt. 210 B Arlington, Va. 22202

Mr. Chas. G. Laphan SV-592 5 S. White Horse Pike Lindenwold, N.J. 08021

Mr. F. H. Lee C-422 1204 Anguilla St. Waycross, Ga. 31501

Mr. Phillip R. Leswing 592 FA B 389 Red Barn Road Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 Samuel Leibowitz HQ 424 645 E. 5th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

Mr. L. S. Letellier, Jr. C 81 ENGR., 1166 Catalina Rd. E Jackonsville, Fla. 322.16

Mr. Chas. R, Lewis 806-0R0 16 Court St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11241

Mr. Henry F. Libera DIV 36 School St. Glastonbury, Conn. 06033

Robert A. Likins B-591 6246 N. Lydell Whitefish Bay, Wisc. 53217

Curtis L. Lindsay 424TH R 1 Box 319 Waco, Texas 76710

Mr. Herbert B. Livesay,Jr. DHQ RFD 1 Teatown Rd. Croton-On-Hudson, N.Y. 1052 0

Arthur E. Loos 128 Highland Ave. Broad Brook, Conn. 06016

Mr. Oliver A. Lothrop, Jr. B-423 316 West Wind Rd. Towson, Md. 21204

John T. Loveless, Jr. HQ 422 2549 Pickwick Rd. Balto, Md. 21207

Mr. Allen L. Lowith CN-423 1062 S. Mansfield Ave. Los. Angeles, Calif. 90019

Mr. Wm. Luscay 12612 Moody Ave. Palos Heights, Ill. 60463

Edward L. Luzzie 590 FA 5524 S. Woodland Dr. Western Springs, Ill. 60558

Thomas G. Manager C592/A590 309 Addison Rd. Glastenbury, Conn. 06033

Mr. Gilbert Marcus SERV-423 1340 N. Astor St. Apt. 808 Chicago, Ill. 60610

H. E. Mansfield A 424 190 Northcrest Athens, Ga. 30601

Col. J. C. Matthews, Jr. HQ 422 4706 Western Blvd. Raleigh, N.C. 27606

Thomas J. Maw A 592 436 Beech St. Rockland, Mass. 02370

Roger A. May DHQ G3 317 53rd St. Western Springs, Ill. 60558 19






Mr. Bernard Mayrsohn CN 423 11 Sparrow Circle White Plains, N.Y. 10605

Mr. John F. McCauley SV-589 2317 Taylor A. Joliet, Ill. 60435

Mrs. La Verne McGran 1112 W. Windermere Assoc. Royal Oak, Mich. 48073

Mr. Henry H. McKee 414 Spaceway San Antonio, Texas 78239

Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon DIV ARTY 8 No. Union St. Middletown, Pa. 17057

Mr. Joseph A. Meola A 591 12 Meola Rd. Congers, N.Y. 10920

Mr. 0. Paul Merz SERV-422 8657 Mockingbird Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

J. A. Middleton, III 160 SIGN 17 Kensington Rd. Madison, N.J. 07940

John L. Mikalauskis 424 306 W. Blake St. Benton, Ill. 62812

Mr. Elman M. Miller HQ 424 3308 Fairview Ave. Chicago Heights, Ill. 60411

Mr. Gene L. Miller B 592 4335 Parkmead Dr. Seabrook, Texas 77586

Col. Eric R. Mills HQ-422 5007 Dian Woods Drive E. Jacksonville, Fla. 32210

Mr. Dick Monroe A 423 Box 199 Nursery Rd. Titusville, N.J. 08560

Mr. Mickey Mosher F-423 147 Sunset Dr. Gallatin, Tenn. 37066

Rev. Dr. Ronald A. Mosley 20 Maudslea-On-Sea Box 25 Petite River, Lunenburg Co. Nova Scotia, Canada

Mrs. Margaret B. Mowlds Sea Air Box 1426 Rehoboth Beach, Del. 19971 (Cub returned on forwarding address)

Mr. Mueller P.O. Box 234 Lake Villa, Ill. 60046

Mr. George Murray, Jr.H-424 521 9th St. Box 724 Bemidji, Minn. 56601

Mr. Ralph J. Murphy L 424 2031 S.E. 14th Lane Ocala, Fla. 32670

Vincent J. Mustacchie D 331 MED 15 Carmer Ave. Belleville, N.J. 07109

Larry Myers, Jr. 591 FA 151 Cambridge St. Syracuse, N.Y. 13210

John B. Nash 806 ORD CO 247 Van Duzer St. Staten Island, N.Y. 10304

Mr. Peter Nechay REG-423 27 Box 237 AA Goldsboro, Md. 21636

Dr. Irwin Neigus HQ-331 MD 1705 Caton Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226

Mr. Alfred S. Nusbaum 5622 N. 12th St. Phoenix, Ariz. 85014

Wanold D. Olman SVC 422 912 Cokesburg Dr. Columbia, S.C. 29203

Dr. G. Osborn 1042 Ovington Rd. Jacksonville, Fla. 32216

Mr. Kenneth Paflit SV-591 P. 0. Box 231 Charleston, Miss. 38921

Mr. Clifford E. Perras, Sr. H-424 P.O. Box 45 Carney, Mich. 49812

Mr. Wm. R. Pettus HQ 424 7813 Carter Dr. Apt. 4 Shawnee Mission, Kans. 66204

George F. Phillips DIV H 37 Linden Pl. Uniontown, Pa. 15401

Mr. Gordon B. Pinney RR I Box 35 Whitney, Neb. 69367

Robt. W. Pierce, Sr. C 81ST ENGR 474 Federal St. N W Warren, Ohio 44483

Waldo B. Pierce F 422 530 East St. New Britian, Conn. 06051

Mr. Ed. C. Plenge 1-10-589 115 E. 31st St. Beach Haven Gardens, N.J. 08008

Louis Praznik CO A 81ST ENGR 24920 Midland St. Detroit, Mich. 48239

Mr. Ed. A. Prewett B 424 Rte. 2 Box 730 Brentwood, Calif. 94513

Dr. Edmund C. Purdy F-422 Rt. 1, Box 29 E. Berne, N.Y. 12059

Clayton E. Rarick L-424 Box 25 Blandon, Pa. 19510 20— iiVir.





Victor Rauch 37 Chateau Ct. Loudonville, N.Y. 12211 iiVir.

Mr. R. F. Reece E 423 2933 Chayes Pk. Dr. Homewood, Ill. 60430

Mr. Chas. B. Reid AT 423 P.O. Box 98 Richburg, S.C. 29729

Mr. R. J. Reed CN 423 416 Chestnut St. Union, N.J. 07083

Mr. Ed. Reilly SU-591 93 Irvine Ter. Bloomfield, N.J. 07003

Mr. Chas. W. Richards SV-423 204 Crestview Dr. Hendersonville, N.C. 28739

Mr. Dean Richmond HQ-422 611 N. Center St. Statesville, N.C. 28677

Col. Thomas J. Riggs; Jr. CO 81ST ENG 6 Olive St. Providence, R.I. 02906

Robert Ringer Payroll Office O.S.U. 2130 Neil Ave.  Columbus, Ohio 43210 r.

George Rinkema 423 16817 So. Park Ave. So. Hilland, Ill. 60473

Elden E. Risenpart 031 MEDICS 331 E. 147th P1. Harvey, Ill. 60426

Mr. R. R. Robinson CN 424 6050 Brophy Rd. Howell, Mich. 48843

Dr. J. G. Rodriquez C 422 1550 Beacon Hill Rd. Lexington, Ky. 40504

Lou Rossi 4 424 1314 9th St. No. Bergen St NJ. 07047

Mr. Nathan M Roth B-592 160 Riverside Blvd. Long Beach, N.Y. 11561

Marvin H. Rusch DHQ 10830 W. Courtland Ave. Wauwatosa, Wisc. 53225

Mr. Roger M. Rutland B-424 66632 Arcadia Woods Rd. Columbia, S.C. 29206

Robert E. Rutt HQ 422 937 Lampwick Ct. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 48013

Mr. Joseph T. Salerno B 423 s124 Florence Pl. So. Plainfield, N.J. 07080

Mr. L. O. Samples SERV. 405 W. 25th St. Belle, W. Va. 2501.5

Mr. Eugene L. Saucerman D-422 R.R. No. 23 Box 50 Terre Haute, Ind. 47.802

John J. Scalissi 1706 Regent St. Madison. Wisc. 53705

Mr. John P. Schlesser SERV-59I 11603 W. 206th Ave. Lowell, Ind. 46356

Fred Schieferstein A 424 431 Madison Hill Rd. Clark, N.J. 07066

Mr. C. H. Schoch SV-592 P.O. Box 236 Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449

Earl A. Scott HQ589-HQ106 DIV ARTY 6414 Monument Ave. Richmond, Va. 23226

Robert L. Scranton K 424 9441 Lee Rd. Brighton, Mich. 48116

Mr. Phillip E. Schutte F-424 2415 Otter Drive Warren, Michigan 48089

Fred A. Sebastenelli DHQ 184 Avila St. San Francisco. Cal. 94123

Mary Senn 705 Merriwether Dr. North Augusta, S.C. 29841

Michael G. Sgrignoli SB 592 125 N. 24th St. Camp Hill, Pa. 17011

Mr. M. W. Silverman 422 13900 Panay Way R321 Dolphin Marina F Marina Del Rey, Calif. 90291

David B. Slayton A 422 648 Terrylyn Pl. Long Beach, Calif. 90807

Mr. Charles L. Smith D-422 P.O. Box 24 Fort Loudon, Pa. 17224

Mr. Mervin Smith A-424 3007 Oak Park Dr. Austin, Texas 78229

Lester S. Smyth DIV ARTY 505 Chadwick Rd. Timonium, Md. 21093

Walter W. Snyder BTRY A 589 2901 Dunmore Rd. Dundalk, Md. 21222

Emil M. Solecki SVC 592 98 Wood Port Rd. Sparta, N.J. 07871 21— 22—






Dr. Hans Wachtel DHQ 5000 East End Chicago. 111. 60615

Robt. F. Walker D 422 598 Terrace Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Mr. Charles S. Walsh SV-592. 1001 Chews Landing Road  Voorhees, N.J. 08043

Mr. Presslye Walters 430 Winchester Ave. Youngstown, Ohio 44509

Mr. Phil Walz DHQ 6252 80th Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 1.1227

Mr. N. D. Ward 81 ENG. 3027 Mission Ridge Ct..  Atlanta, Ga. 30339

Clarence E. Warren CO A-81ST ENGR Goodrich St. Kewanee, III. 61443

Mr. Joseph A. Wasik G-423 171 Fan Hill Road Monroe, Conn. 06468

Mr. George T. Weaver MED 422 P.O. Box 46 Goble, Ore. 97048

Frederick G. Weisser, Jr. 141 Park Ave.  Manhasset, N.Y. 11030

James E. Wells C 81ST ENGR. Rt. 3 Box 511 Hephzibah, Ga. 308.15

Mr. Frederick L. Wilkerson 422 409 Center St. Washington Grove, Md. 20880

E. C. White, Jr. C 591 Box 465 Whiteface. Texas 79379

James S. White F 423 1501 Ryan Ave. Sault Ste Marie, Mich. 49783

Fred Williams D 423 Rt 2 Box 82 Grand Ridge, Fla. 32442

John D. Wilson D 422 H 422 331 E. 59th St. Hilcah, Fla. 33012

Mr. S. Wojtusik 0 422 9639 Wissinoming Philadelphia, Pa. 19114

Brig. Gen. F. A. Woolfley CG 932 Solomon Pl. New Orleans, La. 70119

Van S. Wyatt F424 Box 51 602 W. 8th St. Benton, Ky. 42025

Mr. Leonard A. Younts SV. 589 18.621 Ray Riverview, Mich. 4$192 2ND BR.


Loren L. Souers 1200 Harter Bank Bldg. Canton, Ohio 44703

Norman S. Spayd H 423 1518 Schuylkill Ave. Reading, Pa. 19601

D. A. Spina MP PLATOON 388 Highland Ave. Newark, N.J. 07104

Mr. Donald J. Stone 1505 E. Memorial Dr. Jamesville, Wisc. 53545

Mr. Wm. R. Streeter A-589 2222 W. 6th Ave. Sault St. Marie, Mich. 49783

Mr. P. P. Stranko A-423 3051 Davis St. Oakland, Cal. 94601

Mr. Geo. F. Sutter AT-423 9148 Elmwood Drive Munster, Ind. 46321

Mr. Chas. J. Swider DHQ 1901 Red Coach Road Allison Park, Pa. 15101

Mr. Lee B. Taylor Box 16 Anderson, S.C. 29621

Mr. James Teason MD-423 419 Huntington Lane Elmhurst, I11. 60126

Mr. Harrison C. Tissot C-422 6510 Murray Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

George Thoma 19 Overlook Dr. Colonia, N.J. 07067

Mr. Wm. Thorn L422 614 So. Main Middletown, Ohio 45042

Mr. Frank Trautman D-422 80 E. Summit St. Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

Arthur J. Tribout G424 1447 No. 42nd St. E. St. Louis, Ill. 62204

Mr. Rollin L. Twining HQ-424 19 Lennox Dr. Binghamton, N.Y. 13903

Bernard Uebel 21 Clarissa Dr. Hicksville, N.Y. 11801

Mr. John Van Netten 3820 Cheyenne Dr. Grandville, Mich. 49418

Mr. Russell H. Villwock 106 SIG. 6908 W. Higgins Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60656

Louis J. Vincent A 424 2133 Center St. Stevens Point, Wise. 54481





Geo. K. Zak D&M-422 11023 Kingston St. Westchester, Ill. 60153

Gordon B. Zicker HQ 423 6 Sunrise Dr. Montvale, N.J. 07645

Ed Zoll 1712 Virginia Pl. NE Canton, Ohio 44705

S. Harry Zorn 1,O6 SIGN 301 E. 62nd St. New York, N.Y. 10021

Mr. Jack Zucherman 71-23 167th St. Flushing, N.Y. 11365

The New York Public Liby. Div. P Grand Central Sta. P. O. Box 2240 New York, N.Y. 10017




Wm. M. Lineberger 591th 1014 Woodlawn Dallas, Texas 75208

Edwin P. Hagan, Jr. 505 Spruce St. Sissaton, S.D. 57262

John Hohenstein 111575 Virginia Ave. Decatur, Ill. 62522

John Martha 424 tit:‘ /: I" 200 Lane Parkway 111575 Virginia Ave. Decatur, Ill. 62522

James E. Teel A/424 Rd *1 Port Norris, N.J. 08349

Harry J. Welsh, Jr. K/424 24 W. Mt. Plesant Ave. Phila., Pa. 19119

Edward C. Hoffman 4193 Tulane Dearborn Hts., Mich. 48125

Milton M. Conner 1605 N. Fielder Rd.  Arlington, Texas 76012

Col. Joseph F. Puett 2nd Bn. 423 2748 D Shallowford Rd. Atlanta, Ga. 30341

Robt. H. Caughman — Sig. 10805 Bornedale Dr. Adelphi, Md. 20783

Steve O. Varhola 6650 Royal Palm Blvd. Apt 309C Margate, Ha. 33063

Kenneth R. McLean 10 Lisa Lane Warwick, R.I. 02889

Fred W. Addison — Band 65 N. Mobile St.  Mobile, Ala. 36607

Mike & Elaine Zenn D/423 540 W. Judson Ave. Youngstown, Ohio 44511

L. B. Bradley SV/422 512 Locke St. Palmetto, Ga. 30268

Leonard L. Lovejoy 590th 629 N. Union St. Staunton, Ill. 62088

J. B. & Martha Russell SV/422 Box 323 McDonough, Ga. 30253

Fletcher & Ruth Patterson 1/422 Rt. 2 Box 235 McDonough, Ga. 30253

Marvin J. Parr B/424 5500 N. W. 2nd Ave. Boca Ratoa, Fla. 33432

Herb Griffith F/424 2682 Creekview Dr. Marietta, Ga. 30060

Harley W. Slaback Hq/422 206 Temple Dr., Seaford, Fla. 32771

Roy Richards 423 2722 Whispering Pines Dr. Decatur, Ga. 30033

Newton L. Mosley SV/591 3194 Beachwood Dr., Litha Springs, Ga. 30057



          I am Old Glory: For more than nine score years I have been the banner of hope and freedom for generation after generation of Americans. Born amid the first flames of America's fight for freedom, I am the symbol of a Country that has grown from a little group of thirteen colonies to a united nation of fifty sovereign states. Planted firmly on the high pinnacle of American Faith my gently fluttering folds have proved an inspiration to untold millions. Men have followed me into battle with unwavering courage. They have looked upon me as a symbol Of national unity. They have prayed that they and their fellow citizens might continue to enjoy the life; liberty and pursuit of happiness, which have been granted to every American as the heritage of free men.

          So long as men love liberty more than life itself; so long as. they treasure the priceless privileges bought with the blood of our forefathers; so long as the principles of truth, justice and charity for all remain deeply rooted in human hearts, I shall continue to be the enduring banner of the United States of America.








          Members' Dues                                                      $ 1490.00

          Auxiliary Dues                                                       203.00

          Interest Earned                                                      404.59

          Sale of Emblems-Patches                                        108.50




          Cub Expense                                                         $ 1939.75

Postage-officers                                                               95.97

Telephone                                                                       9.03

Order Golden Lion Expense                                               342.80

Historical Roadside Marker                                               263.00

Dues Envelopes                                                               75.52

Letterheads                                                                     208.53

Loss on 1974 Reunion                                                      247.40

Registration fees--3 officers 1975 Reunion                          99.00


Net Deficit                                                                       $(1074.91)




Brought Forward                                                             $ 6129.09

Net Deficit 1974-75                                                          1074.91

Balance June 30, 1975                                                     $ 5054.18



Brought Forward                                                              $ 3286.84

Contributions                                                                  525.00

Interest Earned                                                                179.81

Sales of "Lions Tale"                                                          68.00



Less: Tape player to St. Vith Bischofliche School                 250.00

Balance June 30, 1975                                                     $ 3809:65



Cash Balance Year End 1974-1975                          $ 8863.83

Cash Balance Year End 1973-1974                             9415.93

Decrease Under Previous Year                                 $( 552.10)



GENERAL FUND               MEMORIAL FUND                 TOTAL

$ 5054.18                           $ 3809.65                           $ 8863.83



Checking--First National Bank of Atlanta        10.61

Savings----Fulton Federal Savings & Loan       8853.22

                             $        $ 8863.22








Index for: Vol. 32 No. 1, Oct, 1975

106th Div., 3, 4, 20

106th Inf. Div., 1, 4, 12, 14, 19, 20

106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 12, 14

2nd Inf. Div., 20

30th Inf. Div., 18

422nd Inf., 9, 19

423rd Inf., 20

423rd Inf. Regt., 20

424th Inf., 9

424th Regt., 20

591st FA BN, 25, 26

592nd FA BN, 3, 16, 22, 26

6th Div., 18

7th Armd. Div., 20

806th Ord. Co., 27

81st Engr., 9, 14, 29

Adamowicz, S. T., 22

Addison, Fred, 14

Addison, Fred W., 10, 30

Adkins, Jim, 22

Alexander, Bill, 7, 16

Alexander, Bill -& Carolyn, 18

Alexander, Carolyn, 10

Alexander, Carolyn I., 22

Alexander, Marilyn, 10

Alexander, Ms. Marilyn G., 22

Alexander, Wm. G., 10

Anderson, Gerald T., 22

Andrews, Lowry B., 22

Andrews, Mr. Lowry B., 22

Anthisnes, 20

Anthisnes, Belgium, 20

Ardennes, 19

Arlon, 4

Armington, Don, 9

Armington, Donald R., 22

Arminio, Anthony, 22

Austin, Clifford N., 22

Axelrod, Dr. George, 22

Baker, W. C., 22

Bandurak, Walt, 9, 14

Bandurak, Walter, 22

Barbato, Lucy, 18

Barnes, L. Preston, 22

Barnett, Harold A., 22

Bartz, Dick, 9

Bartz, Richard E., 22

Bastogne, 4, 12, 14

Battle Of The Bulge, 4

Beals, Carol, 9

Beals, Mrs. Carol W., 22

Behr, Mr. Richard H., 22

Belgium, 3, 4, 14

Bell, Roger W., 22

Berk, 20

Berlin, 23

Bickford, T., 22

Bickford, Tom, 10

Bieze, John, 10

Birmingham, 24

Black, Ewell, 12, 16, 18

Black, Ewell & Dorothy, 18

Black, Ewell C., 10, 19

Black, Ewell C., Jr., 19

Black, Rev. E. C., 19, 22

Black, Rev. E. C., Jr., 22

Black, Rev. Ewell, 14

Black, Rev. Ewell, Jr., 18

Black, T. Wayne, 22

Black, Wayne, 10

Born, 30

Bottoms, Ira G., 22

Boucovualas, Wm., 22

Bowman, Col. Byrne A., 22

Boyle, Rev. Edw. T., 22

Brackett, Mr. James E., 22

Bradfield, Ken, 1, 13, 14, 15

Bradfield, Kenneth, 10, 22

Bradfield, Kenneth W., 16

Bradley, L. B., 10, 14, 30

Brazil, Myles, 22

Britton, Ben, 1, 10, 12

Britton, Benjamin B., 22

Broth, Henry M., 22

Brummer, Harold J., 22

Brutus, Mr. Glen J., 22

Bryant, Jack, 8, 10, 22

Bullard, George, 4

Bullard, Mrs., 14

Bullard, Mrs. G., 22

Burkes, Bob, 10

Burkes, Robert A., 22

Burnham, Mr. Fred, 22

Burrell, Mr. James V., 22

Butler, Harry W., Jr., 23

Byrd, Austin, 10

Byrd, Austin & Myrtle, 18

Byrd, Austin L., Jr., 23

Caldwell, Maj. Gen. William, 19

Caldwell, Maj. Gen. William B., 18

Camp Atterbury, Indiana, 19

Camp Shanks, New York, 19

Cariano, Lt. Col. Samuel P., 23

Cariano, Sam, 10

Carpenter, Ben, 23

Carter, Fred, 10

Carter, Mr. Fred, 23

Caughman, Robt. H., 30

Cavanaugh, Paul, 23

Cavanaugh, Rev. Paul W., 5

Cavender, Col. C. C., 23

Central Europe, 19

Charles,, Blanche, Melissa & Priscilla Richards, 18

Chase, Agnes, 8

Chase, Fred, 10

Chase, Fred B., 1, 23

Chickachop, Norm, 16

Clark, Chris T., 23

Clark, Dr., 18

Clark, Dr. James I., 1, 23

Clark, Dr. Jim, 8, 18, 19

Clark, James, 14

Clark, James I., 10

Clark, Jim, 19

Clark, Walter C., 23

Clarke, Walter C., 10

Cocke, Erie, Jr., 16

Coffey, D., 23

Coffey, Doug, 3, 4, 8, 12, 14, 17

Coffey, Doug., 3

Coffey, Douglas, 3, 4, 10

Coffey, Douglas S., 1

Collins, Sherod, 1, 3, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 23

Collins, Sherod & Laverne, 18

Collins, Virgil, 12

Collins, Virgil L., 1, 23

Commendations, 14

Connelly, Michael E., 23

Conner, Milton M., 30

Corrigan, Chas. K., 23

Creamer, Raymond J., 23

Crossman, Lester, 23

Dabson, Mr. Alan, 23

Dagostin, Frank H., 23

Dahlen, William, 10

Dahlen, Wm., 23

Dargon, Paul, 23

Datte, Charles, 10

Datte, Chas., 23

Davidson, Mrs. Brooks, 23

de St. Aubin, Robert A., 23

Dechiara, J. A., 23

DeHeer, Dick & Marge, 18

DeHeer, Marge, 8

DeHeer, Mr. Richard G., 23

DeHeer, Richard, 10, 23

DeLaval, Dr., 23

Descheneaux, Col. Geo. L., 23

Dever, Martin, 23

Dickard, G. E., 23

Diersing, R. W., 23

Div. Arty, 25, 28

Dobe, Francis J., 23

Dobe, Frank J., 10

Doerner, George, 23

Dolitsky, Libby, 23

Donovan, W. J., 23

Dorosky, Mr. Thomas, 24

Dorosky, Tom & Alice, 16

Dover, 23

Duke, Mrs. Lois, 18

Earle, Mahlon O., 24

Early, Mrs. John, Jr., 24

Easterling, J. R., 24

Eidelman, Herb, 24

Elston, Floyd, 24

Enlow, J. Russell, 24

Enlow, Russ, 10

Ennal, 20

Evans, Wilbur D., 24

Eyler, Kenneth, 24

Facey, Col. Kenneth B., 24

Findel Airport, 4

First Army, 4

Fischer, John J., Jr., 24

Fleming, H. A., 24

Fleming, H. A., Jr., 24

Fleming, John P., 24

Flemmens, A. B., 24

Ford, James P., 24

Fort Jackson, 3, 12, 14, 18, 19

Fort Jackson, South Carolina, 3, 19

Foster, Cedric, 20

Foster, E. Bruce, 24

Fox, Tom, 24

Frampton, D. B., 24

Frampton, D. B., Jr., 20

Franek, Frank, 24

Frank, Florian, 1, 10, 12

Frank, Florian R., 24

Frankel, Jerome L., 24

Frankini, R. A., 24

Freed, Chas., 24

Fritz, John, 10, 12, 14

Fritz, John & Martha, 9

Fritz, John R., 1, 24

Ft. Jackson, 18

Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, 18

Fuller, Elmer, 12

Gallagher, John, 1, 12, 13, 14, 24

Gallagher, John I., 1, 12

Garn, Chuck, 10

Garn, Chuck & Willie, 6

Gasses, Joe, 1, 10

Gasses, Joseph J., 24

Gavn, Chas S., 24

Gehrig, Melvin, 24

Gilder, Bob, 5, 12, 14

Gilder, Bob & Jean, 9

Gilder, Robert, 10, 16, 24

Gillespie, John M., 24

Gilliam, Joseph M., 24

Gish, David J., 24

Glen, Bruce F., 24

Glenney, Walter S., 24

Gossom, Neil M., 24

Grass, Emil A., 24

Green, Ray, 24

Griffith, Herb, 11, 30

Gubow, Judge Larry, 25

Hagan, Edwin P., Jr., 30

Hagman, Benj., 25

Halsey, Thomas A., 25

Hardoin, Harold V., 25

Harris, Abner, 25

Hart, John, 14

Hart, John P., 10

Hartzell, Bertram F., 25

Hatch, H. M., 25

Hatch, Jim, 14

Heath, Byron P., 25

Heiman, Edward, 25

Hemelt, William G., 25

Hemming, Forrest W., 25

Henning, James W., 25

Henning, Jim, 10

Henson, Lt. Col. E. G., 25

Hesse, J. Francis, 25

Hiltbrand, Walter F., 25

Hoenemeyer, John, 25

Hoffman, Edward C., 30

Hohenstein, John, 30

Holden, R. R., 25

Hotel Aerogolf, 4

Hotel Canterbury, 4

Hotel Ratskeller, 4

Hotel Sous Bois, 4

House, Pete, 10, 25

Howard, John, 25

Howell, Bob, 1, 10, 12, 16

Howell, Robert, 16

Howell, Robert F., 25

Hulbert, Carl, 25

Hulkonen, Arthur A., 25

Hunningen, 20

Hutchinson, Wm., 25

Hutto, A. R., 18

Italy, 4

Janes, John, 25

Jefferies, Wm. H., 25

Jessee, Robt. D., 25

Jochems, Richard B., 25

Johnson, Benj. F., Jr., 25

Johnson, William, 25

Jones, Col. Alan W., Jr., 25

Jones, George W., 25

Jones, George W., Jr., 25

Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 3, 19

Jones, Mrs. Alan W., 25

Juster, Irvin, 25

Justin, Gilbert, 4

Kaufman, Geo. H., 25

Keilman, Elsby, 25

Kellams, Darrell, 25

Kelly, Edmond D., 25

Kelly, Geo. S., 25

Kelly, George S., 11

Kelly, Robert E., 26

Kemp, Ray & Kay 2 (Loveless), 16

Kennedy, Glen, 26

Kenney, Francis T., 26

Kephart, H. D., 26

Kershner, Jesse, 26

Kersteiner, Don W., 26

Kersten, Joseph A., 26

Ketterer, Dr. John E., 26

Klett, James R., 26

Knecht, Elliot, 16

Koeher, Franklin R., 26

Krafchik, Jos., 26

Kriz, H. W., 26

Kuizema, Harold, 10, 26

Lackey, Vaden, 26

Lada, T., 26

Lange, Elmer F., 26

Laphan, Bette, 16

Laphan, Charlie & Bette, 16

Laphan, Chas. G., 26

Lee, F. H., 26

Leibowitz, Samuel, 26

Leswing, Phillip R., 26

Letellier, L. S., Jr., 26

Libera, Henry F., 26

Liege, 4

Likins, Robert A., 26

Lindsay, Curtis L., 26

Lineberger, Bill, 14

Lineberger, William, 10

Lineberger, Wm. M., 30

Livesay, Herbert B., Jr., 26

Loos, Arthur E., 26

Lothrop, Oliver A., Jr., 26

Lovejoy, Leonard L., 30

Loveless, Chaplain, 16

Loveless, Chaplain John, 4, 16

Loveless, John, 5, 13, 19

Loveless, John & Kay, 16

Loveless, John T., 1

Loveless, John T., Jr., 1, 10, 26

Lowith, Allen L., 26

Lucsay, William, 10

Luscay, Wm., 26

Luxembourg, 4

Luzzie, Edward L., 26

Manager, Thomas G., 26

Manhay, 20

Mansfield, H. E., 1, 26

Mansfield, Horace, 10, 14, 18

Marcus, Gilbert, 26

Mardosson Monument, 4

Martha, John, 30

Matthews,, 1

Matthews, Anna, 1, 6

Matthews, Col. J. C., Jr., 26

Matthews, Joe, 7, 11

Matthews, Jos. C., 1

Matthews, Jos. C., Jr., 1

Maw, Thomas J., 26

May, Roger A., 26

Mayrsohn, Bernard, 27

McAuliffe, Gen. Anthony C., 4

McCauley, John F., 27

McGran, Mrs. La Verne, 27

McKee, Col., 14

McKee, Henry, 11

McKee, Henry H., 27

McLean, Kenneth R., 30

McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 27

McMahon, Gen., 18

McMahon, Gen. Leo T., 7

McMahon, Leo T., 1, 3

Memorials, 3

Meola, Joseph A., 27

Merz, Paul, 27

Metz, France, 4

Middleton, J. A., III, 27

Mikalauskis, John L., 27

Miller, Elman, 12

Miller, Elman M., 27

Miller, Gene L., 27

Mills, Col. Eric R., 27

Monroe, Dick, 27

Morgan, Dick & Kathy (Dorosky), 16

Mosher, Mickey, 27

Mosley, Dr. Ronald A., 27

Mosley, Newton L., 30

Mowlds, Mrs. Margaret B., 27

Mueller, Mr., 27

Munster, 29

Murphy, Ralph J., 27

Murray, George, Jr., 27

Mustacchie, Vincent J., 27

Myers, Larry, Jr., 27

Nash, John B., 27

Nechay, Peter, 27

Neigus, Dr. Irwin, 27

Newport News, Va., 26

Normandy, 26

Nusbaum, Alfred S., 27

Olman, Wanold D., 27

Order Of The Golden Lion, 20

Osborn, Dr. G., 27

Paflit, Kenneth, 27

Pan, Marvin, 14

Paris, 4

Parr, Marvin, 11

Parr, Marvin J., 30

Patterson, Fletcher, 11

Patterson, Fletcher & Ruth, 30

Pearson, Drew, 20

Perras, Clifford E., Sr., 27

Perrin, Herbert T., 19

Pettus, Wm. R., 27

Phillips, George F., 27

Pierce, Bob, 10

Pierce, Robt. W., 27

Pierce, Waldo B., 27

Pinney, Gordon B., 27

Pip Margraff, 4

Pip, Mayor Wilhelm, 4

Plenge, Ed. C., 27

Praznik, Louis, 27

Prewett, Ed. A., 27

Puett, Col. Joseph F., 30

Puett, Joe F., 10

Puett, Joseph, 14

Purdy, Dr. Edmund C., 27

R, Chas., Lewis, 26

Rarick, Clayton E., 27

Rauch, Victor, 28

Redmond, Dean, 11

Reece, R. F., 28

Reed, R. J., 28

Reid, Chas. B., 28

Reilly, Ed, 10

Reilly, Ed., 28

Reilly, Edward, 1

Rhineland, 19

Richards, Charles, 10

Richards, Chas. W., 28

Richards, Roy, 11, 30

Richmond, Dean, 28

Riggs, Col. Thomas J., 28

Riggs, Tom, 10, 12, 14

Ringer, Bob, 10, 12, 18, 20

Ringer, Robert, 28

Rinkema, George, 28

Risenpart, Elden E., 28

Robinson, R. R., 28

Rodriquez, Dr. J. G., 28

Rossi, Lou, 28

Roster, 22

Roth, 28

Roys, Lt. Col. Gerald, 18

Rusch, Marvin H., 28

Russell, J. B. & Martha, 30

Russell, J. P., 11

Rutland, Roger, 11, 14, 18

Rutland, Roger M., 28

Rutt, Bob, 10

Rutt, Robert E., 28

Salerno, Joseph T., 28

Salm, 20

Salm River, 20

Samples, L. O., 28

Samples, L. Orvis, 11

Saucerman, Eugene, 10, 16

Saucerman, Eugene L., 1, 28

Saucerman, Gene, 12

Scalissi, John J., 28

Schieferstein, Fred, 28

Schlesser, Jack, 9, 11, 12

Schlesser, Jack & Karin, 18

Schlesser, John P., 28

Schnee Eifel, 20

Schoch, C. H., 28

Schoch, Charles, 1, 3, 11

Schoch, Chuck, 12

Schoch, Chuck & Sherry, 18

Schonberg, 20

Schutte, Jean, 5, 8

Schutte, Phil, 10

Schutte, Phillip E., 28

Scott, Earl A., 28

Scranton, Bob, 10, 12, 14, 15

-Scranton, Bob, 13

Scranton, Karen, 7

Scranton, Robert L., 1, 28

Scurr, Jack, 4

Sebastenelli, Fred A., 28

Senn, Mary, 10, 28

Serino, Mike, 18

Sgrignoli, Michael G., 28

Silverman, M. W., 28

Simmer River, 20

Slaback, Harley, 11

Slaback, Harley W., 30

Slayton, David B., 28

Smith, Charles L., 28

Smith, Mervin, 28

Smyth, Lester S., 28

Snyder, Walter W., 28

Solecki, Emil & Ethel, 16

Solecki, Emil M., 28

Solecki, Ethel, 16

Souers, Loren L., 29

Southhampton, 25

Spa, 4

Spayd, Norman, 11

Spayd, Norman S., 29

Spina, D. A., 29

St. Quentin, 20

St. Vith, 3, 4, 14, 20, 31

Stavelot, 20

Stone, Donald J., 29

Stranko, P. P., 29

Streeter, Wm. R., 29

Stroh, Maj. Gen. Donald A., 19

Sutter, Geo. F., 29

Swider, Chas. J., 29

Taylor, Lee B., 29

Teason, James, 29

Teel, James, 14

Teel, James E., 11, 30

Thoma, George, 29

Thorn, Wm., 29

Tissot, Harrison C., 29

Trautman, Frank, 11, 29

Tribout, Arthur J., 29

Twig, Bill & Betty (Kemp), 16

Twining, Rollin L., 29

Uebel, Bernard, 29

Van Netten, John, 29

Varhola, Steve O., 30

Versailles, 22

Vielsalm, 20

Villwock, Mr. Russell H., 29

Villwock, Russell, 11

Vincent, Louis J., 29

Von Rundstedt, 20

Wachtel, Dr. Hans, 29

Walker, Bob, 1, 10, 12

Walker, Robert, 1

Walker, Robt. F., 29

Walsh, Capt., 16

Walsh, Charles S., 29

Walsh, Charlie & Daisey, 16

Walsh, Daisey, 16

Walters, Presslye, 10, 29

Walton, Maj., 18

Walz, Phil, 29

Ward, Duke, 10, 12, 14

Ward, N. D., 29

Warren, Clarence E., 29

Wasik, Joseph A., 29

Weaver, George T., 29

Weisser, Frederick G., Jr., 29

Wells, James E., 29

Wells, Jim, 4, 10, 12, 18, 19

Wells, Jim & Maydean, 7, 18

Welsh, Harry J., Jr., 30

White, E. C., 29

White, E. C., Jr., 29

White, James S., 29

Whitehead, Mr., 16

Wilkerson, Frederick L., 29

William, Fred, 29

Williams, Fred, 29

Wilson, John D., 29

Wojtusik, S., 29

Woolfley, Brig. Gen. F. A., 29

Wyatt, Van S., 11, 29

Younts, Leonard A., 29

Zak, Geo. K., 30

Zenn, Mike, 11, 14

Zenn, Mike & Elaine, 30

Zicker, Gordon B., 30

Zimmerman, Tom & Althea (Loveless), 16

Zoll, Ed, 30

Zoll, Edward, 9

Zorn, S. Harry, 30

Zucherman, Jack, 30